This NFL team just smacked down a disabled veteran

Can the NFL get any worse?

The anti-American anthem protests have divided pro football fans from their teams all season.

But when one disabled veteran called out their protests, this team responded in the most unexpected and disrespectful way.

The New Orleans Saints just picked a public fight with a disabled veteran, Retired Navy Comdr. John Wells, who also serves as executive director of the Lousiana-based Military Veterans Advocacy.

Wells was chosen by the Saints to receive its Peoples Health Champion Award for highlighting the “health and well-being of our military, veterans and their families.”

The New York Post reports that Wells told them “not to expect him at the game, since he’s unable ‘in good conscience’ to enter an NFL stadium where players continue to ‘disrespect’ the American flag by kneeling or sitting before or during the national anthem.”

They continued:

“Although I am touched and honored to be selected for such an award, the ongoing controversy with NFL players’ disrespect for the national flag forces me to decline to participate in the presentation,” Wells said in a statement, according to the Times-Picayune. “Since this award is tainted with the dishonorable actions of the NFL and its players, I cannot accept it. To do so would be hypocritical.”

Wells, a disabled vet who served from 1972 through 1994, said he “hoped and prayed” that Roger Goodell would ban the “disgraceful protests,” but the NFL commissioner announced in October that league owners will not force players to stand for the national anthem even though they agree that they should.

“Their failure to act is a slap in the face to all of those who have served in uniform,” Wells’ statement continued. “Men and women have fought and died for the flag that the players are disrespecting.”

The Saints could have just left it at that.

But instead, they just had to get the last word in, issuing a statement that smacked down Wells, calling his comments “sad and divisive.”

They went on to call his decision not to support NFL football “unfortunate and disappointing.”

What do you think about Wells’ decision not to attend or accept their award?

What do you think about the Saints’ response?

Sound off in the comments below!


  1. I totally agree with hero Wells and I think it despicable the actions of both the commissioner and all the teams in regard for their asinine protests. Having served with the US Army in both Korea and Japan in the mid 50’s, I along with my three brothers who have also served in the military are in favor of disbanding the NFL altogether. A new startup league needs to be formed with a courageous commissioner who would demand respect to both the flag and our country.

  2. I understand the owners and NFL are discussing having the players stay in the dressing rooms next year until AFTER the anthem is played. BIG MISTAKE! I know that at one time they did, BUT…SINCE they have been coming onto the field and acting like patriotic citizens, THAT would be a disgraceful, SHAMEFUL, outright display that they disrespect, not only their FANS, BUT THEIR NATION as well

  3. There is a representative from LA. who has proposed doing just that. New Orleans pays some type of fee to the tune of about $400,000 to the NFL to have the aints play in the Superdome, and the representative wants to have that payment cut off.

  4. I always thought Drew Brees was an honorable man who would never stoop this low. I am done with him and his ‘aints, as well as my most favorite teams, the Seattle Seahawks (refused to even be ON the field during anthem), and the Cincy Bengals (whose owner was being urged to hire Kappernik). It breaks my heart, but no more NFL for me If I need a football fix, I’ll watch college ball from now on.

  5. Not only that, Kraperdick claims he sat for the anthem in protest of injustice towards minorities. Obviously he just listened to the sensationalist media stories that usual assume facts not in evidence when they first report stories. He did’nt do any research about his “cause.” If he had, he would have known that those poor downtrodden souls who were supposedly abused and murdered by police were not the sweet young men that he wants everyone to think they were. He would also know that more whites are killed by cops than blacks, and more blacks kill blacks.
    Ohhh, and get this…Kraperdick idolizes FIDEL CASTRO! One of the most inhumane dictators to rule over minorities. How’s that for hypocrisy in action?

  6. Commander Wells…Thank you for your service and your sacrifice. You did the absolute right thing in declining to accept this award. The NFL, its team owners and players have made a bad choice in disrespecting the flag of this country and the freedoms and principles it stands for, and those who have sacrificed to uphold those freedoms. They have also lost any positive optics they may have originally had for their stated cause. I wish more people would refuse to attend any NFL games. Those millionaire crybabies should be playing to empty stadiums. Fortunately, if a certain someone in high political office in Loisiana has their way, the New Orleans ‘AINTS wont have a stadium to play in next year.

  7. Commander Wells: Way to go! Thanks for telling it like it is. It’s hard to separate the bonehead millionaire players from the bonehead billionaire owners, or the bonehead NFL commissioner who can’t make a decision for his $40M per year.

  8. Commander Wells did the right thing in standing up for his beliefs. Thank GOD we have people who will stand up for what they believe. I am an 81 year AF veteran who played football in high school in leather helmets without face masks. Due to that have had a partial plate since I was 15 years old. That tells you how much I love football but with the actions of the NFL I will no longer watch a pro game.
    These players are suppose to be idols for our young people!!!!!! No way!!!! Commander Wells is the idol to be looked up to by our kids.

  9. All of these protesters claim to be protesting to help underpriviledged communities; especially, the African American community. If these rich players, with multimillion dollar contracts think they are so good: Why do they not take some of their millions of dollars to these communities and hand it to them; instead of disrespecting the flag and our national anthem?

  10. Totally agree. I’m only 64 and not a veteran, but have total respect for the MEN in the military and NONE for the sorry excuses playing football and Goodell.
    I doubt I will live long enough to see all of these walking anuses retire, but until all of them are gone, I am through with football.


  12. I also agree with Commander Wells and anyone else who believes the NFL players were wrong. Regardless of whether they feel there is injustice in this country or not, the National Anthem as well as our flag still represent one of the best countries in the world, and one of the most free as well, which also gives any and all sports players the freedom to believe as they wish and to act as they believe.

  13. God bless you Commander Wells. I will never go to another NFL game shame on those players. they need to be fired an NFL start all over God Bless America spread love not hate

  14. Hooray for Commander Wells. Good bye forever NFL. I will find out who sponsors of NFL are and end them too. I will encourage my friends and family to do likewise. Bite the hand that feeds you, guess what?, No more food. President Trump was correct about NFL. Owners who now to this will lose sponsors.

  15. Wells did the right thing. The Spoiled Brats and their FAKE protest need to be slapped down. KRAPERNICK started this IGNORANCE because he did not want to work for the position of Starting QB so he tried to blackmail the 49ers by making them look bad. They did not give in to him so he kept up with his FAKE protest and aligned himself with a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION namely BLM. If these spoiled brats really cared about black lives they would protest more than on Game day at the start of a game they would protest all the time. They would protest the Thousands killed in American cities by other blacks and they would SCREAM BLOODY MURDER about the SLAVERY and SLAUGHTER going on TODAY in their Ancestral Homelands. But no they protest the very very few killed by bad police and only at the start of games to get something they might not get if they lost their game, namely publicity. The rest of their days are spent hiding behind their Mansion walls protected by the very police they HATE. So Wells was right and the CRYBABY SPOILED BRATS of the National FELONS League are and have always been WRONG in what was done by those involved.

  16. Hooray for Commander Wells. Well spoken. The NFL lost me forever. I will find out the sponsors and cancel them as well. Go ahead and bite the hand that feeds you. Soon, No more food. I will encourage others to not support their sponsors either.

  17. The Irony is that Kapenik had a choice to extend his contract, but chose to leave for what he thought would be greener fielld$$$$$.

  18. I’ve been a saints fan since they came into existence, i am 70 years old man and a Vet and I’ve had season tickets for over 30 years, what the Saints just said about commander Wells is disgraceful I’m done with Saints and the NFL no more season tickets no more Sunday, Monday and Thursday football. To all that know that the players protest is crap show the NFL that our resolve is relentless we will not give in. God bless our troops and our President

  19. Very smart of these million dollar players bite the hand that feeds them. . Many and I mean many are felons from murder, vicious rapes, to domest violence. These are the people are kids see as heroes! Most have no idea of what exactly they are kneeling about. Oh maybe it’s they live in a free country because of the blood and sacrifice of our real American hereos! Stop watching the games, stop supporting their sponsors and eventually the NFL will be
    doomed. I can’t wait! Go see what job you can get after no more big outrageous football contracts. Goodell should have upheld the leagues rules regarding the National Anthem.

  20. All the players that are disrespectful to the flag should be fined the first game. The next game suspension. Then your fired. The work place is not the place to show your ass. The NFL is going down.

  21. My late husband was also Vietnam Vet, USMC. He suffered from Agent Orange, for more than 20 years, all because he chose to serve. He would be insulted & completely turned off by all this nonsense.
    The NFL doesn’t deserve one more dime from us; I say “let them all rot.”

  22. Commander you did the right thing. These over rated piece of crap as football players these players think they are above anyone else. Those whom have chosen to defend our country are my heroes not these racist pukes whom kneel.
    Marine Veteran.

  23. I have completely left the NFL for at least the rest of he season, for NASCAR. Everyone there stands, most singing the National anthem. Often a flyover by the air force falcons.Very patriotic ceremony. Lots of fun and No one. kneeling

  24. I think Wells did the ABSOLUTE right thing by not attending their little sick display of communism!! I think the Saints should be rear ended out of OUR glorious country! They don’t respect it and damn well do t deserve it.

  25. charlie -I believe that is already happening and the fact that sponsors are pulling out and canceling contracts spells volumes more AND less money in the pockets of those poor, whiney, little snowflakes.

  26. When Commander Wells refused to participate in the NFL’s hypocritical display, he made the absolute best possible choice and I applaud him. Commander Wells, thank you, for your honorable service and sacrifice.

  27. Nobody needs the NFL. We all need proud veterans, who literally put themselves on the line for the Nation. Well done, Commander

  28. Have supported the drug industry by the millions. Most of them are junkies millionaires.
    The drug cartel amd the NFL have been partner for years

  29. Well said. Too many people no longer operate on a set of principles consistent with those of American values, no longer seem to have a moral compass.

  30. It saddens me to see such disrespect to our country and our flag. I for one am done supporting the NFL, even if they were to come back tomorrow and say all players will stand. I will never support a league team or player that disrespects my country in any way. Football has been a big part of my life for a very long time. Football provided me with opportunities that changed my life. I have given back to my community by starting a youth football program to teach under privileged kids right from wrong. But when the NFL is unable to determine what is wrong it is time to leave them behind. Over the last 10 years the NFL has lost site of the importance of role models, They have allowed people with bad character to enter the league. They have sold out the kids, and allowed thugs to take over the league. There are no role models left from the top on down from Roger to the last guy drafted all of them have made bad decisions and left the kids with no role models. It is sad that they don’t even realize what they have dome

  31. As a once fellow sailor I salute Cmdr Wells. I’m a Navy vet. My dad served in Navy for 3 wars. My grandad served in Navy on WWI.I am 71 years old. Been an NFL fan for most of my life. No more. They have shamefully disrespected our flag,country, military,and law enforcement. I whole heartedly agree with the Cmdr.

  32. Way to go Commander.!!!! The saints are anything to respond in that manner. Bring out the paper sacks again. What worthless bunch of hypocrites. Haven’t watched nfl since what’s his face took the first knee. Owners….. get some cojones before K and Co drive you out business!!!

  33. Colin Kaepernick was never fired by the NFL! He was asked to be released from his contract and they did it! Then he offered another position as back up QB for another team at the price of $900,000 and he turn that down! …. He wants to a starting QB price pay for a second or third string QB ability!! He did this to himself!! So far, in this NFL season, the smartest thing that anyone has done was to not hire Kaepernick! Because the man comes with a whole lot more baggage than he’s worth!! And the disrespectful kneeling has already ruined the NFL!!! Can you imagine how angry people would be if he joined a team???

  34. I commend Wells for taking that stand. When are these people, owners and players alike, going to understand that the people in the stands are paying them their ridiculously high paychecks??? Maybe if enough people stayed home those players would come down off their high horses. They might even have to go out and get a real job. They wont EVER get a dollar of my money

  35. Just WHEN are the NFL players going to realize that Colin Kapernick has been using them to get even with the NFL for firing his miserable butt. His REASON has no substance (as little as he does) and the lemmings continue his leadership because they have no mind of their own to figure out what is happening. The NFL is going down under gutless leadership and, like the 49ers, will lose and lose and…you get the idea. As long as there is a disruptive influence on the team they will lose and numbers 33 and 35 are that influence. With the exception of playing football they are brainless.

  36. In that circumstance I too would refuse to participate! Since the protests started I have not watched or attended a NFL game, nor will I even after the protests end, assuming there is still a NFL left. Unless the protests are banned and anyone who participated in them has either apologized or been dismissed, owners and coaches included!


  38. Well said Comander, Thank for your service and for standing up for one of the few traditions that allow us to pay tribute to The United States of America and all the men and women who serve and have served to protect Her.

  39. As far as I am concerned Retired Navy Comdr. John Wells is a great American. Stick to your guns sweetie. I personally will back you period.

  40. I am a 3rd generation Navy vet.Father served in 3 wars His dad in WWI. I served during Viet Nam war. I am 71 years old. Been a NFL fan most of my life. Not watched a game this season and probably won’t any more. Can’t watch such disrespectful behavior. NFL owes military and law enforcement an apology. Time to send Colin Kapernick and those who follow him to a country where they will learn to appreciate this country and those who defend and protect them.

  41. I lost my leg fighting for my country in Vietnam. I watched the first super bowl, wrote a book report on Jerry Kramer of the green bay packers. I’m not watching pro football since this crap started. What do spoiled rich kids know about the real world. I’m done with espn also. It’s a real shame

  42. I have not watched this year and will never watch a game again. And I had watched over 30 years. I hope the nfl goes belly up. How dare spoiled brats tell working patriotic people how to think. I hope ESPN goes belly up too.

  43. hooray for the commander. i see drew brees kneeing right alone with those pompous, useless, arrogant bunch of worthless idiot fools. what a hypocrite he is.

  44. I am a 94 year old ww2 navy vet. Love football but will never watch another NFL player show disrespect to my country. I wish they could have been with me and my shipmates through over 400 air raids by enemy planes. They make enormous pay in this wonderful country and slap us in the face. Sad.

  45. Trump should stop talking about it and just do it immediately Cut off all government funding of any kind to the NFL and also ban any military jets from flying over the super bowl and any NFL game

  46. The nfl is getting to be a JOKE. It’s time the OVER PAID AND PAMPERED fools that play learn just how much their talent’s are really worth in the REAL WORLD. I hear burger king is looking for a few

  47. Put them in the front to soak a few bullets instead of the real warriors who are actually trying to fight the enemy.

  48. I have decided to cut my grass on Sunday and work on my house and pay my bills, rather than watch the natural fools league !

  49. I exercised my rights by canceling my NFL package on Direct TV. Shame on anyone for not standing during the national anthem. We should always respect our flag and country, period.

  50. I was a Saints fan, I am now done with the Saints and NFL.
    I don’t believe I could ever watch another NFL Game in good conscience again even if they did come to their senses…..

  51. Everyone should behave has adults and not disrespect the American Flag. If they do not want to be responsible and do what is right let them all go back to there poverty.

  52. Major kudos to the Major Commander. And I’m delighted to hear the legendary Vin Scully said he will never attend another NFL game because of the disgusting kneeling during the national anthem that’s an affront to the flag, the country and the millions of veterans who have served and died for us.

  53. What a difference between NFL and MLB. During each of the World Series game, all players put their caps over their hearts during the Nationsl Anthem. Be a MLB fan instead of NFL

  54. This is the first time I’ve heard of it. Do you have any other details? Whatever the case may be, it’s not likely that this kind of news will hit the mainstream media, due to the fact that it would fan the flames of patriotism, and the liberal masses wouldn’t be able to take that… no room for patriotism anymore.

  55. Could not of said it any better because I curse but all of these over payed brats that get to do something they like for Hugh amounts of money are no more than a disgrace to our country an the people in uniforms

  56. Ed Meckle…”Once a Marine, always a Marine.” Thank you or your service! Daughter of a Marine. If my dad ever saw this he would have been livid.

  57. I’m done with these oppressed millionaires. I hope they cut off their taxpayer funding.
    What if nobody went to or watched the Super Bowl.

  58. I have never seen a comment page where the results appear 100% in agreement.

    So thanks to the Navy Commander who said no.

    Thanks to the fans who support him, our troops, our country and our flag.

    And as to NFL/black thugs matter, let those pampered spoiled fools find a job that pays a 7 or 8 figure income with their college degrees, because once the league is gone, there are no PR jobs, and no commercials to be made.

  59. Most of these guys have “participation diplomas” – meaning yes they were enrolled in a school but the degree they came away with and $6.00 will qualify them to buy a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

  60. Hooorah for WELLS, he has shown these Disrespectful Morons in the NFL, just how Disgraceful and Un-Patriotic they really are as they cannot even accept a very well written apology for not accepting there award without putting some of there slander and harm towards a very Respectable Disabled Veteran….
    Such behaviour will be the END which is near, for the NFL…..
    Come this Veterans Day, let’s ALL be UNITED in being a NO SHOW for ALL GAMES throughout…
    Just Do NOT go to any of the Games and DO NOT WATCH any on the TV’S….. Watch the NFL sink in its own Disrespectful Suicide to which they themselves have created and done nothing to try to correct it….. The GRAVE has been DUG. It’s only a matter of time as to when it will be filled…. BYE, BYE NFL !

  61. I neglected to mention a few sponsors, but others have stepped up. in an effort to bring hollYWEIRD into the discussion(same disrespect)Ben Affleck wants to be “part of the solution’ after being named as a fanny tickler back a few years ago. I suggest the network hire him to be on the field with a female commentator to pat her behind when he likes here reporting. I would be rooting for him to get a black eye, or worse.Thanx & a tip O’ the hat.

  62. There is another story out today – a continuation of this story. It seem the pilots who fly the Saints to their games had had enough. They got all of the a**holes on the plane – waited until they got permission to taxi out fro the tower – then walked out of the cockpit – took a knee and then walked off of the plane refusing to fly them. It seems that those pilots are combat Veterans too. I wonder if the “Aint”s” got another pilot or they are still sitting there.

  63. Idiots will be idiots. These jerks have no respect for our Great Military or this Great Nation. I quit watching and no business with their sponsors. Never ever ever will I give anything to any entity that disrespects our Great Military or this Great Nation

  64. I have many family members who have served WWI, WWII, Korea, Viet Nam, Dessert Storm, Iraq, Aphganistan, & current conflicts!!! I will always put my country before any kneeling whiner!!

  65. very proud and grateful for Commander Wells… thank you for your service and for this recent action

    we can no longer tolerate snowflakes and libs and any antiAmerican groups trying to tear down or disrespect our country

    hope this is a trend…. we have to actively engage and fight these antiAmerican groups and the ignorant that support them…… no more tolerance, they take advantage of it….

    fight on Americans… fight the libtards, blm, antifa….

  66. God bless you all who made posts against the despicable NFL owners & players. My sons & I will never again go to NFL games nor watch on TV. We will not make purchases from companies that advertise with the NFL. We will go to high school & college games & watch them on TV (much cheaper). The NFL owners take in billions & the players make millions in stadiums that we tax payers paid for. Thanks to our military patriots (so many died/severely wounded for us) we are “the USA”, not England, not Japan, not Germany, etc. & now fighting the radical Muslims. Though we have many have many problems to solve we are still orders of magnitudes the greatest nation in the world thanks to our veterans. God bless America & God bless our military/veterans.

  67. 2017 will go down in history as the year Kaepernick took down the NFL with the assistance of Roger Goodell. I praise the commander for declining the award. We have been in sports bars since this started and many TV’s are on racing and golf. The world series had the best viewership in years. The spoiled brats in the NFL are going to learn a hard lesson. It has already began to hurt the owners pocketbooks. Something will happen soon, but the damage has been done. The NFL has been exposed for what they are. ANTI AMERICAN.

  68. NFL are an assembly of representatives in America that tell the world “we can give you a $60,000,000 contract and you can spit on our American culture and those that will give their life to give people the opportunity for those salaries and freedoms. I wonder what these premadonnas would do without sports. My best guess would be clean streets. This is just another nail in the coffin of the decay of America. A discrace allowing our youth to see this. Thank the politicians and the lawmakers for pushing BOTH party platforms TOO far left and TOO far right. It is all money folks! So hit’m where it hurts by avoiding games and all sponcers. JMHO

  69. No more NFL,or worry about “your” team. Ha ha. Not my team. look at some of the performances, they are distracted. I wonder if the white players are being threatened by the “MINORITY”,that’s the “MINORITY” players.An aside, now when TV shows the guys “UPSTAIRS”A whole mess O’ them. Guess who will be laid off first, when the purse strings start tightening, not Drew,not this star, but the “STAFF”. By the way no more Pepsi, coke, lays, Dominos, any of them who continue to advertise.Hats off to Papa John’s.

  70. The NFL can kiss my you know what. I wish they were never allowed to set foot on another field. These spoiled rotten children are as un-American as you can get. I am a Vietnam USAF vet. They are not qualified to address any military vet in any manner whatsoever.

  71. If by some chance they would start up the DRAFT into the Military should happen, They need to start with all of those bent on disrespecting our FLAG and ANTHEM as to all who DIED and wounded returned from Military service. Not that it would be good to have such scumbags watching your back in a firefight !!!

  72. its time we take our country back at all levels of government, stay away from sports events and soon the spoiled brats will find out who pays their wages

  73. I salute Retired Navy Comdr. John Wells and stand behind him 100%. His actions and statement represents the way all veterans feel and all American citizens should feel. I’ve written the national commanders of both the VFW and the American Legion asking them to take a more vocal stance against the NFL and Goodell and haven’t made much progress. I’m asking all members of these organizations and all other veterans organizations to flood them with letters requesting the same. We need some unity and patriotism in this country and someone to take the lead. I can’t think of a better way to get things started for the good guys for a change. Thank you

  74. I saw a list of all the NFL teams and all the players on each team charged with serious crimes, don’t recall which team was on top but they had FORTY TWO thats half the team. 15 was the lowest thats a lot of crimes being committed buy these THUGS as you so aptly describe them. Any wonder they identify with the crooks and not the cops and authority

  75. Well done, Commander Wells, it was a great pleasure to see what you did to those worms. And it also showed what we Veterans believe in what this country is all about.

  76. Spot on Mr. Pickkett! You can bet your hockey puck not a single one of these clowns ever donned a military uniform or stood a post. Nor has any one of them ever received a folded flag. Collectively, they give the world a whole new meaning for the term “CLUELESS”! I’m done with the NFL and any of their sponsors I know of.

  77. What NFL – between the anthem bashing, the extravagant player celebrations and the outright muggings and fist fights on the field, when do the players have time for football.
    Where is the teamwork, the sportsmanship and fair play that sports used to represent… no more NFL!!!
    My grandson and his mother would rather play and watch soccer anyway.

  78. couldn’t agree more, Viet Nam vet here lots of folks died in that war before these premadonas were even born, they have NO clue!!!!! Vin Scully said yesterday he would NEVER watch another NFL game because of these dim wits.

  79. The NFL is over in this house, I served honorably and retired from the U.S. Navy, they can take their pro bowl nominee’s and highly over paid players along with the owners and commissioner and all the clubs and commercials, endorsers that support them and cancel all of what they think is supportive of the sport. They and only they have disgraced the Country.

  80. I have not watched football since this disrespect began. Wow I can have a life again. Don’t even miss it. I hope the majority of America makes the same decision and puts the NFL out of business. The heroes that wear helmets are our military and law enforcement. Not overpaid players!

  81. I understand the NFL’s position, they are war with American and hate American’s, they believe American’s will still attend their games and watch them play ball games even if they disrespect every American, even the disabled Veterans.
    NFL anti-American children still playing with a ball as adults.

  82. Every war since World War 1 we have relatives in the military. I will not support the NFL and I hope eventually they will go bankrupt. I think every player that wants to kneel and protest should be fined 50000 each and every time they kneel and that money donated to a minority charity and this way we can see what their real mean what their protesting for or just putting on a show. They can afford it. Tax deductible.

  83. Someone hit the nail on the head calling these players thugs. It shouldn’t be about having a rule to stand for our anthem/flag, it should be in the hearts of TRUE Americans to do so out of respect for the men and women who have fought and died for our country. The NFL will never recover from this lack of respect.

  84. Since you mentioned out op control players you might add the nuerious arrest records of NFL players. I,m a proud vet of the US Navy. NFL should fold up and let the over paid players find a REAL job.

  85. I never watch this kind of sport anyway, but I definitely would like to have some world for them: “The Pro-Football players aren’t the Heroes, the one who fought the enemy to protect our Nation is the hero. And the one without the country is the Slave of other world”

  86. I think your right Chuck and I’m so disappointed in the Saints this disrespect has gone on long enough one would think the owners would start to get message. Glad the vet turned them down



  88. I am pretty sure it was 1994. I have a World Series baseball from the WS that never was. That is how I remember. It took baseball years to recover, and if not for steroids with McGuire and Sosa in the HR derby year, they might not have ever recovered. I am not a football fan, but would catch a game every now and then if convenient. Haven’t seen even a play all year.
    Lots of people are finding new ways to spend Sunday which is bad for NFL.

  89. Strongly support Commander Wells. The USA will better use Sunday as family day. Our country will be better without NFL violence all day Sunday and Monday and whenever. There is more violence in America than I ever believed possible in my life time. People who continue to disrespect the 1% of the population who are Veterans and defend all American Citizens. Those who choose kneeling and other forms of civil disrespect will not have the last word. Civility must come back to all of America. We are not even safe inside our churches any longer.

  90. I have been reading all of these replies and it warms my heart
    To know that there are still people that care about this country!!
    I love you all, my faith has been renewed, and all of those
    Millionaire, uneducated thugs can go to hell, oh wait, too late
    They already are

  91. I use to be a saints fan. T this point they have become a disgrace to Louisiana and our country. I will no longer support or watch any NFL games.was not watching many this year since protest started anyway

  92. The majority of the NFL players couldn’t get a job at MacDonalds were it not for there athletic ability. Most attended college on their athletic skills, not their intellect. As a retired Police Officer of 39 years I believe these morons have never had a real job. I am curious to see what happens when they find themselves out of work. I don’t believe I’ll see the Super Bowl, I have to walk the dog. The retired Military and Law Enforcement community can put these clowns out of work, starting with Goodall.

  93. I don’t watch nfl because of high paying players. They are not worth a fraction of their salary. If they love the game so much give their money to the ones that deserve it, the military veterans and their families!

  94. NFL players can say what they want, do what they want bash our veterans as the want. BUT THE SAINTS REFUSE TO ACCEPT THE REASONING OF A TRUE HERO? Basically the Saints are saying that he (not the Saints) are perpetuating the problem. GO FIGURE>>>>>

  95. John Wells is showing EVERYONE in the NFL what CLASS is all about and that EVERYONE in the NFL is just highly paid children and are nothing but ASSESSING. They do not show respect for what our country and Anthem and flag mean to REAL Americans. WE the PEOPLE have class and you are nothing but ASS.

  96. roger goodell and the owners have not gotten the message. Until they stop these protests and the players quit disrespecting our flag, or anthem and our country, we will not watch or come to nfl games. They have lost so much money and fans, I do not know if it will ever come back close to what it was.

  97. Can’t support losers in the NFL. We are a military family, father, spouse, grandson. Just a bunch of overpaid men playing a kids game and many are total thugs.

  98. Commander Wells I salute I spent four years in the Marines honorably discharged. These jackoffs playing with a football on Sunday have no idea of the meaning honor and patriotism.

  99. I served my country (USMC) & I am proud to stand any-time/any-where for our “Flag”. The NFL will regret this for years to come. oohrahy to those that stand up & defy the NFL.

  100. These a-holes think they are hurting the peoples feelings and gaining respect: The only people they are hurting are themselves. to disrespect a disabled vet is a big mistacke, they just proved that they are spoiled a-holes with no respect for this country or our flag. The NFL should be disbanned. We will get along without them.

  101. The NFL is composed of losers and racists. High paid idiots who played their way through college and were given bogus grades and degrees. They are paid millions for playing a GAME while our military gets paid on near poverty levels. To HELL with the NFL.

  102. I feel the NFL should do their protest some other way -They are dead wrong for not honoring our Flag and National Anthem by kneeling- I am doing my protesting by not watching their games or doing business with companies that advertise on their games- we can not honor our military to much! What a sacrifice they made for you and I

  103. As much as I love the sport and the Saints are my team I disrespect them and the rest for what they are doing to the NFL and most important the disrespect that they are showing to our country. Shape up NFL you are losing and I thought you did not like losing? Major disappointment!!!!

  104. I will not so anything to support the nfl, my brother served in the Army in Vietnam,100% disabled and another in the US Air Force, my brother in law in the Air Force, 100% disability. The nfl can go to hell, our real heroes earned respect on the battlefield, not on a football field, I haven’t watched nfl since the first game, I don”t foresee a reason to watch it any more!

  105. I haven’t watched baseball since it went on strike and cancelled the World Series in the 70’s I believe, and I’ve survived just fine. I reckon I can survive on just college football from now on. No more NFL for me, at all, ever!

  106. I agree with all of you!
    The NFL has made a laughingstock of Our Military Men and Women and also Our Vet’s that are handicapped due to fighting for yours and mine Freedom’s.
    Our Veterans have fought even for those losers of the NFL!
    The NFL make millions of dollars while OUR MILITARY VETERANS make
    around $35,000 a year! What’s wrong with this picture? OUR MILITARY VETERANS fight for Our Freedom and for the NFL to make that kind of money, yet they are Disrespectful to Our Veterans and Americans that BELIEVE in Standing Up for the the “United States of America” Flag during the National Anthem! If the NFL don’t like it here they can go to Russia, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, and China and kneel down there in protest for wherever they like and see HOW far they get with that!
    NFL TEAMS I have no Respect for you at all! I have No desire to watch you on My T.V. or go to see you play either!!!
    I will keep Praying for you all.

  107. Do as I say, not what I do! NFL players think this “Stand for minorities” only goes one way, well they are wrong, very wrong. Since they want to do what they want to do, I say great because I’m going to do what I want to do too! For me and my family, we will not watch anymore NFL games from this day forward. College so much more fun and better players. Tickets are more affordable too!

  108. Thank you Mr. Wells for your service and for standing up for what you and I know is right. I am sorry you won’t receive the reward but I am proud of you for declining it. I think all players should be removed from the team if they disrespect our flag or National Anthem. Who do they think pays their salaries? They are a bunch of spoiled over paid non Americans. God Bless you Mr. Wells.

  109. Our military personnel have made it possible for those ungrateful maggots to make multi-millions of dollars playing a game – which does nothing to better life in the USA in any form. For them to do anything other that respect our anthem and our flag – which means giving respect and honor to our military is contempt for every person who calles this country home. NFL SUCKS!

  110. The qb who started this claimed it was because the US suppressed minorities.
    Then said it was not racist. So if it is not about race, then why did he say that to start. But let’s try to believe him on that, then that just makes an him unpatriotic piece of crap, along with all the other lowlifes.

  111. As a veteran I applaud the Commander for his stand. The NFL has lost all sight of patriotism and I thank God I am free of my previous NFL addiction.

  112. I believe he was right in not attending. To dis-respect flag,anthem,pledge of allegiance is a day-to-day to every American who fought for the freedoms we have. These protests have gotten far out of line. As a veteran, I support all military,police, fire fighters, first responders, as the have a very hard job to do with little thanks or support. Just stop and think where this country would be without the military or police force. Just look at history and see what happened to countries that depleted their military. Someone stronger ran them over. There may be a few that are considered bad in uniform, but the percentage is very low. The NFL needs to wake up.

  113. Good for Commander Wells !
    I’ve never particularly cared for the Saints….Now I’ve got a good reason.
    I haven’t watched a game since week one. At first, I missed it (the NFL), now I don’t at all. The college season is exciting enough, what with all the tough one-loss teams.

  114. I think there were three altercations which broke out during games played yesterday. Punches thrown and players ejected. Another indication the “game” has lost control – there is little direction and no sense of right vs. wrong.

    Will not watch anymore NFL. Period.

  115. In an interview on a business channel, Rob Gronkowski said the team will stand together on this issue, meaning no suppression of individual voice and silencing thought and opinion. Sound familiar? See any college campus and suppression of free speech, no different. Now the NFL is coming out with commercials of football players talking up the greatness of this country, hypocrites.

  116. The majority of these NFL players never wore a uniform because most of them couldn’t pass an entrance exam. Most of them took basket weaving in College and have skated thru life knowing nothing. Making lots of money that they are not worth.

  117. The NFL Felons and their ANTI American trash can go F themselves!! I will NEVER watch another game and will NEVER buy ANYTHING advertised on it!! Anheiser Busch, Ford, Papa Johns, McDonalds, Gatorade, and others!! Just google paid NFL advertisers!! Remember people, the Superbowl is coming up and if we stick together and trash those ratings they will really be screwed!!!

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