North Korea just took a frightening new step toward war

Kim Jong Un is known for his aggressive posturing.

It recently led to some tough talk between him and Donald Trump.

But while the media shifts from their Russia fake news narrative to pushing impeachment of President Trump, North Korea just took one more step toward reigniting war on the Korean peninsula with this unprecedented move.

North Korea fired a missile over Japanese airspace.

While the Pentagon said it posed no threat to North America, this act of aggression is unprecedented.

The Hill reports:

“We assess North Korea conducted a missile launch within the last 90 minutes,” the Pentagon said in a statement. “We are still in the process of assessing this launch. North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) determined the missile launch from North Korea did not pose a threat to North America. We are working closely with Pacific Command, Strategic Command and NORAD and will provide an update as soon as possible.”

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe called the launch an “unprecedented, serious and grave threat,” according to the AFP news agency. He called for an emergency meeting of the U.N. Security Council.

South Korea’s military said Pyongyang fired the “unidentified projectile” about 5:57 a.m. local time Tuesday morning and that it landed in the sea, Yonhap news agency reported.

Japanese broadcaster NHK reported that the country’s government warned its citizens that the missile appeared to be headed toward Tohoku, in northern Japan, and advised people there to take cover.

The missile instead reportedly passed over the country about 6:06 a.m., according to NHK, Bloomberg reported.

Japan didn’t attempt to shoot down the missile.

This comes on the heels of North Korea firing recently firing three short-range ballistic missiles and South Korean officials believe Pyongyang is preparing for another nuclear weapons test.

While the media is seeking to keep Americans divided over race and Donald Trump through fake news stories, it’s important to remember America has real issues to deal with.

What are your thoughts on North Korea and Kim Jong Un?

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  1. Nut bag. Hopefully he will be assasisnated. Maybe by China or us. Either way I wouid be cheering. Obama really screwed us with his capitulation. Russia, Iran, North Korea, ISIS (the JV team) set the Middle East on fire in Libya and Syria. What a complete and utter disaster and our MSM praises him. I guess they have a death wish. Than God for Trump. Hillary would have capitulated just like the loser before Trump.

  2. Some day North Korea will have what we have in nukes, if we allow him to go on. It doesn’t matter how big a country is. When they do have what we have, Ping Pong, feeling all powerful, will use it on us. Something has to be done now, we can’t wait until he’s our equal. Eight years have been wasted, Obama allowed him to get this strong. The longer we wait, the stronger NK gets. The more U.S. People will die. Trump has to make a move.

  3. An armistice is a temporary stopping of military warfare by mutual agreement … as a truce preliminary to a signing of a peace treaty.

    Since North and South officially are still at war, including their allies China and the United States, both China and North Korea are using the armistice as a cover to increase their power and territorial gains. At what point will North Korea and China obtain victory over South Korea and the United States ?

  4. Let us also not forget that if it wasn’t for Clinton and Albright, North Korea wouldn’t have received the computer and missile technology needed for their current weapons.

    • Right Samurai!! Let’s not think for a moment that the fuking Chinese have been into this from the Clinton years, He also needs to be held accountable and punished severely!

  5. It’s time for someone at the UN to start talking total annihilation of North Korea . . . unless they STOP IMMEDIATELY TESTING OF ALL NUCLEAR WEAPONS ! ! ! They want to be a threat to certain nations they keep calling out, then they can pay the price for threatening the people they don’t like ! ! !

    Here’s a better question America should ask . . . was our reason for going to Korea a “False Flag” event too?!? If yes, why are we even there now???

  6. It seems Americans have their priorities mixed up. Instead of being concerned on the danger North Korea is presenting to us and the entire world, we chose to protest and riot against each other. Aren’t we supposed to band together as a nation and take care of the maniac who is trying to blow us up?

      • Jeff Sessions!!! Pull out a fuking history book bubba! How about Clinton getting a set, rather than down Monica’s throat, Bush and Gonzales?? Obongoloif snd that worthless big-erred Holder?? And now YOU fuking want to blame Sessions for the Soros’ ‘luster fuk??’ Get a grip in life

  7. This shows what a moron this little runt is. To threaten a country that could turn their country into a parking lot is ridiculous.

  8. me , i would go to congress and ask them what they want to do about it , and put them on the hook for it , seeing how according to congress trump can’t do anything right , and then tell the public about their half assed ideas, seeing how they are trying to tie his hands at every thing he wants to do, then if we get bombed it’s their fault

  9. Joe I agree with all your comments. Kim Jong Un is a real danger to the world. Even so, we must do everything we can to avoid an armed conflict. Think of the good people in South Korea and the perilous position they are in. I’m retired military and served in both Korea and Vietnam, I’m neither a hawk nor a pacifist. I pray our leaders will make God directed decision, and will not be unduly influenced by the mistakes of our past Presidents.

  10. This is a great opportunity for our do nothing Congress to impeach our action President Trump to keep him from saving us from North Korea. Then who will Congress blame when Kim hits our country. This has to be the dumbest Congress we ever had.

    • They don’t give a shit they got the best bomb shelter that money can buy in Washington The government knows that North Korea can hit them

  11. With the way Obama left us with N. Korea, Iran, And so many other Failed Foreign Issues, that Now must be Dealt with you would think our Country would stop this Farce, Fabrications, Fake News and Complete Liberal Madness, Hatred,and Violence, Pure Non-sense going on, The Liberal Democrats will be Blamed for creating such Un-necessary Chaos in a time of real Danger to our Country and our Allies. Americans need to be reminded Pakistan was just in the News and is most likely making Nukes for Iran Who will be even more Dangerous then the Nut Job in N. Korea in any event if our Allies get hit in any way shape of form we will be at War, An American President and his Staff should not Be Distracted by a Lost Party hell bent on Obstruction. America Wake Up.

    • So, you’re looking for ANOTHER Dem-O-Crap ‘Scape Goat??’ How about blaming George W. that turned out to be Fake News and a fuking farce!

  12. China said that if North Korea attacked first it was okay for the US to fight back. But if the US would make the first move, China would get involved. So do we have to now sit and wait until we’re attacked first to take action?

  13. Would not look upon N. Korea as being a real threat to anyone. Would be a shame however, if their leader did something stupid, and cause them to lose their total population.

    • Who cares, Leon!!!??? It needs to come to a head very quickly….I’d rather see the U.S. take this fat pig to task rather than frighten Japan, South Kora,Guam, Let’s show these North Koreans a thing-or-two before they fire on one of us…

    • Fact is their missile accuracy is in doubt so them firing toward any country , could hit land . This guy is a mania and China is going to do nothing. It is long past time to take this nut job out. Hire some Israelis and they will take him out. They are very good at covert operations. Either we end it that way or go to war. Then we will risk the lives of South Korea and our troops. I say execute that dirt bag .

  14. Perhaps China needs to be asked to curb their puppet. Failure to do so will result in a less desirable backup plan.

    • Don’t forget, Michael, that China supported North Korea in the “Korean Conflict”
      of 1950-1953, but today China has more at stake worldwide and may very well”eliminate” the problem – – much in the same manner Kim Jung Un took care of HIS “relative” problem.

      • Seriously, why would anyone want to “invade” North Korea? If this is the reasoning that Bung-Wun Fat is using to justify his military threats, then he is in serious need of some psychiatric help! People invade territories to take over other peoples properties without benefit of compensation. What has North Korea got that anyone would want? I can’t think of a single thing!

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