North Korea made an announcement no one ever thought they would see

North Korea’s nuclear weapons program has bedeviled past U.S. Presidents.

And some pundits thought Donald Trump was ready to launch a war to stop the program in its tracks.

But North Korea shocked the world with the one announcement no one ever thought was possible.

Ahead of a summit meeting with President Trump, North Korean state run news media reported dictator Kim Jong Un announced he was suspending all missile tests and closing a nuclear test site.

Trump responded the shocking news by noting it was significant progress.

The media spent months launching into hysterical rants about how Trump was about to blunder in a nuclear war.

But all the while he was executing his strategy of maximum pressure.

And it appears to have paid off.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this case.


  1. Harsh but oh so true. Anyone who does not support this man is anti-american. F–k

  2. Communists will lie, cheat do anything to further their agenda, just maybe this will end up like East & West Germany, they might take down the fence between them. & unite, God Willing.We can purchase the fence materials and move them to the Mexican Border. Ready made wall.

  3. Yep,
    Frank, You may be right. But, at least president Trump confronted him on that. And he let them know where we stand. Unlike the former president Obama the woossie!

  4. I heard this the other day and it gave me pause and I realized it was a correct sentiment, statement made. It goes something like this, ” once all of Traditional Americans are gone, there will be no more American Traditional Values”. That is a sad but true fact. We have to instill in our children and their children that American Traditional Values have kept America Free since the Revolutionary War…. We cannot let the American Traditional Values die with us. The Liberals no nothing about good, moral traditional family values…. they are only in it for themselves and all those without any morals nor the sense of right or wrong, i.e. atheists…homosexuals..criminals, etc. If all humans go for homosexuality, the human race will indeed become extinct too. Even animals seek out opposite sex partners to continue their species. Why should it be different for humankind? God didn’t make humankind to become extinct. I don’t hate, I just feel sorry for those who have no moral compasses. Those of us with moral compasses NEED TO SPEAK UP MORE AND LOUDLY……WE CAN BECOME THE SQUEAKY WHEEL NOW… save humankind from its own destruction…starting with getting the Liberals and all their treasonous and immoral behaviors out of our schools and replace with more Conservative and moralistic teachers…. a good place to start is by limiting what garbage and trash is put out on social media….YES…in many cases now, Censorship of Social Media and to NOT ALLOW PHOTOS OF ANY PERSONS ON SOCIAL MEDIA PERIOD!

  5. George, agree with your entire statement except for “o” STARTED this crap. It’s been happening for decades. “o” merely accelerated the pace, like never before. As far as the TREASON goes both should, indeed, be executed for that!!!

  6. George, agree with your entire statement except for “o” STARTED this crap. It’s been happening for decades. “o” merely accelerated the pace, like never before. As far as the TREASON goes both should, indeed, be executed for that!!!

  7. OBUMMER started all this crap he needs to be executed for treason and starting all this RACIST CRAP. Him and Killary are TRAITORS and both need to be executed.

  8. Maybe the liberals should look at the Democrats “Mascot”?
    It’s a “Jackass”, perfect fit, except a real jackass is smarter and does little harm. Works hard all day too!

  9. The closed nuclear test site was compromised and if used again could precipitate a major geological disaster in N. Korea. The moratorium on rocket testing could be due to recent failures which need more lab research to address. This sounds better than it is. Also, please note that nuclear weapons and rocketry research may well be continuing at other sites. Kim is not likely to give away anything. He is just sucking up to have restrictions lifted. Trump has his hands full with this little dirt bag.

  10. With Trump standing his ground may not be the only reason for NK’s announcement. Everything Trump has done has helped but China maybe said quit the nukes or else could be another big reason.

  11. Amen this is what I say we live by the constitution and I believe they all need to be punished by hanging for their treasonous crimes

  12. N00! re Rodman.HAHA & i ‘know’ what you are saying on that front.
    Gak – & Smack. Mr. Kim Will come around(For his ppl/Country) = NO More “junkyard dog”. ‘Personal Life’ ??? yuk-yuk. (‘that’ KrAAP IS
    worldwide) & Major in US. Bottomline – Many humanos V.V. Sick0.


  14. > NEED ALL the ‘Positive Energy’ Available.
    > Let N0 0NE put a ‘spin’/ (in speculation)
    per Negative Energy re this Amazing Development.
    > Can Be Accomplished. Mr. Kim IS ‘waking up’. Forward Energy> .

  15. I have not heard Trump even thinking of doing any of these things. I do not think Donald is dumb enough to give in to them anytime soon. He will see what happens during and after their meeting.

  16. Maybe just maybe they will wake up and let our President do what he was elected to do without these jackasses in his way. He is our countries first great President in a very long time and he is doing a great job. I for one will vote for him in 2020!!

  17. A nuclear test site closure great. But how many nuclear test sites does he have? But how about NK’s capability for launching nuclear projectiles? But how about the magnitude of NK’s stored nuclear arsenal?

  18. So I’m sure we won’t hear a thing from the lying MSM about North Korea’s announcement!!! Heaven forbid that any good news related to Trump’s presidency is reported by those A holes!!!

  19. its a lie when he gets what he wants he will start again with in a week after we pull our ships away and stop the fuel and crap from coming into there country

  20. Halleluia! USA! IN GOD WE TRUST! Thanks to the Lord. He is always with the President of USA! We thank also the Leader of North Korea in cooperating with the free World!

  21. Only one problem with that. Kim thinks if the two Koreas were united, he would be Premier. That is what he is counting on. My opinion only. As I said, “Trust but Verify, FIRST.”

  22. When I said don’t bet on it I was talking about trusting that conniving, scheming, evil, little scumbag.

  23. Unlike his predecessors, Trump didn’t become successful in business by failing to understanding human nature and psyche. He knows that no one wants a war and using all other sanctions to the maximum worked. Using psychological warfare, used in the right amount at the right time works every time.
    Thank you President Trump!!!

  24. Maybe, just maybe, Kim is seeing how the rest of the world lives during the Olympics, & has come to the conclusion that it is better to have your people to be free.
    If the two Koreas are united, their will be a huge celerbration & a feast for the North.

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