Nike just gave patriotic Americans the middle finger with this new ad campaign

The NFL season kicks off in days.

Advertisers are already on thin ice with fans who have threatened to boycott the league over the national anthem protests.

And Nike just landed in hot water after releasing this new advertising campaign.

Nike released a new advertisement in honor of the 30th anniversary of their “Just Do It” campaign that has many fans fuming.

It features former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick. The ad says:

“Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.”

It faced immediate backlash.

The hashtag #NikeBoycott began trending on Twitter shortly after the ad was unveiled.

Fans have pointed out that when Kaepernick began kneeling during the national anthem he was already relegated to the bench.

Unlike the men and women who have served our country, he has not sacrificed anything.

Kaepernick’s protests have only served to raise his profile.

And Kaepernick had secretly been on Nike’s payroll despite being out of the league for two years.

Nike spokesman Gino Fisanotti stated, “We believe Colin is one of the most inspirational athletes of this generation who has leveraged the power of sport to help move the world forward.”

Nike’s stock opened down 3% in early market trading.

More companies believe catering to the social justice warrior crowd will lead to higher profits.

One of the biggest examples is ESPN.

But that strategy has failed miserably. ESPN has had to layoff approximately 150 staffers over the past year due to declining ratings.

What do you think of Nike’s new ad campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick?

Are you boycotting Nike, or do you support this campaign? Sound off in the comments!


  1. Nike just gave patriotic Americans the middle finger with this new ad campaign


    • Iwill NEVER buy ANYTHING NUKE!! I won’t support a company that will attack America if it thinks that doing so wil make them money! They won’t get a dime from me!!

  2. OH NO YOU DIDN’T. This is probably the ONLY country that takes a black youth straight from High School and pays him millions of dollars to play a F-ing GAME. I have been sent overseas after I graduated High School, did time on the Federal Police Force,m Philadelphia Police force and blown up on duty., I forced through the pain for another 309 years to work for my family and now can not even afford my medication for me to stay alive. So don;t even go to the everybody’;s against the BLACKS bulks#it. There are MORE opportunities for the black man than any other. TIRED OF YOUR BULLS#IT!!!!!!!!!!

    • Phil, you without a doubt have lived a long life, lived with that pain for “309” years. WOW!!!!!!!! How old are you??? You must be 330-340 years old according to your post???? Or are you another just another Trumpster that can’t do simple math

    • PHIL TRIMMER, Thank you for serving us. I’ve always appreciated the armed forces AND THE POLICE, AND THEIR FAMILIES!!Even when the Obama’s encouraged people to disrespect the police, that made me MORE CERTAIN that I WAS CORRECT in respecting and appreciating them. I CAN’T understand “Americans” who hate those who keep us safe.

  3. My husband and I have NO USE for nike OR its “poster baby”….they should both pack up and get out of a country they obviously DISRESPECT…WE DO NOT WANT THEM IN OUR COUNTRY. As for McCain….he is gone and was not a REAL AMERICAN either.

  4. Scott27 is one of those liberals who worship, thrive, and dwell on their liberal news.
    Yet another one who loves to show off just how stupid he is with his BS liberal chat garbage. Bone spurs is all you know and that is FINAL !!! What an idiot !!! Not a chance in hell he will research anything either as if the liberal media says so, – therefore it is true !!! Just another clueless wonder thinks he knows it all.
    Trump went to a Business school and a Military school. Look it up – it is on the Internet. You might find pictures of him and in his uniform with his top of his class honors. Are you that incredibly stupid to think he would go through all of that just to get out with an excuse ? You wouldn’t so don’t tell me he would. Military school prepares you for the military and maybe as an officer as well. His dad and granddad both went to the same school and then Military. He had a medical disqualification because of bone spurs in his feet. Back then, just having flat feet would disqualify you. That is less then bone spurs. You can’t create what he had either. His family also was not rich either at that time as yet another excuse liberal BS you try to use
    to say he got out that way. Two before him went there. They wouldn’t try to buy him out when he already spent all that time attending and how hard it is to finish at the top of his class. But we all know so well how you liberals love to show off your stupidity in places such as this one ! Worship,believe,thrive,and dwell in your liberalism and come out and get embarrassed over it ! Just try to research what I told you on the Internet. Just a tiny bit of reality fact checking will kill the liberal BS you demand to believe.

    • I have a bone spur on my right foot.just thought it was it has partially cut my Achilles and I need surgery.will be on my ass for 6 months.but to a smelly liberal I guess bone spurs are no big deal

  5. The Colin Kaepernick story is a false narrative and Nike is perpetuating the fraud. K has not given up anything. He was a mediocre qb at best: he had a million dollar arm and a three dollar head. He could follow his first receiver, but not his second or third receiver, not a quality desired in NFL qbs. When K was exposed, he was benched. He pouted and fussed over it, and his antifah girl friend filled his head with hate-whitey sophisms, feeding his frustrations. He was not only unplayable, he became uncoachable, and finally he was disposable.
    With his tantrums, and kneeling, he became political, and ESPN made him promotable. Now come the band wagonners, piling on, and with that follows the money. Exposure means attraction, and attraction means cash, lots and lots of cash in the ad business. Multi-millionaires can afford their whims. And K can afford to play this sjw game, endlessly. He can’t play football, but he can collect cash, lots and lots of promotional cash. He has not lost any ad revenue with his shenanigans, in fact he has gained. And Nike has only added to his fortunes.
    Sorry, Nike. You should stick to sports. Politics is a dirty business, and it does nothing to enhance your brand. But this is not your first promotional misstep. And I’m sure it will not be your last. But in the meantime, no more Nikes in this house.

  6. SCott27, Everything about McCain and the explosion on the Carrier and his time in the Hanoi Hilton is true. Screw the liberal media and or any other liberal web site. Snopes was burned back in 2008 to be liberal and anything political was under the liberal twist ( such as CNN does today ). There is audio of what McCain said while in the Hanoi Hilton and on the Internet. There is also proof of the explosion on his aircraft carrier. Now both places there are many who witnessed these things and had to tell of them after they were out of the Navy. I will believe a hundred or more VETS
    100% who tell these stories over any liberal or liberal web site or news. Ask yourself why did he get a full Presidential pardon for if he was innocent of these things ? McCain also lied and caught more then once after Obama took office. McCain also said how he was going to vote up to an hour before he voted the opposite and was at the front desk, put his arm out, and then his thumb- went the other way then he said he was going to vote. He just had to lie and do so as if to throw this in your face thing. Plus he had a smile on his face when he did this. He turned into trash after he lost in 2008. So any Vet who thinks Trump didn’t do enough for McCain or just right enough – Trump did more then I would. Trump was class to help out and be cool about things. I always will stick up for my VETS and when so many say these things are true, then they are. I feel sorry for those Vets who had to see how McCain was treated for his funeral who are disabled for their service to this USA. Other VETS as well who had a hard time watching as if McCain was a hero and they know he was not.
    You Scott27 had best learn and wise up. Try talking to a VET of that era who knew what McCain did. McCain after the explosion and the Carrier was able to launch off of the flight deck again, McCain was then promptly sent to another Carrier. All because of his dad and granddad were admirals he got away with so much.

  7. Now that we all know that NIKE will be taking a major loss in business- another shoe company – IF SMART – should jump in quickly with a patriotic TV ad or one to show respect to our VETS. Something really all AMERICAN. Guess where we all will be going to do business with if just one shoe company does this ?!!! IF SMART NOW- they will take great advantage of NIKE’s really stupid move. I should be hired for this kind of thinking out and ahead of the game.

    • kappernut has been wrong all along, if he truly wanted to protest the right way, go get a sign and march back and forth a police station and see how
      far that gets you, personally I think the law should DEPORT any one
      disrespecting our flag, just like the song says, if you don’t love it, leave
      it, your getting on the fighting side of me(MerleHaggard) I wonder how
      all these over paid millionaire ball players would like to serve in the
      ARMY for even 6 months, then we will see who respects the flag

    • Some new footwear company spring up fast and put Nike out of business and drown the K. I was taught at a very early age to respect the flag and all it stands for. Where are the babies that didn’t learn that????? Hopefully soon K will no longer merit monies for doing the bad things. Those of us who have stood for the flag are NOT RESPONSIBLE for the blacks and those of color who do no choose to work, but sit on the porch and wave to the white folks and those of color who also work going by. HAD A RULE IN OUR HOUSE, NO WORK NO EAT!! Everyone is capable of doing something for themselves.

  8. Unfortunately,there’s not much we can do about guys that disrespect or burn the flag.
    Mr. K and Mr. Trump, who glorifies the klu-klux-klan are perfectly within their rights to do so. However, when a company such as Nike is greedy enough to take advantage of this disgraceful display it does give us a chance to retaliate..DON’T buy Nike!
    I think most people would agree with Mr. K’s right to protest if he would do it without disrespecting our national flag and all the people who suffered and died to make sure it still waved.

  9. colin has the right to kneel during the anthem, nike has the right to hire him to do ads, all of the conservative losers need to lighten up!!

    • Yes they have that right but we don’t have to like it and go along with it like all the liberal sheep. Collin is kneeling to protest President Trump and the Anthem is not played for Trump it is played for our Country and those who have served in our Armed Forces. Collin is an ignorant ass and those who look up to him and follow him and others like him (liberals) are the ignorant sheep.

      • Now that we all know that NIKE will be taking a major loss in business- another shoe company – IF SMART _ should jump in quickly with a patriotic TV ad or one to show respect to our VETS. Something really all AMERICAN. Guess where we all will be going to do business with if just one show company does this ?!!! IF SMART NOW- they will take great advantage of NIKE’s really stupid move. I should be hired for this kind of thinking out and ahead of the game.

    • Michael
      You are Correct, we the People have Rights under the Constitution of the USA.
      I support those rights for ALL. SO Nike & Colin can do as this , BUT, We the People have the SAME Rights. We can disagree is like form. DisRespecting our Flag & Anthem is not the way. IF all those NFL players are so concerned maybe they will take some of THEIR Millions and do something in their neighborhood they came from. The Players are living the American Dream. Give Back Make A Difference . get off your knees and do something. LETS SEE IF THE PLAYERS HAVE GOT REAL CONCERN

    • Nick
      Nike is the wonderful company the works children in third world countries.
      they pay them 25 cents up to 1 dollar a day. WOW. they produce a shoe for 3 to 5 dollars and sell them for 150.00 ++ dollars. Good news is We buy them as fast as we can, WHY?

  10. Yeah, “sacrificing everything for something you believe in “ ? Really!!! This fool is protesting for injustice amongst black people? What freakin’ injustice fool? You are protesting under a false premise idiot!!! The true injustices are being inflicted on law enforcement fool….not injustice on the black thugs represent. You want justice for black people fool….tell your tribe to stop committing crime idiot!!! Start with that D/A$$.

  11. This move by Nike brings to mind the asinine decision by Rolling Stone to glamorize the Boston Bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, by having him on their front cover looking like a rock star. Classic example of them having their proverbial head up their ass.

  12. If I protested at my workplace while I was on the clock; I would get exactly what Colin got. No job, no paycheck. The dumbass picked the wrong place to voice his opinion. Hopefully the NFL will never take him back and he can go find a crappy job at subway like the rest of us. Actions have consequences. As for Nike they get an award for Blunder of the Year. When it cost them millions for dissing Patriotic Americans maybe they will think twice before making a dumbass move like that again.

  13. Nike has the right to hire Colin Kaepernick… And I have the right to buy Adidas! Now whenever I see Nike, I will think of disrespect for the United States and its flag and anthem. I am American and cannot wear garments marketed by disrespect for me and my country.

    • It is unbelievable that they would burn the Nike tennis shoes that so many can’t afford and would love to have. I doubt that those children and the parents who can’t afford them will never forget the burning. It said that Kapernick and Nike think little of them and their feelings

      • Susan, how old are you? You sound like a third grader who has been fed the liberal mush. You obviously have missed the whole point. The same people who have burned shoes are the same people who donate and help those in need. It’s the progressive liberals who talk talk talk and never give. This is how one protests. Burning their own stuff if need be. The liberal way is to go burn someone elses’ stuff.

      • Susan
        here is your answer.
        I AM SURE NIKE AND KAPERNICK, WILL GIVE OUT FREE TO THESE CHILDREN WHO CAN NOT AFFORD THESE SHOES, I suggest NIKE to give out 1 million pairs of shoes to show their Love & Concern for these kids. Or maybe not?…. NIKE show us your true feelings!

  14. Nike’s target market is 12-30 somethings. Old white hillbillies are the minorities in their market. Burn the stuff you already paid for that will show them.

        • And you shouldn’t, Dan, if that’s how you feel. So, let’s see, you are no longer allowed to like Nike’s, Harleys, football or Mexican food. Good Lord, what are you going to be told to hate next?

          • Snott27 I don’t do what I’m allowed. I choose for myself. It’s you liberal pussies whom gets told what and what not to do.

          • Snott27- you liberals are told all the time what to hate as Antifa and BLM is also. What is so funny is how stupid they are for not actually researching things out themselves. Only obeying 100% the liberal agenda. Those southern statues- those guys once the Civil war was over, the southern Army joined up with the northern Army. Together they became what is known today as the US. Army. That is suppose to be the starting block of it. Those leaders of the south also became leaders in the northern Army as well. The south was trying to be a seperate country. But what most people do not know is that they were going with almost exactly everything as the USA was already doing with a few small changes. One was states rights. Many of both sides simply took up arms to defend their city or state also. That was what most concerned them was their home. Thing is, those slaves were brought here by none other then other black people who sold them for money as a business.
            So if you were smart, you would take up your protesting to that beginning point. Interesting to think how easy it was once the south lost to just join back up with the north as one again. Snott27- we are not being told what to hate either. Your viewpoint as you do as a liberal. We simply by individual and FREE, will stop 100% from buying Nike or burning their shoes or whatever we want to do as a individual. No one told us what to do as you liberals do like sheep. Notice the different things we are doing to knock off Nike ? We do not follow and worship the specific one way liberal agenda and told what to do and to follow and obey. If I had a shoe company- you bet my idea would be to make a patriotic commercial right now and let people know how we feel about the USA. It sure would take so many customers away from Nike right now and permanently. But even better, we would also be showing a true and honest belief as well. Not BS hate as the liberals do and show towards the USA.

    • I thought it was all about the protest.
      Every Nike item burned is one less free walking billboard ad for them plus no more sales from that that person. Still going to cost them.

  15. This bozo has his head up his ass. He won’t stand up for the American Flag? He won’t give America the respect that it deserves. What other country on this Planet would pay an athlete millions of dollars to play a game? How many Black men and Black women and Black children don’t have a pot to pee in who would give their lives for the money this ingrate makes. He doesn’t deserve the job he has or the money he makes. He doesn’t even deserve to play for this organization. No one owes him anything.

    • (not again – once a pos always a pos) …
      the ‘enlarged colon’ back in the newz – ‘believe in something’? – how about believing what everyone else knows (except some arse at Nike) – that u ‘Colon’ the largest enlarged Colon’ are and always will be a useless low-life pos!

    • It isn’t just a “black family” that can’t pee in the pot… but also some white as well can’t pee in one. Yes I agree, this selfish, arrogant pompous ass needs to be the front lines of the military! And then see what he thinks. And yes the money he makes which feed a lot of hungry family. So this SOB needs to shut the hell up and grow up and suck it up buttercup! Because someone’s going to get your black ass Colin for the day you knelt, should have been your last NFL day!

  16. I agree with Elizabeth about bring back the draft, but not only sign up the whining, sign up all anti groups their leaders, don’t forget movie stars and then people like orphah, then many democrats no matter the age ,like walters, lynch, sanders, soros and put them on front lines oh don’t forget Obama and mueller in the front lines too..

    • I’d rather not give em all a weapon – with their IQ they’d quite possibly turn and kill our own troops! Nawwwww – rather have em all start building that frickin’ wall !
      Throw em all a shovel – start diggin’ OR its to the sailin’ seas without a paddle (hey they at least deserve a choice).

    • Bring back the draft? I am sure Don would like too see that. Imagine what he would have to say, now that the thinks he is a patriot, about bone spur draft dodgers.

      • A medical disqualification is not a draft dodger. He also was in a military school and graduated with top honors. You go there to prepare yourself for the military and help with becoming an officer. Both his dad and granddad did the same and at same school. Now try and tell me that he went through all of that just so he could be medically disqualified ! Back then you also could be disqualified for having flat feet. Bone spurs is worse. If you ever just tried to research things out yourself. His military school time and pictures of him and with top honors are on the Internet. Or you can just worship loving being lied to with your liberal media.
        Bill Clinton is a certified draft dodger and well known about it as well. He ran to another country. It is also in the records.

  17. I think we should bring back the draft registrations again and the first ones to be signed up and sent to the Middle East should be all those whining, crybaby,”kneelers”.They think playing games is tough? Let them find out what “tough” really is.Might make men of them.

  18. How can the US be oppressing Black or colored persons? In sports!? You have got to be kiddin’! Blacks rule the sports and get paid multi-millons to play a game.
    What do they actually do? Entertain. That’s it! No military service, no hard work to help the community. Only BIG bucks being given to a grown man playing a game. More money in a year than some countries have! People starving in our own US, Elderly and Veterans needing help, yet these guys get that kind of money to play a game. And they feel they have the right to complain &/or protest!?
    Another example of US money going to their heads!

      • Nike, just another label that I will never again purchase. If they are so concerned, why not use the faces of those who have sacrificed their lives for this country. Colin was already a has been when he devised a way to bring attention to himself. I will not support any act of disrespect for men and women who have truly contributed to making this country free.

      • You miss the point Linda. The protest is not about sport it about how people of col;or is being treated in this country. Many black fought and died in wars for this country and are still treated like third class citizens. Why is American is the only country that identified its black American as Negro or Africa American. They are American no matter what color of their skin

        • No they gave themselves the title of African American. But if you check, most of them were born here. If everybody just identified themselves as Americans and not some hyphenated word, there wouldn’t be such a racism problem. But they been told by the liberals that they’re lives matter more than anybody else s. More of them are more racist than most people. I’m tired of being told that my life and my beliefs are less important than theirs. I work hard everyday and have earned everything I have. No one gave me anything just because of the color of my skin.

        • Where I grew up, live and went to school, blacks and any other race are just other people. I am white but have many friends that are black, Spanish and other races. Each one is just another person to me and most others that I know. In school, the kids don’t even seem to notice the difference.

  19. This must be fake news? How could NIKE be so ignorant to submit their brand to something as low as a single man’s protest of incidents involving illegal activity among the Blacks in our neighborhoods? REALLY?
    More Blacks are killing Blacks than “Whites” or Police are. The Police are protecting us from the persons running the streets with guns. White, Black, Brown or Yellow. You cannot deny that we need their protection these days.

    Everyone is entitled to free speech. That is what our Military have fought and died for. However, when you take such a stand as a company you are sacrificing the company’s profits for a single protest. Seems pretty stupid don’t you think?
    Glad I do not hold any Nike shares:)

  20. That was a surprise, seems everyone is turning on Trump, including his closest advisers. In a new book on Trump, Kelly was quoted as saying “he’s (Trump) is an idiot” and he (Trump) acted like a fifth or sixth grader. And (Trump) “has gone off the rails, we’re in crazy town.” Senior advisers have passed on information that they are extremely concerned over (Trump’s erratic nature, his relative ignorance, his inability to learn, as well as what they consider his dangerous views. John Dowd, Trump’s former lawyer about Russia probe, said Trump should not testify because “he was incapable of giving simple factual answers.”

    One book would not bother me as much, but you can see the same conclusions of several books on the Trump Administration, and the very similar assessments given by Rex Tillerson and other former members of the Trump cabinet. There are grave concerns about a president supposedly on vacation, who send out 48 tweets on a given Saturday.
    Maybe Trump is losing it under stress?

      • And I’d bet my next paycheck, which is sizeable, that if trump held up four fingers and told you it was three, you’d believe him. And no, the world really is not flat.

        • sign over that libtard triolling paycheck of yours snotty cuz these are the only 2 things you’ve ever gotten correct in your sorry hap-hazard libtard life – thou of course it’ll bounce – u probably work for nike as well thou that one would bounce too.

    • George Soros can buy a lot of lies John. Money talks and bullshit walks. I still don’t believe it. Hate for Trump can cause the lie buying money to flow. Do you think hillary could be guilty? Bad books and reports have been printed about her. Double standard here.

      • Koch Brothers? Soros? What’s the difference really? And, if you recall, Woodward was an outspoken critic of Obama. I’d think you all would agree he’s a first-class journalist who doesn’t make stuff up.

    • Let each of the NFL players be mandated to contribute 20% of his salary for helping those who CANNOT HELP THEMSELVES. No paid administrators, just high-classed citizens who respect law and order and the FLAG.
      Let’s hear from it. JJ Watt is an upstanding NFL MAN.

  21. LOL. OK, this is priceless. I WAS going to observe that our Constitution allows Kaepernick freedom of speech. But just to the right of the comment block I am filling out is an advertisement with a picture of a beautiful woman and the words “Find Your RUSSIAN WOMEN.” Obviously Putin is sending Trump and his supporters (i.e. you guys) a coded message.

  22. Another company that turns anti-American. So sad that so few wealthy people truly love our country these days and even sadder is that they would never have become wealthy anywhere else.

  23. McCain was no hero. He was a RINO and screwed us when he failed in 2008. He was a loser.
    President Trump, did a nice thing by sending
    Vice President Pence, and some of his family members, who disrespected them at the wake.
    Good bye John RIP you do not deserve any respect .

    • fully agree Clark … as I walked thru a wallymart one night – u can’t happen to not see all the tabloid mags near each register – McCain’s on a lot of em now and all have that lil headliner – MccCain the exceptional hero, so sadly missed by millions of Americans, blah blah blah.
      He was far from a hero and what millions – in his dreams – that’s why no one voted for his arse when he was a candidate! (candidate for what – who cares)!
      Then on all the other covers – ol’ Uretha – makin’ her out to be the best female singer of all frickin’ time and having like 50 #1 hits under her wing …
      gimme a break – she pretty much had a shi**y voice and maybe 2 hits that I’ve ever heard – I asked around – I get the same reaction from everyone.
      (( fake newz galore ))
      BTW – Nike shit ‘always’ did suck anyways – here’s hoping they follow ‘the enlarged Colon’ to the shi* pit !

    • Yep! I burned the Nikes that my wife and I had and our sons did the same thing. No more Nikes will enter through my door. My friends as well did away with their Nikes. Sooo, no more from you Nike! Good riddance!

      • I just got some brand new ones through Amazon…. just before I read your comment, I was thinking about burning them too…..or sending them back to Amazon who I bet will be inundated with Nike returns….LOL. Hit them where it hurts….no sales means no profits and no overly paid CEO’s and exec’s. They’re not the only “game” in town.

      • Did you burn a few books you don’t agree with too? My, where did you learn such hate? And now you’re passing it on to your children. Hate sucks.

  24. The best way to fix all this shit is to outlaw celebeties, football players from making ANY political statements in or to the public! These billionaires have NO idea what it’s like to live in the “REAL” world. Nike and anyone who supports this kind of crap and not suppot our sevice men & Vets should truly feel the burn. When real Ameicans who support their country & their flag & their soilders need to make these companies hurt the only way we can, money! Not buying Nike ever again, I’m gonna “Just Do It” without nike!

    • I am a disabled USMC veteran…. I agree, what the hell did I serve for, just to see these a holes disrespect my brothers and sisters who gave some or all to keep our country safe from bad people who hate us for what we and our ancestors have worked so hard to make good lives for their children, grandchildren etc…. I have struggled to make ends meet every since I have not been able to work.. I used to pay more in taxes every month than I make on disability. Then we fully support ILLEGAL/UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANTS who so many came to this country illegally just so they wouldn’t be prosecuted in their own country for doing illegal things. OUR POLITICIANS should all be homeless and see what it really feels like to be an American. Shame on all of you who think we should open our borders to undocumented criminals… let them rape your daughters and kill your children while driving drunk…. then see what you think of them…. I have had friends who had a child killed by a drunk undocumented driver with no insurance or drivers license… and our courts won’t prosecute them because they feel they will flee the country… let them prosecute them and let them leave! Let our legal immigrants who want to work and not live off of our taxes, My wife works hard and I did when I was able to. SHE IS FULL BLOOD NATIVE AMERICAN INDIAN, AND I am part. We are proud AMERICANS, and have always worked hard for what we have, and she is College educated, not a pound puppy.

  25. It is deplorable how our President is treated. I did not like or vote for Obama AND I did not disrespect him, he was the President of the United States. The problem is the Press. The press does not tell the whole truth and they stretch the truth. Whem my son was in Iraq, the 1st thing he told me was not to watch the NEWS!!

    • I also agree with you.. how would we have been treated if we said Obummer is not our president… I saw an article about celebrities who said they would leave the country if TRUMP was elected. only 1 has left the country. I wish all the rest would leave. Back in my day you did not bad mouth the president or you would be black balled from all of your friends and family… I have put up with a lot of presidents who I didn’t like or agree with especially womanizer Clinton.. who was disrespectful to the lady who sang at the funeral… what a bad example of a man and even worse for a president past or present…


  27. I will not support anyone who is disrespectful of our flag, country or President. If you don’t like America, go live somewhere else!

    • The more these butt holes disrespect out flag & service men & women, the LESS I am going to watch their games!! Find another way to show your idiocy, like donate $$$ to your favorite charity!

  28. Hey Nike, up yours’s and take that puke Kaepernick with you! I gave up a piece of my life and some body part defending this country!

    • AMEN TO THAT, I have had 43 surgeries and had my leg amputated twice not to mention other surgeries… I am a PROUD USMC VETERAN. All those who disrespect our UNITED STATES FLAG should go to another country like Iran or wherever they have no respect for yourselves…. I respect those like myself and others who have served and given of our own free will, that is what it is to be a good/great person. I love this country and hate our politicians who will always have a pay check even after they our out of office… what a gravy job just to fill their pockets instead of doing what is correct/right for the AMERICAN PEOPLE. not the illegals YOU MUST RESPECT YOURSELF AND YOUR COUNTRY TO BE A GOOD PERSON. MY OPINION! my daughters have been taught to respect elders, handicapped and most of all themselves.. they know better than to dress like a slut, I would thump them on the back of the head and they also respect the fact that I love them and would take a bullet to protect them and our great family.

  29. Never ever touch or buy anything Nike! You are not worthy of public purchases..Frankly I hope you go belly up or at the very least your stocks plummet. Try a real hero in the future. You totally insult the USA and all it stands for with that POS.

  30. Guarantee I will NEVER buy anything that even resembles nike. I hope they regret this action for years to come and end up belly up. Kapernick needs to take a slow boat to China and stay there. I’m sure they will appreciate it if he does the stupid shit he did here. Get outa my country. NOW.

    • The individual who made the decision to do this Kaepernick piece should be fired. But that is not enough because anybody who went along with this crap should also be fired by the stock holders. I personally hold a ton of this Nike stock which will be sold tomorrow. Hey Nike, try to be AMERICAN who made you!!!!

  31. join the list of numbnuts; Starbucks, Dicks, NFL and retailers who choose to eliminate 60% of their customer base; who makes these idiotic business decisions

  32. Nike needs to get out of my country because he has spread his Anti-America like a virus to his other stupid ass holes that are making millions thanks to the United States of America and their love of Football. without this American Flag and everyone that fought and died so that these big babies can play this stupid game and make millions of Dollars thanks to our American flag and all of our Vets and the American citizens.

    • The only trash, are those of your pseudo-intellect. Harboring hate and prejudices that you fail miserably at acknowledging, for your inability to think you MUST rely on your “massa” to think for.

    • I suppose you believe this country is oppressive towards blacks and “people of color”? While I’ve watched blacks get jobs they weren’t qualified for and get promoted to positions they deserve over more qualified whites, all in the name of affirmative action. Blacks complain about the justice system being unfair when guilty blacks walk every day, found not guilty or being acquitted because one or two jurors break their oath and refuse to convict a black man. If prison populations are disproportionate it’s because they commit crimes disproportionately. This isn’t 50 or 70 years ago. I’m all for equality, but that’s not what guys like you want.. You want preferential treatment, always playing the race card. Veteran or not your the racist. In fact I’ve heard a lot of racist things %90 come from blacks targeted at whites. You convince yourself every set back you have is the whites fault, well plain simple that’s BS.!

      • Rick O- 100% the same happened to me and all because of Affirmative Action. Six for Six with Civil service jobs I went through the whole process of elimination and all steps. I got down to the final few who they said would now be hired between such and such date. Like a guarantee. Then I don’t- and all because I am white. They couldn’t hire one over their quota -I had to hope for a white to quit, be fired, or other to be gone to get hired. I had allot of experience as well as proven excellent job performance, and Retired or current Detectives and Police that were pushing to get me in somewhere. Six for Six and NO- all because of Affirmative Action. Then one other that I was hired for Correctional Officer after all that elimination process. I went in for orientation and set up for the school they send you to etc. With a group of other C.O.’s that were at the door to greet me. I went in to the Sarge’s office. He saw me, took a look at my application and said have a nice day, we can’t hire you. One more, my friend did get job there. All through the school and all. He started and they call him into office a few weeks after he began. They said they couldn’t hire him and he was laid off. They messed up. His last name ends with a “Z” and they took him as a Mexican. They said they can not be just one over with a white guy. I do not want to hear any of Kap’s crap at all. He had it made and his own doing he screwed himself and no one else to blame either for it. I wonder how he would fill to get screwed over as I was. They every time had to pick a lesser qualified person also.

    • Tell me Ralph. Do you wear socks in your Nike’s that show police as pigs ?
      Since you defend Nike and Colin, I have to take that as a yes answer.
      Think of the men and women police, fireman, border patrol and all the military
      that do not know if they are coming home from there daily assignment when you put your pig socks on in your Nike’s. When you are in fear of of your life and or grave bodily harm, who would you rather have defend you. Colin or a trained and great American
      public servant called POLICE ? Whether that POLICE be Male or Female.?
      I can hear you now, ” Please officer, save me.” Oh yeah, Colin will be riding around in $ 100,000.00 car from the local pub to his multi-million dollar house and perhaps jump into his elaborate pool or Jaccuzi. Call Colin, maybe he will save you. Yeah-right.

    • I am shocked, sick to my stomach that Nike would have this Kaepernick as a spokesperson! *I did not know they had him on the payroll behind our backs for over 2 years! I my entire family served in the service my wife’s nephew was killed. I cannot believe what is happening to our country. *I think every military person and family should stand up and shout: WE ARE MAD AS HELL AND WE ARE NOT TAKING THIS ANYMORE!! My grandson wants to join the Navy. He is proud of his grandfather and his uncles and aunts that have defended this country. *I want to tell him. Do not do it! While are fighting the football players and not even standing for the pledge. And Nike has them on the payroll. Slapping us veterans in the face…It is time to run NIKE out of the country…Thanks, Wm. Tow *Oh, and take kaepernick with them!

  33. He may have given US the middle finger by kneeling on his patella BUTT…Colin the COLON will be BENDING over so we can FINISH THE JOB! And Nike SUCKS…✓

  34. Nike and Dick’s, cute. Let’s see whose sales are actually the worst. I still say Colin is a misguided moron. Now he looks like a mercenary.

        • Great Idea..Let’s plan a Nike burning party…Why in the Hell are we putting up with sh%$#! Come on fellow veterans we owe to our comrades that were killed or injured to not go to any game or buy any Nike item..Oh, by the way. This includes our fellow black veterans. Trust me, there are many great black veterans and nonveterans that hate this B.S. I know many teachers, doctors, policemen that hate this crap. We are sheep if we do not stand together run Nike and Colin out of the country!!

      • Yes Roger, Great idea!
        And Carol another great idea. Let’s take all of the Nikes that are out there and burn them! Other than, they are made from foreign hazardous materials!

      • Right on! No more NFL or Nike in our entire family…. Just ridiculous that these very fortunate young men have no respect for those who keep all of us safe in this country and a flag that formed our great nation.

      • The liberal left is violent and spreading hate. Stop dealing with NFL and NBA. Let these uneducated thugs do what they do best. Sell drugs and make babies.

    • Do you even know what the freedom of speech is? the hate on this page just absolutely depresses me to think that the Republican party has sank to such depths of hatred. my fear is that we’re becoming tribalists and you know what happens when tribes run the country we become Afghanistan we become third world country with war and hate and anger and death and you people if I could get off this damn website I f****** would you are the rhinos.

      • Peggy, do you know that Freedom of Speech goes both ways? Why do you say that those who are not in favor of you are haters? Don’t they have the same freedom of speech that you are proud of?

      • So you’re saying the rest of us don’t have freedom of speech to say what we think or how we feel in response to this ad. Can I say you are a complete idiot!

        • Jerry, opting to not buy Nike’s is your right; as is speaking your mind. I have some issues with the woman who taught her grandchildren to burn Nike’s however, because that’s hatred to the core, just as burning books you don’t agree with. Can you not speak your mind without such hate? It does nothing for the public discourse; it does nothing good for anyone.

      • The hate and anger in this country began when a leftist candidate, AKA Democrat, lost her annointed post. BTW, many of us are Independent nowadays. We have had it with the leftists and the Republican Party

      • So Peggy.. How did Republicans get your attention. I am not a Rep, but no way in hell would I be caught wearing those N shoes. Those Reps have nothing to do with this. Being American and being proud of your country and flag is the issue. Who really cares what a washed up never was q back thinks. I am willing to bet he wouldn’t trade where he is for another country where he could or would be killed for being so stupid.

      • Peggy,,notice the hate on President Trump by you most likely and others of your ilk? You sound like you would sell out the flag and country…or do you do a lot of kneeling in your job and there fore appreciate the Colon?

      • Look who is talking about hate. What were you drinking all these past months you moron?
        You all demorats started this scrap with the hate to our president and insults, from your cu.. Queen Killary, and the rest of you nionazys, and blm.Now finished.

      • What do u thinks the Democrats have been doing for years. How long do we have to take their negative comments before they get it back. I’m tired of the liberals bashing those of us who love this country

      • Have you ever heard the saying “one finger out, ten fingers right back at you”. You are the only one here using profanity and hatred. Take a look at yourself if you have the mental capacity to even do that…..

      • Peggy
        Freedom of Speech, IS, the right to say good and bad things. Your job is to be informed enough to Know what is Right. Then make your free speech statement. The DEMS are the best at Lies and half truths. The past year has thought you this TRUTH. Stand for your Country . Hate the liars and Vote them out.

  35. Typical unpatriotic corporation pandering to millennial’s. That’s the only reason as they assessed what age group they would look to for the majority of their business and the new campaign focus. “Just Do It!” Well Nike we’ll DO IT to you because you like Dick’s made a stupid call driven by some narrow minded marketing department and signed off by their CEO or vise versa. Sketcher’s is a better shoe in my opinion. Better than new Balance too. Now we have to see what golfers both pro and non-pro think about their move.

  36. 4 tours in Vietnam for me trump was wrong in what he said about McCain I agree but Nike’s wrong for what they’re doing disrespecting the military. One my best friends died 9 months into his tour. NIKE will never get my business

    • thank you for your time in service. But no one is disrespecting the military. That’s just not what this is all about. And besides, weren’t you all serving to protect America’s freedoms, which includes freedom of speech and expression.

      • Mc Stain was a traitor. They called him “songbird” for a reason. He prevented 100s of men from coming back to the states probably because that knew he was a traitor. Look at his history, Mc Stain has killed a lot of sailors by showing off. Grandpa and his dad covered his stupid butt. No Mcstain ain’t no hero.

    • RonD…just one question in McCains career, what did he do that made him a hero? Will the same POW’s that served their time in the Hanoi Hilton get the same accolades that McCain received, if so why have we not heard of any of them?

  37. And the list of stupid companies that involve themselves in leftist political ideology with no thought to their investor/owners grows longer. Never liked their shoes but sometimes bought their apparel as gifts for kids and grandkids. Already said a permanent goodbye to the NFL won t be hard to do the same with NIKE!

    • totally agree””Nike no longer is in my home”’my grandchildren just made a bonfire to burn them ”’great””I have taught them well”’AMERICA ”’first”””””””’

      • Nice, Carol. You taught your grandchildren to hate anyone that is or thinks differently. No one is born with hate. Everyone learns it. How sad.

          • Scott 27, if you belong to the Left, then you learn that of which you speak. So don’t get on the pulpit to the right, about hate and taking books off the shelf or burning them. Do you preach to the Left about the hate for Trump or just wait for people who know that do or say things in the heat of what the Left does? Just asking. Bt the way remember which party owned the workers they had and they freed by the right. They still own people, by getting them hooked on welfar and promises that never happen, that may be your party to clean up!

          • kind of hard to miss the point of reveling in a bonfire to burn something they don’t like. Wouldn’t America First be just not buying Nike, or some other expression without such hate? I’m sure the book burners thought they had a point, too.

          • I don’t hate conservatives. Some of my best friends are more conservative than you likely ever thought of being. I do have problems with haters and those who teach and speak hate of anything that doesn’t agree with them.

    • If you wear Sketchers, make sure you get support insoles. You don’t want Plantar Facihitis ,maybe misspelled, but the plantar fascia runs from the heel bone to the toes[tarsals ] . If they become inflamed ,or tear, it is very painful and a long 2 plus years of healing, with/or without surgery.

    • Has anyone noticed the face of the Colon on the Nike picture?
      His eyes look like snakes eyes and besides they make him grow a mustache and a bird that gave him the look of a terrorist. I am wonder, what message is Nike trying to send to the young people?

  38. Trump states the NFL players don’t show respect to the veterans. Here is an interesting question to the Trumpsters: what respect did “Donnie” show to the veteran McCain????? At least he served and didn’t run to his doctor and lawyer to keep his “RICH” priviledged ass out of VietNam. I am a 2 tour Nam vet!!!!!

    • By deflecting the conversation you are not helping yourself any. The NFL as we now know it does not respect the White House or the Office of our DULY ELECTED President or our Military who without them what shape would this country be in? Not watching football games I bet! Go to Iran. They still love you! We do not! You have shown your disrespect for our Country. You now need to leave. Or be put into prison for attributing to the rhetoric of the Black Lives Matter campaign. More blacks have killed blacks than any police have. What about our lives?! OUR RIGHTS? WE ARE US CITIZENS THAT DESERVE RESPECT TOO! WE HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG AND YET HAVE TO GO THROUGH ALL OF THE DISPLAY & DISCOURSE THAT THIS HAS CAUSED.

      • Linda, I’m a citizen with rights, as well. I deserve.. I’ve earned… respect and I’ve done nothing wrong and yet I have to go through the complete trashing of laws and the Constitution by this current administration.

        • 27…Did you bitch about the 8 year tyrants destruction of the Constitution or is that a different tune you play? You sound like a typical left wing TROLL, BAITING AS YOU GO.

    • Do you realize he was a traitor , even the Egyption press called him the leader of the “Muslim Brotherhood”. How is that? There is “Muslims” in the U.S. congress thanks to “songbird McCain”. Oh, Mr. Trump, flew McCain to the site for burial. His dime.

    • McCain was a treacherous pampered JERK who screwed his fellow sailors and Republicans too many times to recount. Glad he’s gone.

    • Perhaps you should read about his actions against other veterans (missing ones). McCain and the POW Cover-Up PDFThe “war hero” candidate buried information about POWs left behind in Vietnam.BY SYDNEY SCHANBERG

    • Ben McCain deserves no respect. He was a commiecrat with the republican label. The rat party tried to get him to switch a few years ago. He also betrayed his fellow soldiers in Vietnam. And some assholes speaking at his funeral took time to take swipes at president Trump. If I was there I would have cut a big fart during that bullshit circus. When the left praises someone that speaks volumns.

    • President Trump, at the request of the McCain family, transported the McCain casket on the plane used by the Vice President. He did not have to do this. They thanked him for this by bashing him at the memorial service.

      • They can ask to use the plane but cannot show any respect?
        Always taking for themselves! And what about the atrocities that McCain did against other solders? The soldiers that died because of his actions,the damages he did to our aircraft and ships.
        Disgusting! And Ms. McCain thinks we are all going to jump on her bandwagon. Hardly! She is a fool! So much hatred towards the man who freely loaned them a plane to fly McCain’s body to the grave site. Rudeness and arrogance toward the Trump children who came to show their respect. She has no respect for anyone! That is how she was raised! Deplorable!

      • and that was debunked as nonsense too… but that aside, I guess it’s better to have a man who claimed bone spurs to avoid serving; and one who disparages honored veterans than someone who spent a lifetime serving honorably??

        • I am very curious as to how being a POW makes you someone who “served honorably” and living off the government dole (the people of America who actually produce something)living the good life and getting paid to do a job then stabbing the people who supported you in the back many times. Could you possibly elucidate why you feel he was such a great person? I simply do not see it.

          • He was honest; and he admitted when he was wrong. He put country above his own self-interest. He believed in the American values that served us well throughout our history. None of which we have today. I could write a lengthy missive in response to your question; but somehow I don’t think you would see it regardless.

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