Nine Republicans just signed a letter that stabbed Donald Trump in the back

Polls show Donald Trump has near universal support from Republican voters.

But inside Washington, D.C. there are still Never-Trump RINOs looking to sabotage his re-election chances.

And now nine Republicans just signed a letter that stabbed Donald Trump in the back.

Donald Trump won the 2016 election in large part by running against the establishment’s support for amnesty and open borders.

Even after Donald Trump’s win, pro-open borders forces within the GOP worked to undermine the President’s “America First” message.

The latest example of this treachery came when nine Republican Senators signed a secret letter demanding the Trump administration allow more foreign workers to enter the country during the coronavirus pandemic.

Republican Senators Lindsey Graham, James Lankford, Mike Crapo, John Cornyn, Lisa Murkowski, Todd Young, Dan Sullivan, Mike Rounds and James Risch all demanded the President import cheap foreign labor that would depress the wages of current workers and take job opportunities away from the nearly 40 million out of work Americans.

The turncoat nine wrote:

The marked impact that the coronavirus has had on the job market is undeniable. Nearly 33 million Americans are unemployed, and close to eight million American small businesses are at risk of shuttering forever. Some of these struggling small businesses rely on labor that many Americans may not be qualified or able to perform, even in the aftermath of the pandemic, and some of these businesses operate in industry sectors that are not experiencing high unemployment … or in particular geographical locations where qualified labor is scarce. American businesses that rely on help from these visa programs should not be forced to close without serious consideration. Guest workers are needed to boost American business, not take American jobs.

The President is pinning his re-election hopes on getting Americans back to work and rebuilding the economy.

But these Republicans undercut that message by trying to keep Americans out of work and replacing them with cheap foreign labor.

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