The NFL’s unthinkable response to the anthem protests will ruin the league for good

The NFL was facing a choice.

They could respond to their fans who were livid over the national anthem protests or they could cater to the anti-American millionaires who took a knee.

The league’s unthinkable response will be the final straw for many Americans.

Instead of instituting rules requiring the players to stand for the anthem, the NFL caved in to the players “Al Sharpton shakedown” scheme and tried to buy them off.

NFL executives pledged to redirect nearly $100 million that was supposed to go to charities supporting breast cancer research and other worthwhile goals toward “social justice” programs backed by protesting players and Black Lives Matter.

Breitbart reports:

“As part of its commitment to its protesting players, the NFL has announced funding social justice training for college football players and other students, reports say.

This month, the historically black Morehouse College, announced that the NFL is set to co-host a three-day workshop to teach student-athletes how to be “influencers and community leaders with the mechanics to develop their advocacy platform.”

The new “Advocacy in Sport” workshop is scheduled to be held in February, according to Campus Reform, and is part of the league’s $90 million commitment to a group of protesting pro football players promising to fund so-called “social justice” causes.

“This historic workshop is aimed at training the next generation of athletes who wish to use sport as a powerful platform for advocacy,” the NFL’s Executive Vice President of Football Operations, Troy Vincent, said in an NFL press release.

“Our partnership is designed to equip athletes as influencers and community leaders with the mechanics to develop their advocacy platform,” the NFL added.”

The NFL has doubled down on their embrace of fringe left-wing identity politics.

Pro football used to be an experience that united Americans.

Now it is just another cultural wedge issue created by the left’s demands that every aspect of American life be transformed into a battlefield for cultural trench warfare.

Are you watching less pro football because of the protests? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.



  1. The NFL wil go broke and fold before I ever watch a game again. I will never buy another PAPA Johns pizza again in my life time nor will I buy from any other sponsor.

  2. This is the example of what the Black Lives Matter group is. A separatist, racist, anti-constitutional hate group.

    That 100 million, by appearances, will go to blacks only instead of anyone regardless of color!……….And the legislative branch stands by and does nothing.

    blm is only succeeding in creating a renewal of racism which is, and has been, in the core of their group and race. The sooner that this black hatred of other races is recognized, the better. I am sick of this baloney!!!

  3. These rich NIGGA’s that think they are bigger than the sport they play will soon get what they deserve and that is nothing.They wrecked this season with their wants and needs but next season they won’t be around, I will say this if I were an owner the number of blacks on my team would be few and far between. NONE of the blacks that screwed up this season would would never be on my payroll again. My team would be less than 25% black and none of their salaries would be close to what I paid last year, with the money most of the owners lost this year would never happen again and these little rich bitches can go out and form their on league and pay themselves the multimillion dollar contracts. Let these SOB’s know they don’t control any sport. That also goes for basketball and baseball. I think back to some of the great football players that never got paid a million dollars for a single season and NONE of these million dollar players this past season would make a pimple on the old player’s ASS!!!!

    • These million dollar RACIST SOB’s can take every cent of it and shove it up their ASS!!!! What would have happened a year ago if a white football hero jumped in front of a newscast and said how much he hated every black in the league and listed all of his reasons why he hated them. He would have been kicked out of the NFL forever and Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Andrew Young the NAACP and the SCLU would have been yelling and screaming about it and we would have never heard the end of it. That player would play again. These RACIST NIGGA SOB’s should suffer that same fate. Have these rich bitches thought a thing about every black veteran that has given their life fighting for their country under that flag. Have they thought about the disabled veterans laying in some hospital or nursing home that they you just spit on everytime you took a knee and turned your back or raised your fist in the air. You RACIST live a charming life not caring nothing about anything but where you want to put your next paycheck into. You should be just like the NAACP and the SCLC and spend your money on lavish party’s and hand out awards and rub elbows with the other millionaire’s like yourself and handout stupid awards to honor some other black racist. You can hug or embrace. You are a sick disgrace when you call names and smile for all the news teams and give small checks and other items to your favorite charity. You are all worthless asswipe’s and Hippocrates and I wish you would get injuries and you could never play again and while you lay there please.remember what a dumbass you have been and think about what you have said and then think about me and the thousands of other disabled men and women that have served their country and given their all just so you can live free and make your worthless stupid remarks.

    • You are so right in what you say. What will happen is that many free tickets will be given to black students who are encouraged to believe that they can be ball players just as those on the field are and encouraged in this bad behavior in our youth. Sad.

  4. 146 Officers of the law Killed in cold blood in 2015, Protests in St.Louis, Baltimore and D.C., because of so called Police Brutality. Obama was President, he only praised Black Lives Matter when he invited them to the White House. Only one, and some fellow team mate player’s took a knee, who played for the 49er’s. Now that he’s been let go from that team, he has his followers who protest in his shadow, all while spending the American dollar to live their upscale lives. (HYPOCRITS), no explanation needs explaining. I’m through with the NFL.

  5. Timothy James, just in case you haven’t noticed these people on this site are so far out of touch that it’s frightening as well as frustrating!! They are some of the most ignorant people on the face of the earth but, WE CAN’T GIVE UP ON THEM!!!: I’m willing to bet you that 9 out of 10 of them haven’t served in the Armed Forces as you and I have! They refuse to acknowledge the TRUE ISSUES BEHIND THE PROTESTS AND DON’T CARE WHAT THEY ARE!!! So let’s keep on keeping on and try to inform them and LOVE THEM!! They cry we’re RACIST for calling out RACISM, standard plausible deniability tactics but, y’all there is an issue in this country and OUR PRESIDENT continues to Stoke the 🔥!!

    • Teabo was considered an oppressor when he took a knee to honor God, but this Kaepernick who wore socks depicting the police as pigs, wore a Castro shirt, and stated he would never honor this country is a poster child. Did I miss something?

    • To HELL with them all whom embrace that lowlife attitude to our Traditions.
      Screw the NFL. Fire em all and let them be their own fans and payt their own way. It’d be like the Liberal tax and spend programs we all see. Let them feed off themselves and see how long the money lasts.

    • Kelton, I agree. The president is stoking the fire, but because it needs to grow large enough to burn down all these institutions that further the idea that minorities in this country have it so badly– especially those pansies in the NFL. Maybe they would have been happier if their ancestors had remained in their original countries. How well off would they be today? I believe that these protesters of “social inequity” and “police injustice” should trade places with them– and salaries– for a year. Give those cops who leave home each day without KNOWING if they will come home a chance to play football for millions of dollars. I’d pay to see THAT! I understand that kaepernick needs a job…

        • Totally agree. It is a complex equation with no simple solution nor will it be resolved overnight. No one ever wanted to address it for eons because of its sensitivity. While the Democrats thrive(d) on it because of the easy votes they get/got. Eight years of Obama exacerbated/worsened the issue/problem making it that much more difficult to resolve. And when you have a Sharpton and Jackson who really don’t want it to go away because they make a living from it all, it will be some time with much pain before it’s resolved. Also mentioned in some comments was the fact of black single mothers raising children by themselves. It has long been said that abused children for the most part will abuse their children. The same applies to many of the single mother situations. These children suffer unfortunately from the environment they are raised in. They know no different. They have no meaningful role models; in that case…white kids are lacking as well. And in closing, last night the City of St. Louis broke the 200 homicide mark with four deaths bringing the 2017 total to 203. Don’t ask what race they were!

  6. the Numbsculled Fricking Loons are long gone as far as I am concerned. I haven’t watched one of their stupid games for the last couple of years, and I don’t miss them at all.

  7. I do not watch NFC any more I have better thing to do . and no black lives don’t matter saying that only proves they are racists it should be all lives matter.

  8. Have been a Redskins fan my whole life, but no more. Screw them all!! these overpaid, spoiled thugs need to learn what the rest of us know….THERE IS NO FREE LUNCH. As a veteran, I will NEVER watch another game until NFL does something about the inequity!!! 70% of the players are black and yet they still whine. ENOUGH ALREADY@@@

    • After i got out of the Army after nearly three years of service in the war against Japan I attended one of the Big Ten schools where syudents were not permitted cars on campus but football players were reported in class by other students and drove free Oldsmobile Convertibles. Turned me off sports forever!

  9. I for one wouldn’t give these black scum bags the sweat off my balls, the ass holes are making millions and still start all the shit or most of it in the world. Let the jerk offs play their football games for minimum wage.

  10. Realistically the black population accounts for about 10% of the US population. However, they account for upwards of 80% of the problems. They were freed over 150 years & yet the maintain the slave mentality & think the rest of society owes them. If they don’t like it Here leave!

    • You’re so right on. Just like the transgender community that makes up less that 1% of population that want separate bathrooms really use what we have pick one. Most citizens don’t care. People have to use common sense. As far as NFL l’m done giants were my team for years now lost interest in all games.

    • Jack, you just opened up a huge can of worms. No one else has the guts to say it. What gets me is I’ve heard the “you weren’t a slave” from so called intelligent black people. What I am sensitive about is including the many highly successful blacks in this group. The Democrats and liberal minded pander to those you mention as seen by the results in Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit and St. Louis. And I reiterate…slavery ended over 150 years ago. Such a shame. Imagine if all of that population contributed to society. What a waste of life.

      • I agree. Those slaves who suffered are dead. Those who sold them–their tribes and white men–are dead. Learn the lesson and move on. Get on with your life, stop blaming and living in the past. All lives matter.

        • What you say is 100% sensible…they have all passed on…with the exception that the Democratic/Liberal party still enslaves the black community for votes…and most of them succumb or like many non-black voters, don’t pay attention, are naive or just don’t give a damn…or all of the above.

      • It’s interesting how conflicted an individual’s character must be in order to cry “racism…slavery…” etc. They lack proper perspective. In reality these protesters/social justice warriors/bleeding hearts are really allowing themselves to be enslaved by doing the bidding of the puppet masters. Nobody is stopping any person of any race from pursuing their dreams or happiness. The victim mentality of these useful idiots is pathetic. Hopefully they will wake up soon and realize they have been conned in the name of political expediency by the left.

    • Jack! You can’t say that about the African-American community. Pointing out that black leaders have run every city they have run into the ground with corruption. Their neighborhoods are ghettos. The fact the receive free education through the public school systems, yet the drop out, trash the schools, and graduate into a life of entitlement and crime. Pointing out that 80% of all violent crime, yes VIOLENT CRIME, is committed by blacks; and the resentment the black community has towards the USS, the country that freed them from slavery, should not be pointed out. Pointing out that there are no successful economically strong black countries in the world, should also not be pointed out. The only blacks you are allowed to be critical of are Conservative ones like Condi Rice, Clarence Thomas, Mia Love, Tim Scott, Sheriff Clarke, and the many other blacks that should be the pillars of the black community, yet most blacks despise them, and they like Al Sharpton, Obama, and Jesse JACKSON. ! You just can’t point this stuff out. It is not politically correct.

    • After i got out of the Army after nearly three years of service in the war against Japan I attended one of the Big Ten schools where syudents were not permitted cars on campus but football players were reported in class by other students and drove free Oldsmobile Convertibles. Turned me off sports forever!

      • In my rounds around the country I ran into someone who was a C/D student at a college known for football who mysteriously had B’s show up on his report card. Fact!

  11. Just like the wet backs and other anti American groups, instead of punishment, they get rewarded with continuation of their tax exempt status. WAKE UP AMERICA!

  12. I caved last weekend and watched most of the Steelers and Pats go at it, great game. Now I am back on the wagon will not watch another, thanks to a bunch of overpaid knuckleheads and the do nothing NFL. And also ESPN is on my do not watch list! I did my part in service to this great country and don’t cotton to those who don’t respect those who do.

    • We did the same watched steelers game that’s our team! Great game sorry that catch was not called catch! But now back not watching or hearing anything about FOOTBALL! It’s a disgrace why the heads of NFL are taking this drastic stand. People please band together to stop them and not watch or support the NFL on anyway. And it figures they would stop spending money on women first.

  13. As Far as i am concerned any and all NFL players that kneel or stand and link arms in protest should be given two options. Either be terminated for racism and causing disrespect for our flag our country and us U.S. Veterans. Or two donate a full years salary and all bonuses to the cause of black on black created fatherless families.
    If they don’t agree then they will be terminated immediately. The other thing that needs to be done is get rid of that PIECE OF SHIT goodell ASAP.

    • Unfortunately Goodell just signed a 5 year, 400 million dollar extension on his contract. Haven’t watched a NFL game in 2 years except last years superbowl. This year will be the first one I will miss since they started. Goodbye NFL and good riddance.

    • The blacks remain thier own worst enemys. Mindless black men impregnate as many easy black women as possible and refuse to support these stupid women and thier children placing them on welfare so taxpayers have to support them in an endless chain of deadbeats on welfare.
      This taxpayer is fed up. Stop this endless welfare train NOW!

  14. So that’s where ticket money from fans is going?? To fund left-wing social justice programs?? Not with my money, you won’t, cuz there won’t be any more coming your way!


  16. Angry and sad. The NFL and NBA are dead to me. Thus far baseball has remained above all this CRAP and will be my focus. Roger and his troupe can go straight to hell.

    • More money down the drain. These spoiled brats don’t deserve to live in America where they are making millions and spend most of it on drugs, fast cars and glitz. If they really cared about the ghettos they would be down there setting an example instead of abusing their wives and girlfriends. I haven’t watched a football game in 2 years and never will until they can respect the country that allows them to make millions with a minimum education. There are no Einsteins on the football field.

  17. I have not watched an NFL game this year and probably never watch another one. The players and owners do not care about the fans…just their millions that we pay to support their sponsors.

  18. I have turned off the NFL forever. I have no respect for the players that kneel and no respect for the owners who have no guts to bench or suspend them.
    Turned off ESPN also except for college football. Jamil Hill should have been fired for her comments. Kurt Shilling was fired for telling the truth.
    Sold my Disney stock who owns ESPM

  19. I have turned off the NFL forever. Also ESPN. Jamil Hill should have been fired for her comments. Sold my Disney stock too.
    Do not watch the NBA either

  20. Being a breast cancer survivor, I’m pretty insulted by this. Stopped watching football this year. Bunch of spoiled overpaid idiots.

    • Those dumbasses think they are winning; NO ONE gives a crap about them, they are history. Would rather watc high school and college games, they are more action filled.

  21. It is a great shame a bunch of over paid asses can cause so much trouble. The NFL is backing them and that is a disgrace to all of us good fans that have stood by them for years. I certainly have never paid any respect for Jerry Jones but I do now. I cannot believe our great owner Paul Allen has stepped aside and not said one word. I am beginning to wonder about him and all he has done for our city just shows his respect for his long time fans.

      • I will tell you why, when I discovered just how much the teams are soaking the taxpayers through stadium deals, I threw up. Even if you hate football and have a team nearby, you are paying them big bux via taxes. That is BS. I want these idiots GONE! If they could hold thier own via revenues then I would not care but when they are being supported by tax dollars then they need to take a knee and get down on their knees to the taxpayer. Pure and simple. Does that answer your question?

        • Taxes help pay for the stadiums, and the city has to approve it. It brings jobs (DT’s claim to fame), and revenue from TV ads…you know, the fake news.
          Your taxes go to fund University Stadiums as well, should we boot them, too?

          Your taxes don’t go to salaries. To play football, baseball, basketball, hockey, or any sport, you have a small window providing a talent people will pay to watch.

          • Tim, every NFL team gets subsidized by the government. That is tax payer money to spend however they want.

      • The only point about the amount of money they make is to show how unappreciative they are of the blessings that they have been given. Nobody really cares about how much money they make, but about their lack of respect for the flag and the country that has given them the opportunity to make that kind of money. They are protesting social injustice whey they have the opportunity to make millions. I could live with that kind of social injustice.

        • So your family could live with oppression, and brutality against them, for a few more dollars?

          How do you know they’re not appreciative? That’s why they give back to charities in their communities. Look up how much athletes give back to important charities. Wounded Warriors, Shriner’s Hospitals, The United Way, The Red Cross.

          Okay, so they want to take a stand against injustices, so what. They are out there taking condemnation for how much they make, what they stand for, what they should or shouldn’t be doing. And from what I’m seeing, there are more criminals in DC, than all sports teams put together.

          You’ll always have some bad actors, but you handle them, and move on.

          Colin wants people of color to be treated better, we should be listening and helping, not throwing stones at things that don’t affect you.

          Dealing with discrimination, isn’t a problem for those that aren’t discriminated against. Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes for a moment.

          • I am poor how many more miles do I have to walk an taking money from cancer people to support some bullshit about being mistreated is nothing more than bullshit an you tell all the families that have had love ones die for that flag an there good given right to play football ball is what I bitching about an if you don’t understand that then your as un American as they are as well as un thankful


          • Tim I truly wonder what, if anything, you really did in the military. You seem more hardpressed looking for excuses to support these non appreciative oxygen theives than supporting solid national pride.

          • Timothy your forte seems to be stupidity these so called football players as you call them people of color want to be treated better no one owes them anything. If it wasn`t for the white people they would still be in Africa. White people died to free them.If they don`t like it here they have the freedom to leave. I`m tired of hearing the race card used the racists are the people of color that use it all the time. People like you will never get it.

      • Hey there Timothy by next season there will be pay cuts for all of the kneelers due to the fallout from their insidious actions. Rest assured the grumbling about the excessive salaries will simmer down…🦗🦗🦗(crickets chirping)…

    • All those spoiled millionaires anti-American, anti-patriotic assholes are totally selfish, arrogant, overpaid, brainwashed by the leftwing liberal parties agendas to divide and segregate America to the point where it was back in the days of slavery. It is a travesty that the African American community has become so narrow minded they can’t see the Forrest for the trees. When they run around continuously complaining about inequality they are the ones propagating promoting and trending the situation to a levels far worse every year that goes by and they can’t see their own fault in the arena. The left wing political machine has teams of excellent strategist, tacticians, and are constantly planning and screaming new ways to manipulate the weak minded mellineals to bid their will and they easily fall victim to minupulation, social influence, subliminal programming very easily without even knowing or having the slightest understanding of what the truth and reality really consist of.
      I think the entire NFL should be banned for at least one full year and give these guys some time to think about what our country was founded on and also, they all should be required to serve in the Milatary for that year on the front lines of any combat situation since they are already physically fit. Then see if they gain another since of moral and ethical values as well as Patriotic respect.

      • They have been spoiled for decades. The only reason you are angry with the athletes is that you do not like their standing up for their values. Unfortunately they are not yours. But hey you support the GOP leadership. Go players!!

        • I support what they are protesting, just not when they are doing it. The national anthem and our flag should be respected. Many American service men have died or been seriously injured to give us our freedoms. Kneeling during the anthem is disrespectful to their sacrificing their lives for our freedom. Read the story of the writing of the national anthem. Then you will realize what those words mean and why those patriotic Americans who gave their lives for us must never be disrespected. If they want to kneel down and protest, they should do it during the coin toss or the kickoff, not during the national anthem.

        • Dee, These payers have no values. If they did they wouldn’t use drugs, or have kids with multiple partners not being there to raise any of them, or break god knows how many laws. If they wanted to help their people they have the money and the means to do it, all they care about is the attention.

      • I agree with you 100 % if they don`t respect our Flag they don`t respect the men that died protecting it. And most of them don`t care what the National Anthem means to this country. It`s all about them.

  22. No NFL games here. Never again until all players now active have been retired or fired. Forcing these JERKS to stand just doesn’t solve the problem. That doesn’t change their bigoted mindset.

  23. Direct tV offered free season of NFL coverage in my first year in contract with them. Decided that free was too exensive to watch these spoiled decendents of the monkeys from Africa.
    Then they give their commission a new contact for $50,000,000 which is $60,000,000 then he is worth.
    An entire bunch of worthless people. Hope the tV stations and sponsors lose a lot by allowing their ads during games.

  24. I think the NFL managers should get some balls and fire any player that disrespect our flag and country. Plus they are slapping me and every other veteran in this country.
    If you continue to watch the NFL then you are no better than the little shit eating punks who disrespect our flag and country

    • AMEN Johnny.
      I’m an 87 year old Korean Veteran and used to look forward to Football week ends.
      I will never watch Pigs that paint Police as Pigs on their soxs and refuse to stand
      for our Flag.
      They are still selling Slaves in Africa and I bet many of them would like to come
      to America. I wonder if the Kaepernicks are proud of their Adopted Colin???

      • Colin’s parents are proud of him, as they should be. Colin is fighting for what he believes in, it doesn’t matter if you or anyone else believes it. I give him credit for protesting, knowing he would take an enormous amount of criticism for it.

        the amount of money he makes, shouldn’t matter. He and the NFL donate millions to wounded warriors, and a ton of other charities.

        For Trump to say he’s disrespecting the flag and our veterans, is very hypocritical. Trump dodged the draft 5 (FIVE) times, kicked veterans from out in front of his hotel, and has stiffed federal veteran owned businesses out of payment for work they did for him. Trump’s charity doesn’t donate any of Trump’s money, he uses other donations and puts his charities name on it.

        So if you’re going to condemn Colin, you must condemn Trump.

        • @Timothy James: So you think that Colin Kapernick’s parents should be “Proud of him” for wearing socks depicting Police officers as Pigs???? That’s what he believes in?? What kind of American are you? As for the poor oppressed
          black people these players are standing up for , I still remember watching as some of them were allowed to riot, loot and burn in Baltimore while Police Officers were ordered to “stand down” by the Mayor. And these people Dare to talk about “white privilege”. The biggest problem for several years now is the Abuse of Black Privilege that has given them this Entitlement and if they “throw big enough tantrums”, cry Racism and stage Protests they can have anything they want! If you or anyone thinks this kind of behavior is good for any Cause and most of all for this Country You are as sick as they are!!

        • Trump never “dodged the draft”, much less five times. A student deferment (2S draft card) kept thousands out of the service in the ‘Nam days. Get it straight, a “draft Dodger” ran away to Canada or another foreign country before they were considered as such. You’re undoubtedly too young to have been in the draft…

        • Timothy there is an old saying You can`t reason with an idiot and you prove it all the time in your posts. You should find a good shrink or find a room where you can relax and get some coloring book and crayons.

        • Timothy, Are you really that stupid or do you believe everything the left spouts without doing any fact checking? Collin is a looser in football and life, he was trying to get attention and it worked. If he cared so much about blacks why isn’t he doing something on his own to help them. If he did he would be going out to the areas where they live and working with the police and the community to work things out instead of getting all this attention for himself.

    • What happened to good the American game of football? It was an American tradition! Today it’s a ridiculous blown out of proportion podium for political agenda. If these players really had people’s interests in mind, they would help”ALL”walks if life in need, black, white, Indian, Spanish, etc etc. All walks of life! I honestly have list ALL RESPECT, for the teams, coaches, commissioner, and media! Get back to playing ball, not politics. There’s social injustice in every race. You want to help,? Give up your salaries to your cause,(which will never happen) put your money where your mouth is!

    • I’m a veteran, and I fought for their right to protest. Just because you don’t agree with it, isn’t a reason to condemn. They are not protesting the flag or our military, and as a matter of fact, it was an Army veteran back from Iraq, that told him to kneel instead of sitting.

      You say they can’t protest at NFL games, and can’t protest in the streets, can’t have Black Live Matter. So what would work for all of you?

      Black oppression and police brutality does exist in this country, whether you choose to believe it or not.

      You are protesting the NFL and their sponsors. Why is your protest okay and theirs not? Maybe look into why they’re really protesting, and help fix that.

      I never watched the NFL to see the National Anthem anyway, plus until 1991 the players didn’t even come out for the anthem, maybe they should just stay in the locker room.

      • these idiots are putting thieves, druggies, murderers, pimps and other criminals on pedestals and making them heroes and idols for their young illiterate to look up to. when a cop says stop then you stop instead trying to kill all of them. tell all of the brothers to obey the instead of break it

      • these idiots are putting thieves, druggies, murderers, pimps and other criminals on pedestals and making them heroes and idols for their young illiterate to look up to. when a cop says stop then you stop instead trying to kill all of them. tell all of the brothers to obey the instead of break it

        • Exactly Danny! I think they call it suicide by cop. People tend not to get shot by the police when they act in a civil manner. Lose the bad attitude, don’t lunge at an officer of the law and definitely never point a gun or other weapon at them. They are the police for crying out loud. Mama’s please begin teaching your kids these things.

        • Timothy I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. The football games are just that Games and I for one will not watch football again.

    • I don’t care if they want to protest, but do it when you’re NOT in the stadium (basically, on your OWN TIME). I just learned that our tax dollars go to pay on the beautiful stadiums you throw your tantrums in. Not good!

  25. Have cut the NFL out of my life after being a Giants fan for over 50 years. From Odell Beckham imitating a urinating dog to the disrespect of the flag, the anthem, our veterans and police officers to players’ domestic abuse, criminal behavior and lying about police actions, no more NFL or their sponsors in my life.

  26. I have not watched an NFL game since it began. A bunch of overplayed cry babies oppressed my ass they have been given more opportunities than any white Asian Hispanic u name it. So kiss my white working class ass. They probably can’t even read this even though they had every opportunity plus more than me.

  27. Only game I’ve watched since ClappedDick first started this treason has been Army vs Navy. None of that crap there, and a heck of a game!

  28. Thank you NFL for letting the Americans who made you rich know that you are willing to sell us out in favor of your unAmerican, overpaid race baiters! Maybe you’ll be happier in Africa or the Middle East, but I for one, intend to do all I can to encourage Real Americans to see you for what you are!

  29. Thank you for your service all Veterans, military and Police. Merry Christmas to you and your families. Wishing you a healthy and Happy New Year!

    • GOD bless We the People of this United States of America for which it stands One Nation Under GOD / and Merry Christmas to you also

  30. The ancestors of most Americans came to this country willing to work (and even die)for a better life for their families. Only the blacks were kidnapped and forced to come as slaves. (I understand that the terrible slave pens were run by Muslims.) Even though those players make more than most of us could ever dream of, possibly they don’t have the feeling of pride that most Americans have within us, passed down by our hard-working ancestors. What do you thnk?

  31. As far as I know, Arena football does not disrespect our country or flag or veterans. Correct me if I am wrong but I will be watching Arena Football from now on.

    • I quit watching last year and started watching arena football instead.

      I wish all our service men and women a safe and Merry Christmas

  32. The only games I will watch this year will be the Patriots games. After that unless things change i”m done with the NFL also, not just saying it and posting it, I’m not watching any game. And the Pats games I record and watch without commercial interruption so none of the sponsors will benefit from me either.

    • I really don’t care about football, I just don’t my taxes to give $2 Billion a year to them. If they can pay players Millions, they can stand, sit, lay down I don’t care, they should not be getting my tax money

  33. When NFL think they can disrespect there fans and our country something is very wrong. I am done watching the NFL. I am also a Vietnam Vet.

  34. I haven’t watched the NFL this season. And I don’t think I will ever watch it again. From Roger Godell down to the least player the are all overpaid and egotistical. With all the problems we face in this country the arrogance of most of the players is heart wrenching I hope the NFL continues to decline.

  35. I used to love watching the NFL games but the protests have left a bitter taste and opinion of the owners, managers and players. I want entertainment not someone’s political stance. I’m exhausted from no being able to have a moment to escape all the hate and animosity that has built under over previous administration. I am done not only with the NFL but with Hollywood too.

  36. This is the tipping point. With the exception of Jerry Jones, the league has lost touch with their core supporters. Between this action and the NFL players association advertisement on how “we support the Armed Forces veteran” while disrespecting the flag, anthem and everyone who served in the Armed Forces they have lost my respect and support. Goodbye NFL.

  37. Bye bye nfl. Why aren’t the spoiled players donating the money the nfl is taking away from breast ca. I hope they all go away. And bye the way isn’t it racists that ninety percent of the players r black

    • Yes, because they are kneeling in protest of BLACK injustice in the country. White people should want that to stop as well, but they’d rather bitch and not help.

      • What black injustice? Did they prosper thru the help of affirmative action? Did they alone have their own black month celebration? Their own black NCAAP organization? Black colleges? And so forth.

        To celebrate the word “white” is forbidden in America. By the way, I see them prospering if they want to work hard, not like the black liberals complaining for welfare and other liberal crap.

  38. The good ole days of kids being raised to show respect is now gone. Maybe the nfl should rethink the pay the players get or fine them

  39. We stopped watching pro football after the first game this year. We won’t watch it or support any of the sponsors until the players who showed such disrespect for our nation have been fired for their actions. They should be ashamed of themselves. As far as my family is concerned, we can live happily if we never see another nfl game again. Please let the sponsors of these games and the networks know how you feel. Let’s hurt them where it counts, in the pocketbook.

  40. I am a great fan. I watched every game my team played, did the whole thing, yelled at the tv etc.. I have not watched maybe one game since I found out some of the team members took a knee. This America. I stand for our flag & I kneel for God!

  41. I am Done with the NFL!
    These spoiled millionaire players are despicable!
    This is a result of years of spoiling young men when they start showing a large amount of God given physical tallent! They are not taught any ethics or responsibility!

  42. Screw the NFL~~ as a veteran, I have had it with these overpaid, spoiled thugs!!! can’t wait for “spring training” to begin…Baseball!!!! and Hockey ain’t bad either…

    • I was probably the Broncos biggest fan born in Colorado Springs, but so done with the bs these rich basterds are doing, why not fire them and give the remaining balance to are veterans, sinserly Johnny

  43. It’s a shame that we have so many self-centered types who claim to be proud Americans but fail to back it up. Yes, the ones who still go to games or watch TV are pseudo-Americans and are passively agreeing with them…IMHO. Sooner or later, they’ll be embarrassed into dropping any NFL support. I promise you, anyone who I know that still watches NFL games either by attending or on TV will hear it from me. And I don’t care if they are offended or not. Might I suggest that others do the same. The Superbowl is around the corner and will provide the perfect opportunity for us to take a stand.

    • It is once more, a shakedown by the BLM and their “NON-WORKING” so-called leaders, that probably havn’t worked a day in their lives,,,,only sat around figuring out ways to get money without holding down a job! They took lessons from “TAX-DODGER” Sharpton, and “REVEREND” JESSE JACKSON. REMEMBER HIM, he is the one that was acting preacher to SLICK WILLY when he got in trouble by puting his sperm on a young intern’s dress, IN THE OVAL OFFICE!! Jackson was found to have a “CHILD OUT OF WEDLOCK” that his wife didn’t know about. Just a few more “VERY CREDIBLE” individuals that are teaching the young how to “COPE” with life. COPPERNECK and his FOLLOWERS” have sure made a great “MODEL” for our young,,,,DON’T SHOW RESPECT FOR ANYTHING IN LIFE,,,,THAT IS “WEAKNESS”, just like saying EXCUSE ME, I’m SORRY, MAY I?, THANK YOU, and I LOVE YOU.

    • Until the NFL makes it mandatory for the players to stand for the national anthem, I will never watch another NFL game, not even the Super Bowl! Screw the NFL, Pete Rozelle had more guts than this pipsqueak Roger Goodell! The NBA makes it mandatory, why doesn’t the NFL? NO GUTS!



      • Do your protesting in your own time NOT OUR TIME! We want to come together as people and watch a game not see u on your knee about what u care about. That’s what is wrong! These players think people really care about what they think! We are watching to SEE a Game played!

        • If the players want to make a difference let them go into the communities and try to help. No one wants to talk about black on black crime.There is were it should start.

      • Sure…like all the Jihadist Terrorists died in VAIN! And as for children saying the Pledge of Allegiance, better than being brain-washed and pledging to Allah and believing that blowing themselves up is goodness.

      • Timothy the protest is disrespecting the veterans and the country. You of all people should understand they are just a bunch of rable rousers who don`t like Trump as you do.

  46. Why you even bring it up? I left long ago and it will take some real action on their part to get me to return. How can they give to black lives matter? Since the courts rules it was not an organization in a law suit?

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