The NFL’s national anthem protests took a sick turn for the worse

Patriotic Americans are fed up with the NFL.

Ratings are down and fans are refusing to set foot in stadiums.

And now the league’s national anthem protests problem just took one sick turn for the worse.

Rather than demand the anti-American ingrate players stand for the national anthem, the league is caving in.

Commissioner Roger Goodell is prepared to fork over $100 million to fund anti-police, pro-Black Lives Matter “social justice causes.”

ESPN reports:

“In an unprecedented move for a major professional sports league, the NFL has proposed partnering with its players to effect social justice change, though not all players are in agreement on the proposal.

On Monday, the league submitted to players the final draft of a proposal that, according to documents reviewed by ESPN, would contribute nearly $100 million to causes considered important to African-American communities. The NFL hopes this effort will effectively end the peaceful-yet-controversial movement that former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick started when he refused to stand for the national anthem last season.

Players are expected to discuss the offer during a scheduled conference call ‪Wednesday night…

… Regardless, the NFL has made its pitch, and although there is no quid pro quo, the hope is that the league’s commitment will create an environment in which players will no longer want to protest.

The NFL’s multifaceted offer earmarks at least $89 million over a seven-year period for both national and local projects, according to the documents. On the national level, owners this year would allocate $5 million, with their commitment growing annually and maxing out at $12 million per year from 2021 through 2023. At the local level, owners would put up $250,000 annually and expect players to match that amount, totaling $500,000 for each team. Players and owners can exceed that amount if they choose, with no matching requirement.

In addition, there would be other fundraising opportunities, including telethons and auctions of jerseys worn in games.”

Instead of defending the flag, the memories of the veterans who fought and died under it, the NFL is prepared to make their game a platform for Black Lives Matter causes.

This will only further alienate the league from real America at a time when the league and it’s TV partners are on track to lose $500 million in ad revenue due to declining ratings.

Instead of uniting Americans around their shared patriotism and love of country, the owners are going along with race baiters and smear merchants who routinely lie about America and the police.

Branding themselves as the pro sports league for left wing social justice warriors and racist radicals will only serve to drive down ratings and keep regular Americans away from the stadiums every Sunday.

Do you agree?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.



  1. What kind of Kool-Aid is Goodall drinking… this is the real start to their total demise!! At 100,000./year it won’t take long before the whole NFL is BROKE… and Goodall is in the poor house along with all the BLM buffoons. What kind of sponsors will continue to fund this ANTI-AMERICAN ideologies? Not ones, I believe, with which
    true AMERICANS want to support or even associate!! Maybe the car dealers who sell the very high end “PIMP-MOBILES” but then all their clients will be penniless… so no more sales there either. None of the players want to elevate themselves to some intelligent level but want to reduce the rest of society to their level…. with their allegedly level of education (college degrees et al – ha ha)… they should be able to better themselves… but NO!!! they want to be paid HUGH salaries for a life of “play-ground” irresponsibilities. SO LET ‘EM GO!!! We don’t need them…

    • IF they have that kind of money why aren’t they paying us taxpayers back for building them the stadiums they play in to make their $$millions?
      LOCK the DOORS NOW!

  2. The NFL will find doing this will cost far more than a paltry $100 Million. It will cost them every time some wacko idea or supposed protest is started by these spoiled brats. Instead of paying $100 million it will be more and more till the owners are either robbed blind or they grow spines and put a stop to this IGNORANCE. So Owners ask your self this do you want to pay through the nose till you are bled dry?? The owners need to do two things 1) Fire that spineless twit Goodell and 2) Fire every kneeler and blacklist everyone of them so they NEVER kneel again unless it is to pray in the locker room before a game.

  3. Well The players, coaches, owners, and the commissioner, all are committing suicide. The owner of The San Francisco 49’ers missed his chance for fame when he allowed Kaepernick to protest. Then the league wussed out and allowed the players to protest, even after losing fans, viewers, and sponsors! Now I would not watch unless all protesters, players, coaches, owners, and the commish donate to police support organizations and apolozige for their disrespect! Plus STAND FOR THE FLAG AND ANTHEM!!! No more kneeling, sitting or hiding in the locker room!!

  4. Crime is the oppressor in poor black communities. If your local McDonald’s, Popeye’s Chicken and convenience store need bullet-proof glass on the counters, that should be a clue as to the reason why there are no businesses, jobs or tax base. In general, only criminals and their family members perceive sentencing laws and police brutality to be a problem. By not committing crimes in the first place, those perceived issues would all but disappear. The hardworking poor in these communities don’t even have these issues in their top ten. The NFL malcontents and loudmouth community activists won’t acknowledge the truth. How can they expect any clear thinking American to side with their ridiculous issues? I suppose we should recognize that most of these players are young and stupid but it is fitting that there be consequences for their stupidity as this is the way the real world works. One day they may realize they should have been addressing the reasons for the bullet-proof glass in poor neighborhoods. Until then, they will only be preaching to other like-minded, misguided individuals because no one else will be listening nor take them seriously. In terms of kneeling during the anthem while claiming no disrespect, I was taught in 1st grade that if I didn’t wish to be unfairly accused of something that I should avoid any behaviors that make it appear I’m doing what I don’t want to be accused of. Trying to tap dance around the issue after the fact is, again, stupid behavior.

    • The NFL and its racists thugs can just neel all they want. I will NOT watch another nfl game again. These thugs have no respect. Respect the anthem or die.

      • I truly LOVE the DIE part of this comment. Who put the MONKEYS in control as they sit there in their WHITE UNIFORMS…. that is.besides the democraps and particularly senator mccaskel of MISSOURI. .

        • I truly LOVE the DIE part of this Comment. Just look at the black birds sitting in a row, in their WHITE uniforms, awaiting for their bananas. Now, besides the democraps and particularly senator mmcaskel of MISSOURI, who else put these moron blackbirds in control.

  5. Louis, it’s not all but just a few rotten apples of ANY race that are the trouble makers stirring up the pot. I believe most people are still basically good no matter their race. One of many concerns is the extreme left trying to incite hatred and violence via any and all means possible and not just in pro sports. Financing any volitile extremist group no matter their politics is potentially dangerous. Unfortunely the NFL allowed this to happen and couldn’t grow a spine quick enough to deal with it properly. They swallowed the race baiting game hook line and sinker and will eventually go bankrupt and thankfully depart from existence. Eventually, with sufficient public outcry the Federal and state governments will be forced to cut off the $ for the NFL’s (No Fundiing Left) stadiums and tax exempt status. We the generous taxpayers have been snookered into subsidizing this nonsense for decades. How this multi billion dollar football empire can still be considered “not for profit” is a mystery. They accept a gift from the public in the form of massive tax breaks and big bucks to help build their fancy colosseums eg. (taxpayers in Michigan paid for about half the cost of Ford Field to the tune of 250 million) and then flip off the country by their disrespect of the American flag and our veterans while using these very stadiums built with considerable help from the public. Folks, start doing some online research on whatever stadiums in your state that have been built and you may discover that you paid a lot towards them. A bill needs to be drafted and put forth to our US congress to discontinue and maybe even demand a refund of any and all federal assistance to the ungrateful NFL and it’s players extending all the way back to when the first “power fist” went up in the air during a game by one of these useful idiots. I appreciate being able to vent about these matters in this comment section. God Bless the USA!

  6. All Blacks are Auntie American always were white people wake up there is justifiable racism blacks hate White stop supporting black only interest we the people will survive at all cost

  7. Ok so the leftist gorilla group BLM, a part of the Antifa movement is now enriched with $100,000,000 what sort of army are the planning to build with that amount of cash? I can’t begin to imagine the sophistication of weaponry they could purchase with that sum. This ain’t no game anymore. The protest is a cover for a bigger and more violent plan. My hope is they’ll just use it to make things better for their own people.

    • Congress needs to stop all funding of all NFL franchises.Taxpayers money has been spent illegally buy our Upstanding Congress to fund these poor excuses for human beings.Every member of Congress should be recalled, paychecks taken, from them and send their sorry asses home.Come people vote the Thieves out.Time for a change.

  8. It isn’t the symbolism of the flag or patriotism that really bothers me. It’s always been the fact that these privileged athletes, along with fan-worshipped actors, politicians, and other celebrities, seem to think that the average person somehow gives more credence to they’re opinions and grudges than the average intelligent man on the street. Take the way certain actors will so boisterously broadcast they’re opinions about Trump as though anybody really cares what Meryl Streep thinks. My solution: NASCAR! Humble Athletes,no controversy, and a 10 month season!

    • No one ever said that the NFL was very bright & they once again proved it. To what end does it do for the the NFL to donate $100 million to Black causes when the protest is based on Anti-america values & the National Anthem? It is just a prime example of how stupid the white owners are offering a bribe! Do you remember back a free years when the federal gov’t bribed the black families because their ancestors were slaves? How stupid was that? It is time that the blacks quit whining and start contributing to the American society or get to hell out.

      • What was more disgusting about their families being slaves was they couldn’t even prove their ancestors were slaves. If the owners think people are stupid enough to believe that after the bribe their standing means anything. I hope the nfl goes down for ever.

  9. NFL has become a major “sick joke”; they probably will have to auction jerseys just to be able to pay players, at least, half their overly generous paychecks. Even those may stop altogether if sponsors continue to drop them and cancel contracts. As for me, I will NOT set foot in a stadium and I will NOT watch them on tv; IMHO they can “swallow” their protest and choke on it.

  10. This is bull, pure bull. Get rid of these cry babies,
    These guys make hundreds of thousand dollars, if they are not happy, start there own company to help whomever they think need it, they are at that game to respect the people who pay their salaries us, we the people! Either respect this country, it’s flag, we the people, or take your cry baby hind ends to another country!

  11. This is a polítical agenda from the left. They want to have the last word when it comes to the NFL too, like they have on colleges, courts, sanctuary cities etc. They want power and it seems that they are getting it. After they are on power, what’s next? All black coaches?

    • If enough would ignore it. Unfortunately, the majority of NFL couch potatoes will never stop watching, no matter how politicised it becomes. I will never watch another NFL game… ever.

    • I never agreed with these rich snobs getting huge tax breaks, and now that they have successfully rebranded themselves as ANTI-AMERICAN, I want these breaks ended. I never plan to watch pro football again. College football is more interesting and fun anyway.

  12. Last night(11-31-17), I watched a state championship games on TV, and found my wife, and I were cheering just a hard for our home team as if it was super bowl. The game end with a winning interception at the goal line. It’s first state title for the school since 1974. I didn’t see anybody kneeling, or raised fist, but respect for the flag, and country. THE NFL CAN GO STRAIGHT TO HELL!!!!!

    • Now tell us the exact source of the $100M. Word out is there was two sources, namely, women’s health program and one other both being essential funds for the public…please inform the public., Two very important uses now negated because of the rich player children.
      No more NFL for me or my family.

    • Yep…and college football is terrific.
      Giving money to george soros funded hate grouo black lives matter….are you serious? If the nfl does that they deserve to have no fans. Close em down folks!!

    • Roger Goodell can’t make a good decision. I disagree with the kneeling and I disagree with the bribe of $100 million to get the kneeling to stop!
      I say fire Goodell and give his salary to assist in buying stadiums so taxpayers don’t have to fund them with “sin” taxes!!

    • Must have been a hell of a game, unfortunately, November 31 never happened. November only has 30 days in the month.
      I do get your point though, High school and college football games are much more engaging and exciting than the NFL whiners league!

  13. If these players have to be paid to stand; I don’t want them to stand . That would be a bigger insult than what they are doing now. Seriously, the only way the NFL will get fans back is to fire all the players who ever took a knee, and never, ever let them back into the NFL. When the NFL purges itself of all the players who ever took a knee, fans will return. But not until the last one is gone. Yes, the level of competition will slip a bit, but someone else will take over as the best at their position, and eventually these Anti-Americans will not be missed,and people will forget about them. And: Roger Goodell needs to go. He is looking to be paid $50,000,000.00 a year!! He hasn’t earned $50.00 of it.

  14. I don’t think they will stop protesting. I think they will continue to protest and demand more for their fake cause.

  15. Haven’t watched any NFL game all year; haven’t missed it at all; won’t ever watch it again; nor will I ever watch another Superbowl again if Goodell takes the sport of football into his own social agenda.

  16. Can’t the owner’s get rid of Goodall he has done more damage to the NFL. So now BLACKMAIL will get you everything. Jerry Jones I really don’t care for but I think he’s right. You Nell your fired. To think this all started by a quarter back that wasn’t really any good. This has going on way to long GOODALL has to go before football goes forever. Once it’s gone people won’t come back. STOP this now it’s almost to late. To think someone not important in any way has all but killed FOOTBALL.

    • This move by the league simply confirms the whole mess is a farce!! As far as I am concerned the NFL has already lost my interest and doesn’t even come close to the college games for maintaining the spectator’s interest!!! Good Luck if the NFL players have to get a real job which contributes to the benefit of people’s needs/interest.

  17. Commissioner Goodell and the owners have bribed the players with chump change. Do the math. Dividing $89M by 32 (teams) and dividing again by 7 (years) comes to $397K per team per year. It’s even worse when you take the graduated payout into consideration. The first year payout totals $5M which divided by 32 comes to $156K per team. Bobby Kraft probably spends more than that on dry cleaning every year. The only thing more ridiculous than the stupid players accepting the bribe is the cowardly owners who are willing to cave in to the players’ extortion. Fire them all. There are lots of former college players who didn’t get drafted who would do a walk-on in a heartbeat for half the salaries of the spoiled brat players currently on the rosters.

  18. Bribed to act responsible. Taking money from veteran and women’s projects. That will put the NFL in a better light from the Democrat views.

    • I say let the little small minded bastards implode in on their feeble minds! Let’s see how they like it on welfare! The people of the United States gave them millions, and the people of the United States can take all that money back! Let us see how they like it when they have so few Advertisers to pay for their games! Then let’s see how they like playing in condemned ball fields once the federal government cuts off their money!

    • I think the police should be ordered to not go to any game. Let the NFL pay for protection and for the goofballs that go to see them. I hope the police can be ordered to stand down. I’d love that. I haven’t watched NFL since CK pulled this horrible stunt and don’t intend to anymore. These millionaries are slitting their own throats. We Need all new blood and get rid of these, including nitwit Goodell!

  19. All this talk about not going to games or watching on TV is fine. I haven’t watched at all. The other thing I do is, I do not support those that sponsor football. If more people did that and they lost more sponsors, watch the change

  20. The GRAVE has been DUG and it’s just a very short, short time before it is going to be filled by the NFL and ALL who associate with this Organization….. These FOOLS who think they can BUY there way out of being Disrespectful, Dishonor, Disgrace are completely LOCO and it doesn’t matter as to how much they try to PAY….. Goodell, Owners, Coaches, etc….. have it ALL WRONG and it’s NOT going to change until someone who steps up with Leadeship, Authority and does what has been needed from long ago back in 2016…. Sorry to say, but McNair had it RIGHT, even though he was only JOKING at what he said at the time, but his statement is very TRUE and we see it happening right now today and since Kaepernick started it all…… The Management is too WEAK and has a YELLOW STREAK running up and down their Spines thats getting WIDER the more they keep trying to do the WRONG things to eliminate this problem once and for ALL…… If they don’t do the RIGHT thing, then McNair statement becomes very, very REALISTIC, PERIOD !
    Like it or not, this is how it is !

    • If you do not respect the USA and do not honor the flag and anthem, why are you here? Not speaking politically, only about basic responsibilities of citizens. Disputes and opinions belong in other places and times.

  21. This is going to leak down into the college, not because of how the players are acting. But they would get on the field and give it 110%, but what is about to happen there will be no million dollar deals, no more dreams of the big show. The NFL can not keep its head above water and pretend it’s not happening. My family has tuned out the NFL, and that’s a big family, our friends feel the same. So long NFL YOU USE TO BE KING.

    • Strengthening an ANTI-Establishment unit such as the BLM that is ANTI-EVERYTHING except padding their personal pockets, (AN INVESTIGATION OF ALL THE BLM LEADERS IS UNDERWAY BY THE INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE) and the ATTORNEY GENERAL office that will expose these rebels for what they really are, and what they are attempting to do to RUIN America! Just how STUPID the NFL truly is can be certified by this IGNORANT move, and will CERTAINLY KILL THE NFL!!! Another league will be started, that will have the GUTS to enforce their rulings regarding the respect due our National Anthem and our RED WHITE AND BLUE!!! Then the NFL can go where they belong,,,IN THE TRASH CAN!!!

  22. Actually I am even more offended that these “fat cats” came up with this MOST RIDICULOUS IDEA. It shows us now for sure. They don’t give a damn about the Americans or the fans. Only their wallets. I would not go to a game ever or watch on TV. And what I am reading here, I am in the majority! Good night and good bye!

  23. We’ve switched to college ball. It’s more exciting. The players have more heart and soul in the game. I’m most unhappy with the players, who I invited into my living room for entertainment, and they knee before the flag that I and many of my family swore allegiance to the flag, the USA, and proved it by signing up and serving in our military. I refuse to be insulted in my own home. In addition, if you, NFL players, really want to create change, quite insulting your fans and on your time and dollar, support your communities, help with education, teach manners, respect, and honor in your communities. And most of all, YOU NEED TO BE THE SHINING EXAMPLE, of honor, respect, and truth. This will do more for your communities than the insults you are throwing out to your fans. The old and true saying, “Your actions speak so loudly, I can hear a thing you say.” God and Country.

    • This black lives matter thing is way out of control and leaves the people that made NFL great. now we are dumm enough to go along with black lives matter? well buster you are kissing the ass’s of nothing but racist blacks and in the process giving any balls you have left to them !! WHITE LIVES MATTER!! like all human lives matter!! White or black!! I for one am starting to think maybe the KKK should return and share the crap the blacks are doin to us white folks. S tell the NFL if they want to play racist games go ahead and create the worst racist war that you could ever image.

    • Wonder how athletic you are. You must be a couch potato cause sports takes brains AND brawn. If you’re not aware of that, than you have neither.


    • I’m with you, there is nothing NOTHING the NFL can do at this point to regain my viewership. My favorite team the Philadelphia Eagles that really hasn’t done sh1t since the early 80’s, is on top of the pile this year and I haven’t watched a single minute and the Superbowl is a no go also.

  25. Again, I’m impressed with those who’ve already commented. Except for a few token amounts of cash distributed here and there among black communities, the vast amount of the money will end-up in the pockets of the “fat cats” as always. The only solution to this sickening situation is for those of us who love our country and love attending football games is to for us to sacrifice, sacrifice, and stay home. Also, no boob tube. We can keep up with the results by reading newspapers. We fans “made” them and now we can ‘break” them.

  26. What a P.O.S goodell is. Instead of making these UNGRATEFUL “humans” HONOR the COUNTRY that prvides them with the means to make a living doing what they do he CAVES and supports the BASTARDS! Since they all claim to be AFRICAN AMERICANS I think we should send them HOME to africa and lets see how they make out there

  27. OK, my biggest problem with this whole situation is that these traitorous bastards keep doing this because of the other traitorous bastards that keep going to their games! Stop already! NO ONE should be attending these games at all!!

  28. Just like Disco, This is nothing more than a trend, that these overpaid primadonna’s exhibit their uneducated values and morals through protesting and disrespect of the very Country they take advantage of. It’s a political movement supported by the very individuals who lost in the last election. You can bet Pelosi and Schumer are most likely behind this. Goodwill as like Onama are nothing more than Pelosi’s puppets.

  29. There is NO BOTTOM to the depth to which Roger Goodell and the NFL Owners will sink to protect their CASH COW. This is just one more nail in the coffin of negative FAN reaction to the ungrateful PIGS involved with the NFL!

    Taxpayers MUST RISE UP TO STOP the outrageous special treatment these gangsters who have no need to wear a mask while robbing us in every conceivable way: we stupidly pay to build their extravagant stadiums, used 8 – 10 times a year, to allow them Non-profit status, though outrageously profitable; we allow them to be a LEGAL MONOPOLY, of which, they take every possible advantage; then, only making it worse, we pay outrageous additional fees on our utilities and propert taxes to funnel MORE MONEY TO these THIEVES. Whenever they want MORE MONEY FROM US, they blackmail cities into giving ever more outrageous taxpayer money to them.


  30. This makes me sick. These pampered, overpaid (you know which one are) ungrateful jerks. Most of them are making more than they ever dreamed possible, and still they are not satisfied. Team/owners… make them each an offer based on what YOU think their value to your team is and if they refuse it…to hell with them. And no other team should touch them for at least a year..

    • As a guy who loved pro football, I am totally
      disgusted with the spineless owners and the
      NFL officials caving in to these non-patriotic
      Individuals who are living in the best country
      in the world. I will NEVER watch another pro
      football game. I hope soccer takes over the
      hearts of patriotic Americans and let the NFL
      & owners go broke.

  31. Da’ “Gannini” here. My wife & I just attended the “Johnny Mathis concert last nite & the majority there in Chicago coincided w/my earlier comments. They pretty much said they would not attend any more games @Soldier field!
    This is what happens when there is no maturity on the left or other side of the fence.They were escorted by plane,boat & other vehicles @end of (90) day proclamation!
    The prime minister of Australia gave (90) day notice to all those that disrespected their country’s ethics/principals. Did none of them learn anything re:Las Vegas incident? Apparently not u all!!
    Best of holidays to all

  32. I would like to know how the white parents that raised Koprenic, (whatever you spell it) feel about what a disgrace that he brought upon them?? Now I can’t for the life of me,know why the hell the NFL wants to give the very racist BLACK LIFES MATTER 100 million dollars, they are rewarding them with the money which just see as blackmail or paying resume to BLM, give nothing, don’t bow to terrorists, period!!!!

  33. Goodell is bribing the players to stand up for the anthem. Doesn’t work for me. I still will not tune in to any pro games. These are low life individuals who do not respect our country, our military and men and women in blue. The owners are just as guilty except for one owner Jerry Jones who said, “You won’t play if you don’t stand”. The inmates are running the prison.

  34. I will say this about “Ghouldell & his black racist puppets,”IF THEY ALL HAD ANOTHER BRAIN,IT W/B LONELY”!! They should all follow that racist idiot,Kapeppeckernick” back to Ghana!! I defended my country engaged in “Special Forces for (4) years While their parents did nothing by not disciplining/managing these “Ingrates” when they were shitting in their diapers & drooling like broken rubbers!!

  35. I am willing to not purchase from any sponsor of the NFL but wish there was a list. Wouldn’t want to leave off anyone from my naughty list. I love my country,my flag and my anthem. God bless America. Merry Christmas!

  36. Follow the money! ESPN is just as guilty as the NFL, NBA and WNBA as they are racist through and through. Hurt all of them in their pocketbooks! I never watch any program on ESPN and never NFL, NBA and WNBA as they all support BLM(funded by George Soros, Liberal/Communist) and that is their choice. I have chosen to support my military men and women and Veterans and will never spend one red cent on racist sponsors. Give me college football, basketball on FOX!

  37. Keith — you sound more like the racist you are accusing other people of being. I do believe you are full of crap right up to your ears.

    • Very, I follow this site and just in case you’re new to it, most of the people on it seem to be very out there! They rant and rave in conspiracy theories, they spew racist, homophobic, vile, totally unacceptable mess that’s acceptable only in they’re vile world. But do like me you keep holding their feet to the fire and I will too!!! There needs to be another point of view out there

  38. What do the college players have to gain by busting their asses to play good enough to make it to the ???? WTF happened to the NFL? When will the college athletes realize it’s all for nothing, they don’t even get paid! And what about the high schools that use football to help their bottom line. And then there is the Pop Warner league….. talk about trickle down economics, Do these players realize what they are doing to their youth?

  39. The money would be better spent to the victims of crime in poor neighborhoods. Also, providing better schools and give scholarships to students in low income neighborhoods. It all starts with making a change with our young children to help provide them with a better future. So few are chosen to be a NFL football player. The best way to help out is to go to the schools and let them know how important school is. Unfortunately your continued protesting solves nothing. Put that 100 million to work with the children of the future.

  40. Mr “GO TO HELL” Just committed just committed Economies Suicide by giving into the Over Paid Players with this Pay Off. If you notice the TV camera men do not show the stands with half empty seats. I thought that if a team does not sell out the stadium that the game was not on TV. What ignorant thought was given to the Super Bowl in Minneapolis during Blizzard Season? Also the mass transit system union contract is up for renewal at the same time. Let’s hope for a Blizzard and a Mass Transit STRIKE one or two days before.

  41. Let’s see I’m a veteran and we still have issues the whites don’t want to acknowledge and don’t even want to sit down and try!! Stack my life on it half of you ran to Canada or else where to avoid being drafted or you cried the blues so your parents got you out the country. The things that are going has been going on for entirely to long. Look at it this way a dog gets tired of being beat and what does he do, turns around and bite your ass, you in turn will shoot and kill the dog be honest that’s your lifestyle. We are not that way. Question WHO designed the city of Chicago? WHO founded the refrigerator Black men, you people took that because you would allow us to own patents so everything we did to a d for this country you took credit for it knowing all along that was a total outright lie.this is a new decade can’t we try to see eye to eye or understand what this country is becoming.

    • With all the strong healthy black men in the NFL, how many of them signed up and fought in a war for our country? ZERO!! How many white men/women signed up and fought in major wars to defend this country (how many of them died?) Just because you are one black man who was in the Army does not give you the right to stomp on the millions of others who served proudly just because they had lighter skin color. Your attitude is the problem with what is going on in our country. This is what is called true RACISM! Just because you joined the military does not mean you saw action, not does it mean you received an HONORABLE DISCHARGE. You try to hide behind nonsense. You state “… this is a new decade”. You complain about things that happened many decades ago. Yes it is a new time in our lives and we are trying to clean up the mess left by Obama to see “eye to eye”.

  42. Well we just changed the name of the National Football League – NO fRICKEN LONGER. That is correct. We thePeople will no fricken longer accept this organization as it now has become a sponsor of a terrorist type organization. I wonder where they plan to get all those millions of dollars? No fricken longer will we support them in any way. If you are a sponsor of the NFL in any way you will go down with them. We the People will no longer frequent your business nor will we purchase anything you sell. Cars? Hey, the auto industry was gutted by the Obama administration so it hangs in the balance. Beer? There are a multitude of new breweries coming out and they will easily supply the needs of the populace. What ever you advertise WE NO LONGER NEED IT OR CAN GET LIKE MATERIAL OR SERVICE SOMEWHERE ELSE. Good Bye NFL, it was not nice knowing you. Rest in HELL where y’all belong. NO MORE SUPPORT = NO FRICKEN LEAGUE.

  43. I’m a retired Police Officer who also served in the United States Army
    All these NFL, Celebrities and Politicians that don’t love this country
    should get the Hell out they have no concept of decency or respect

  44. If the Govt funds them money where do they get off giving our money away to causes like this ? We DEMAND Gooddel Step down ! I too am done with the nfl I won’t watch another game or anything to do with them !! So long Morons!

  45. In my humble opinion,its not just Football.Its all pro sports,acting etc.They were made by the upper 1 per cent to feel above all regular citizens.This is the problem.Since when does a comedian get paid to work for the average American and then leave and feel above the same people that they Need to watch them so they get paid. I know when I work I never felt Above those who pay my way in life.Where did the World go wrong?If you really want to know,check out those who Run Our Country.

  46. Fans that are DIEHARD fans need to think. $100 MILLION just where will that money come from?
    YOUR fans seat, and ticket sales, advertisers, all will be more costly
    YOU will have paid to allow these disrespectful to our country to make their millions. By paying more.
    Also, advertisers will INCREASE the cost of items they sell to pay for the increase the cost to pay off this $100 MILLION
    AGAIN fans and actually Veterans will be paying for too

    • When would-be football fans stop buying tickets and advertisers stop advertising because of lack of interest where will these imbeciles get their money? It is clear this is a Black instigated agenda against the Nation and in reality against the white race. Old dictionaries defined the “N” word as referring to a “base person”. Today that definition seems to fit the racist anti-America, anti-law enforcement, anti-white non-contributing instigators. They are base persons. Give them a pink football and ship them to Africa.

    • GOOD! The items will cost themselves out of existence faster, then! Do you think the few die-hards will pay MORE to make up for all the patriots that refuse to play that stupid game anymore? NFL has to be shut down and if football is to survive a truly PATRIOTIC league MUST be formed. Not that a game filled with such ingrates and quasi-to-complete criminals is worth attending anyway.

  47. Roger Goodell should resign and the NFL should be blacked out by local stations. I for one a retired Army First Sergeant will never watch or go to another NFL game.

    • Thank you Sergeant Bouchard for your service to the greatest nation under God on the planet. I, USAF only 4 years tip my lance to you. God Bless our Great Nation, our President, you and your family. Merry Christmas.

  48. So now the NFL is supporting radical terrorist organizations instead of getting your players whiny asses to buck up and stand up for our national anthem! What Caddell is doing is even less patriotic the asshole!

  49. Time to show them what WE mean.
    Lock the doors for a Sunday! One Sunday or a Monday night like shutting down Gov’t for 1 day THAT should get the point across!

    Close every stadium that WE Taxpayers paid for for 24 hrs!
    They don’t play, they get NO pay!

  50. The players have proved their character. They spoke loud and clear that they hate America. For me they have sealed their fate. I will not watch another NFL game live or on tv. I will get my football fix from high school and college. Praying that the NFL will soon regret their decision. And supporting BLM is supporting a terrorist group. Good bye NFL.

    • Thanks Pete. Well said. BLM, Antifa, Black Panthers and “kneeling” football players ARE terrorist organizations. [ Except for Tim Tebow who kneels in reverence for an honorable reason. ].

    • It’s a cold day in America, when the NFL, the Media, and Hollywood celebrities, use their positions given to them by this country, as a platform to voice their opinions.! These venues were not designed to create a political or religious controversy, they have overstepped their boundaries and embarrassed the very fiber of what this country stands for. We appear weak, and divided to other countries for the first time in history. Together we stand, divided we fall! Is that what the NFL, MEDIA , and HOLLYWOOD wants? Well, it’s happening! If they really cared , they would put all that verbal negative energy into positive action by helping “ALL AMERICANS” in need! There’s social injustice everywhere, homeless, mentally ill, elderly, veterans,the list is endless. Get off your pompous opinionated butts and work together for the greater Good. Just “IMAGINE” what a difference it could make. Get off the pity train and create a better America for every human being. Godell, you need to take back control of your league, if you can’t, then you need to step down! America needs to move forward. My deepest thoughts as an American citizen. I live my country󾓦


    • Ageed: One better write Directv, the NFL and all companies that advertise and tell them you will not buy NFL Sunday Ticket (I have)Tell Goodell he is not supported by the fans. Write the owners and tell them you will not support their sponsors. Be sure to write the sponsors and tv channels that show the games. When it hits their check book, maybe they will listen!

      • Absolutely! take them out for their stupid transgressions against all we hold dear. Let the advertisers realize that agreement with criminals will shut THEM down, too.

    • No, they will just pocket the cash, and continue to live off tax payers!
      If I were President, I would put a stop to ALL welfare for 3 months. Have the government provide food – four, sugar, rice, cheese, etc. for those that really need it. Ask communities and churches to step up to the plate and help those that need it with housing. Then, have EVERYONE on welfare re-apply – with no extra $$ for having multiple kids. Make welfare TEMPORARY! Say for 90 – 120 days. Once we get the illegals out, there will be plenty of jobs, and no need for welfare. I am sick of supporting the cheats, the scammers, the lazy and the drug addicts. Have you ever noticed that those on welfare have expensive cell phones, tattoos, hair dos, nails, jewelry, make-up, etc.?

      • And Glo after paying for fast food with EBT cards they drive off in luxury cars.
        I’ve witnessed it. Non-contributing freeloading uneducated school drop-out moochers breeding like rats, roaches, flies and fleas to live off taxpaying workers trying to make ends meet who limit their own family size.

  52. A certain percentage of players come from the ghettos and as the say goes “you can take the man out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the man”. If they are so smart, don’t they realize that they are fighting their own battle.

  53. Screw Roger Goodell,the NFL, the UNGRATEFUL overpaid ingrates and their ignorance…I have NOT watched a game since that IDIOT Kaperdick took a knee and I will never support the No Fans Left as long as I live. I love my country and our Military…Keep protesting them.. They are the assholes losing money.. We don’t need them, they NEEDCus.

  54. I have always refused to cheer for human beings getting paid millions to run, catch, and throw. My love is for the college players, and always has been. Money does NOT buy brains.

  55. DISGUSTING BUNCH OF UNGRATEFUL, DISRESPECTFUL, OVERPAID MORONS… They have the right to protest BUT IT DOES NOT BELONG IN THE STADIUM… The stadium is their work place… Whatever it is they are protesting is totally lost because what fans and others see is their insane disrespect for our country, our flag and anthem, our military who fought hard (many with their lives) for that flag and this country and they show their total disrespect for their fans…
    Maybe they will be happy playing to an empty stadium… disgraceful bunch of ingrates… IF they want to protest, they need to take it OUTSIDE the stadium either before or after the game.. NOT INSIDE THE STADIUM WITH THEIR KNEELING DURING THE ANTHEM… THEY DISGUST ME!!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH… GROW UP!!!!

    • Well they have proved their selves that they don’t give a shit about our country or the people who fought for our country and DIED FOR US.

    • This is correct..ROGER needs to be FIRED all he thinks about is money..MONEY cannot FIX Stupid..ROGER needs to go…All of the criminals on the teams need to go.. If anyone has political stuff they should do it OUTSIDE of the stadium not when they are in uniform and getting ready to play..The NFL is DEAD this SEASON…No super bowl this season..Also all taxpayer money that goes to build and tax credits that the NFL gets MUST go also..NO more taxpayer money, they can pay for the stadiums..ROGER GO,,Criminals GO

  56. Nfl can go under fire goodall and hire American citizens.. when that happens I might watch a game.. I haven’t watched a game in 2 years I have already found another pass time.. we don’t need the nfl they need us.

  57. The only people they are hurting at this point is themselves – it’s really kind of fun to watch – I mean a bunch of idiots thinking how smart they are – and shooting themselves in the foot – it’s comical.

  58. SO BE IT !!! IT IS WHAT IT IS !

    Time for us to move on ! We will be fine….we will find someone else !
    My mother told me….”one lost….ten found ” !!!


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