Nine Republicans just signed a letter that stabbed Donald Trump in the back

Polls show Donald Trump has near universal support from Republican voters.

But inside Washington, D.C. there are still Never-Trump RINOs looking to sabotage his re-election chances.

And now nine Republicans just signed a letter that stabbed Donald Trump in the back.

Donald Trump won the 2016 election in large part by running against the establishment’s support for amnesty and open borders.

Even after Donald Trump’s win, pro-open borders forces within the GOP worked to undermine the President’s “America First” message.

The latest example of this treachery came when nine Republican Senators signed a secret letter demanding the Trump administration allow more foreign workers to enter the country during the coronavirus pandemic.

Republican Senators Lindsey Graham, James Lankford, Mike Crapo, John Cornyn, Lisa Murkowski, Todd Young, Dan Sullivan, Mike Rounds and James Risch all demanded the President import cheap foreign labor that would depress the wages of current workers and take job opportunities away from the nearly 40 million out of work Americans.

The turncoat nine wrote:

The marked impact that the coronavirus has had on the job market is undeniable. Nearly 33 million Americans are unemployed, and close to eight million American small businesses are at risk of shuttering forever. Some of these struggling small businesses rely on labor that many Americans may not be qualified or able to perform, even in the aftermath of the pandemic, and some of these businesses operate in industry sectors that are not experiencing high unemployment … or in particular geographical locations where qualified labor is scarce. American businesses that rely on help from these visa programs should not be forced to close without serious consideration. Guest workers are needed to boost American business, not take American jobs.

The President is pinning his re-election hopes on getting Americans back to work and rebuilding the economy.

But these Republicans undercut that message by trying to keep Americans out of work and replacing them with cheap foreign labor.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Look this up the Obamas came in to office with close to a million dollars. A salary of Four Hundred Thousand dollars a year. Now out of office they bought the mansion from Celtic basket ball owners house for a small amount only Fourteen million eighty five thousand dollars In Martha’s Vineyard Not bad for eight years in office,

  2. Look this up the Obamas came in to office with close to a million dollars. A salary of Four Hundred Thousand dollars a year. Now out of office they bought the mansion from Celtic basket ball owners house for a small amount only Fourteen million eighty five thousand dollars In Martha’s Vineyard Not bad for eight years in office,

  3. As far as Republican Candidates are concerned, but this also goes for Libertarians, and Independents, if they are not members of The John Birch Society, or endorsed by them, then we don’t vote for them. It’s past time to Elect strict Constitutionalists to Office.

  4. If this is true that 9 Republican senators signed this so-called letter then they should be censured and voted out of office. You are there to support our President instead of behaving like recalcitrant children. Stop this nonsense immediately and if you don’t like it then resign. I’m not sure anyone would miss you!

  5. They do not deserve to be in office if they can not support the President, Recall ,resign or be forceable removed as treasonious acts.

  6. The reason that immigrants work in field is that our youth think it beyond their way of life. In my day I would take any kind of work because it was not only healthy but it put money in my pocket. I worked behind tractor planting tomato’s in peat dirt picked cherry. peaches Asparagus planted in peat dirt. Worked lumping trucks at a produce warehouse during my high school years all this work was weak ends, After high school worked in a lumber mill tailing lumber, maid enough bought started a business retried 58 years of age an know 92 and still working hard managing my money. That how my generation operated

  7. To you 9 rhinos that signed the letter stabbing Trump inthe back. Resign and get some TRUE Republicans to take your place, ESPECIALLY YOU ROMNEY. It’s hard to believe about Lindsey

  8. The reason all these congress and Senate rebels are after Trump is because he is cleaning the swamp it digging in there little private and secret nest egg. If you go on line to look at there financial worth it will shock the hell out of you. When clicking for there her Yearly salary and Check there total worth that will for sure open your eyes.

  9. The senators who are trying to push Mr. Trump to do something now–instead of waiting un til after election–should all be replaced with another Republician. I have seen all your names–If you do not back Mr. Trump now. The US Senate is not were you should be tomorrow. Why don’t you support Mr Trump now?

  10. This is almost funny… Republicans showing their true colors once again, they’re out for themselves. Trump is no different, that’s why he only works for his base instead of all Americans.

    Vote all Republicans out in November, that includes trump, they’re all scum, this should make it painful obvious what kind of people these 9 are.

    And to the person who said you thought Lindsey Graham of all people was “one of the good ones” you’re a fool, take a hint from this and realize if you were that wrong about scum bag Lindsey you could be wrong about trump.

    Everyone else knew Lindsey Graham was garbage long before this, but because he went along with trump you all ignored it.

  11. All assholes who are against PRESIDENT Trump will fined themselves way out in the cold when the HAMMER drops

  12. Bill Lingle: You are so right! There are hi-tech communities that pay very high wages for very high tech careers. They should probably try to import workers to handle less technical jobs from communities that could offer those opportunities.

  13. Kathy Harter, when you call someone a name, you are judging. Read what God says about judging in the Bible. And the rest of you: Trump will not be removed from office over a letter. Just because these 9 Republicans (even Lindsey Graham!) signed a letter to replace American workers with cheap foreign labor, that was stupid! Smart people sometimes do stupid. MAGA 2020!

  14. Good that scumbag in the white house needs to be removed from office, he is evil personafied

  15. Either the whole of the government … every agency at the international and national levels are conspiring against Trump even other republicans; this includes law enforcement, the courts, scientists, everyone or Trump is simply wrong. Why don’t we use Occam’s razor? That should tell even you which side is telling the truth.

  16. > Sooo, Senator(s) Lindsey Graham etc. Leads ‘The LIST’ .
    hmm. ” i SEE”; Said the Blind Man…

  17. Debra I am dissatisfied with Lindsay Graham, but I would hold my nose and vote for him. The only alternative would be a democrat or some other like an independent that would flip the seat. Yes, Lindsay messed up on this deal but he made us proud during the Kavanaha confirmation. He’s a lot more conservative than liberal. Please think about that.

  18. Snott27 you’re a damned liar. I don’t support mistreating anyone. You commiecrats are worse than Hitler with your baby killers. And the commiecrats doesn’t speak out against mob rule. Next you’re going to say that republicans make your skin crawl. You’re just a lying pussy.

  19. Mr.Graham, and all the rest of you, what the hell is going on. I,VE donated to you and others and now I feel as screwed as President Trump must feel. You are a big disappointment to many of us. God b,ess Prez. Trump and the USA.

  20. I’m from SC and I have always stood behind Lynsey Graham, but he has gotten my last vote!!!!! How could you betray our President and our country!!! May God have mercy on your soul!

  21. These Republicans need to be stopped. Looks like we
    are going to have to replace them with better Conservatives.
    Are they so unaware of the damage this would do to American
    workers? What the hell is wrong with these backstabbing
    butt heads. I am most surprised in Graham and Cornyn. I
    never considered them to be Rinos. I guess I was wrong.

  22. There are many people (Americans) out of work!! So…make me understand the need to bring in aliens to work the jobs that should go to Americans first. Don’t get it!!

  23. Dan, I didn’t even receive any money… and you personally may not mistreat people but you sure as hell support it.

  24. Snott27 I don’t care about the money. I really didn’t need it. And I don’t subject people to mistreatments

  25. Actually, Dan, looting isn’t really the problem or you, et al, would have been hollering at being looted yourself, when corporations and the wealthy received billions in bailouts and you got a $1200 check. That aside, no, I don’t support the violence and looting and unfortunately, that seems to be the problem here rather than the travesty of justice that occurs every single day.

  26. Well you might call yourselves republicans but you sure as hell aren’t! What the hell is wrong with you cesspool rats? Money is my guess, you from Idaho you must be trying to copy Tester as to how he got millions! What a disgrace all you 9 traitors are! 8 of you would drop to your knees at any request! And the other, you’d have to put a bag over your head first!

  27. Snott27 so what if some white wigger broke a window? There’s white trash among the looters. I read you loud and clear. Get whitey because of a bad cop. You’re pathetic.

  28. The jobs that these Republicans are describing have apparently been open for some time otherwise there would not be a push to find personnel to fill them. Communities that have businesses in them that are advanced in sectors that that community is not able to fill are actually lucky. Salaries within those companies are traditionally much higher than those in low tech. With these kinds of jobs open and that type of industry thriving, local children will have a far greater incentive to reach a point where they CAN fill those jobs. In the meantime, an influx of people with technical skills brings a boost to local businesses, increases in real estate values and is an open invitation to other more advanced industries to come an join them.

  29. Dan… look into who broke the first store window in Wisconsin the other day… white guy, apparently identified as a current or former local policeman. Broke the window to get things going and then left, but it was on tape. It’s also been reported (if you watch any news) that those groups have been at these sites. And even if it is Anti-fa… I can think of another time in history when anti-fascists interfered with a group of white supremists… I think it happened at Normandy in about 1945.

  30. Snott27 is suggesting that white supremists are burning and looting. That would have been found out by now. Snott27 it’s clear that you’re on the side of the rioting hood rats. Go join them you fool. It’s amazing how stupid you libturds are. The antifa thugs might show up and victimize your family. From other posts you identified as white. That crowd just wants to get anyone who’s white. Sooner or later they will turn on the white trash that’s joining with them in the streets.

  31. I’m kind offended. They’re saying illegals perform functions that I’m not qualified for. Get real, they are mostly uneducated, their youth in gangs and many are living off taxpayer dollars. I believe I’m a helluvalot MORE qualified. Even some republicans can be stupid.
    As far as ANTIFA and BLM ….. hang them all as the terrorists they are.

  32. Except for Lisa Murkowski, who seems to love the Democrats better, I just can not understand any of these people would favor Immigrants over Americans while there are 40 million Americans out of work….they all had jobs until coronavirus came along. Just does not make sense.

  33. jreb… anyone can leave a circled A at a site, particularly when they want to blame someone else; and blame-shifting seems a common tactic of the right these days.

  34. Scott27, white militia groups don’t leave a circled A
    emblem on buildings they have burned out. Put the blame where it belongs.

  35. Scott zed 27 Nice try, but no cigar.
    Sat up watching what was going on across the country, and saw a lot of BLM and antifa. Try again.

  36. Scott00, your dumber than a box of rocks. No white militia stand by black thugs burning, raping and committing other felony’s. But when they do come out to play, the thugs better climb back down in the sewer quickly…

  37. iF ANY of these are YOUR Sen… Call them to let them know YOU are WITH Trump AND the American worker…Many of them NEWLY graduated.

  38. Susanne, that’s just another myth. Scholars even before Columbus knew the world wasn’t flat. Funny how myths (and conspiracy theories) mislead the ignorant.

  39. Susanne, where are you from? Your message obviously wasn’t written in English so am just curious. Eastern Europe? China?

  40. Don’t need
    More we already have illegals on are welfare systems they can go work those jobs. Or go back to there homes. I picked beans once at the end a season they had left after the money pickens was done. I was out of job so picked they can to time to get all those sitting on there BUTS working no work no eat. Got are OWE to care for

  41. Either the whole of the government … every agency at the international and national levels are conspiring against Trump. This includes law enforcement, the courts, scientists, everyone even republicans or Trump is simply wrong. Why don’t we use Occam’s razor? That should tell even you which side is telling the truth.

  42. Unfortunately, Republicans don’t stick together, unlike the dirty Dems who would vote for the devil and legions would follow. Graham Cracker does a lot of talking and no action. Paul Ryan was a disappointment too. If our great president doesn’t win we will not of a USA. Obama and his administration will go down in history as the worse ever but they need to be brought to justice. That administration has gotten away literally with murder. Bill Barr keep up the good work. Send these guys to prison. I’m 74 and unable to send money to all these political groups who overwhelm me with e-mail, letters, etc.for donations. I will make a donation however but will have to delete future pleas. Most importantly, my husband and our children, my brothers and sisters(we are a family of 9) except for one or two will be voting the Trump Team & then for VP Pence for 8 more years. Keep America Great & when the left & fake news ask stupid questions…say…I don’t have time for this, I’m busy keeping America safe & continuing to keep USA the greatest country in the world despite them. God Bless you & your family

  43. I cannot believe Graham would be for formers to take the job Americans can Fill. This is a time when all politicians should be trying to fill jobs with ONLY Americans. Senator need to quit lining their pockets, and help all Americans. Change from Big Money, Big Business lovers do what you were ELECTED for, All Americans, not lining their or you Pockets.

  44. Lindsay Graham Cracker is a self serving Rino.
    He has lost all respect and will be challenged at the polls in November!
    Actually, he’s more like an Animal Cracker!!

  45. WTF James Risch and Mike Crapo from Idaho. Who is lining your pockets. This just pisses me off you two turncoats are on this list. Must have some sort of slacker jobs lined up after the next election that will make you further millionaires. F’in dickheads. You are an embarrassment to our state.

  46. Rev. Fails… I hope you don’t preach such nonsense to your flock. If you do, then you certainly have a fitting name.

  47. So, these RINOS want Biden? We know the problem! What do these RINOS offer as a real solution? Biden will ship Coolies from Communist China!

  48. What we DON’T need is people running back and forth across that Border and carrying the Virus with them!!! Sure they come here to work, then go home and back here to work…back and forth, back and forth without any restrictions!!!

  49. Joes was talking tos my tail last night while riding mes and says Scott27 is lying to much and will cost us the election and didn’t clean my stall rights, i could get hoof and mouth disease like 27s

  50. Scott27 – it is the liberal army ANTIFA that is causing the mayhem, riots, looting and starting fires.

  51. Corrine.. I source everything. Zephyr… most of the violence and looting is being carried out by white supremists who are infiltrating these protests only to cause trouble and divert your attention. You realize you are advocating for harsh treatment of your fellow trump supporters.

  52. Thank God for a POTUS that was willing to stem the flow of illegals into our country. I can’t imagine what our country would look like today, with the pandemic, had Hilary won in 2016.

  53. Scott27 unfortunately you are one of the many Kool-Aid drinking Karen’s that are too blind or ignorant to source your facts before you make a fool of yourself. Do you live in your mommy’s basement? Why not become part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

  54. We’ve all scene what democrates are capable of , everything illegal , corruption , faults accusations , voters fraud , demons can’t resist a normal life . And for them to praise these riot’s , their not for justice for George , it’s all about looting, destruction, thief , all prosecutable. Arrests should be swiftly.

  55. I would be willing to bet that all these people on here claiming the hiring of illegals will pay them a lot less. Cheap labor is why they are hired. A temporary work permit for jobs such as picking fruit and other jobs that Americans won’t do is understandable. For those of you libtards that love Canada guess what? That job has to be offered to the local citizens first. The same should be done here instead of giving jobs to illegals. If you are still confused..ask an illegal immigrant what would happen if you went to Mexico and did the same? You would probably limp home if you made it home. Wake the hell up!!!

  56. Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised that Graham is on the list. He blows like the wind as does Justice Roberts. The others make sense. Demorats in Republican clothing. But they should no be voted back into office. No more foreign workers until all Americans, legal Americans have jobs but then if the Demorats keep pushing hand outs, people may no want to work. It’s easier. But is it better for the individual and the country? As one official put it, free money is good until you run out of it (paraphrased). Where is the 3 Trillion already authorized coming from? More borrowing so our great grandchildren still have a national debt?

  57. Joe Bob… spoken like a true trumper cultist idiot. I don’t see you lining up to go work in the fields on 100-degree days from sunup to sundown to harvest the very food you eat. I don’t see you complaining about your dear leader hiring them to grunt work at his resort properties. I am truly sorry you had such a poor upbringing.

  58. Snott27, please give us your address so we can stop by and drag your ass outta your mommy’s basement and give you a nice fun blanket party! You POS. Your America second attitude needs adjusting! I’m tired of my property taxes going up to pay for these workers!

  59. The best way to resolve this is at the individual level. Back in the 80s we started putting pressure on the individual worker/immigrant themselves. Granted, the Iranian hostage crisis helped, but in high school we had a couple of these Iranian exchange students. I don’t think there was a day that went by that they didn’t have to worry about an ass whipping by red blooded Americans….non democrat of course as the democrats were sucking foreigner cocks back then too. Same principal applies today. Let them know we don’t want them here and they should leave!

  60. The 9 wusstard rinos must go. They are traitors to the millions of citizens who are out of work. Cornyn is one of them, from my own state.

  61. This is a huge problem with elected officials. They have no appreciation for working Americans trials and tribulations. President Trump did exactly the right thing. These people that we elect need to reflect our values in stead of their own.


  63. Where’s my post??! Not one thing radical about it! Just my “free speech” of opinion and wisdom, ref. Lindsey Graham!

  64. In 2013, the Senate passed a bi-partisan immigration bill the included work permits for needed immigrant workers for jobs US citizens won’t do, border control, daca reforms, a challenging path to citizenship, etc. Guess who wouldn’t bring it to vote in the House, even though it would certainly have passed with bipartisan support? Republican leadership. And why? Because then they would not have an issue to stir up the idiots that post to this blog. Don’t complain about Republican senators who send a letter to Trump. At least there were a few who had the guts to support an opinion that is different from Trump. It was about time.

  65. These nine RINOS MUST TO GO
    PRONTO. Send all of them to India.
    TV these people are not Americans

  66. Mary Francis Evans… thank you for a voice of reason in this otherwise irrational ranting thread. While these people rail against foreign workers, trump’s mara-lago hires them and provides them illegal documents…. sheesh, folks.

  67. These “9” need to explain to the AMERICAN voting REPUBLICANS “WHY” they would like to bring in FOREIGN workers that take jobs from ANY AMERICAN !

  68. I am now having second thoughts supporting anyone, REP or DEM!! To think I switched from the Crazy party aka DemoCRAPS to Republican.!! I give up!!!!



  71. Thankful none of the Senators/traitors are not from
    My home State of Pennsylvania. I respect both Senator Casey (D) and Tommy (R) for being somewhat reasonable on some issues. They both usually vote along party lines. They are not back stabbing scum like the nine RINOs. Vote them out!

  72. Who cares if these Republicans want foreigners to be imported. It would be hard for 9 people to have the power to get this done. Don’t fall for these tricks.


  74. Rob Jones: If you’re backing President Trump you are choosing the Devil and you will be rewarded with a free trip to a Hot Spot in your future! Repent now and be nice and really choose God – you don’t want to spend eternity with The Orange One!

  75. I guess none of you run a motel or a theme park in America – 75% of the help the last twenty years comes from overseas and we have been lucky to have them! If you can find me the 20 or so Americans willing to work 12 hours a day and do it diligently and happily in my motel, I will hire them. (Especially since I have found none of the local high school/college kids want to work – they have their own priorities – I do understand). Thank God somebody is speaking up for me/us! Thank You to the 9 Republicans and all of the others speaking out!

  76. Why are the 9 senators going against the president? We don’t need any foreign workers. Yhe American people need to br working. They are yhe ones out of work on account of the wuhun virus. Im disgusted with them

  77. PS: Oh my GOD YES——KEEP USA “JOBS” FOR USA CITIZENS!!!! A NO BRAINER!!! Agape, Kathrine Peckham Marshall

  78. If Trump does what those Rat Turd senators are suggesting then it is definitely time for the true patriotic members of the GOP to find another nominee and pronto.

  79. I’m having a Hard Time believing this one……Cornyn, Graham, Crapo, Sullivan, have voted with the President consistently.. REMEMBER THERE IS ALOT OF DECEPTION OUT THERE TO TRY TO DIVIDE US & CAUSE US TO LOOSE THE “SENATE” & TO KEEP US FROM “WINNING BACK THE “HOUSE”!!!!!! These are probably the MOST PERILOUS POLITICAL TIMES IN OUR LIVES!!!! I’ m 70 now and have never seen such Pure Evil being perpetrated against “our” precious CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC!!!! We need to Be Wise, PRAY, & Think first ——before we believe stuff we read or hear about!!! This SWAMP STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN & IT WANTS TO SCREW US UP NO MATTER WHAT!! EXCEPT FOR RAUNCY ROMNEY & ARIZ. SASSE!!! I’m WILLING TO GIVE THE OTHERS THE BENEFIT OF DOUBT!! At least I CAN IDENTIFY WHO A RHINO IS & I CAN FIGURE OUT WHAT THEY MAY or NOT do!!——-They do often Stand for Trump——Lisa Murkowski is a good example! We MUST STAND UNITED—-If we are to maintain control of the Senate and GOD HELP US …. TO WIN BACK THE HOUSE- THIS MUST HAPPEN!! (Even if we have to hold our noses-from the rotten stench in the alligator infested swamp!!). MAGA!!!! In Jesus Christ Most POWERFUL NAME, Amen!! Agape, Kathrine Peckham Marshall

  80. They claim to be Patriotic, but your digging into their pocket book. The lady from Alaska, what the hell does she have in the game??? We know, let’s take away money from the Eskimos and give it to illegals. Rodent may be different colors, but still a rat…

  81. I’m never surprised at some people’s stupidity. That goes to show that everyone that calls him/her selves conservative isn’t always truthful. Some of the so called republicans are as bad as the commiecrats

  82. What in the name of God are these idiots thinking? I do not know what to think of Lindsey Graham. One minute he seems geat and the next, he is a flaming asshole?

  83. I didn’t see mad mitt on the list. AMERICA FIRST especially at this time. Shut down all immigration into the US. Shut down all educational visas from unfriendly countries.

  84. I don’t have a comment but I do have a question.

    What do these nine back stabbers have to gain ? What benefit is it to them?

    Please tell me. My vote will not go to the Texas senator. What a shame. ( My state)
    The democrats and the biased media are throwing everything negative at President Trump
    and now these American turncoats won’t even support him or the American workers who need jobs. They are despicable.

  85. We have so much “housekeeping” it makes me dizzy. Furthermore anyone inviting foreign workers is NOT offering them a better quality of life. Nothing more rewarding than “standing your ground” wherever God placed you. This is the hard cold lesson current foreign workers face and it ain’t pretty.

  86. Come November PATRIOTIC AMERICANS need to remember the RINO 9 and vote these ANTI-AMERICAN Senators out of office. Remember them:
    Republican Senators Lindsey Graham, James Lankford, Mike Crapo, John Cornyn, Lisa Murkowski, Todd Young, Dan Sullivan, Mike Rounds and James Risch.

  87. Just have a different perspective of Lindsey Graham. He was one of my favorites and I always tried to donate to his campaign but if he’s not going to be America First I will have to find someone else. I know this pandemic is hard but giving our work away to foreigners is not right. Americans need these jobs not cheap labor. Shame on you Mr. Graham.

  88. Now is the time to restructure the workforce and give Americans jobs. These republicans are looking for a quick fix to the chaos wrought by the pandemic. Taking the easy way out will do greater harm in the long run.

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