The NFL’s ratings nightmare just went from bad to worse

The national anthem protests ravaged the NFL.

But no one had any idea how bad the damage actually was.

When the final ratings numbers came in, the NFL realized their worst nightmare came true.

The Sunday night football game is the crown jewel of the NFL’s TV package.

It is the highest rated game of the week and the league’s cash cow.

But not this season.

Sunday Night football posted its lowest ratings in a decade after a season marred by fan backlash against ingrate anti-American millionaires trashing the flag by kneeling during the national anthem.

This sharp decline could whack the NFL In the pocketbook.

The TV contracts are up in a few years and networks will not be eager to fork over big bucks to televise a product that is in decline.

Awful Announcing reports:

“Another troublesome fact for the league: Rights for both MNF and SNF will hit the market early next decade. ESPN’s contract runs through 2021, while NBC’s deal runs through 2022. If viewership doesn’t turn around before then, the NFL will be stuck selling a product on decline and might not fetch the return it would like. Sports leagues and rights-holders are counting on bids from digital outlets like Amazon and Facebook, but would those companies really risk gobs of cash on lagging properties? And would TV networks bet big after years of watching viewership slip?”

Do you believe the NFL tolerating the national anthem protests spells doom for the league?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.



  1. I hope the NFL is happy for getting rid of it’s self.
    The commissioner has taken down the NFL almost by himself. You let the players dictate what was going to happen. Well now you see what has happened. They thought the fans would back them no matter what. The ring leader isn’t even good enough to play for a team. He trashed the NFL and they all watched did nothing. I blame the player’s in a way. They could have stopped this in it’s tracks. I don’t think anyone thought it would go this far. Well it did! NOW WHAT. A hand full of players took down the NFL. How they have other jobs that pay as well. All I can say is GOOD LUCK GOD BLESS THE USA & THE MILITARY

  2. They will only get worse especially since they kept Goodell on like the idiots they are and good riddance. I will never support the NFL nor any of the sponsors that support them as well.

  3. The biggest test of all is the televised Super Bowl. I’m going to ace this test. Goodbye, Super Bowl 52!

  4. Watching so many idiots smiling while they are cutting their own throats is kind of amusing. Looks like the only one who will be walking away with a huge new contract will be worthless Goodell. The players who do manage to stay with a team will be looking at huge pay-cuts

  5. You can thank the commissioner for this stunt he was paid millions to start this and he got it again, he also got a private jet for his family that we are paying for. The NFL needs to die and the rest of the sport need to take notice. We made football we can make another one a new better one like we had back in the days

  6. Looking back on the golden years of sports,when athlete’s played the game with integrity,and for the love of the sport,brings a sharp contrast to the games of late,that are fueled by money,fame,and,political agenda! Somewhere along the way,the game became a business monopolizing on monetary gain in every phase of the game. The “ONCE UPON A TIME GOOD OLD AMERICAN FOOTBALL” has taken a fan based game and used it to against the fans that have supported them for years, buy showing disrespect for the very flag that gives them the privilege to even play the game. There are social injustices in every race on this planet,not just”ONE RACE”, if they really care about human rights, put some if that big money you make to work helping the situation! That’s far more affective that embarrassing your country, and yourselves,and disgusting your fans. The commissioner,and the coaches, are weak, and need to step up,take back control of your players, and rules,OR”STEP DOWN” This is the opinion of the majority of your fans,the American people, whom have supported this game since the first ball was thrown! “GET BACK TO THE GAME OF FOOTBALL”????????

  7. I haven’t waste my money on garbage. I rather put my money on something more entertaining and more meaning

  8. The national felony league needs to die there is to many problems and the commissioner of football doesn’t seem to care about all the negative in it. Instead he is encouraging the players to keep going. I pray the fans in the stands get out and stay out until national felony league is dead

  9. Good for you. Use your money for something better and more entertaining I don’t see anything good coming from this sport, they just fined a player for wearing Christmas cleat and a player giving his cleat to a young fan in the stand. They fine the right people and do nothing to the bad apples

  10. As long as they’re gonna get all STUPID and KEEP ON kneeling (or otherwise disrespecting) the National Anthem and all it stands for, they better brace themselves for eventual extinction. People are gonna finally stop watching these losers entirely, and from then on, they’ll be busing tables at McD’s.

  11. Sports should be non-political….by bringing it in – it is bound to make a good percentage of enthusiasts LESS enthusiastic! With less interest comes less$$. less sympathy, and certainly less attendance. DUMB!!

  12. I haven’t watched a game in 2 years.. I cancelled my nfl package and saved a bunch of money. No more merch and game day party’s.. put that extra money in the bank.. I see a nice vacation coming up for my family.. even if they did stand now I will not watch a game. When they get Americans to play an American game I will watch it again..

  13. If you do not know the people you deal with #1 why deal at all #2 You will later “Pay The Price” Ignorance and stupidity have Historically never worked well for any one

  14. If this is anywhere near true good it needs to get worse and the fans need to keep going let the NFL die. The NFL loves fining players for the right things and nothing to the bad apples. The commissioner in a demand to step down and give that contract up. We need to get the rest out of the stand and keep them out don’t accept their apologize

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