The NFL realized they had a big problem when they saw these awful ratings

The story of the NFL’s declining ratings dominated both sports and the political media landscapes.

Fans revolted against anti-American protests during the regular season.

And the news only got worse during the playoffs.

The league’s wildcard weekend saw all four games ratings plunge from 2016.

Breitbart reports:

“The first round of playoffs suffered double-digit ratings drops, as the NFL begins the most important part of its calendar year, Awful Announcing reported.

Saturday’s Tennessee Titans-Kansas City Chiefs game didn’t deliver for ESPN or ABC, losing two full ratings points over last year’s game. The game drew a 14.7 overnight rating compared to last years 16.6 for the Houston Texans-L.A. Raiders game. It was the worst rating since 2012, Awful Announcing said.

Later that evening, the Atlanta Falcons-Los Angeles Rams game did only a little better, seeing a similar if not quite as bad ratings loss.

According to SportsTVRatings, the Falcons-Rams game lost 10 percent over last year’s game.

Sunday’s Jacksonville Jaguars-Buffalo Bills matchup earned better ratings than the Saturday games, but it was still a 21 percent loss over the 2016 season’s game, Josh Carpenter noted.

“Fox drew a 20.4 rating yesterday for Saints-Panthers, down 21% from a 25.9 last year in same window (Giants-Packers). CBS drew a 17.2 for Jags-Bills, down 10% from last year (Steelers-Dolphins),” Carpenter wrote.”

This drop in viewership for the playoffs comes on the heels of a regular season where ratings plunged nearly ten percent from 2016.

The number one reason given in every poll dating back to last year as to why why fewer fans are watching the games are the anti-American protests. These ingrate millionaires smear American by spreading the fake news that law enforcement targets minorities for killing.

And their preferred method of protests is spitting on the memories of veterans who fought and died under the American flag.

Have you boycotted the NFL? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.



  1. I stopped watching base ball many years ago when the over paid players wanted more money and struck. I am doing the same with pro foot ball. The players have a right to do as they want and I have the right not to provide support to them. I wont even read the results of the super bowl in the paper or on TV.

  2. The station said they were gonna cover the knuckle draggers kneeling on the side line, guess what you won’t be selling me anything as I will not watch your POS Show along with these Anti-American Knuckle Dragging Kneelers.



  4. These kneeling thugs have disrespected our VETERANS, our FLAG and the USA. Its an embarrassment for our veterans who have put their lives on the line to protect us, (and many paid with their lives) to have to see this disgusting behavior from these losers. Send these kneeling thugs over to Afghanistan. They might come back with a RESPECT for our country, our flag and our Veterans. NO FOOTBALL IN THIS HOUSE.

    • Right on Lori. Haven’t watched a game this season and never will again until these idiots and ingrates know their place. And it is not above those who gave their lives so they can reap the rewards of a free country bought by thousands of proud and faithful American servicemen and women.

  5. DO NOT WATCH THE SUPER BOWL IF YOU REALLY WANT TO STICK IT TO THE PLAYERS AND OWNERS. They seem to think they are doing US a favor to let US watch them play football. SHOW them who really has the power and it’s all in YOUR remote button!!

  6. Poor wittle babies have no one watching their wittle temper tantrum. I guess you shouldn’t spit on those who pay your salaries! The NoFansLeft is dead to me. I am never going back!

  7. The only team I watch is the New England patriots because of Tom Brady standing up for all veterans and America other than that I don’t watch any of them

    • I have not watched a game this year because the disrespect for our flag protests and the stupidity and weakness of the supposed owners-leaders of the teams. Not making any stand aganist the players and the weak leadership of the commissioner. To give him a new contract and other benefits, allowing him to give millions to the protesting players was beyond any reasonable business decision.

      • Im with you in all points!! Im a Colorado born native raised on Elway n have a enormouse Denver Bronco hat collection. i have been collecting since 1992! This is the first year i have stopped my collecting and I ABSOLUTLY HAVE STOPPED WATCHING THUG RACIST BALL!! Let the NFL Die!! They have shown their snake skin.

        • Can NOT blame worthless, uneducated America hating thugs for getting paid millions for a few minutes of play. We, ignorant supporters of NFL and/or NBA are responsible. No one made us do it. We can stop. It is that simple.


    • I stopped watching for 2 reasons. 1. Total disrespect for a countries anthem and flag (veterans) that made these guys Millionaires and when I tune into a football game, I want to deer the GAME! I don’t want to see a political protest. I see that shit all week long.

  8. Can you imagint the backlash that would take place if every time you went to a movie, play, or concert and the performers would not begin to provide the entertainment for which you had paid until they had given their political point of view? What will the NFL tell the upcoming players who have sacrificed to play in the big time when that opportunity is taken away from them because of the mind numb actions of these protesters? I have replaced the NFL games with actual value added activities that enrich my life. I will not watch the Super Bowl and haven’t watched any other NFL games this season. I am getting much more value for the time spent than I ever did watching the games.

  9. ” I am going to bring down the United States by funding Black Hate groups. We’ll put them into a mental trap and make them blame white people. The Black community is the easiest to manipulate.” George Soros – 09/2014
    these players have bought it – hook, line and sinker. They are being played like a violin. They claim to be protesting the police, but they are “spitting” on the flag which represents our country, our military and or veterans.

    • try to explain that to the numbnuts that are kneeling, oh that’s right those meatheads with the pass through college degree didn’t excel in logic. Than ks for remembering the Soros quip and maybe someone will braille it to the overpaid jerks.

      • These iliterate losers have no college degree!! They can’t speak nor write in English and probably sign their checks with an x!! Numbnut scumbags agents probably have to show these cretons how to make an x!!

  10. Just wait when there isn’t any Super-Bowl!
    NO ADs for people to watch instead of football, NO more NFL Football, turn our stadiums into soccer fields!
    They messed with the wrong people the wrong way and they still don’t get it!
    The owners are just as much at fault for their DOOM!

    See ya, NOT going to Miss Ya!

  11. Has it ever dawned on anyone that the best PR move ANY team could make — REAL NEWS that would be newsworthy — would be to REQUIRE EVERY team member and staff do ride-alongs with the city’s police force with full cameras freely rolling at the discretion of both the team-member and the police. This might give both the “concerned protesters” a real view of what goes on when police are on duty, while at the same time providing witnesses to any REAL issues that the people allegedly being discriminated against might have done against them. THEN … maybe the truth can be established and the partisan crap can stop. IF — and I say IF there are real issues that need to be dealt with, they can do some real good instead of just kneeling and behaving as brats and fools!

  12. If those UNGRATEFUL SOB’S in the no fans league hate this country so much maybe they should all go home to africa(they claim to be african) and see what kind of life they’d have. Can you believe they gave goodell a raise and contract extension! They have LOST THEIR MINDS

    • African citizens who have received citizenship make no secret of their feelings towards American blacks. They say they are their own worst enemies.

  13. I don’t see the correlation between our flag and football yes it is patriotic I believe these players are protesting the inequality we have in this country that is the these players see it not realizing they are shooting themselves in the foot. The inequality is amongst themselves with broken families drugs alcolohol etc not with the NFL if this is what they believe which statistics says there isn’t any police brutality but with societies like George soros who is stirring the pot these people are falling for all the propaganda out there these guys from the NFL should channel there frustration thru some other source leave our foitball alone besides they are really shooting themselves in the foot because the money they are paid is channeled thru the people that attend these games why to go guys start taking responsibility for yourselves quit blaming society for your so called inequality char

  14. I tuned out of the NFL in week 3. I was already disgusted and when they let players stay in the locker room until after the National Anthem or networks didn’t show the playing of the National Anthem that was it.
    I have never seen a deprived millionaire yet, and if these athletes, celebrities and other public figures want to use their positions as their soapbox why don’t they get off their asses and go out into these communities that they are so passionate about and make a real change instead of spreading hate and trying to drag the country into more divide. If they didn’t like the way the election went, they can try again at the next go-round sometimes things in life just don’t go the way that you had hoped but we’re all in this together and if you want the president to fail you really want the country to fail? There’s no doubt that the media is biased and I’m just plain sick of it. I tend to only watch car and home renovation shows and things of that nature to avoid most of the news and any other sitcoms, comedy or late-night shows because they all are trying to push their agenda(and a failed agenda at that).
    God Bless America, our Military and Law Enforcement!????????????????????????

  15. The destruction comes from the TOP, starting with Goodell and working on down….. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the only way to SAVE the NFL is to get rid of Goodell aND put someone with Balls in his place and change the Rules, then each and everyone of whom is or has been involved, makes a Public Apology to us all….then and only then will they might see us FANS slowly return…..but the NFL had better hurry as the Super Bowl will be their demise if they Fail to comply…..
    The Grave is awaiting the NFL otherwise…..

  16. I have Not watched or Supported the NFL since they made “CrappyDick” their Poster Hero…I was a staunch NFL fan since 1960, yet now they Ignore their Fan Base, in support of these Pathetic Disgraceful Players. What total BS..Screw the NFL and the Disregard for the Anthem and Flag they stand for. The NFL has put Politics before Sports. I am a VN Vet, and I will Never Support an Organization that Disrespects our Veterans, Anthem and Flag, that gave them their Freedom to Disrespect Us…

  17. The (M)alcontent Football League has lost my interest, at this point there is nothing they can do to get me as a fan. I think I would watch paint drying before watching football now.

  18. I was such a diehart fan that I got Direct TV just so I could get the NFL Sunday Ticket! Well I canceled the NFL Sunday Ticket and have not watched a single game this entire year. I will NEVER watch another game until these overpaid disgusting athletes stop disrespecting our veterans, our flag, and our country! As far as I am concerned every damn one who knealt, locked arms, or stayed in the locker room should be forced to leave the US permanently!

  19. When these so called – self appointed – “social justice warriors” find out what this is going to cost them financially it will start to sink in. One fine day they will wake up and realize that all of the damage done to the NFL – their careers and salaries was self inflicted. Maybe they will go public and all the players will gather around downtown in the city the represent and start banging their heads off of the light poles repeatedly chanting “Stupid…..Stupid…..Stupid….”

  20. I do not need to watch football but football needs me to watch it in order to make a profit. The NFL players are making millions of dollars each year and behaving as if they own America because they can play the game well. I’m sorry guys but if yoh all fell off of the face of the earth I doubt if you would really be missed. I don’t mean to be as heartless as I sound but look at the facts. If the NFL suddenly disappeared it would be a gigantic news story and the big fans would give great stories of days gone by with the great plays that were made. Now compare it to our armed forces. If the American armed forces suddenly disappeared it would be a gigantic news story BUT the men and women that give of themselves so generously every day to protect our country would be sorely missed. These men and women do not go home and beat their wives and girlfriends and children to the same percentage as the NFL player. Yes it occasionally happens but not nearly as often and in our armed forces there are consequences for this behavior not like the NFL where this behavior is either swept under the rug or outright defended so the player can continue to play regardless of what he did. You also could compare the income of the armed service person to the income of the NFL player. Our armed service personnel do not live in luxury but still maintain a higher level of morality than the NFL players. The men and women of the armed forces would be so missed because they Gove this nation security and allow the people of this nation to live in freedom, to allow us to chose the religion of our choice, to allow us to vote as we chose and to not be bullied about it. No wait, I’m sorry we are being bullied about it. The democrat liberals, that claim to be so open minded and liberal ARE BULLYING us for voting our choice. They are taking a knee to our national anthem. They are trying to bully us into submitting to their ideals. WHAT WILL REAL AMERICANS DO!?

  21. They have disrespected our fine Men and Women in the Armed Forces and Law Enforcement. I have not watched a game sine that started kneeling. It is a disgrace!!!!! Maybe They will realize they were wrong when the league has no more money to pay those large salaries and they start losing their jobs. Every kneeler should be released and not be allowed to play in the sport unless they sign a contract that states they will stand with their hand over their hearts for our National Anthem and Flag we served for, some of who served fought and died for. The league should have nipped this one in the budd when they had a chance with the first kneeler who started it all and his fellow team mates who supported him in this disgraceful display of hatred for the Country!!!! Which actually gave them the opportunity to make millions while playing a game which rally is nothing more than a way for most of them to not grow up and be men. They are mostly spoiled bratts who think because they play football we should respect them and not our Country, Solders, and Men and Women in Blue who keep us safe at night so we can sleep in peace!!!!

  22. The NFL ceased to exist for me in September, 2017 when President Trump told the Nation that the kneeling by players disrespecting our Flag and veterans must end! As a two years Vietnam War veteran, this intolerable, treasonous act, encouraged and sanctioned by the NFL, was unacceptable. I will never support the NFL so long as I shall live. Their ratings are down? Who are they? What do they do? I know and care not! Businesses that support and promote them will also not have my meager patronage.

  23. When the protests began, I stopped watching NFL games. I like to watch football for entertainment, not absurd social commentary. I refuse to watch overpaid punks and thugs protest the country that gave them so much opportunity.

  24. And with all these great news they give the leader of the ratings plunge an extension and pay raise…..Goodell is pathetic and have no sympathy for the owners who are too dumb to see what a cancer he is!!!!

  25. Was a fan from childhood. After joining the AF in 1969 became an avid fan. Watched all the games I oiled every week. Became a season ticket holder which I gave up when the players went on strike. Still watched at home. Saw every professional game Walter Payton ever played.
    Since the players started their protests, I have not watched a game nor a playoff off game. Will not watch the Super Bowl and plan to never watch another game ever.

  26. Did you see the college championship game? Trump walks out for the anthem, the place went nuts! Those college kids showed how to do a National Anthem!!!

  27. I am 73 years old and have watched pro foot ball for many years. However I have not watched nor will I ever watch a pro football game again. These muliti millionaire players think they can disrespect our flag and our nation and expect our support. They can go straight to hell I am sure Satin will support them

    • I totally agree with your comments! I was never a BIG fan to begin with and with the players showing such disrespect, I will not watch or support their teams ever again! US Army Ret.

      • I agree with g. As a vet, I quit watching the day Colin Kaepernick knelt. If I brought politics into my job, I would have been thrown out on my head, and probably blackballed from my industry. It is time to make these snowflakes feel the pain of NOT being paid millions of dollars to play a game. They have given NOTHING to this country, and do not deserve what they have. All they do is complain, and give nothing back to their communities. I believe that you should HAVE to serve 3 years in the military straight out of High School. When you finish your enlistment, you can go to college, and play a stupid game if you want to. It is time to open these people’s eyes to what it takes to give them the right to protest, and I cannot think of a better way, than to make them serve their country for 3 years!

  28. Keep it going America. STOP WATCHING THE NFL and STOP PATRONIZING THESE PETULANT CHILDREN, who disrespect America, the Flag and OUR National Anthem.

  29. When these spoiled, ungrateful, entitled THUGS are fired and I can see something other than ANTIFA AND BLACK LIVES MATTER THUGS, srew them all!!! I hope they go bankrupt~!~~~


  31. Was a lifelong fan for 55 years. Watched the Alabama-Georgia game last night. Do not miss the NFL at all and haven’t watched one game this season since their protests started. If they are so abused, wonder hos they would like to work 40+ hours per week and always make under $50,000.00 per year like most people. They play a game for millions. Don’t need them anymore.

  32. I suppose they’re STILL too stupid to realize they’re only hurting themselves by this behavior. Even the ratings hasn’t convinced them. Are they just too stubborn to admit it was all a big mistake right from the beginning? They’ve played their hand and now they want only to defend their stance, no matter how much they know it’s not in their best interest in the long run? Fine. Let them be losers if that’s their choice, but someone needs to tell them that their behavior is self destructive… just as much as smokers need reminding about the ill effects of tobacco, they need to be kept after until they do what’s good for them.

  33. I will not watch any of the games because of their actions if they don’t like this country let them leave. If the NFL doesn’t like the drop in attendance or the ratings don’t set there and cry about it fire those ingrates who are causing the problem and if it means have the team so be it, and put players in who won’t disrespect the USA and our brave men and women who have fought for this country.

  34. Haven’t watched a game in 2 years.. and I will not watch a game until those ungreatful country hating are all gone and Americans are playing the game..

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