The NFL’s ratings nightmare just went from bad to worse

The national anthem protests ravaged the NFL.

But no one had any idea how bad the damage actually was.

When the final ratings numbers came in, the NFL realized their worst nightmare came true.

The Sunday night football game is the crown jewel of the NFL’s TV package.

It is the highest rated game of the week and the league’s cash cow.

But not this season.

Sunday Night football posted its lowest ratings in a decade after a season marred by fan backlash against ingrate anti-American millionaires trashing the flag by kneeling during the national anthem.

This sharp decline could whack the NFL In the pocketbook.

The TV contracts are up in a few years and networks will not be eager to fork over big bucks to televise a product that is in decline.

Awful Announcing reports:

“Another troublesome fact for the league: Rights for both MNF and SNF will hit the market early next decade. ESPN’s contract runs through 2021, while NBC’s deal runs through 2022. If viewership doesn’t turn around before then, the NFL will be stuck selling a product on decline and might not fetch the return it would like. Sports leagues and rights-holders are counting on bids from digital outlets like Amazon and Facebook, but would those companies really risk gobs of cash on lagging properties? And would TV networks bet big after years of watching viewership slip?”

Do you believe the NFL tolerating the national anthem protests spells doom for the league?

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