This NFL team could put Colin Kaepernick back on the field

Though he’s not playing, Colin Kaepernick continues to drive a wedge between patriotic football fans and the NFL.

After teams refused to sign him this year, other players carried on his anti-American anthem protests.

Now, one team is on the verge of slapping pro-America football fans in the face.

The Raiders starting quarterback Derek Carr went down with a transverse spinal fracture that could sideline him anywhere from 2-6 weeks.

After casting doubts on the ability of the Raiders’ backup and third-string quarterbacks, sports writers are now urging the Raiders to sign Colin Kaepernick.

The Washington [Com]Post’s Mark Maske writes:

If the likelihood is that Carr will be out closer to six weeks than two, that’s too long to patch things together with Manuel and Cook. The season could be lost before Carr returns, if that is the case. Under those circumstances, they would owe it to themselves to consider signing still-out-of-work quarterback Colin Kaepernick.
Kaepernick is better than Manuel and Cook. He would give the Raiders, once he was brought up to speed, a better chance to win without Carr than Manuel or Cook would. Carr would have improved odds of returning to a team still in the playoff race.

Maske then taunts the Raiders:

Aren’t the Raiders all about the “Just win, baby” creed of their late owner, Al Davis? Aren’t the Raiders the franchise known for giving second chances to unwanted players, the team that doesn’t care what anyone else thinks? It might be time for Davis’s son, current owner Mark Davis, to reaffirm that.

The Tennessee Titans just skipped over Kaepernick when they signed a deal with Brandon Weeden as backup for Matt Cassel who’s filling in for their injured starter Marcus Mariota.

But the Raiders have a history of signing players with questionable character.

The Raiders would be wise to pass on Kaepernick, rather than caving to the pressure of sports columnists.

What do you think?

Will the Raiders sign Colin Kaepernick?

Or is Kaepernick too toxic for the NFL?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


  1. The NFL should realize once a person leaves any situation 90% don’t return there find other interests and there is plenty of things to fulfill their time. College sports can fill your sports needs.

  2. anyone making that kind of money could only do that in the USA. They should all get down and kiss the flag, not dishonor it. If they are that anti American then let them play ball in Irag or Iran. Would love to see that pay check.

  3. The players are trying to make us believe the protest is because of blacks being killed or mistreated by police. Kapernick said he would not respect our country because our country didn’t respect blacks! More whites are killed by police than blacks. There are more blacks killed by blacks than any other demographics. Instead of kneeling, they should be out in the black communities to help with the actual problems. I will not watch the NFL ever again. I am done!

  4. Kaepernick should get a firing squad not a football team. He’s an un-American, police-hating brat. The whole Oakland Raider team should be locked up for sedition. That might get their attention.

  5. Does each of you think you should be fired & your company shut down for what you just commented? It’s called 1st Amendment RIGHT, which is what all our wonderful, brave soldiers have & are fighting to protect. Let the NFL players or staff or whomever exercise their 1st Amendment Rights just like we have here. There are things about NFL i don’t like but that doesn’t mean they should shut up, shut down or do things my way. Just like i don’t do things their way.

    • There is a difference. The majority of people commenting here, probably are NOT commenting while at work.
      When you speak while at work, it could be misconstrued as speaking for the company!
      When Kaperneckdick displays this behavior while on the field, he is representing his team, and the NFL.
      As fans, we do not pay to hear about politics.
      We do not pay to hear his opinion.
      We pay to see football played, and nothing more!
      If you can not separate the two, then you should not be on the field!

      • Football is a game of skill, where chance and luck also play a part sometimes.
        As fans, we learn to live with wins and losses, and we accept the outcome of every game.
        We may not like it, but we accept it.
        Mr. Trump was voted in as President, by the majority of people in this United States.
        If we the people, can learn to accept wins and losses on the playing field, then why as people, can we not accept Mr. Trump as our President?
        He won the Presidency fair and square, as voted on by the majority.
        Kaperneckdick is out of place.
        Kaperneckdick must not use his celebrity status, especially not on the field, to stage a political statement.
        Politics and sports do not mix!

        • Most fans will accept a loss, because that is the nature of the game.
          But, someone who truly loves this country, will not accept bad-mouthing it, or disrespecting it.
          For most of us, especially for those of us who are veterans, disrespecting this country, is like disrespecting our father, mother, sister or brother.
          The violence committed against this country, is similar to any violence perpetrated against one of my loved ones.
          I would kill, and I would die, to protect my family.
          Do you really want to go there!

        • Fans should boo him each and every time he is on the field, as well each time the team that hires him when they get on or off the field. Additionally don’t go to his games that will drive the message like nothing else!

  6. Everyone does have a right to protest, just not on the job!!!!! If he wants to protest, find a way to do it without disrespecting our Flag,Country and Veterans!!!!! There are positive ways to protest.


  8. I suggest fans get their football fix by watching college football on Saturdays and use their Sundays for family and worship. College football is far more exciting and entertaining. You do not have to watch players yelling at or disrespecting their coaches, perform silly celebrations after a touchdown, or watch players kneel during our national anthem.

  9. Kapernick is supposed to be making a statement. Weather the statement is accurate or not is not the issue. The issue here is wrong place and the wrong time to do so. And the other “Kneeers” are not supporting the issue, they are supporting Kapernick. Kapernick has put his self-interest before the team, the team owners, the NFL and the football fans. Kapernick acts like a little five (5) girl throwing a temper tam trum at the grocery store checkout because she cannot have her way. If she’s not happy, no one is going to be happy.
    Kapernick and these playes have put themselves before their team mates, the owners, the NFL and the fans.
    Kapernick is not playing because he does not know how score, he’s not playing because he does not know how to make a point.
    As for me, I am not going to a game, watch a game, listen to a game or talk about a game.

  10. If Kapernick doesn’t like playing pro ball in the US, he should leave and go to Europe or Asia and virtually play for free while giving up most US liberties paid for by US Vets.

  11. It makes no difference to me…I’ll never see him. I’m done with the nfl anyway. I wasn’t a big fan to begin with and the whole phony bs social justice/police brutality protest has ended my nfl interest entirely.

  12. kapernick is a POS any tean that hires him is doomed he should rot in hell. his next job will be selling drugs and pimping his mother off on street corners if he could find her,she knew he was garbage so she got rid of him at birth and put a curse on the poor white people who adopted the POS

  13. He does have a right to earn a living in his profession. Don’t forget though, he is the one who opted out of his contract. He made the choice to not have a job.

  14. If the Raiders sign Kapernick as quarterback the team will be playing to a half empty stadium. And, it’s goodbye Raiders it’s been good to know ya.

  15. Not only do I not watch NFL and NBA games for 3 straight years now, the Raiders were my team, so, it is even more disgusting.

  16. I think it would be great . The whole world will be able to see why no team picked him up .out of shape and has played in almost two years .when he did it was really bad . DOSNT ANYBODY REMEMBER HOW HE PLAYED FOR 49’S . he was thrid string when they let him do two mob up games at the end of a 3-13 season .


  18. Yes, hire the sob, then put out a headhunter bonus on him, and take him out, first snap, and first play. Roughing the passer is legal just for him. MAGA

  19. I think this would be the worst move financially that the raiders ever made.This is a business, don’t embarrass your fans,
    As much as they want a winning season, the fans would rather have Manuel than that clown.

  20. He wasn’t a starting QB when he started his BS, what makes anyone think
    he is better now? As for me, after all that they have done against our
    Country, NFL means No F_ING Longer.!!! Sorry about the inappropriate
    use of words.

  21. I won’t be around to see him anyway — it wouldn’t matter how much the NFL apologized (which they NEVER will), as far as I’m concerned it really would be ‘too little, too late’!!

  22. Signing that douche bag will end the Raiders! No tickets or any other sales. And I would not be surprised to see a “hit” put out on him by other teams. Not that will I see it. I haven’t watched a game since they started and don’t intend too. But every one that kneels should be fined 2X the amount of all income lost from loss of ticket sales, sponsors, and store merchandise! TAKE A KNEE AND PAY THE FEE!

  23. I will not watch another game until the other kneeling sick morons are removed. Go ahead and do what you want and I will do what I want. I am a Strategic Air Command Air Force Vet and I would certainly would not want any of the kneeling, disrespectful fools with me on any mission. If you can not stand for your country and flag, then who in the hell would trust one of them.

    • I heard what you heard and yet the sports media reported none of it and the Raiders did nothing to the line that was suppose to be protecting him! If
      it had been a black quarterback that refused to sit/kneel and they tried to
      pull that bull the coach would have benched them immediately and put the 2nd
      and/or third string in. I hope Carr sues everyone of the players that had
      the job of protecting him along with the Center that 4 times hiked the ball
      too early and at his feet along with the receivers that very rarely screw up
      a “right on” pass dropped them. Bench them. He also should sue Al Davis, Jr.
      and the Coaching staff for ignoring what was so obvious for allowing these players to make it unsafe working conditions for him.
      Protest if they want but not on the job! Oh but I guess it was Carr’s fault
      because he did what he believed to be the right thing and he can’t use his
      First Amendment Right! Suppose to go along to get along? And you do know they
      turned this into a racist act as Carr was the only white! He didn’t do the PC
      bull he stood for his believes!

  24. Someone remind me, it seems I read somewhere that the reason Carr got so beat up, is he refused to follow their childish protests and they allowed him to get slammed. If, that is indeed the case, then the whining raiders would be happy to have the slime, he would fit right in.

  25. Whether Colin Kapernick realizes or not but he has more damaged to the National Anthem than he realizes. At one time Baltimore raven’s owner was thinking of signing kapernick when thousands of Ravens fans threaten to cancel their season tickets. The Seahawks were going to use Kapernick as a backup to Wilson, but again thousands of Seahawks fans called for their displeasure of the thought of bringing this anti-National Anthem, Law endforcement and Flag to the Seahawk team.
    I am not sure if the Oakland Raiders are really that “desperate” to bring in Kaepernick to the raiders. In my opinion, Colin Kaepernick is done as a NFL player. He needs to find another skill to keep his million dollar estate.

    • I’ve been a Raiders fan for more than 3 decades. I was addicted! not to drugs (I have never used drugs), but to pro football & the Raiders were my team. Keyword: WERE my team. I kicked the NFL habit.

    • And it was Derek Carr’s own team that allowed the other team to brake his back. Thats sad. Was this done to Carr in order to get Colin,that’s cold.

  26. Sign or don’t sign! Kaepernick is a racist and should take his case to court not the football field! He is also a distraction! He is looking for a platform! Sign him Raiders and give it to him
    I’m a Vietnam Vet and I’m done with anti American football.

  27. And since when do team owners listen to sports writers on whom to hire?!? Colin Kaepernick is a disgrace to America and his own race!

    • Here’s maybe a different thought. If “Kape” the fool does latch onto another NFL position, will the opposing teams maul this SOB so badly that he’ll be washed out of his profession ? Would that be giving the devil his due, or what ? Have you noticed that his mother recently told him to get his head out of his butt ? I invested years in my navy service and I put America in the forefront. Came back from the Western Pacific following WWII, with pulmonary TB, malaria, and jungle rot. A curse on “Kape” and his like. He can rot in hell, as far as I’m concerned. You don’t like America ?
      Go someplace else.

  28. You see that the NFL are non Americans who like Kaepernick hate the Flag our National Anthem. Now they say it’s about RACE, just more Political Bull CRAP. So this is what YOU do if YOU love America,(DO NOT GO TO ANY GAME CANCLE AALL YOUR PASSES TEAR UP ALL THE NFL CRAP! THIS WILL HURT THEIR POCKETS! Then they will whistle a different Tune. GOD BLESS AMERICA and our NATIONAL ANTHEM and Crap on the NFL

  29. The man has a right to make a living at his own profession. Exercising his 1st amendment rights should not be a barrier. How many people don’t agree w/conservatives yet we all have the same right & are protected by the Constitution.

    • There is a proper time , and a proper method. I suppose your mother taught you to fart at the dinner table also.
      There exists a fine line between right and wrong . Yelling fire in a crowded theatre when there is NO fire , vs when there IS a fire. If you can discern which is correct , you are on the right path.

    • Tell that to miners, factories workers and all the ones that lost their jobs in the last 8 years WITHOUT fault for their part.
      They have the same right to work ….for a lot of less money too, most of them can make on their lifetime what this jerk make in a year…… If this a$$..l lost his job because his political views….views that half of the country don’t share…why we are going to have to pay his salary?…Because he have a right to work?…Well.. maybe is time to change “profession”…
      So, with your opinion, any doctor or lawyer that lost his or her license, have the right to work on his or her profession?…
      I know, you are going to say that they have a license….and that make a difference because?….
      We the sports fans, put our money for their salaries, we want to see him and the rest of them…to work… nothing else..
      We don’t pay to listen or to see anything beyond that…. they work…
      So when we are not satisfied with what we pay for, we react… very simple….
      And let me tell you…. we are going to bring down the NFL….or any other institution or organization that DISRESPECT OUR COUNTRY OR OUR SYMBOLS…. If this society is not enought for him…He always can go back to Ghana where he went last 4 off July seeking his ‘personal independence’….

    • He does have a right to earn a living in his profession. Don’t forget though, he is the one who opted out of his contract. He made the choice to not have a job.

      • lefty comment who is for abortion (murder) the right to government taking care of all the bums out there disrespect for the flag (not a right) $15 dollars an hour for people who can not get your order correct at mcdonalds who care about your opinion when you think we ought to take God out of our government and our lives

    • You also must follow conduct rules in your job

      Express free speech on your own time away from your job
      This is the same in most any job

      Colin started kneeling after he fell to second string because of poor performance in his job

      First amendment like any right has guidelines

    • so what it still is my right to voice my opinions to. I did my time in the service of our country, what did they ever do for our country? so please allow me by showing my opinion by not going to their game

  30. These foot ball players are a discusting bunch of anti American racists white people died for their freedom. The American people don`t owe them anything. As far as I`m concerned I will give up my tickets and will never watch football again.

      • And no one else has? How many? Maybe , if the black population caught up with the rest of the nation, i.e. , obeying the law , getting out of the welfare rut , staying in school , stop using drugs , learning to speak in an articulate manner , stop changing the language every 6 months so as to confuse the “non black” population , learning that plantations were also owned by blacks WITH BLACK SLAVES [you read correctly ] , learn that there are those in government who are not your friends [maxine waters , Al Sharpeton , jesse Jackson , Jeremiah White, to name a few].
        Just because someone does not agree with you , does not mean they hate or disrespect you.

  31. I’m done with the National Felons League anyway. I hope the NFL sinks. Even if they apologize it’s to little to late! I now watch college ball.

  32. Kaepernick is POISON to ALL and anyone who signs him on to a team will not only be LOSERS, but just as Un-American as he has shown with the Disgraceful kneeling or sitting during the plating of OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM….. His lack of Respect for OUR FLAG, COUNTRY, VETERANS cannot be tolerated by any team…..Let the Scumbag go elsewhere other than here in the U.S.A.

  33. If, as has been posited in several places, the blacks on the Raiders O Line deliberately failed to protect their “white QB” (because he declined to kneel during the anthem), and Davis does hire Kaepernick, he’s rewarding the scum on his team for their bad behavior and deliberate throwing of a game. Hopefully, if he does hire Kaepernick, he will, hopefully, alienate a substantial part of the “Raider Nation”. Additionally, any smart owners can see where that is going to take them. Should there be a “race war” in the NFL, the owners will be the biggest short-term losers.

  34. Maybe the real draft needs to happen before professional sports so real men will be on the field? Have em sort out some body parts after a scrimmage, jerks!

    • I agree 100%. They need to be drafted into the military before going into the NFL.

      Personally, I think one of the biggest mistakes American government ever made was eliminating the draft. It takes 18 year old weenies & turns them into real men & teaches them to respect authority, their country & themselves, all while learning amazing trades.

      A lot of them who were raised in gang & drug infested Liberal run cities never return to those ghettos after their stint in the military because they found out there’s a real world out there, filled with opportunity for everyone.

  35. The Raiders can do whatever they want, but so can I. I choose not to watch them or support any person or team that kneels for our flag or National Anthem. I am a former U. S. Marine. I kneel before God and I stand four flag and our country.

  36. Personally I don’t care whether he’s signed on or not. I’m done with the NFL, even if the protests stop, they let their anti-american sentiments be known. I’m retired Navy and I would had never wanted any of them serving by my side or watching my back. All they do is play a game for a living, quite inconsequential far as I’m concered.

  37. I think he’s too toxic to re-enter that field. It’s already bad enough as it is without throwing gasoline onto a flame… they don’t need a martyr or leader to help reinforce their stupid anti-American attitudes.

    • I agree.
      As a fan, as a veteran, and as a patriot, I will not support any team that disrespects our flag, our veterans, our active duty soldiers, our anthem, or this country, in any way!
      I will not support any team, or any player, who will not stand to honor this country, when the anthem plays.

      • not soon enough. he is the biggest disgrace to our country & needs to be deported to Iran where he can be with the rest of the muslims. take his stupid girl friend with him. Garbage is garbage. Get a haircut you freak of nature.

      • Now that they are a sanctuary city who cares, Colin and his girlfriend made their bed and now they must lie in it. He doesn’t deserve to even be in this Country. I do agree with you. And now the wall should be built between calf. and Arizona. Give Calf. back to Mexico, it would solve a lot of this Countries problems.

        • Please…don’t think that all of us Californians think like the liberal left does.
          If L.A. & SFO would fall off into the Ocean, California would be a conservative state.

          • I agree, to bad it doesn’t fall into the ocean & take that bald headed bastard moonbeam & the rest of these gov. demo-rats with him. He has screwed up Phoney-fornia so bad it will never get out of the s**t hole he has created. He screwed up oakland Now he did it to this A**hole state. Watch when his term ends, he’ll move to another state so he won’t have to abide by these rules he put into this pig state.

    • I really don’t care what happens. I have cut my umbilical cord from Pro Football and Basketball. There is so much better stuff to watch on whatever type of system you have for a TV browser. A Vietnam and career Air Force Veteran, I have no pleasure in that sport anymore. These guys don’t understand a flag draped coffin and what it cost for them to have the right to do this.

    • He is Toxic We are already Attacking as many sponsors as possible, if he comes back anywhere the attacks on the Sports team would unbelievable. But hey they are more then welcome to do so.

    • Kaepernick being half black, may be the Raiders only hope. The Raiders white QB Carr stood for the National Anthem, he was sacked four times because the all black defensive line failed to protect him, resulting in a serious injury. According to an Armstrong and Getty report, a lineman was overheard by a reporter stating the line was not going to protect him. He was sacked once last year.

      • George Soros is now in charge of the NFL! He signs the checks and tells them what to say and when to say it! Just another bunch of liberal/communist garbage. Draining the Swamp just got to be a bigger J.O.B. because the swamp is way bigger than most of us ever thought. George Soros has his fingers into many “pies” and that’s not good for America, but we will win the battle.

    • He is the one that started all this trouble for the NFL and lost many fans for ALL the teams. This would be a wrong move for the Raiders. I am sure no one that has respect for the flag and country would go and see him play. Just look how much the 49ers stadium is empty. Big mistake to take him on, just send him back to his Muslim girlfriend and let them leave the country. Who wants to see this idiot making millions when he upset the fans all over the country. NO NO NO do not bring him to the Raiders

    • Agree! My family are all football lovers, but by no….chance would not like the guy Kaepernick to play ever again. Tolerated by an ex -president .Disgusted with the NFL. This is all politics! Sad,and so disgusted with what is going right now!

    • And it was Derek Carr’s own team that allowed the other team to brake his back. Thats sad. Was this done to Carr in order to get Colin,that’s cold.

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