No one could believe why Tucker Carlson just called out Fox News

Tucker Carlson is the top-rated anchor on Fox News.

But that does not mean Carlson is happy with the network.

And no one could believe why Tucker Carlson just called out Fox News.

The foreign-policy establishment and neoconservatives are pushing Joe Biden to start a war with Russia over Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin amassed 175,000 troops along the Ukrainian border and many experts fear an invasion is imminent.

Tucker Carlson can’t believe these so-called “experts” desire a shooting war between two nuclear powers.

“It’s almost impossible to believe, but we actually are moving closer to a hot war with Russia,” Carlson told viewers.

“Now, the people driving this are incompetent. They have a decades-long record of incompetence. They have no fine motor skills whatsoever. So, once this begins to happen, they will not have control over the outcome. You could wake up one morning and it’s 1914,” Carlson continued.

Carlson added that the warmongering Republicans who opposed Donald Trump are now demanding Joe Biden take immediate military action to confront Vladimir Putin for placing 175,000 troops along the Ukrainian border.

And much to Carlson’s dismay, he pointed out that Fox News enabled this absurd commentary by allowing RINOs like Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker to advocate for Biden deploying ground troops to Eastern Europe followed by a first-strike nuclear attack.

“Republicans are doing nothing to stop this,” Carlson added. “In fact, they’re egging the weak and incompetent President on to do more. ‘Oh, Biden is weak. He’s not standing up against Vladimir Putin!’ You’re hearing that constantly, including on this channel from Republicans. And the rhetoric is getting hotter and crazier and more disconnected from reality.”

Carlson then repeated Wicker’s comments out loud so his audience could understand the insanity coming out of Washington, D.C. over Ukraine – a country where the United States holds no strategic interest.

“First-use nuclear weapons, troops on the ground. Over eastern Ukraine. Is the fate of eastern Ukraine tied to some heretofore unknown core American interest that somehow we’re just not aware of. Is that in the constitution?” Carlson concluded.

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