No one kneeled during the national anthem and this surprising thing happened

The NFL’s national anthem protests have polarized America and ruined the league’s reputation.

Fans are furious that players disrespect the flag and the memories of service members who died by kneeling during the national anthem.

But no player kneeled during one game and something surprising happened.

In the week 10 Sunday night matchup between the New England Patriots and Denver Broncos, no player kneeled during the anthem.

Only three players kneeled on Sunday as protesters took the week off because they were afraid of being anti-military while the league observed Veterans Day.

The protests have alienated viewers and ratings are down nearly six percent from last season.

However, the Patriots-Broncos matchup saw a 20 percent increase in the ratings for a game where every player stood for the national anthem.

Deadline reports:

“Simply put, with neither team kneeling during the national anthem, the primetime Week 10 NFL game on NBC saw the current Super Bowl champs decimate the host Mile High City team 41-16. In stark contrast to the Patriots’ performance of almost a year ago when Robert Kraft-owned team lost on SNF to the Seattle Seahawks on Week 10 of the 2016-2017 season, last night was one success after another.

In fact, last night’s game was a lot more like the last time the Patriots were on SNF this season. That foggy October 22 matchup with the Falcons saw the Patriots win 23-7 and the numbers go up for the NBC NFL flagship show.

Last night’s controversy-free but certainly singing challenged Sunday Night Football scored an 11.5/19 in metered market results.

Looking over its shoulder to last week’s near season low, last night’s game was up almost 20% in the early numbers. That result certainly seems to prove again that the big-draw Patriots, like the Dallas Cowboys, can almost always complete the Hail Mary for the seemingly fractured league and the network.”

If the league hopes to repair its battered image, implementing a rule requiring the players to stand for the national anthem would be a good first step.

Would be more likely to watch NFL games if they required the players to stand for the anthem?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.



  1. Perhaps I’m confused. Was the purpose of the protests to improve race relations? I wonder how that’s coming.

  2. I agree, if they were to go belly up, I would applaud, serves the NFL right, their going to have a token amount of attendees, but never what they used to have, and I heard that ticket sales are already down to $10 a pop, and I don’t think the league can afford to stay alive at that rate. So bye-bye NFL, sorry about your bad luck, or should I say your dimwittedness.

  3. Don’t believe that 6 % figure. You know who controls any polling. The actual figure is far worse than that.

  4. Don’t believe that 6 % figure. You know who controls any polling. The actual figure is far worse than that.

  5. Good comment that I totally agree on! If only all politicians and whole governments did all what your comment states about actually giving their time back to the communities! STOP government wasteful spending!

  6. I get really upset when anyone “corrects” me and says that this is all about protesting how police treat blacks, or w/e. The Flag represents the country, ALL of us, servicemen & women, our Constitution, the Bill of Rights, etc. Our freedoms, our rights, our borders. If you wanna protest how a particular group is treated, do it on your own time; spend your millions in the ghettos, the inner cities where children are brought up without knowing who they are, who their parents are, no education, no guidance. Go into the hospitals & visit the children, the elderly, the dying, the wounded. Donate to schools for playground equipment, computers for learning, for extra-curricular activities like sports, etc. Volunteer in homeless shelters, centers for pregnant teens, homes for “unwanted” children.
    If these things bother them so much, let them put their money where their mouths are.
    I would rather be remembered by ONE MAN for what I did to brighten his life than to be counted by millions for being a selfish ungrateful millionaire who did absolutely NOTHING but kneel during the anthem in the face of the MILLIONS who sacrificed for my freedom.

  7. Right you are! It was Not the fault of those who did the actual fighting, it was the greedy politicians and the elites who start useless wars for their profits and they get the consent of war of the public through the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES and until people get out of the false mindset that any government is too big to fight or fail and with blind patriotism to the corruption of any given government , they will continue to screw the people over while getting rich. people’s channel their protest at the wrong people ,not the fighters, those that obey the commands of their above rank officers, it is the fault of the corruption of politicians politics and the medias who are used as the tools! Non-stop daily protest letters, actions at the true source in politicians, owners, all medias, and especially their sponsors! whomever and whatever is the true fault!

  8. Your very gratuitous for yor comments and I’m thankful for people like you, the Vietnam veterans were shunned when they returned from war, because a lot of people didn’t think that conflict was justified, but that wasn’t the veterans fault, they just went where they were told, performed their duty, and I am glad veterans are more respected for their service now, it’s a lot better than these disrespectful millionaire football players, that are kneeling during the National Anthem (which is in respect for the veterans that were either injured or gave their life) in the defense of our freedom and rights of these football players to make their million dollar contracts. And like I said I wasn’t hurt in the military, but I respect the ones that were, and they deserve the respect of the entire population of America (including these disrespectful football players).

  9. God bless you, Tom ~ and Happy New Year!
    Even tho’ you may never have “fought” you still “served.” And THAT’s good enough for me.
    A few months ago I was visiting my daughters (who live in a different state) & as we were waiting for the bus to take me back to the train station for my long ride back home (MI), I noticed a serviceman wearing fatigues sitting on the bench in the shelter. I gathered my courage & went in to thank him for his service & to wish him well. He looked up at me, smiled & thanked me for my words…and I will never forget the look on his face. It was as if he was not used to being thanked. But I could tell he was appreciative. It gave me a good feeling to make his day just a bit brighter, but as far as I was concerned, WE should be making THEIR days brighter, not the other way around!!
    God bless ~ Jenn.

  10. I served in the Air Force, and although I never fought in a battle and therefore was never hurt, I want to say I respect your husband for his service, and I’m sorry he suffered, and the National Anthem was written for men and women that served our country like him (although when it was written women didn’t fight in the service, but they do now), so in my eyes it was written for them as well. I answered this comment because I was answering the commet two down, but there wasn’t a reply button after that comment.

  11. ! don’t care either, I want the NFL to go broke (players and owners), they had their chance to fix it and they as much as thumbed their noses at us. The National Anthem is all about the military men that have either been injured or killed fighting for our freedom, so that these millionaire players have the opportunity to make millions of dollars playing football (they couldn’t do it in any other country), so let them get out and go to work for a living like all the other Americans.

  12. Kenneth ~
    Thank YOU! My Michael was 67-71, Vietnam 70-71. He passed on from Agent Orange complications in 2014, after suffering for over 20 years.
    These football players will never be heroes in my book! They don’t know the meaning of the word “sacrifice,” “honor” or “country.” They wouldn’t know suffering if it bit them in the you-know-what.
    Happy New Year!

  13. I am of the same opinion. I have gone from season ticket holder to a few games a year to a total loss of recognition of their existence. When you have a total lack of leadership in a n overpayed, PC loving racist loser like Goodell, it’s time for the good and decent players to take over and demand from the owners that the bedwetters have to go and they didn’t do it. So, they are all history as I see it. They no longer exist in my book. I refuse to even watch an ad on TV.
    It’s time for Vince McMahon to bring about a new professional football league without the cup cake, snowflake rules and regulations of the NFL sissy league.

  14. I spent one navy 1948-1950. 4 years US airforce 1951 t0 1954 was in Texas fo ur yrs Younger bro went Korea, came back mentally messed up. Most do not have anyidea what combat does to the mind. They should all spend time in cobate zo nes. They would find how lucky they are to have freedoms like we have in the good ole USA’

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