No one could believe the real truth about these accusations against Trump

More facts are coming to light about the campaign to destroy Donald Trump.

The left is trying to use allegations of sexual misconduct to force him to resign.

But no one could believe the real truth about what happened.

Attorney Lisa Bloom admitted she told two women who accused Trump of sexual misconduct that she could arrange for financial compensation.

In one case it involved paying off a mortgage.

And some of the money for the women would come from a pro-Clinton Super PAC.

The Daily Caller reports:

“A high-profile feminist attorney promised two women they would be financially compensated for publicly accusing President Donald Trump of sexual harassment in the waning months of the 2016 presidential election.

Lisa Bloom, who represented four Trump accusers – two of whom came forward, told the women she could arrange paid media appearances and secure cash from donors in exchange for their public accusations, two of her clients told The Hill.

The California attorney told one woman, who ultimately decided against coming forward, that a donor was willing to shell out as much as $750,000 for the accusation and promised another woman a donor agreed to pay off her mortgage, according to contractual documents, emails and text messages reviewed by The Hill.

In a text exchange with one of the accusers, Bloom indicates that a pro Clinton PAC might also be willing to provide financial support.

Bloom, who has represented sexual harassment accusers as well as disgraced alleged sexual abuser Harvey Weinstein, acknowledged accepting donations on behalf of her clients in order to provide for their security and relocation, in a statement to The Hill.

“Donors reached out to my firm directly to help some of the women I represented,” Bloom said.

She further conceded her firm does take a 33 percent commission when arranging a paid media appearance on behalf of a client.

“Our standard pro bono agreement for legal services provides that if a media entity offers to compensate a client for sharing his or her story we receive a percentage of those fees,” she said. “This rarely happens. But, on occasion, a case generates media interest and sometimes (not always) a client may receive an appearance fee.”

Millions of Americans were already suspicious about the allegations made against Trump during the 2016 campaign.

The women popped up just a month before the election and then faded back into the shadows after Trump’s victory.

This fact pattern led many to believe the women weren’t telling the truth or that they were politically motivated.

Confirmed reports of financial dealings will only add to the skepticism that is cemented in the minds of many Americans about these highly questionable accusations.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this case.




  2. What ever I was in lefty of locker rooms and the Army I’ve heard guys say shit that would make your skin crawl but nine out of ten times it was lies trying to make there self look good to all the other guys.

  3. I am no Lawyer but as far as I know this broad can be removed from the case and disbarred from practicing law again and she could face jail time all for the Clintons. These filthy demonrats will stop at nothing to bribe anyone just so Clinton doesn’t have to go to prison for life with all the shit going around now. The demoncraps don’t have enough against them right now, and they are still looking to take on more. Time to send them and these lying women to prison for awhile.

  4. It was amazing how the crooked attorney, Ms. Bloom, could offer as much as $750,000 to a woman she was prepping to tell a complete lie featuring a made-up story of President Trump with women she would be required to testify in a courtroom. The woman chosen to testify to this made-up story could not, out of her own conscience, be party to such a lie, even for $750,000.
    Lawyer Bloom represented either a group of financiers who were willing to parley their money into a $750,000 bribe, or it could have been George Soros, who has endeavored to covertly control U.S. politics with the fortune he has made converting the monies of many foreign treasuries via corrupt methods.
    He is an important backer for the Democrat Party, which for his financing carries out his wishes. He is a key enemy of the U.S. Constitution. The corrupt MSM thinks the world of Soros!

    • In case you were not aware , Ms Bloom is THE DAUGHTER OF, none other than “inglorious Allred” – -the freak, liberal, female ambulance chaser. You know that old saying “Apples don’t fall far from the tree” – -how much more proof could you possibly need?

  5. Timothy I don’t know what locker room you were in but Mondays in the locker room before and after practice were about the weekend and who went to which party and did what, and who screwed who over the weekend, but then I played football and basket ball for four years in high school and football one year at city college. You must have coached the girls team or hung out in a monastery locker room if you never heard a off color story or talk about sex. Where you actually on the team or did you just pass out shower towels?

    • No, and I never heard anyone say they were out last night, grabbing women by the pu**y. Remember, when you’re a celebrity you can do it. Yes, all men and women talk about some weird things when they’re among friends, but saying,I just walk up and kiss without asking and grab women, has never come up in my circle of friends. But, good for you though.


  6. This so-called attorney “scam artist” together with the financial contributors should be shot, or jailed in GITMO…

    At the very least disbar this attorney and arrest her for conspiring against the people USA.

    • They both are witches with a B!!! I used to like Lisa. NO MORE! She is a disgrace,just like ‘ mother dearest ‘! Both ‘ambulance chaser!’

      • A whole new meaning to “ambu-chaser”! But liberal sanctuary California protects its own, including mommie and daughter dearest. Only thing that will stop them from practicing is for potential clients to NOT hire their smarmy services.

    • I’d want to get paid, too. These women know that coming forward, no one will believe them, they’ll lose their job, and probably won’t get another job in that field. You think it’s easy to come out against the President?! It doesn’t change the fact that DT admitted he kisses and grabs women without permission. He admitted it, then said the women who called him on it were lying. How is that possible?

      • Come on Tim — how naive can you be?? The so called “casting couch” has been a FIXTURE in Hollywood for years. The occupants were NOT worried about their freely volunteered favors, they were interested in career advancement OR monetary favors. These “years later” accusations are just ‘easy money’. Since there is NO WAY to determine guilt or innocence, it’s just a “she said, he said” standoff. The legal system has it right — “innocent UNTIL proven guilty” !!

        • Didn’t DT admit that’s what he does? Kisses without asking, grabs them by the p***y? He claims it’s locker room talk. I’ve been in many a locker room, as a player and coach, those conversations don’t happen. There may have been a time where men in power used it for favors, but it was never correct behavior. If you were married to one who acted that way, you wouldn’t stay married. Some actually believe you can’t rape your wife, which is horrible. Some think no really means yes, but really, no means no.

          • I would wager a bet that this Timothy James had a few times with locker room talk. James, look at yourself first, right?

          • I look at myself daily. But 1, I’m not responsible to the Country, nor am I in charge of the military. So one comprised decision leads to another, and when soldiers lives are at stake (like Niger), I don’t want someone who is compromised or used bad judgment. When an important decision needs to be made, DT will see how it affects him first, then the rest of the country.

  7. The attorney needs to be arrested and disbarred. This is exactly what they did to Judge Moore. Only they succeeded with him.
    America: Love It or Leave It!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  8. “ … The women popped up just a month before the election and then faded back into the shadows after Trump’s victory. …”

    Like a bunch of cockroaches scuttling back to the darkness. Time to “Raid” them.

    • Negative, snopes has the breakdown of how long DT has been accused of sexual misconduct/harassment. 1994 he was being sued that at a party, he tried to solicit sex from a 13 year old. He’s been a disgusting human being for a long time, the people who voted for him didn’t care, as long as he wasn’t Hillary. Now we have a disgusting human being, that has no clue on what he’s doing. Not to mention he is in debt to Putin, so let’s hope people do the right thing when he’s exposed.

          • Start with Bill first and then DT. I think that makes sense. Agreed? You know that Bill and Hillary are very, very dirty but yet you had to chase after DT. That’s so sickening. Disgusting.

          • Still defending Bill and Hillary, aren’t you? Tsk, tsk. How can I reason with you, Timothy? Please look at their long list of political sins first before you can come back to the table. And don’t give me “DT is President” excuse.

            By the way, thank God Hillary … lost! Peace.

      • Timothy, Snopes is a Democrat company that will say anything the Party wants them to say. Trump admitted and apologized for things he did many, many years ago. These same women came forward during the campaign. The public knew what they said, and decided they still wanted Trump to be our President. So it doesn’t matter what those women say now because Trump IS our President. BTW, I read that Soros has organized these 16 women together to make sure what they say about Trump, pay them thousands of dollars to do so. Sorry, they weren’t successful during the campaign, and they won’t be NOW!!

        • You’re right, the people voted for DT anyway. Much the same way others in Congress/Senate were voted in by the people. Then their peers asked for them to resign. Which they should because I would not want my office to be associated with someone that has character issues. So we’ve had elected officials step down, as should DT. How can the office that should be respected the most have someone in it that has no respect for the people he serves? I’m sure everyone will say, other Presidents weren’t perfect. Okay, so DT can do whatever he wants?

        • Also, snopes is not affiliated with any party. They do not receive any money or have any sponsors from any party. So, I’m not sure where you got that from, but it’s not true.

          • What really bothers the liberals most is they failed and cannot accept their failure and move on. The Clintons are big time crooks and the voters were sick and tired of status quo and basically threw a big rock at the hornets nest by electing Donald Trump. Ever since the election went to Trump the Deep state, which includes the slanted biased news media has been panicking and wringing their hands. So they sacrificed some of their own (#me too) to set up more smoke and mirrors to try to dismantle this presidency. It is failing miserably and smacks of even more corruption to disgust we the people further. So keep up the good work our liberal friends including the RHINOs because you are making the Mid terms and the next presidential election very easy for true statesmen and not politicians to win. God save the Republic and God Bless America

  9. ” And some of the money for the women would come from a pro-Clinton Super PAC. ” Is that what they are calling George Soros now? A pro-Clinton Super PAC? I guess they have softened it down from POS to PAC

  10. How do these women sleep at night?? They probably came forward to confess their deception and slander to clear their conscience… but unless they return any “favors” that were earned by their false testimony, they are still guilty, in my opinion.

      • It’s possible to repent and atone for one’s misdeeds or sins. Everyone makes mistakes, some worse than others, but if you turn from your evil ways, there is forgiveness. Just ask Jesus.

        • Yes, but some mistakes should disqualify you from certain positions. Making it into heaven, is different than being in a position of authority. How can DT be in the highest position in this country, while denying that he’s abused and hurt people he’s in a position to represent. If he’s in debt to Russia, and has compromised the safety of this country, god can forgive him, but it’s still treason.

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