Nikki Haley stepped up and delivered a speech that rocked Russia to its core

The world is an uproar.

Russia stands accused of using a chemical agent to stage an assassination attempt in England against a former spy and his daughter.

That led to Nikki Haley delivering a speech that blew up the media’s narrative that Trump is colluding with Russia.

On March 4th, Sergei Skripal and his daughter were found in extreme distress in park in Salisbury, England.

They were the victims of a chemical attack.

Skripal was a former Russian spy who had informed on the Krelim and suspicions immediately turned to Moscow.

British Prime Minister Theresa May demanded Russia account for their actions, but Vladimir Putin refused saying a deeper investigation was needed.

United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley blasted Russia for the attack and called on the United Nations to take action.

Fox News reports:

“Haley said that the U.S. “stands in absolute solidarity with Great Britain” and supported the U.K. government’s conclusion that the Russian state had targeted Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia.

“The Russians complained recently that we criticize them too much,” Haley said. “If the Russian government stopped using chemical weapons to assassinate its enemies … We would stop talking about them.”

Haley pointed out that Moscow had repeatedly provided diplomatic cover for the use of chemical weapons in Syria’s civil war by the Bashar Assad regime and warned that the Security Council’s credibility “will not survive if we fail to hold Russia accountable.”

“If we don’t take immediate, concrete measures to address this now, [Britain] will not be the last place we see chemical weapons used,” Haley said. “They could be used here in New York, or in cities of any country that sits on this Council.”

If anyone thought Trump was colluding with Russia during the elections, his conduct in office blew that out of the water.

He ordered an airstrike against Syria- who is Russia’s ally.

And Trump sent anti-tank missiles to Ukraine.

Haley’s speech is just the latest piece of evidence ruining the fake news narrative that Trump is in league with Russia.


  1. The best alternative is for American’s to support our duly elected President Donald Trump and focus on America in helping to return America to the path set by our founding Fathers, Mothers, Brothers, and Sisters to keeping America as the Land of the Free and where serious supporters of America can continue to make a stand for all Americans!

  2. Putins patience with the USA is running out. We are over-stepping our bounds. The DeepState wasn’t able to get us into Nuclear war with NK, so they are trying to antagonize Russia to get that war. The best thing everyone can do is listen to TruNews dot com. TIME IS RUNNING OUT for us. Rick Wiles hears from God and he has the answers.

  3. You need to ask Joe Arapio that question! Seems that the only person who really knew, was Mrs Fuddy of Hawaii who was mysteriously killed in a private plane crash..All the other passengers and the pilot survived, but not Mrs Fuddy, whose body, was mysteriously never found (to my knowledge)either…Sounds like another dark secret and a name change along with an address change..Obummur’s secret police strike again!!

  4. Condi is a NWO Establishment Globalist & Totally Supported ‘barack hussein obama’. POTUS is ‘draining that swamp’.

  5. UK has run tests and has concluded the gas used was of Russian military type.
    The Brits are quite sure and they’re also so ‘PC” that they’d never have hurt anyone’s feelings without the best Brit gas expert chemists involved in identifying it. The Brits have had first-hand experience where Russian/Soviet people deserted and requested sanctuary in Great Britain/UK. There have been numerous and mysterious deaths of Russians who quit Russia to seek refuge elsewhere. Russian/Soviet intelligence, whatever names it uses, have the same policy. They cover any possibility of those who’ve suddenly “gone over” by putting them on a Kremlin “hit list.” Unfortunately, they are efficient terminators, while the “west” practices high-level political correctness.

  6. That would work, actually. Condi Rice is fluent in Russian language, and considered an expert in Russian affairs. It looks like Nikki Haley is also expert, but then we American men would need to “park” our male pride and elect two females to lead the nation. By the way, when we see those large geese in formation, heading south, I understand the lead goose is always a female! No kiddin’! Anyway,those ladies would certainly know what they’re doing, they both know “government” and international affairs. They’re both highly qualified and also “make America great”advocates.
    But, Condi presently is happy in managing a prestige educational center, and Nikki is more the political type. They’d both run as Republicans, both support the U.S.Constitution fully. If they agreed to give it a go, they’d have my vote!


  8. Looks like Alice post ‘chopped/altered/parts deleted.’
    Disregard< … especially IF Alice does NOT come back to 'correct'.

  9. That will some day be a great team too!
    Thank god we have who we have as President
    Now instead of Hilary Clinton.


  11. Mark, u must b a Russian native or spy or something, so if anyone kicks me in the jaw I’m a war monger. No one will win the next war but we can’t let Russia run over us and keep agressing into other countries because sooner or later, they will be on us with their poisonous gas. Then maybe people that speak up won’t be a war monger. Might be in your hometown, then you might think differently

  12. Nikki Haley is a WAR-MONGER. Beware the dangerous DeepState. They WANT war with Russia.
    But we need to COUNTER this threat by OBEYING anything that Putin tells us to do. He has been too patient with the USA for too long.

  13. She is well-experienced with maintaining a government, having been Governor of South Carolina. It may not be a well-known fact, but federal states cannot print their own money. Only the central federal government can do that. Ergo the fact that Governors must keep their state budgets “balanced,” whereas Washington, DC can be 21 Trillion $$$ in debt and still function if it merely issues new greenbacks and coins. When she ran as a Republican for SC’s Governor, many people anticipated that SC, being a southern state, would not elect her,citing the fact that there was the ages-old impression that southern men were chauvinistic, therefore would not elect a woman, yet a woman of Indian heritage. Unfortunately, much of our country still lives in the past, but SC men are not chauvinistic and proved it by electing Nikki Haley overwhelmingly. Once again, the Democrats were wrong by believing the South of at least 100 years ago was the South of the present. And, Nikki Haley proved her mettle no later than her first minutes in the SC Governor’s office.

  14. Deaths from “mysterious sources” are an old story where Communism, or flight from Communism, is concerned. Whether yesterday’s USSR or today’s Russia, defectors from either version of the basically same oppressive government are placed upon a permanent “hit list.” I can only recount deaths of Russian defectors back to 1940 in my life time,poisonings or assassinations have been a general rule in a Communist-orientated government. Consider a high-ranking Communist official who had fled Russia because he suspected he was “out of favor” with Stalin’s regime. His name was Leon Trotsky. He was once a high official in the Soviet line of succession,but he decided to place long distance between the Kremlin and himself. Therefore, he fled. The Soviets kept a watch for Trotsky, finally running him down in Mexico, where a Communist hit-man was dispatched to visit Trotsky while feigning friendship to him. The story goes that once Trotsky “had become comfortable” with the man’s friendly presence and sat at his table reading, the assassin must have taken Trotsky from behind and drove a mountain climber’s “ice axe” into Trotsky’s skull. Leon Trotsky never recovered, dying in a hospital the next day. Anyone who has worked in the Soviet or Russian system, and had any prestige in it, but subsequently chose to disappear, is usually chased until discovered and killed in any of a number of methods that can be utilized by the Russian secret operatives. And so, former secret Russian agent Skripal and his daughter, Julia, found themselves subjected to a military-type poison gas and now fight for their lives in a UK hospital while the Kremlin denies any motive to silence Skripal ot daughter, Julia.

  15. Joe, you are correct. Foods in America contain chemicals that kill over a long period of time, not quickly. Yet most people don’t even bat an eye before eating these foods. GMO foods are the cause of many illnesses and diseases, yet America continues to produce Genetically Modified foods.

  16. I wish we would go after murderers in America like we do when Russia maybe guilty. We are having lots of political murders and there are the herbal doctors that are dropping like flies. Strange how the FBI never seems to be able to identify or arrest any of these.

  17. She shouldn’t have rebuked Russia publicly, and so harshly, when UK has presented ZERO proof that Russia is responsible. It is much more likely that globalists from the UK did this as a false flag to contribute to the “Russia is terrible” narrative that globalists have been attempting to push 24/7 to cause a war between Trump and Putin. Why would they want that? Well, aside from the money that wars make for elites, they know that Out in, like Trump, is anti-globalist, and they don’t want the two of them to join forces to fight globalism and the deep state. However, assuming Haley is on the same page as Trump, this all may be part of Trump’s plan to prove he’s not in Putin’s pocket (which, of course, he’s not). Putin may be in on the plan.

  18. Planned Parenthood murders every day and has made the USA the murder capital of the world. Maybe chemicals are used here or just stabbing the infant in the spine, who knows. Then we say we are are becoming a nation of aging idiots as our birthdate doesn’t keep up.

  19. It seems we’ve strayed off the subject. Nikki Haley was a wise choice to represent us at the UN. She is not intimidated when facing world leaders. John Bolton was the same but progressive trash found a way to remove him. However, bringing a complaint to the UN is as useless as udders on a male swine.


  21. Its funny to me that America uses chemical weapons on Americans every day and know says a word but if some one else uses them every one starts whining like a bunch of babies!! You people are dumb ass fools!!

  22. I don’t know how people can take Haley seriously…as for the poison and I have posted articles on it coming from a facility six miles away…..keep in mind zio MO is deception…May is. Also posted an article with pic if three girls early on in their life…..May, Merkel, PM of Lithuania…interesting.

  23. The UN? Now that is a sure way to get action! How about taking it to the Security Council? I’m sure Russia won’t veto a resolution condemning the use of chemical weapons.

  24. Regardless of what his birth certificate says or how many can be produced. When his mother – Stanley Ann Dunham moved the family to Indonesia and became an Indonesian citizen – Barry as a minor child/dependent- by default- also became an Indonesian citizen. When Lolo Soetoro LEGALLY adopted Barry he LEGALLY in the eyes of the world became Barack Soetoro and further confirmed his Indonesian citizenship. Has anyone ever seen or produced any LEGAL proof of this having ever been legally changed again? I doubt very seriously it is in any of the records Barry was so desperate to seal away from the American public.

  25. Called on the U.N. for action? I’m sure they get a very strongly worded letter off immediately. Case closed.

  26. I will answer that Obama is not a true American citizen. And The Criminal Democrats knew it Obama was never ever fully Checked out and/or fully vetted.

  27. There was never any connection with Russia and President Trump I knew this from the start it was all made up from the Poor losing out of touch Criminal Democrats, CIA, Corrupted FBI, Fake NEWS, CNN,CBS,NBC,MSNBC,ABC THEY WILL never be Trusted ever again and all of America knows these facts. Obama knew of these illegal actions he is guilty Clintion knew all of this they are your major criminals and must go to prison.

  28. While Obama was the president, I thought Putin was a better president at the time. Obama, the Ebola president, refused to protect the American people. Is he really a true American citizen?

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