North Korea just made an overt threat to the world

North Korea’s pursuit of nuclear weapons this year has the world on edge.

CIA Director Mike Pompeo says they may be just months away from developing a nuke capable of hitting the U.S.

And now North Korea just issued a direct threat that shows just how unhinged the regime has become.

A North Korean diplomat speaking in Moscow said they view any further sanctions from the U.N. Security Council as a declaration of war.

“We will respond to fire with fire,” the official was quoted as saying.

Furthermore, Pyongyang has no plans to talk with Washington, D.C. about its nuclear program and that the U.S. would “have to put up with” a nuclear North Korea.

As North Korea increased its missile testing this year, sanctions have increased.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull reported receiving a letter they called a “rant,” which shows the sanctions are working.

The letter, they said, called on the Australian government to distance itself from the Trump administration.

The BBC reports on the letter:

The one-page letter was sent via North Korea’s embassy in Indonesia and attributed to the Foreign Affairs Committee of Pyongyang’s Supreme People’s Assembly.

It urges other governments to turn away from the “heinous and reckless moves of the Trump administration”, reiterating that the US could be responsible for a “horrible nuclear disaster”.

Mr Turnbull said North Korea was responsible for escalating tensions by “threatening to fire nuclear missiles at Japan and South Korea and the United States”.

“They have sent [the letter] to a lot of other countries, like a circular letter,” Mr Turnbull told local radio station 3AW.

The latest statements and actions by Rocket Man show North Korea is feeling the pressure Trump and the UN Security Council have put on the country.

But still, the question remains on what a diplomatic solution would look like.

What are your thoughts?

Is North Korea crazy enough to launch a nuke toward Guam or America’s regional allies?

Let us know in the comments.


  1. Kim will never give up their nuclear weapons so it remains to be seen how much the rest of the world will tolerate, only time will tell. Forget about diplomacy, it weill not work here!

  2. What we SHOULD do is send them a “package” An EMP type! Knock out their power grid, then they CAN’T send up warheads!

  3. North Korea will launch when their regime is about to implode. The sanctions are finally tough enough that they are seriously feeling the pinch. The decision to fire upon us will more likely come from socio and political events that happen within NK. Something tells me the pot is about to boil over from within due to all this sabre-rattling and massive propaganda campaign they are waging on us and their own people. This may trigger a wag-the-dog launch. We need to have all of our Aegis cruisers at the right places to catch the “INCOMING” ICBM’S when they reenter the atmosphere and are on the down-arc flight path. The second that launch takes place, we need to have our full military decapitation plan in the air. If there is enough air power, we can likely do it without nukes. This is probably why Trump has called up 1000+ retired Air Force pilots this week.

  4. The events in North Korea are providing the United States government with an excellent opportunity to research the feasibility of integrating drones into current anti-ballistic missile defense systems. Unlike manned aircraft, a drone is not limited by crew endurance. The concept would be conduct continuous drone patrols near North Korean missile launch sites (but still outside the country’s territorial air space) to provide a rapid response to any North Korean missile launch. Air-to-air missile strikes should be within the capabilities of current technology.

  5. It’s no secret that, that cheeky fat punk with a freaky hair-do .. “leader” of NoKo, that he’s nothing but a puppet to the Chinese regime. And, so, if China, is a “good friend” of a declared enemy to the USA, then – literally – that also makes of China an enemy to our Nation, since it’s but obvious that it’s been “very convenient” for the Chinese, to continue to use Kim-noko-loco-dummy as their most useful prop, in order to keep the USA gov. distracted, on full alert and worried about what their fat-pet-kim may possible do. Mean while, China will only continue on lying and backstabbing the USA, with pretending to be of “help” to the USA, while doing nothing to stop that idiot kim who’s clearly begging for the US to end his miserable, cowardly life. I hope for POTUS Trump to soon call on China’s bluff, since after all, the Chinese gov. could also send a capable team to do a “wet job” on a kim. After all kim’s just a criminal who’s been murdering his own relatives and doesn’t realize that his days are numbered.

  6. I believe that the US will wait till we or one of our allies is hit before striking back. China has also threaten us so can we depend on them? China has enough forces to take North Korea out on there own, but are they part of keeping peace on this earth?
    Remember that China backed North Korea in the war and even sent troops in that war and we backed away as we did not want to have a war with China. That’s why we have a stalemate with N.K. What is the answer to this situation only GOD knows.

  7. Read one second after written in 2009 by Wm. Forstchen! It’s getting closer to fact then fiction. That Demi god will take us all down.

  8. I agree with you zebra dun but Rocket Man has already committed an offense by firing a missile over Japan. His threats alone constitute a declaration of war, but President Trump will bide his time and wait for Rocket Man to slip up so that no one can say we were at fault.

  9. I suggest that we ask China to send troops against Kim and prevent China being exposed to nuclear ashes from our attack on NK. China can attack from the north and we from the south.

  10. The issue is not if North Korea is crazy enough to attack. The issue is how long will the US sit by and wait for this to happen. There are no easy answers to this quagmire or pleasant solutions. For starters we need to remove all our troops from the Korean border.
    Once we’ve done that, and Rocket Man has not changed his rhetoric. then we have no choice but blow ’em up !!

  11. Talk is cheap, talking the talk ain’t walking the walk and Kim is like a big bunny, Fat Dumb and Happy to actually do the deed. He is all braggadocio and bluff, he knows he has it made and won’t wish to hide forever in a Bomb shelter waiting for that one deep burrowing bomb to bury him.
    Nor the Green Berets and SEALs to come take him to the Gallows with a stick up his butt.
    He saw Saddam, and Qaddafi’s end he knows the real score.

  12. Unless China or Russia stepped in, it just would be a deadlier continuation of the Korean War. We never had a Surrender of them. Only a ceasefire. As NK has violated it so many times, the US has the right to go back in and wipe the little fat man off the face of the earth.

  13. It is against the law to prevent a possible crime.
    Fourth Amendment, Fifth Amendment.
    There is no law that say you must if being taught to fly a plane you have to be taught to land a plane.
    It was not against the law to carry a Utility box opener razor knife, nor board an airliner with one.
    What ever evidence was collected about a possible crime was basically hear say.
    A Murderer must commit the murder or swear in front of reliable witnesses they are going to commit that murder before police can take them in for questioning.
    Nothing could have prevented 9/11, nothing legal, short of war.

  14. There have been two nukes used in warfare and many others set off both above ground and underground. Unless China or Russia got involved, the total nukes that NK has would not do much harm. There would be no nuclear winter except in NK.

  15. The American Leftmedia is feeding the Little Fat Kid’s propaganda machine with its hysterical doomsday scenarios. Kim must have a subscription to the NYT, from which he keeps tabs on liberals’ latest projections of the perils presented by North Korea. He then intensifies those fears via threats and taunts to manifest them in the echo chambers of the liberal chattering classes.

  16. I agree. Dictators have always exhibited mental frailties. But have you noticed that we Americans have suffered under dictorial rule under Clinton and Obama? Now the truth is beginning to come out. Hide the truth about corruption, the deplorable will never find out.

  17. How anybody thinks we would be starting WWIII is beyond me. As the United States of America, we most protect our homeland, as well as our allies also. The North Korean dictator must be shut down now. He will not stop…..the sooner the better.

  18. I think we have tolerated this maniac long enough, i don’t think that he can be appeased, I don’t want the United States to stsrt WW111 but I also don’t think that North Korea should get a free shot at anyone in the world before he is brought down, his threats alone make him guilty of starting WW111.

  19. Letter sent to President Trump:
    President Donald Trump
    The White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
    Washington, DC 20500
    RE: North Korea and “Making America Great, Again”
    Mr. President,
    THE U.S. CAN OFFER NORTH KOREA and the Rocket Man, greatness and wealth, by providing the new power plants with fuel at cost, in exchange for all of NK’s nuclear materials and equipment. NK will be a world class friend and partner with the U.S. (he has 2 choices; work with us or be gone)

  20. I’d like to see the rogue regime annihilated, but do not want the Trump administration to be blamed for starting WW3, which I actually believe we are already experiencing. We have the anti-nuke missiles on call to interrupt any attack on US or our allies. We’ll use them, if and when he launches a nuke on us. THEN bomb the heck out of them; make Pyongyang uninhabitable; and help the people unite to be one free nation. I’d bet the populace of North Korea is NOT behind Rocket Man’s insanity. I hope he’s just “rattling sabers,” with no real aggressive intent.

  21. This individual is not sane, and cannot be reasoned with.
    Diplomacy will never work with this individual.
    He is a delusional, psychopath, who is not living in reality.
    He thinks he is in a game, and doesn’t see people as human beings.
    It is apparent that he thinks he can win, and the earth can sustain
    all nuclear attacks. Nothing could be further from the truth. Once
    the first nuke explodes over a city, a chain reaction will follow.
    Radiation sickness, the poisoning of the earth, and nuclear winter,
    would set in. Life on earth will be extinct very quickly, if not
    immediately. Any rational person can see the reality of what would
    happen. Please, Mr. President, send in special ops, or whoever you
    need to, and take out this regime, asap.

  22. Send MANY STRATEGIC ATTACK DRONES ALL AT ONCE and take him out we are bound to hit Him somewhere .. ASSASINATE ,ASSASINATE, ASSASINATE, NOW BEFORE ITS TO LATE……….I’m sure we have enough intelligence to get him.. NO TIME TO WASTE…

  23. Whether I believe that the maniacal twit in N. Korea would fire a nuke @anyone is irrelevant. The fact is that he is a mad man that must be dealt with before something really bad happens. I mean you wouldn’t give a monkey a live hand grenade would you ? Thank God that President Trump & a few others are willing to actually do something other than appease this little gigantic jerk.

  24. If they do south Korea will be known as the island of Korea, there will be no more north Korea, the dictator is a insane person and should be delt with swiftly and with no regret of the out come, I personally believe his north Korean people will stop him first, behead him that’s his worst fear.

  25. The crazy thing is Rocketman has already proven he is a maniacle despot throwing temper tantrums. It has become clear this N. Korean leader will not stop escalating. He needs to be eliminated from the world arena and the North & South reunited under 1 Korea.

  26. If I were President, I would have blown up N Korea long ago. All this waiting is just giving this little pig more time to keep developing. When is the USA going to wake up. Do it NOW.

  27. The only thing this lunatic will understand is complete distruction of North Korea once and for all before he sends a Nuke.

  28. If he does launch nuclear missiles towards our allies or us his country will be made up of crispy critters! No visitation for at least 200 years to North Korea.

  29. South Korea needs to move in on the North With the help of the rest of the free world to remove this maniac and help reestablish a more stable government. Possible re-acclimation as one KOREA.Like in Germany no more East or West as to no more North or South Korea. All Koreans would benefit from being under the policies of South Korea.

  30. That nut job is crazy enough to send those be clear missiles cause he feels he is right and the world is wrong. He killed his own brother, he will not hesitate to kill or commit a mass murder..

  31. He is starting to sound like a little “Napoleon” to me. I think it might be a good idea to squash this little bug before he gets the idea of world domination. Think about it. N. Korea isn’t exactly a huge country. Why else would they want to spend all that time and money getting nukes? This is only his FIRST step… I shudder to think what this little maniac has planned next! Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Think of how the then president Clinton was offered Osama bin Laden’s head on a platter by a general, whose name I don’t recall right now, who knew of his location, but he basically said not to waste taxpayers money on that kind of speculation or effort. Remember 9/11… what if it could have been prevented?

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