The NFL took one look at these ratings and realized they were doomed

It’s finally happened.

The NFL’s tolerance of rampant anti-Americanism finally came back to bite them.

And when the NFL looked at their latest ratings, they saw the final nail in their coffin.

Baseball used to be America’s pastime.

But since the 1970s, football zoomed past it to become the nation’s number one sport and TV property.

That’s all changed thanks to the NFL’s support for anti-American national anthem protests.

The NFL, which used to clobber Major League Baseball’s World Series in the ratings, has now been eclipsed by the baseball’s championship showcase.

Breitbart reports:

“In a shocking reversal, more fans tune into Fox for baseball’s Fall Classic than for their NFL games for the second straight year. From 2010 to 2015, an average of 14.5 million viewers watched Fox for each World Series game while 20.4 million (41% more) tuned into Fox for their average football game…

… Last year the historic Cubs World Series run obliterated NFL viewership, topping out at 40 million viewers for Game 7, which is the all-time average Game 7 viewership for all televised games since 1984.

As sports fans look for alternatives to watching protests before NFL games, this years playoffs maintained surprisingly strong ratings and the World Series started with almost 15 million viewers and has become the first series in years to increase viewership each game of the series.

The World Series is averaging 15.5 million viewers and history indicates that number will be higher by the end of Games 5 and 6, and could reach 20 million since the average Game 7 draws almost twice as many viewers as other World Series games.”

It’s no coincidence that baseball, which has seen a slew of exciting postseason games, is seeing patriotic Americans rally to their sport considering no players in the postseason kneel for the anthem.

Football has seen their ratings plummet nearly 19 percent since 2015, the last season in which all players stood for the anthem.

Do you believe baseball’s rating resurgence is due to a fan backlash against the anti-American NFL?

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