The NFL’s national anthem protests took a sick turn for the worse

Patriotic Americans are fed up with the NFL.

Ratings are down and fans are refusing to set foot in stadiums.

And now the league’s national anthem protests problem just took one sick turn for the worse.

Rather than demand the anti-American ingrate players stand for the national anthem, the league is caving in.

Commissioner Roger Goodell is prepared to fork over $100 million to fund anti-police, pro-Black Lives Matter “social justice causes.”

ESPN reports:

“In an unprecedented move for a major professional sports league, the NFL has proposed partnering with its players to effect social justice change, though not all players are in agreement on the proposal.

On Monday, the league submitted to players the final draft of a proposal that, according to documents reviewed by ESPN, would contribute nearly $100 million to causes considered important to African-American communities. The NFL hopes this effort will effectively end the peaceful-yet-controversial movement that former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick started when he refused to stand for the national anthem last season.

Players are expected to discuss the offer during a scheduled conference call ‪Wednesday night…

… Regardless, the NFL has made its pitch, and although there is no quid pro quo, the hope is that the league’s commitment will create an environment in which players will no longer want to protest.

The NFL’s multifaceted offer earmarks at least $89 million over a seven-year period for both national and local projects, according to the documents. On the national level, owners this year would allocate $5 million, with their commitment growing annually and maxing out at $12 million per year from 2021 through 2023. At the local level, owners would put up $250,000 annually and expect players to match that amount, totaling $500,000 for each team. Players and owners can exceed that amount if they choose, with no matching requirement.

In addition, there would be other fundraising opportunities, including telethons and auctions of jerseys worn in games.”

Instead of defending the flag, the memories of the veterans who fought and died under it, the NFL is prepared to make their game a platform for Black Lives Matter causes.

This will only further alienate the league from real America at a time when the league and it’s TV partners are on track to lose $500 million in ad revenue due to declining ratings.

Instead of uniting Americans around their shared patriotism and love of country, the owners are going along with race baiters and smear merchants who routinely lie about America and the police.

Branding themselves as the pro sports league for left wing social justice warriors and racist radicals will only serve to drive down ratings and keep regular Americans away from the stadiums every Sunday.

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