No one kneeled during the national anthem and this surprising thing happened

The NFL’s national anthem protests have polarized America and ruined the league’s reputation.

Fans are furious that players disrespect the flag and the memories of service members who died by kneeling during the national anthem.

But no player kneeled during one game and something surprising happened.

In the week 10 Sunday night matchup between the New England Patriots and Denver Broncos, no player kneeled during the anthem.

Only three players kneeled on Sunday as protesters took the week off because they were afraid of being anti-military while the league observed Veterans Day.

The protests have alienated viewers and ratings are down nearly six percent from last season.

However, the Patriots-Broncos matchup saw a 20 percent increase in the ratings for a game where every player stood for the national anthem.

Deadline reports:

“Simply put, with neither team kneeling during the national anthem, the primetime Week 10 NFL game on NBC saw the current Super Bowl champs decimate the host Mile High City team 41-16. In stark contrast to the Patriots’ performance of almost a year ago when Robert Kraft-owned team lost on SNF to the Seattle Seahawks on Week 10 of the 2016-2017 season, last night was one success after another.

In fact, last night’s game was a lot more like the last time the Patriots were on SNF this season. That foggy October 22 matchup with the Falcons saw the Patriots win 23-7 and the numbers go up for the NBC NFL flagship show.

Last night’s controversy-free but certainly singing challenged Sunday Night Football scored an 11.5/19 in metered market results.

Looking over its shoulder to last week’s near season low, last night’s game was up almost 20% in the early numbers. That result certainly seems to prove again that the big-draw Patriots, like the Dallas Cowboys, can almost always complete the Hail Mary for the seemingly fractured league and the network.”

If the league hopes to repair its battered image, implementing a rule requiring the players to stand for the national anthem would be a good first step.

Would be more likely to watch NFL games if they required the players to stand for the anthem?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. Perhaps I’m confused. Was the purpose of the protests to improve race relations? I wonder how that’s coming.

  2. I agree, if they were to go belly up, I would applaud, serves the NFL right, their going to have a token amount of attendees, but never what they used to have, and I heard that ticket sales are already down to $10 a pop, and I don’t think the league can afford to stay alive at that rate. So bye-bye NFL, sorry about your bad luck, or should I say your dimwittedness.

  3. Don’t believe that 6 % figure. You know who controls any polling. The actual figure is far worse than that.

  4. Don’t believe that 6 % figure. You know who controls any polling. The actual figure is far worse than that.

  5. Good comment that I totally agree on! If only all politicians and whole governments did all what your comment states about actually giving their time back to the communities! STOP government wasteful spending!

  6. I get really upset when anyone “corrects” me and says that this is all about protesting how police treat blacks, or w/e. The Flag represents the country, ALL of us, servicemen & women, our Constitution, the Bill of Rights, etc. Our freedoms, our rights, our borders. If you wanna protest how a particular group is treated, do it on your own time; spend your millions in the ghettos, the inner cities where children are brought up without knowing who they are, who their parents are, no education, no guidance. Go into the hospitals & visit the children, the elderly, the dying, the wounded. Donate to schools for playground equipment, computers for learning, for extra-curricular activities like sports, etc. Volunteer in homeless shelters, centers for pregnant teens, homes for “unwanted” children.
    If these things bother them so much, let them put their money where their mouths are.
    I would rather be remembered by ONE MAN for what I did to brighten his life than to be counted by millions for being a selfish ungrateful millionaire who did absolutely NOTHING but kneel during the anthem in the face of the MILLIONS who sacrificed for my freedom.

  7. Right you are! It was Not the fault of those who did the actual fighting, it was the greedy politicians and the elites who start useless wars for their profits and they get the consent of war of the public through the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES and until people get out of the false mindset that any government is too big to fight or fail and with blind patriotism to the corruption of any given government , they will continue to screw the people over while getting rich. people’s channel their protest at the wrong people ,not the fighters, those that obey the commands of their above rank officers, it is the fault of the corruption of politicians politics and the medias who are used as the tools! Non-stop daily protest letters, actions at the true source in politicians, owners, all medias, and especially their sponsors! whomever and whatever is the true fault!

  8. Your very gratuitous for yor comments and I’m thankful for people like you, the Vietnam veterans were shunned when they returned from war, because a lot of people didn’t think that conflict was justified, but that wasn’t the veterans fault, they just went where they were told, performed their duty, and I am glad veterans are more respected for their service now, it’s a lot better than these disrespectful millionaire football players, that are kneeling during the National Anthem (which is in respect for the veterans that were either injured or gave their life) in the defense of our freedom and rights of these football players to make their million dollar contracts. And like I said I wasn’t hurt in the military, but I respect the ones that were, and they deserve the respect of the entire population of America (including these disrespectful football players).

  9. God bless you, Tom ~ and Happy New Year!
    Even tho’ you may never have “fought” you still “served.” And THAT’s good enough for me.
    A few months ago I was visiting my daughters (who live in a different state) & as we were waiting for the bus to take me back to the train station for my long ride back home (MI), I noticed a serviceman wearing fatigues sitting on the bench in the shelter. I gathered my courage & went in to thank him for his service & to wish him well. He looked up at me, smiled & thanked me for my words…and I will never forget the look on his face. It was as if he was not used to being thanked. But I could tell he was appreciative. It gave me a good feeling to make his day just a bit brighter, but as far as I was concerned, WE should be making THEIR days brighter, not the other way around!!
    God bless ~ Jenn.

  10. I served in the Air Force, and although I never fought in a battle and therefore was never hurt, I want to say I respect your husband for his service, and I’m sorry he suffered, and the National Anthem was written for men and women that served our country like him (although when it was written women didn’t fight in the service, but they do now), so in my eyes it was written for them as well. I answered this comment because I was answering the commet two down, but there wasn’t a reply button after that comment.

  11. ! don’t care either, I want the NFL to go broke (players and owners), they had their chance to fix it and they as much as thumbed their noses at us. The National Anthem is all about the military men that have either been injured or killed fighting for our freedom, so that these millionaire players have the opportunity to make millions of dollars playing football (they couldn’t do it in any other country), so let them get out and go to work for a living like all the other Americans.

  12. Kenneth ~
    Thank YOU! My Michael was 67-71, Vietnam 70-71. He passed on from Agent Orange complications in 2014, after suffering for over 20 years.
    These football players will never be heroes in my book! They don’t know the meaning of the word “sacrifice,” “honor” or “country.” They wouldn’t know suffering if it bit them in the you-know-what.
    Happy New Year!

  13. I am of the same opinion. I have gone from season ticket holder to a few games a year to a total loss of recognition of their existence. When you have a total lack of leadership in a n overpayed, PC loving racist loser like Goodell, it’s time for the good and decent players to take over and demand from the owners that the bedwetters have to go and they didn’t do it. So, they are all history as I see it. They no longer exist in my book. I refuse to even watch an ad on TV.
    It’s time for Vince McMahon to bring about a new professional football league without the cup cake, snowflake rules and regulations of the NFL sissy league.

  14. I spent one navy 1948-1950. 4 years US airforce 1951 t0 1954 was in Texas fo ur yrs Younger bro went Korea, came back mentally messed up. Most do not have anyidea what combat does to the mind. They should all spend time in cobate zo nes. They would find how lucky they are to have freedoms like we have in the good ole USA’

  15. Colin is probably laughing at how he started being noticed by a whole nation and some to act his way without true consequence! Look Americans accepted the propaganda lies of medias and a barrack Hussein obama as their leader! You white people are your own and countries worse enemy LOL!

  16. Budweiser beer is taking a survey as if to determine if they should pull their commercial spots. Friday’s calls overwhelmed their system and had to be shut down. If I remember correctly NFL was losing badly. Check it out.

  17. Bonnie Kempf, I agree 100%. If you don’t have patriotism in your heart for the “real” reasons, being “ordered” to stand is NOT going to give you the true patriotism in your heart. YOU EITHER HAVE IT TO START OR YOU WILL NEVER HAVE IT!!!!

  18. Then you’ll hate the NBA.The next wave of low-IQ millionaires.Unless you think that Mark Cuban should run in 2020.

  19. I don t care what they do now, we know how they feel…. the only thing that would make me happy is the league fold up.

  20. If the players will not stand out of respect for the Flag, and all the Veterans who have fought and died for there freedom then I really do not see any reason to watch them. STAND OUT OF RESPECT OR MOVE TO ANOTHER COUNTRY.

  21. They must all be related to the Clintons. Rules are made for everyone but them. I am a 73 year old grandma and used to love football on Sundays and Monday night football. NO MORE.

  22. The NFL should fine every player that kneels 5X the amount of revenue lost every time they kneel! They have video records of every game so the can identify everyone! Mandate these fines are paid PRIOR to their next scheduled game or they don’t play!

  23. Amen. It will take alot more. We should now feel grateful that no one took a knee. I say this to the nfl “national fools league” b blank d. Your black hearts are known.

  24. I too am a retired Navy veteran served over 20 years and I am absolutely in full
    agreement with you, I don’t think I will give NFL any attention even if they stop
    the stupid kneeling, let them live with it!

  25. Charles ~
    Thank-you for serving; my late husband was a Vietnam Vet USMC…he would have agreed with you 100%.
    I do too.

  26. Jules ~
    Just to keep this short here…yours is just about THE BEST response I have read in all the newsletters/readers’ comments sections.
    It takes in just about everything I was thinking myself, but since you already have..I’ll just leave this one to you.

  27. I support you Charles. My son is also USN Retired. I no longer watch NFL and will most likely never again. Never could understand why it was so popular. Those idiots are not heros, far from it. I’d pick our service men and women over them anyday.

  28. As for as I’m concerned, the NFL is history. I am a Veteran USN Corpsman. I have cared for patients that served in WWII, Korea and Vietnam. It turns my stomach to see such disregard and disrespect to our Flag and Country. Those idiots don’t care that the red strips on our flag, represents the blood that was shed by our military which includes Soldiers of all ethnic background and race. These protesting players don’t even belong in the same room or breathe the same air with those that survived and those now serving. They certainly are not role models for our youth. All that support them are no better than they are.I am 77 years old and cannot believe that the America I grew up in, has become so polluted with such low life sports and politics. I assure you we that are true Americans will never yield or put up with such foolishness. Charles Alexander, Veteran, USN, Corpsman


  29. what does it say about the Liberal Media when GQ magazine considers him “Man of the Year”. Disgusting!!!!

  30. hit ’em where it hurts! don’t support the sponsors!! No beer, no cars, nothing that sponsors this league!!! nothing!!!

  31. I agree with Nancy Rademacher. I doubt any of them could find a job. AND just because they were told to stand on Veterans Day doesn’t mean anything. I don’t think if you are forced to stand means anything but forced!! To bad NFL is such babies out there. We need real men that knows something more than throwing a ball around and make millions. How did it come to that; make millions for playing a game?

  32. I have to agree with you, a lot of these Players need to go. They have shown complete Disrespect for our Country and Military for no reason other then Hatred. None of us should Buy Any Merchandise that Bares their Name. We need to let them feel the Pain they have inflicted on our Country, and loss of Revenue can be very Painful. Even if they stand now.

  33. One game does not make everything alright. Also, I will not patronize Papa John’s Pizza after his disgusting waffling or any other NFL sponsor!

  34. Amen…Boo to these millionaires to be insulting our country and our veterans who are
    much more our heroes than these dummies who can’t do anything but play a game!

  35. I was unable to serve in the military because I was born with polio. My father served 30 years with the 82nd Airborne. Because of his service and years of jumping out of airplanes he can hardly stand but I quarantee not like these rich primadonnas in the nfl he would stand for the national anthem if it made him take his last breath. If it is so bad here move leave this country go somewhere else and try to make the money you have now most of you blow your money on women, cars, houses and drugs and don’t have a pot to pee in when you quit. EITHER LOVE AND RESPECT THIS COUNTRY OR LEAVE!!!!!!!

  36. The results of the years of the lowering of standards to pacify race, sex, religion and who or what knows next, thanks 60’s hippie, dippie anything goes attitudes and liberalism of democraps and repubs and the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES and corruptions!

  37. None of this filth kneeled for one game and now we are supposed to think that everything is okay? No, not for me, everyone of those racist pieces of garbage, need to be fired and go find a job, in a foreign country, since they hate this country so much. Ordering these traitors to stand for our national anthem, most certainly isn’t the right thing to do, forcing someone to be patriotic, isn’t the right thing to do, you either love this country or you don’t, if you don’t, leave and go somewhere that you’ll be happy.

  38. Maybe we give them a reason to kneel! Maybe a bat across their knees! If they get up then we let them play! I bet after their first kneeling they won’t do it again!

  39. Wish people would learn when to use the word decimate. Ain’t seen a football game yet that a tenth of the players were killed.

  40. Also it will give our heroes if they qualify to play a chance to make millions. I believe the chance to earn millions should be given to our military heroes and I am sure there are many who can play professionally

  41. very good idea , but you know that the protesters will still feel used & stepped on. they will cry every time they stand they will be thinking they are still mistreated !!!

  42. I heard a great line when this nonsense began: The next time a team comes to us for tax dollars to help build them a stadium, we should just take a knee.

  43. Nancy, it is not about the “right” of someone to protest. It is about the utter stupidity of protesting the national anthem as if whatever the person is protesting exists because of the United States. Protest police brutality all you want, but if you kneel during the national anthem you are really showing disrespect to the country. This simply makes no sense.

    Racism is not a national policy or part of our national laws. In fact, this country was the first (and for all I know ONLY) country based on the belief that all men are created equal. Blaming THE COUNTRY for what a few ignorant people do is just plain stupid. And rude.

    Poor befuddled Brandon Marshall of the Broncos whined that he was kneeling because he “wants people to know how hard it is to be a minority”. Now that the team is required to stand, he sticks his fist up in the air. Communist symbol, black power symbol, I don’t care. The man is an idiot, who by the way was fortunate enough to live in a country where someone that stupid can be a millionaire. And being a minority is a matter of mathematics, Brandon–only one demographic in this country is not a minority.

    No player who respects this country would refuse to stand for the national anthem. Period. No matter what his grievance might be, unless it is specifically due to an action or policy of this country, there is no reason to show disdain for the anthem, which is basically the same thing as showing disdain for the flag, which is basically the same thing as showing disrespect for the United States itself.

    And trying to make up for this with some lame too-late posturing about supporting our military just shows them up as hypocrites as well as ignorant fools. I’m even madder at the owners and coaches, who should know better, but who are either equally ignorant or who just have no backbones. They supported the disrespect shown to the country because they didn’t want their teams split up, which could lose them games. They should have said “I won’t let any player hold the team hostage to some personal grievances. They have no place here. If your actions divide the team, pack up and hit the bricks.”

  44. Are you serious? How many of those NFL crybabies could make it through Navy Seal training, especially ‘hell week’?? How about Marine training during the ‘crucible?’ Army Ranger and Delta Force training and jumping out of an airplane? Sure!! Then if they get through any of those that they choose to try out for, strap 100 pounds of military equipment on their backs and drop them in the burning sands of Iraq or Afghanistan where their foxhole companions will be chiggers, sand fleas, scorpions, and spiders as big as their fist. Let’s see how they’ll react when the incoming bullets start whizzing around their heads like a swarm of angry bees. COM’ON NFL HOT SHOTS… PONY UP AND VOLUNTEER TO WEAR THE UNIFORM LIKE PAT TILLMAN DID. Of course we all know you don’t have the ‘gonads’ to do that!!!!

  45. To completely terminate all this lack of respect and kneeling stuff from the NFL players, and due that the NFL depends on government subsidies and tax exemptions plus the billions of dollars they receive from Sponsors and the Fan’s ticketing, Mr Trump office must issue a project of mandatory law to be immediately submitted to the Congress for redaction and approval WHERE ALL EXISTING FUTBOL NFL PLAYERS AND THE FUTURE INCOMING PLAYERS MUST PERFORM A MINIMUM MANDATORY SERVICE AT THE US MARINES FORCE OR ANY OTHER SIMILAR TASK FORCE OF THE US ARMY AND/ OR NAVY [EXCEP US FORCE].
    In this way the NFL players will learn in their own skin and blood how really means to be a REAL PATRIOT.
    With this measure not ever never not one of the players will disrespect our National Anthem, our Flag, our UNITED STATES FORCES, our Veterans, our Government, our President, and us HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF AMERICANS!!!
    Whoever any of the NFL players would try to jump over this law must be immediately separated from his Team forever. The College players must follow same way and sign a commitment of full respect for America Symbols and Institutions.

  46. The NFL operations manual states playerd are to stand at asattention with their helmets in left hsnd,face the flag and no talking during the anthem

  47. My late husband was a Vietnam Vet, USMC. Agent Orange took him 3 years ago.
    These spoiled brats spit on his grave every time they kneel, say anything against our country, against everything we STAND for.
    I would not give one cent to go to a game, I would not watch them EVER.
    And I certainly do NOT believe a word out of their mouths ~ not about bigotry, not about patriotism, not about so-called abuse they “suffer.”
    They are just overpaid, spoiled bigots who wouldn’t know real sacrifice if it bit them in the face.

  48. Ficklin, why should a game player have more allowances than regular job holders? My job would fire me because they didn’t hire me to protest anything and my occupation is a 1000 times more important than sports.

  49. The fact that ratings went up when kneeling was not happening does not make sense seeing how they don’t show the Anthem on television anymore

  50. Bill, you have a great idea. The public must share in the revenue earned by the nfl teams in stadiums built by the public on land bought by the public.50% of all revenue seems about right.As I am already 92 years old I certainly won’t live long enough to see this happen.

  51. Unfortunately ex-president obama connot be tried for all his sins against America! As press secretary Sara Huckabee noted there are almost no written records of obamas life. As one polital pundit noted obama is truely a mystery man.No one has come foreward saying he was in school with him.The birth certificate offered has been declared an outright fraud.Now he travels the world blaming America for all the world’s problem.
    Wouldn’t it be nice if Obama and Hillery would just go away and stay away?

  52. This 92 year old veteran thanks you for your support.
    Since the NFL are really the “robber barones” of this generation I see no reason to subsidize them by building palaces for them to play in!
    They might correct this disservice by repaying the taxpayers the real costs of thier support of this NFL enterprise!Best not hold our breaths waiting for justice!

  53. Leave the NWO rhetoric at home. Since Kaeper loves Cuba let him take his centavos, his ISIS girlfriend and raft over to Cuba. He may not even need to live in a barrio.
    What drivel.

  54. Too little, too late. The damage is done. That was only one night and a special one at that, so it will remain to be seen if it lasts. See what happens in the next couple of weeks. I for one will not watch again, nor are my family who always watched it.

  55. Not anymore! Lets just don’t kid our self or try to “solve” this the politically correct way. We are done with that garbage reintroduced by liberals once again.The scum did not see one day of slavery, got rewarded for stupidity and hardly could sign their names so yes. Ban the NFL!!!

  56. The thing is, many would like to believe we are all Americans first; that we may have issues, even serious issues, but we work them out as a diverse people does,under that general spirit and within the framework of an imperfect democratic state. The flag and the national anthem are symbols of that idea. Based on his own statements,people think Colin Kappernick does not share this perspective. He does not honor his American heritage, or see other Americans as his brothers, but as his enemies. Hence his love of Castro’s Cuba and portrayal of police as pigs. Thus given that he has disrespected us, many of us are not interested in watching him play football.

  57. Certainly it IS “their right”, just as it IS MY RIGHT not to support their treasonous, ludicrous anti-American protest!

  58. Whether or not the players stand, fall to their knees and Praise God, or continue the protesting matters not to me. I have not watched an NFL game in 3+ years, starting the first time I saw the traitor San Francisco “scrub quarterback” do his kneeling thing! And I will likely NEVER watch another game. I am quite content to watch college football on Saturday and spend time with my family on Sunday. The NFL no longer exists to me, plain and simple.

  59. Kelton, the kneeling originator, Colon Humperdink, clearly stated his lack of respect for this country from the very beginning of his defiant protest. I suggest you and anyone who has forgotten, go back and read his original statements … wrong starting point for any kind of serious discussion of law enforcement tactics … in fact, disrespecting America is a non starter for a serious discussion of any topic. That’s about like going to your neighbor’s house, squatting on his porch and defecating, and then saying, “Okay neighbor, I just did that to get your attention so we can talk about how your son has been picking on my son!!!” Not acceptable!!!

  60. Thank you for your post. I agree with you 1000%. They (NFL players AND league) is not worth one SECOND of anyone’s time who is a true American!!

  61. Stand or kneel it is the right of each player to decide for himself for that is the right of every Citizen of the United States. It the right that our forefathers wrote the Constituition for. It is the right that soldiers in the Civil War fought and died for that the former slaves could now make decisions for themselves without
    having to answer to anyone. It is the right that every soldier in every war that our country has fought in that has given us the freedom to stand or kneel.

    As for our family we kneel on both knees every day to thank God and those that have fought for our “rights”.

    As for the NFL They have made their choice and we have made the choice to spend our time and money elsewhere.

  62. Would not matter at all to anyone with a brain. MAKING players stand means nothing. NFL is dead to me (and I don’t miss it).

  63. Ronald, don’t hold your breath waiting for an apology. No, they have decided that making commercials trying to make everyone believe that they are not against the flag, the country, or the veterans who have sacrificed so much to give them the freedoms they have. What a joke! No one believes the hypocrite crybabies anymore. They can all die a slow financial death and the end of their careers.

  64. I had been a Denver Bronco fan every since the beginning 1960 but after this disrespect of the flag and country I will never watch another game on TV or at a local pub.

  65. I to am a New England Patriots fan & a Vietnam Veteran.As long as the Patriots keep on standing I’ll keep on watching them play. If they stop I stop because it shows total disrespect not only to this Great Country of ours,but to every great American who ever wore a Military uniform in defending this Great Country of ours,but for some who gave up there lives for our “Freedom.If the NFL Players cannot stand for 3-4 minutes to honor not only our Country,Flag,or Veteran’s then I promise I will never watch another NFL GAME where they (the NFL PLAYER’S) SHOW disrespect all the Way around. If they can’t stand for me,then I cannot stand or watch them.

  66. First of all, let me start out by saying THANK YOU for your service! God bless our Troops! I agree that those kneeling a-holes should just all be replaced. We don’t want or need anti-American sentiment in our great country. They should feel lucky, proud and thankful to be here instead of some third world country.

  67. Oh, absolutely! I wholeheartedly agree with you! All along, I’ve been saying that there’s a time and a place for everything. If you have an issue with the police, protest in front of the “offensive” police station. If you have a beef with the judge who gave what they consider an unjust verdict when they were caught committing a crime, they should protest in front of the courthouse. It just makes SENSE! Doing this stupid kneeling during the National Anthem isn’t proving or solving ANYTHING, and instead creating a rift between the NFL and patriotic former fans, and between races. (And if you doubt this is in any way a race issue, just take a gander at many of the comments here!)

  68. Oh…oh…oh….I know why no one “kneeled in disrespect of our country”….their wallets felt it! Let’s continue until they have to look for another job in another country!

  69. Kotoc, the discord was created by the kneelers not by the anthem itself. They wanted to create a scene, what they called a “protest.”

  70. I will not watch those jerks whether they stand, link arms or whatever. Screw them and the horse they rode in on. Linking arms is same as kneeling. They have shown
    their ignorance about why cops react to violent criminals, Brown, Trayvon, and a
    few others losers. Let the NFL stew in it’s own juice.

  71. No. This household has stopped watching 2 seasons ago. Not going back to watching. We have over 15-military veterans in this family. The NFL’s conduct is reprehensible!

  72. No, they merely need to respect our Flag and Country!

    All this other stuff can be protested during any other time than during the National Anthem and Respecting the Flag.

    It merely takes one minute out of your day to be respectful.
    You have the rest of the day to protest, although I don’t recommend doing it during a football game, because then people won’t come out to watch it or watch it on TV. Other people have the right to protest too!

    People are there to watch football, not protests!

    Do it some other time!!!

  73. Mr. Filkin: your unrighteous indignation is pathetic. Would we have found you with Abby Hoffman in the Chicago 60’s? Were you in Yorkville rather than Vietnam?
    Our Constitution was written by men who knew Judeo/Christian precepts are the ONLY foundation for a civilized nation. For the privileged few who perform once a week for a few months of the year to protest “injustice” and repair to their enclaves is the height of hypocrisy and ingratitude. Since the kneelers are in such super physical condition, let them follow in Pat Tillman’s footsteps. Suit up, pick up weapons and join our 8,400 walking dead targets in Afghanista. What brats.

  74. Kemosabe:

    Thank for serving, and God Bless you and your brother’s for serving our Country! God Bless our President and the USA!

  75. Robert: I agree, I loved football and watched since I was in H.S. and I’m 84 now, no more football for me, I quit watching this year, and I don’t even miss it!

  76. No one should be made to stand. These players should be grateful to stand because of all the riches they are making thanks to our soldiers. God bless our President and Vice-President, our flag, our anthem, our country, our freedom, our veterans then and now.

  77. Butchy; You are 100% correct on this. O’Bama caused all this racial problems, he started this mess. He gets off scot-free for this mess.
    He is a disgrace to the USA and I hope how soon they arrest him for all
    the crimes he committed while he was in office! God Bless President Trump!

  78. Sally I hear you BUT the only reason they are not kneeling is because of the MONEY honey. If they all stand now it is too late for their TRUE colors have been shown. I would not and do not have any RESPECT for them. Just like they have no respect for the flag and the Anthem or our country.

  79. Great idea. Wonder what they would do for a job? Many of them are CRIMINALS so you know what they would do. I feel sorry for the good men who have served and do not take a knee. Shame that there are so few of them.

  80. This 92 year old veteran thanks you for your support.
    Since the NFL are really the “robber barones” of this generation I see no reason to subsidize them by building palaces for them to play in!
    They might correct this disservice by repaying the taxpayers the real costs of thier support of this NFL enterprise!Best not hold our breaths waiting for justice!

  81. No thanks for I want my country to remain SAFE. You must remember that there ARE some that HAVE served in the military and do NOT kneel.

  82. I wish that we could get President Trump to deport them for they are not true AMERICANS and that they have shown there TRUE colors and that they have NO respect for the USA. Not sure of there colors but we can be sure it is NOT the, red, white and blue!

  83. Ha ha ha! That wouldn’t bother me a BIT, since I never was much of a football fan anyway, and it would make the rest of America see how important it is to respect the country you live in… or else! LOL!

  84. I guess they did not want to offend one of there own. I feel for the players who are not of there color. This is not the NFL from back in my time (60’s). They had class then.

  85. As a 92 year old veteran of nearly 3 years of WW2 in the pacific I am completely disgusted with the NFL and its players. Not one more dime!
    What has it cost taxpayers to build and maintain the palaces these players perform in? Do taxpayers share in the revenue generated? Of course not you dummies!.The Romans knew bread and circuses would keep the stupid public satisfied and the NFL uses the same formula!

  86. Terry you are so RIGHT!! This was NOTHING more than a slap in their faces. Ignorance is bliss and they must be happy with themselves Also this was only 2 team’s out of the league.

  87. Stephen Leonhard, wouldn’t it be nice if the taxpayers who build the costly stadiums these overage children play in shared in the revenue generated? Does anyone really know the cost to the public of these “sports” teams?
    Once again taxpayers blindly foot the bill and get nothing in return. Your government in action!

  88. The National Anthem is a tribute to our constitution and our country as a whole, not just the military. It needs to be available to all Americans from the cradle to the grave and should never be restricted. It needs to re-ener every school and every public event. We are either one country under God or we are not and I believe that from the beginning of this glorious land of the free, that is exactly what we were all meant to be.

  89. I don’t watch the National Felons League play ball. I have no interest in low-IQ millionaires who hate my country.

  90. “protesters took the week off because they were afraid of being anti-military while the league observed Veterans Day.”

    So basically they took ONE WEEK off from their protests out of fear it would BLATANTLY show what they are disrespecting every time they disrespect this nations anthem or flag.

    The flag and national anthem stand for the same things year round it is not changed just because it is veterans day so it is the same anti-military, anti freedom, etc. disrespect for the people of this nation no matter what day they “protest” AMERICA, its freedom and the sacrifices of its citizens to achieve that freedom that the flag and national anthem represent.

  91. don’t have any idea what you are on: but GET OFF IT. You are not making any sense and no one can be absolutely sure what you are really screaming about. But, if you are saying that patriotic Americans have no right to expect respect from NFL players, brother you are puffing on poison there. You could not be more wrong.

  92. The NFL’s RULE BOOK requires the players to stand for the Anthem. Who’s managing that BUSINESS? Each NFL game is a CORPORATE event……it’s how the NFL, and the team owners do BUSINESS. I’m done, won’t watch again. It’s to late for us, the damage is done. Their standing now has no spirit of patriotism involved, just dollar-whoring. My wife used to be a fan too, and it’s now also on HER DNWL! Corporate giants? I think not.

  93. Those that viewed the game are HYPOCRITES.
    Those who went, those who watch are a disgrace and their entertainment means more than TRUTH, Patriotism and Character.
    Shame on them for doing so and causing this article to be written.

  94. “TROUBLEMAKERS, HOODLUMS, DOPE DEALERS AND SUCH!” yea that about covers it except maybe add cowards, entitled brats and low life’s to that list. If they really wanted to do something they should take some of there unearned millions and invest in those communities, but that won’t happen just bad mouth the country that has given you everything. By the way is everything in capitals because you’ve been taught that he who screams the loudest gets what he wants. sorry to disappoint you but your mamma was wrong, just because you scream doesn’t make you right.

  95. Well said Myke, these oppressed ungrateful millionaires are a bunch of ghetto rats if they weren’t playing a game they’d be on welfare or holding up gas stations. It’s a shame that the ten % who are respectful are being intimidated by these scum bags. I’d like to be in that alley with you, as a veteran like you I think we’d do a good job when we left them they wouldn’t be able to stand for anything! Them and the NFL can all go to HELL!! Semper Fi.


  97. Money, money, money. It is finally hitting them in the pocketbook and they are “acting correctly”. Sorry, too late for me and the NFL is forever on my DNWL (Do Not Watch List). Marine Bob, Semper Fi to all past and present veterans.

  98. Go for it Jim. They should also receive the pay our soldiers get, not the multi-million contracts they get for playing namby-pamby games, compared to real combat.

  99. STOP Disrespecting, dishonoring men and women who are selflessly give their lives to people who long to be living in United States with all the freedoms GUARANTED. FREEDOM OF RELIGION, FREEDOM OF SPEECH, RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS, RIGHT TO ASSEMBLE PEACEFULLY. GO BACK AND READ THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE. UNITED STATES FLAG STANDS FOR THIS.

  100. Well-said, Dick. I wouldn’t even challenge them to real-life combat. Most of them wouldn’t even pass through the USMC bootcamp training, They’d all be crying and running back home to their mommies.

  101. they are done , dont care if they stand on their heads , we know whats still in their hearts and minds – its f america but take the money.

  102. Absolutely, every current player should be replaced and then, and only then would I ever give them a second chance…about a decade should do it, if the nfl lasts that long!

  103. Absolutely…how could anyone watch a game, devote any time or money to players who we now know, have such hate, disrespect for our country, our flag, our president, our military and law enforcement, and fans? The answer…I will never watch nfl again….I have seen their hearts, and thoroughly reject everything they ” kneel” for!

  104. Will never watch again. If they are forced to stand, nothing will be gained. They will still hate our Flag and our Anthem, so what is the point of forcing them. We will still know what they “think”. I and my brothers (3) all served and will not support these haters.

  105. MY suggestion. Ifhe US should be attacked, the Military should sit down, hold hands and let the NFL take care of it. See what abunch of ungreatful WHIMPS can do.

  106. I am not a sport fan but now I fully see why..To disrespect the nation in this manner is unforgiveable by REAL AMERICANS!!! I am very proud to tell the world I am proud of MY COUNTRY and I will stand by her in al stages of her life..Let’s hear more from ALL REAL AND TRUE AMERICANS!!! STAND UP WIRH A REAL BACK BONE AND BE COUNTED ON THE COUNTRY AND GOD’S SIDE..LET’S HEAR IT FOR AMERICAN!!!!! M.E.Otvos

  107. Thank you Sally for your comments. I agree with your statements regarding the NFL, its players and Godell. It’s unfortunate in the country we live in, it has to hit their pocketbooks and wallets before the owners will get serious and stop the disrespect shown to our Flag, our Veterans and our Nation.
    JKJ Retired USMC/ANG

  108. For those NFL players who say a Navy Seal, Army Ranger, etc. etc. couldn’t make it in the NFL, I have a suggestion for you. Strap a hundred pounds of military equipment on your back, drop you in the burning sands of Iraq– or any other hot zone– and let’s see how you fare when the bullets buzz around you like a swarm of angry bees. As a USMC veteran for seven (7) years I know damn well how you’d fare… stick your head between your legs and kiss your sorry ass ‘goodbye’

  109. When we go to work, we work, we don’t make political protests. OUR asses would be fired if we did. Yet, you think its okay to take politics anywhere, anytime. That is NOT why we watch football. Actually we watch it to get away from politics for a while, to be entertained, not lectured by a bunch of overpaid, flag hating guys who play a game.
    They are free to do what they want, but we are also free to not support it. Yet you think we are wrong for not supporting them… why is that?

  110. you crazy a-holes have made a mess of a game everybody loved. Now you can sink to new lows by being hit in the pocket book. Stand for our country or move to another country.

  111. I have stopped watching football until all players stand for our national anthem. Enforce the rule you already have. Get rid of Godell as he did not enforce the rule already on the books. He let this escalate. I have a sign on my back car windshield to stand for the anthem. If these players want to be political they must do so on their on time and dime!


  113. Maybe we calls em like we sees em..You sorry anti American commie butt kisser. The mailman just came go get your welfare check and EBT card courtesy of WORKING AMERICANS!

  114. None of the seals could make a roster? I wish Pat Tillman could here that. You know who couldn’t make a roster? None of those players have enough guts to stand for the anthem, let alone the courage it takes to be a REAL warrior. And no, nobody cares why they are kneeling, their message was taken to the wrong place. Kneeling at a game, really? Go kneel where the problem is.

  115. I’m done with them! They showed their true colors and I won’t watch another game. The only rea son they are standing is it might hurt their pocketbooks. Starting to stand now just shines ho ,w weak their characters are.

  116. I hope everyone gets what they need from the football kneeling issue. The Broncos should have ALL knelt down, and stayed on the sideline for the way they performed…..FOCUS on how to resolve your goals and life…it is ALL a gift.

  117. I think viewership may have had more to do with the fact that the Falcons played extremely well last year and did something I thought not possible, play the Patriots in the Super Bowl and almost annihilate the Pats. This was the rematch everyone wanted to see. The Broncos have always been one of the Pats best rivals, and fans also wanted to see that match up. I’m appalled that Goodell is looking for a $20 million raise this year, WTF


  119. I guess I am losing my spirit to speak out like I have all my life, about things that really mean something to me, or just having a Demon-cratic brain FART? I really think we should put more effort into backing our Wonderful President and effortlessly strive to make America great again just like our President is working very hard to accomplish with all the barriers that have been put in his path of victory. Most of these men have missed out on the basic discipline training our Vetersn’s received early in their lives. The parents also had barrier’s holding them back from administrating the rules laid down by our Precious Lord and Savior, when he said (DON”T SPARE THE GIFT YOUR CHILDREN REQUIRED IN ACHIEVING RESPECT/MATURITY. I believe we need to give them a 2nd chance. After all; we do have some (“VETERAN”)Scattered amongst the English. I am a combat Veteran, I do know what I am taling about. I got plenty of chances in my life and I came out pretty much like my Dear Mother wanted.

  120. I’m beginning to think that the playing (and singing) of the National Anthem before a game is more of a football TRADITION than a call for patriotism these days. I imagine back in the day when the tradition got started, it was because of overall patriotism and love of country, but nowadays it’s just treated as another facet of their performance for an audience of fans. Even though I love our anthem, and respect every word that was carefully chosen for it, it wouldn’t bother me (in light of recent events) if they decided to discontinue it for football games. They could always say that it was due to the discord it created, and I think a lot of people would agree.

  121. Right on, Bill R. They will never have enough no matter how much money they make. If they think they’ve got it bad, they can leave anytime. I’ll kick in on a one way ticket.
    Roger Goodell wants 50M to renew his contract? Are you kidding??? That loser should be fired!

  122. force them to stand and you know their hearts ain’t in it ,let them neel and deport them to play in another country,if they think they can find a better country to live and play in ,sick and tired of all these cry babies who think they have it so bad here,

  123. I am in total agreement with Robert Mains: “The only way people should go back is if they get rid of every person that took a knee or showed the black power fist and got a bunch of new players. I am done until that happens”. And believe me, the fans would return IF THEY WOULD RID THE NFL OF THAT BUNCH OF DEGENERATES. (I would)

  124. Jerry Jones appears to be the only person willing to express the issues and publicly call for the replacement of Mr. Goodell. Mr. Estavans comments reflect a viewpoint of someone who does not understand the history of the USA and the sacrifice so many have made to have the wonderful country we have today. The tact the NFL players took to make their point shows the same lack of knowledge and of the desire of most viewers who want to get away from all of the political discussion and watch football.

  125. For me, the damage has already been done. The may stop kneeling, but I know their sorry attitude towards this great country that has enabled them to live in exorbitant lifestyle while playing a grown up version of a little kid’s game.

  126. I can’t even believe this is an option stand or kneel.You live in the best country in the world so show respect for those that have made it possible. I suppose it was just a matter of time after 1)one can not wave the flag cause it might offend people 2)they took the Pledge of Alegience out of the school systems.

  127. it’s to late, everyone already knows their true feelings about America, now they are just doing LIP service to keep their cash rolling in.

  128. You can’t teach honor and respect. Honor and Respect grow in one’s heart and mind not in their wallets. I have watched the TV ads by the NFL and now the NBA giving players shoes to fans in the stands, but we all know that show is only because they(the players and team owners) were hurt by a financial lost. No, I too have experienced loved one’s coming home “under our flag”, so I will never respect or watch NFL, NBA, or WNBA again. Next time they open their mouths, I hope they realize true Americans are on the other side of that camera watching and listening. Personally, I’ll stick with those that carry love of country in their hearts, not their wallets.

  129. I 100$% agree they showed their true colors and any pathetic attempt is simply money & job motivated. NOT for the right reasons that they HONESTLY love this country and what it stands for.

  130. Let them lie in the bed they’ve made, then flush their bed and the entire NFL where it belongs down the toilet.

  131. Sorry, I can no longer support double digit IQ behavior, if they’re not smart enough to stand on their own and half to be told to stand to honor the flag or the anthem then it’s by all means, too little, too late. I’m done, sure has freed up a lot of time this household.

  132. I don’t care what the NFL does, they are already taking up to much of my time by just typing this post ! RIP NFL !

  133. Too little too late. We know what they really think. This former NFL fan (since the 1960’s is done) I will not go back to watching, etc. Don’t even miss it. Like college better anyway. Watching these millionaires play a game rather than a real job makes me ill. Am also tired of all of them who have been arrested for various crimes. The league has dug it’s own grave.

  134. Ditch the NFL…Have not watched a game all season, and don’t intend on doing so. My husband and son served this country, proudly. I just thank God, that they came home above a flag…Take your kneeling, and leave. Apparently, they do not respect THIS country…

  135. The thugs had their chance to escape the ghetto, and they blew it!!!!! Let’em return to their ROOTS…..,gangs,drug infested streets,one of them shot every day neighborhoods. As an American and a military veteran, they can all kiss my white a.. & Go back to their rat infested ghetto. You don’t need my white azz money!! Can’t make millions hanging on street corner, diggin ditches, washin dishes, stockin shelves, gathering grocery store carts in parkin lot!! I personally don’t know of any African country that sponsors a football team. Maybe they could be lion bait!!! Doesn’t pay well & not much of a future tho..jus sayin.

  136. As a Veteran of the USAF and have two Brothers that are Veterans these jerks can kiss our collective a**** while they are on their knees. Then the can go to Arlington and kneel and kiss the headstones of my two cousins who gave their lives for our great country. They need to be sent to a battlefield for a month to realize what our armed forces encounter eveyday.

  137. The only way people should go back is if they get rid of every person that took a knee or showed the black power fist and got a bunch of new players. I am done until that happens

  138. The NFL has shown who they are all the way to the top. I’m done, period. If I want to watch football I’ll watch college ball, not the NFL. Not even the Super Bowl. They had their chance and pretty much told everyone in the country screw you.

  139. Hey Estavans. This is America. If you don’t cherish and honor our Constitution, flag, Pledge of Allegiance and Anthem and those who served and died, then hit the road. Go to Mexico or points south and stay.
    You join the kneelers as an ingrate.

  140. I hope the NFL dies as a league.
    They only stood because of Veterans Day.
    They only stood because of losing money.
    It is all about opposing the American people.

  141. Roger, that is an excellent point. Once you let the cat out of the bag it is hard to get her back in.

  142. Too little too late! We know how they feel about the flag and their country, should have been taken care of when it first started and we would not be in this position. No more NFL maybe they need to replace the problem being Roger Goodell.

  143. Get rid of the national anthem at private sponsored sporting events. Leave it where it belongs, military sponsored events.

  144. The NFL can go to Hell.
    The National Flag football League had become barely watchable before this crap because of rule changes and piss-poor officiating.
    This anti-American garbage just finished it off.

  145. the NFL can kiss my ass. i’ll never watch another NFL game again. they blew it with this crap. i sure hope this continues on so more and more people will forget all about this bunch of rat holes. my wish is that the NFL be shut down permanently. how can people go to these games now, the way these A.H. are treating our great country. they have no respect for anyone in this country but them self.

  146. There is nothing they can do in my eyes to make their actions just or less of a total disrespect for their country or those who fought for our freedom.I don’t care what they do in the future, they have lost my respect for ever!

  147. They made their bed. Either you respect our country or you don’t, being ordered to do it doesn’t make it so. What these guys have done shows they have no respect for the country and what it stands for and what they had because of it. They need to go back to the ghetto and think about it.

  148. Nice of them not kneeling on Veteran’s Day. Doesn’t fix a thing for me. I am a Vet and Gold Star Parent. My son came home “under” an American Flag. I believe that we should not fotce players to stand. My reasoning, if forced to stand, they still don’t respect the Anthem and the US Flag. I would support allowing them to use their right on the field, I will continue not watching. Haven’t seen a game in 2 years. Haven’t missed it either. The League and players will continue to lose money and the players Will have to take less money. Money talks, everything else walks. Use your new found time with family or help a non-profit. Our lives actually have changed for good and forever. Don’t know if I will ever go back to football! Quit football and reclaim your time. It feels good.

  149. No. Words are meaningless as are actions without in this case PATRIOTIC intent and conviction. I invite every one of the kneelers and symps to take their discontent to any African country and wallow in the justice. That includes the entire nfl organization. Perhaps the UN would like to sponsor and support them. Not on my dime.

  150. Being “forced” to stand for the presentation of our nation’s colors will not help. We citizens will know that they are not really honoring their country, its people, or the military. They won’t do it naturally and respectfully, tell them to find another country who will give them the same opportunities our country has.

  151. I agree with kotoc. I am a veteran and I am sick of spoiled athletes making millions of dollars and cannot be satisfied with their status in life. Fire every one of them who show no respect for the flag and replace them. It will suit me for them to renounce their citizenship and leave the country. I’ll guarantee support for the NFL will go up considerably. My Clemson Tigers in the NFL don’t do this crap. They were taught better by a loving, caring coach.

  152. Even if the owners, Commissioner all said they must stand for Our National Anthem, Flag Country and Veterans in Respect, I think they owe us Fans, Veterans, etc…. a Public Apology, this would be the First Step in trying to forgiving them of the Disrespect, Disgrace, Dishonor they have shown us and as Role models to our youths….. Then and only then, we can all once again go back to having football ebtertain us…..

  153. I’d be a lot more likely to watch if the owners said “you do something like that again, and you’ll be benched for the rest of the season.” And why don’t the owners do that? Because they’re much more interested in money and winning than good behavior, that’s why. One more show of disrespect like this, and I’m done with the NFL forever.

  154. I dunno… there may be a big percentage of people willing to forgive and forget, and go back to watching football if they stopped kneeling, but the bottom line is that they’ve shown their “true colors” by now, and knowing what kind of attitude they have probably won’t go away until ALL of them have been replaced with better players.

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