No one ever imagined Hillary Clinton would say this about the migrant caravan

Hillary Clinton is the queen of open borders.

The failed Presidential candidate ran on a platform of amnesty and open borders.

So no one could believe that in an interview she made this jaw dropping comment about migrant caravans.

Clinton told The Guardian that Europe needed to cut off the flow of mass migration into the continent.

But she claimed leaders needed to take this step to stop the rise of populists.

The Guardian reports:

Europe must get a handle on immigration to combat a growing threat from rightwing populists, Hillary Clinton has said, calling on the continent’s leaders to send out a stronger signal showing they are “not going to be able to continue to provide refuge and support”.

In an interview with the Guardian, the former Democratic presidential candidate praised the generosity shown by the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, but suggested immigration was inflaming voters and contributed to the election of Donald Trump and Britain’s vote to leave the EU.

“I think Europe needs to get a handle on migration because that is what lit the flame,” Clinton said, speaking as part of a series of interviews with senior centrist political figures about the rise of populists, particularly on the right, in Europe and the Americas.

“I admire the very generous and compassionate approaches that were taken particularly by leaders like Angela Merkel, but I think it is fair to say Europe has done its part, and must send a very clear message – ‘we are not going to be able to continue provide refuge and support’ – because if we don’t deal with the migration issue it will continue to roil the body politic.”

Clinton doesn’t want nations to control borders because it is the right thing to do.

She wants to maintain the “liberal world order” she and other globalists support.

Clinton knows that if they can hit the pause button on migration for a period of time, leaders like Angela Merkel, Macron and other big government politicians can stay in power.

They aren’t trying to defend national sovereignty.

They want to maintain the status quo that keeps them in power.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Oh, I like this comments. Remember what Hillary is. She is nasty things and need to go back into the woods or better yet send her to mexicano. Let them tackle her down. Don’t forget me. Clinton as wel

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  3. ps. Valentina ♥. I would sure love to get into a
    deep/heavy discussion OF ‘the (luciferian NWO Agenda).
    ie. ‘who’/ ‘what’/ ‘WHEN’ & WHERE. ___

  4. Valentina, Thanks for more, ADDING Comment. Include Tunisia.
    & hillary Admired >’Margaret Sanger’.< If i recall,
    did not hillary write her 'thesis' re Margaret Sanger'. (something
    like that.) INK is 'there', IF googie google hasn't scrubbed
    by now. Anyway. Here Is Serious 'Soul spiritual' thought =
    Re-Incarnation < IS Alive & Well. Seems 'proof Abounds' _

  5. Hillary and Obama clans not real human. They are evil monsters. Maybe they are robots. They don’t have a real heart. They go to jail and we will lock them up. Lock them up. Make American pure proud and great again. Go Trump.

  6. So well said. That woman is the most heartless evil corrupt liar satanic demon the world has ever seen. Hitler killed Jews cause he used anti Jew campaign to win elections then went mad and lived under the shadow trying to conquer Europe. He’s still trying beyond the grave using Merkel and economically bankrupting countries in the EU.
    But this satanic daughter of the devil himself aims to kill billions. She was behind Iraq Afghanistan Libya Syria Honduras Somalia El Salvador Colombia Lebanon Syria and many many more tgat killed 5 times more people than Hitler ever imagined to succeed. And still doing it by the ongoing wars within those countries plus created the Islamic invasion of the west that was originally the reason of Islamic and other countries of low IQ to invade the civilized world to begin the NWO plan of the elite democrats who want us replaced.
    By saying this…. she is only referring to silence the awakening of nationalism and new leaders who oppose her plan.
    Can one imagine if she won the election? GOD HAD MERCY ON OUR SOULS AND SENT US PRESIDENT TRUMP

  7. Thank you for the levity! She is nothing but a hateful, ill-advised mutant of a woman who is a manhater. That is why the “me-too” movement is so popular; not because we women are so badly treated.

  8. I don’t trust her one bit. She said before the 2016 election she wanted 20 thousand more immigrants in this country. She lost the election even with all the cheating she did. Now to run again on the new Hillary, close the border, she thinks she’ll win. Once she does, she’ll open the border up again. She wants the poor to be majority here so they can have the New World Order and control the American people. Evil to the core.

  9. ps. The ‘mass migration’ in EU IS TOO
    LATE to Stop. Started w/ hussin ‘o’/ hillary.
    Now Angela Merkel will Not seek re-election. She ‘knows’
    what she ‘Allowed’ & DID. Methinx Angela wants 0UT,
    ‘run for cover/Hide somehwere( W/protection).
    She’Knows’ What Else is Coming.
    > WE CANNOT LET ‘this’ Happen To USA.
    > Thank You, Mr. President. Stay STRONG & ‘Guided’.

  10. The Audacity & Hypocrisy IS ‘Stunning’
    to say the least. ADD Bigotry & Racism.
    No Soul. No Conscience. In Satanic Agenda.
    >Well, i’ll say ‘it’ &&&the Clinton Foundation
    ‘pedo trafficking’ ring’ IN Haiti. They HATE her.
    Still NO ‘running water’ in severals yrs, As Billions
    Were poured into that ‘foundation’.

  11. Not to mention Bill Clinton while President, gave our missile guidance system to China. These are treasonous acts by both Clintons. They should be brought up to a military tribunal, for their actions.

  12. Sharon, I heard you clearly. I am on Monika Lewinsky side. She is telling the truth. All others need to be in jail asap. They are criminals and murder addicts. They are not above law just bcuz they are wealthy people. They are anot wealthy. They stole millions of dollars from American people. Donald Trump is doing a good job. But Hillary’s clan won’t let him.

  13. Well well the biggest liar opens mouth and insert feet!!! I have no respect for that murderous, stealing, money stealing, whore. She to find some place to go somewhere and die. How in the hell these blind idiots see what she is doing whether people are Democrats orrepubicans. She doesn’t deserve the life or breath of being in this world. People of America take the time to look into her past read up on the evil the crime’s that both Hillary and Bill Clinton committed, those two damaged lives of those women that Bill Clinton raped, Bill’s impeachment of the rape of Monica Lewinsky along with money laundering… Crooked Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama when they told are military to stand down in Libya, while four of our Americans were slaughtered… Have any of you bothered to inquire or looked into the crooked business of our then President Obama and then Hillary Secretary of state took our uranium and sold it to Iran for $40 billion dollars. Seth Rich found murdered a block from his home, that was not a robbery that went wrong. That young man was murdered by killers hired by Hillary… Why you ask because that young man was fixing to turn Hillary Clinton in for what she planned had been planning to steal from the American people… All those lives taken on 9/11 who brought these killers here??? Who did she paid to trained these killers??? To watch as these killers, killed innocent men, women, children, and didn’t lose one night sleep for the lives she took… I truly believe in my heart that Hillary Roshan Clinton needs to pay for the cold blooded murders the money she stole from the American people. No not club med but found guilty for her crime’s sentence to death by injection… These Democrats who are in office are so very quick to point fingers at our President about things that he has not done to the American people. But evil vile life of Crooked Hillary Clinton is still free to continue her evil crime’s. What is wrong with this picture???

  14. This dimwit gives her professional advise to Europe but she wants us to have open boarders. What an Ivy League educated nitwit. She needs to concentrate fully on bimbo eruptions from Gods gift to women Bubba Clinton.

  15. I don’t want Hillary Clinton as a woman President. She turns out to be horrible reputation for almost all women to support her. I dont support her at all. Wake up women. Don’t let Hillary Clinton ruin your women reputation. I am a better woman what she’s.

  16. If Hillary wants open borders than let her pay for all of it.she swindle enough people to get the money to pay for all their needs .maybe one of the criminals will do her in like she does everyone else

  17. Since Hillary lies every time she opens her mouth, I don’t pay any attention to what she says. She always has an ulterior motive anyway.

  18. Me:It sounds like Killary doesn’t know her own mind. First she is adamant for Open Borders, now she isn’t?? Next she’ll be supporting President Trump! Oh, That’s going too far for her.
    She actually is blaming the whole migration thing both in Europe and Mexico for putting President Trump in office. WOW! She is soooooo off the mark on that one! When do you think she will realize that the American people “CHOSE” Donald Trump over her and it had absolutely nothing to do with migration!! Yeah, I get it. NEVER will she understand that because all democrats are just emotionally driven children in adult bodies.
    Yes, I agree Me. All dems should be put in jail!

  19. Liberal globalists are still listening to her. Her advice for their agenda is indeed wise and clever. They need to slow down to avoid angering their citizens. Maybe there will be a time that the citizens will forget it and then … the liberals will do it all over again. Yeah, people forget … easily.

    Liberals always have their strategies ready to deceive the society. They would wait for the right time.

    Obviously, the UN need to go.

  20. She lost election because of immigration ! She publicly sympathize with illegal Mexican girl who couldn’t go back for grandmother’s funeral.another problem was wanting to give free medical care to illegals. There are laws here and why should Americans have to support) care for illegals but Europe shouldn’t ? AMERICANS FIRST !!

  21. RIGHT ON!! That disgusting excuse for a ‘woman’ who speaks out of BOTH SIDES OF HER MOUTH, depending on who her audience is! I am just waiting for her to be put behind bars with what BS she said about her MONSTROUS LACK OF SECURITY for government documents! As an Operations Officer in the military, I would have been forced to resign my commission if I committed what she EXCUSED herself for doing!

  22. Yes, she is racist fool. If she hate American? She would be better off put in jail. Every jailbird are rasict in jail. Hillary’s and her clans will rather be happy.

  23. Me, I like that. Good ideas. It is time to put all of them in jail. Put them all in together and lock them up and throw the key away.

  24. Ha Ha Ha Ha! Has ANYBODY called HER a racist yet???? We already knew she was a Demon Rat HYPOCRITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. You are exactly correct – it appears that Hillary and Obama are trying a different attack – side with what the American want and want to hear – get in and do what you want – this is the scam – the liberal democrats who studied alinsky (spell) know they have to creat the scam – sell it – back it – get caught deny and deny – in this case get elected and screw everyone- the sad thing is there are a lot of Americans that fall for this tactic again and again – the next step in the scam is blame someone else – wake up Americans – this is normal operating procedure for them to follow – of course the Republicans / conservatives are the blame – this is the game. Please Wake the Hell Up Americans!!!!

  26. You are exactly correct – it appears that Hillary and Obama are trying a different attack – side with what the American want and want to hear – get in and do what you want – this is the scam – the liberal democrats who studied alinsky (spell) know they have to creat the scam – sell it – back it – get caught deny and deny – in this case get elected and screw everyone- the sad thing is there are a lot of Americans that fall for this tactic again and again – the next step in the scam is blame someone else – wake up Americans – this is normal operating procedure for them to follow – of course the Republicans / conservatives are the blame – this is the game. Please Wake the Hell Up Americans!!!!

  27. Hillary and her clans need to be in jail asap before too late. Put all the Hillary’s clansclans in the Orange jail rompers and lock them up and fast.

  28. that evil witch is lying,as usual !! she’s appealing to citizens that are against these illegal aliens with their diseases,drug cartels and violent gangs and scabs wanting to mooch off tax payer dollars !! this is the complete opposite of her campaigning for open borders which proves SHE’S LYING !! if this vile “Sister of Satan”every wins the presidency,she’ll turn our beautiful nation into a third world sh*thole

  29. “Thy shalt not covet thou neoghbor’s goods” Commandment no.10 Even some within the Church are not doing things in agreement with the LORD! Amazing, how Satanic Sympathy plays within some hearts! No matter how loving a heart is, at all time JUSTICE must be played! Generosity when missed used is doing harm to all! It Feeds PRIDE at one end and feeds GREED at the other end. What is in beteen pays the BILL! UNJUST!

  30. One should never believe anything Hillary Clinton says, writes about, or claims she believes. All of it is subject to immediate change if more money, or the accretion of increased political power is made available to her. The late William Safire, a conservative N.Y. times journalist, said several years ago after interviewing the First Lady in the White House, that Hillary was a “congenital liar.” And he was dead on target.

  31. This liberal turd is speaking to Merkel because she would never say anything like that in front of Pres. Trump. But I think it’s funny how they don’t mind spending our money to be “very generous and compassionate”. How about using the 100 million dollars you stole from this country. Then YOU could be very generous and compassionate.

  32. Same old HRC, whatever it takes to win and retain power. My question is, who does she think she is to tell the EU what to do? HRC is a loser and I doubt she has much influence in Europe except, in her mind’s eye. Oh Hillary have another bottle of wine and forget about it!

  33. Once again Billary shows she is the ultimate hypocrite -in-chief. Here she goes again with the vast right-wing conspiracy, except that now applies to Europeans. Anyone who believes anything she says can only be as gullible as a three-year-old child or a moron who should not be allowed to vote.

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