The NFL took one look at the Super Bowl ratings and realized they had a massive problem

The anti-American NFL was hoping the Super Bowl would cure their ratings woes.

It is traditionally the most watched television event in the United States.

But when the final numbers came in, the NFL had an even bigger problem on their hands.

The 2017 NFL season was tarnished by America-hating players spitting on the graves of dead veterans by kneeling for the national anthem.

Fans were repulsed by the sight of millionaire ingrates smearing the country that afforded them fame and fortune and stopped watching the games.

And not even the Super Bowl was immune.

The 2018 thriller between the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles was down three percent from the year before.

And the 2017 game – the first season where Colin Kaepernick began his anti-American demonstration – saw the Super Bowl decline in viewership as well.

This ratings decline occurred despite the fact that no players kneeled for the anthem at the Super Bowl.

The NFL’s problems are only going to get worse.

League executives gave in to an extortion scheme cooked up by fringe left-wing activist players that will see the NFL funnel nearly $100 million to Black Lives Matter-approved political groups.

The league caved to the players demands and didn’t even get a promise to end the protests in return.

2018 will see a league joined at the hip with radical left-wing protesters and political groups so expect to see further decline in ratings.

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