North Korea never expected this to happen

North Korea is inching closer to developing a nuclear weapon that can strike the United States.

Past American Presidents have sat back and allowed the rogue nation to do as they please.


  1. I’m sitting here laughing at the comments I’m reading. Just to funny. But I’m trying to figure out what planet your from. It sure as hell Isent earth. For you folks to be praising Trump. Let’s get real. He is absolutely Pathetic, he’s a very dangerous man and I’m praying to God he doesn’t get us in a nuclear war with one of our rivals He needs to learn to think before he speaks

  2. I AGREE WITH YOU President TRUMP is the best and its high time these that hate him better wake up and smell our coffee.

  3. beautifully said …Trump was right on the money… he hits the target every time …and don’t forget , he was A graduate of the New York military academy from 13 to 18 and he has military discipline and he succeeded very well in school with top honors A true American that he is to fight for his country like the George Washington of today that’s what he is ….think about it!!!!

  4. So right you are ….Obama is the worst president we could’ve ever had , and he had to be black besides …..what does that tell you about what these blacks do when they gain Called..they already have taken over most of our government and that’s why you have All these problems like BLm and the black Panthers and you name it ……the blacks are at war Against Whitey , and have turned our government on us all……isn’t that wonderful what the black civil rights has done to all of us …..i’d like to know how the Blacks are driving all new cars ……I can’t afford one ….I think our government has given them new cars ….what say you????

  5. I was thinking the same thing wait till they have the rally’s and then make them toast ……it’s time to get rid of all communist ….

  6. President Trump,I stand with you 100%! I pray. Every night that GOD WOULD SEND THE HOLY SPRITT ALL-HUMANS ON EARTH THAT THAT ARE NON- BELIVERS TO BELIEVE IN GOD AND JESUS! What a great place to live! I also pray for you Donald and your family to be safe and the same Mike and his family!
    I pray that all the liberals and Republicans would work with you and stop being so stupid and. Weird and why are so many people dislike you!! I hate that, you are the PRESIDENT OF AMERICA. THE BEST LIBERAL PRESIDENT THAT I ONLY KNEW THAT WAS GREAT JOHN KENNEDY AND YOU ARE BY FAR THE BEST

  7. I agree,there is only one way to handle a big mouth bully and that is head on and hit him first and hit him hard,then everyone see’s what he is really made of and the bully stops bullying everyone ! So when North Korea is having one of there mandatory rallies and there is a half million or so of North Koreans and there leader,bomb that rally and every country will see you don’t mess with America.

  8. First strong presidential leader in over 70 some years and it is time to support the president and not expect that any battle is won by love!

  9. You asked what I thought; brilliant. President Trump is a genius and that’s exactly how I think he did this. I feel very peaceful about the whole NK issue, knowing President Trump is totally in charge. I trust him completely, and sleep at night, at peace, with him in control.

  10. I am behind President Trump 100% in this situation. The rest of the bullies will find out what is in store for them.

  11. Rumplestiltskinneeds to be reminded that the Paper Tiger is gone and we have a real leader who can kick ass and take names.

  12. so just wondering where was the condemnation by the UN of this despot? right no such thing, as they were more happy to attack US on just about everything.

    It is geting past absurd that we accept such nonsense, and have allowed our country, that somehow the world thinks is a piggy bank to play second fiddle to threats to our own safety

    This man should have been eliminated along with Iran a long time ago.

  13. It was during Gore’s tenure as our vice president that North Korea was not only given $4 billion in cash aid from the United States but was promised “two light-water nuclear reactors.” Also a long line of American cargo ships delivered to North Korea many thousands of tons of free rice and wheat to prevent mass dying from hunger. Those two power plant reactors were delivered thus securing electric power to the regime. They were then modified to produce nuclear bomb materials.
    “This agreement will help achieve a longstanding and vital American objective — an end to the threat of nuclear proliferation on the Korean Peninsula,” said President Bill Clinton in 1994. “This agreement is good for the United States, good for our allies, and good for the safety of the entire world.” Yes, of course – as we all can see now; Kim Jong Un – or whatever the name is of that communist maniac – is now feeling his oats and threatening the US with nuclear annihilation. Thank you so much, comrades Clinton and Gore!

  14. Precision military strikes are available with drones, cruise missiles, as well as, ICBMs. My concern is that America being the most honorable and compassionate nation in the world, will re-build any NK peripheral damage like we did Japan (brand new capital equipment for several industries). American industries suffered an untold hardship when competing with the newly-rebuilt Japan industries while being restrained at home by democrap unions. Hopefully, Kim Jung Un is only a talker like Obama but it reassures citizens and allies that America is ready and ‘Lock-n-Loaded’.

  15. The only hope that NK has of no response from America lies in the treacherous belly of the DNC. It time to cut bait and separate the traitorous chafe that keep sending treasonous democraps and rinos to DC. Clean out the Swamp President Trump, we are behind you like never before despite what the lame-stream media polls say. Old statistics mathematical adage: ‘Numbers don’t lie but people that play with the numbers often do – follow the money’.

  16. Losing face will do that to Kim Jung Un. The internal politics within the NK dictatorship has apparently encouraged this little runt to follow the muslim example of sticking a stick into America’s eye. Trump’s actions should make this clear to even the dimmest lightbulb on the world’s stage. Due to the professional politicians kowtowing to past international despots, an example of America’s resolve maybe required.

  17. Hope and pray that when the dirty nukes from Iran (thank you, Obama) or the nuke ICBMs from NK (thank you, Bill Clinton) go off in downtown America, it takes out more democraps than Americans.


  19. Send in seal team6 and take out little chubby butt. There own people should rebell against chubby butt and shoot the slimey little bastard.

  20. It is nice to finally have a Commander n Chief, unlike the “Coward n Chief” we had in office over the past eight, long, miserable years.

  21. Good comments Yankee Maid. Sorry I didn’t see your post until after
    I posted below. You really said it all. It really should be a “red flag”
    as far as I am concerned too…Hope potus knows about this..Go, President Trump!!!

  22. Kim Jung Un, is a little Monkey that wants to Piss Off the Big Monkey to see if he Bite’s. Kim wants to TRY to Prove it’s a Big Monkey too, when it Ain’t. Trump will get a Safari Hunter a New Trophy.

  23. Mary, I sure didn’t know this. Sure has to have something to do with
    it all, you can bet. Why isn’t anyone talking about Obama’s trip to NK?
    This sure is an eye opener. Thanx for this info.

  24. Might have to take this nut job out which would be tragic amount of casualties if it’s necessary. China might take care of it for us if we publically say we’ll support South Korea and Japan going nuclear. Trump has to convince china/NK that he has the will to strike if necessary

  25. Trump will do as he says. Kim Jung Un will soon become a disgusting memory (as well as a scorched spot) in world history.

    North Korea has broken the 1953 truce many times. Now it is time to “pay the piper for the tune that he has been playing”.

  26. I think it is about time we have a president with some balls and not a wimp like we have had the last eight years with Obamass the pussy. However I hope he only strikes that fat ass un if un makes the first move.

  27. Yes, Mary, I did–thank you for pointing that out!! Even at the time, I wondered what the little ‘rat’ was doing over there! A huge ‘red flag’ as far as I’m concerned!! Did anyone else pick up on that? Especially anyone in Washington? Even if the media did–they’d never mention it at all!! Obama is a ‘sneak’ and we should never forget that. Eyes should be on him every moment!! BTW–have you seen where ‘O’ is planning to ‘re-enter’ politics? He is financing and ‘backing’ some candidate for the Democrats. Frankly, that should ‘doom’ the new candidate right there!!

  28. Democrats now and in the past have not addressed this serious problem. If North Korea is allowed to continue along this path it will end up being much worse in the future.Obama policies along with others have gotten us to this point.
    Mr Trump – hold them accountable and lets get this resolved. China’s help is the key!

  29. Anyone, large or small, who trifles with President Trump is likely to regret it.
    He is a man of his word and does not make idle threats or promises either.
    I believe that there are many in No.Korea, and in the United States, and elsewhere, who can learn a lot and perhaps save themselves some problems later by paying close attention to how President Trump handles this dilemma….I believe he will impress.

  30. Finally we have a President that’s tough and does what he says he’ll do to “Keep America Safe”. While I shiver at the thought of any type of nuclear response and the devastation ~ we’re in this predicament because of past Administration’s and their rogue actions as well as their willingness to give billions to foreign dictators!

  31. Every nation has the right to develop, test and demonstrate weapons of national defense. North Korea included. A very clear, yet non-threatening response would be to collect his lauched missile casing and examine it. Then announce and launch a “war-headles demonstration retaliatory missile”, to land as near to the NK launch site as NK’s did to ours. If this and subsequent demonstrations occurred, we would have clearly gotten our missile defensive capabilities across , better additional information re: NK’s capabilities, and would have depleated balistic missiles and war-making economy, with no damage done. Make it known that we can continue this as long as his missiles hold out. Just don’t include any technology that NK doesn’t have and could use.

  32. North Korea has been threatening the U.S. and the free world for far too long. Personally, I think KJU is full either full of sh!# or just too damned crazy to understand what’s going to happen to him if he actually does screw with the United States. I think it would be a great idea to “replace” him with a more sane leader or maybe just take replace North Korea’s entire government & make it all SOUTH Korea,(Come on CIA – Wouldn’t it be nice to just have a “Republic of Korea” instead of a North & South Korea?? 🙂 ), as they are way more sane & friendly and don’t threaten us every chance they get. I have supported Trump since he was a candidate & continue to do so. I commend our president for the way he has handled things so far and feel we need to start eliminating the people in our government that attempt to stop every action he tries to take. GO TRUMP & God bless the U.S.!

  33. I am standing with the president, this unrest here at home and with NK, China and the Middle East is going to keep building until we have a world war. This is our passed predsfaults. They did nothing to stop

  34. I agree Joseph, we need to take the little fat bastard out now not later. Get rid of all Democrates or at least the 64 traitors, let us have thier names for the voting polls.

  35. Now, and who are you referring to being the nut case besides NK!!
    Here we go again censor telling me I had posted this before and have not! What gives with these blind readers?

  36. Stand firm, President Trump!!!

    Now is the time to let the CIA and M16 do the job in conjunction with the South Korean intelligence force.

  37. President Trump is doing the right stuff, the hard work that the last president didn’t care to do at all. The last president just wanted to look ‘pretty’ in photo ops while the country he was suppose to defend, was dying down and getting overtaken by ruthless haters of America. And it cost numerous lives of Americans. He will never be held accountable for it, but the true judge knows all, and will hold him accountable one day.

  38. Trump will do what is necessary for the safety of Americans. North Koreas youngster is Crazy to think he can pl
    At war games with this president. He must be tired of living.

  39. In many cases a nut case leader causes many millions of people to lose their lives. A single 50 cal shell to the head would take care of all of this and send a message to other nut cases what is in store for them.

  40. The president said the right thing the right way but in cases like this if you talk the talk you better be ready and willing to walk the walk. China is the wild card here but will stay out of it if Kim makes the first move.

  41. I admire President Trump’s approach and the firm stance he is taking on this and all the foreign affairs Sense he has taken office. It is about time we have a President that is a strong leader

  42. These actions should have been taken in the last 12 to 16 years instead of just wishing it away. A bully never backs down until confronted in a forceful threating manner.

  43. Did anyone else notice that right after trump was inaugurated, obama made a trip to North Korea? Obamas dirty hands are all over this threat to the United States!

  44. Now just get all of the media and politicians who all pretend to know a better way while they sit in their safe seats in some air conditioned building without ever having to make one real decision about the safety of the whole of the world’s people and have never been voted into any office with all the responsibility of the President carries and they have the arrogance to say how the one man that we now have in that position should proceed is worthless trivia that only makes the decision that much harder and then you come with these self glorifying politicians , either Republican or democrat or what ever who claim special privileges for their own minds who cannot even pass one bill in congress that will serve the needs of the people sticking their collective noses into what should be done it becomes imperative that the job must be done as the situation dictates regardless of all the rest of the armchair sitters The world family needs and expects this nation called The United States of America to act just as our president did back in 1945 when most all of those now sitting telling the president what he must or must not do were not even born.

  45. I think President Trump is doing exactly what the last 20 years of so called diplomacy has not done ! The fat little pig needs his -ss kicked ! He belongs on a rotisserie with an apple in his mouth !

  46. Guess the Democrats like being a ‘global doormat’!! That is why they got along so well with Obama. I believe Kim has ‘painted himself into a corner’!! He can’t ‘go back’ and he’s worried about ‘going ahead’! Thing is, as with any ‘cornered’ animal–this is the most dangerous time! This is when he’s most likely to act rashly.

  47. The subversive MSM has the audaciousness to compare President Trump with our enemy Kim Jong-un; they, as all leftists are seditionists. Our President is right, Jong-un is a menace to the US and its allies; if this little despotic weasel wants to end his despotism he is taking the right pathway, to Hell. Those choosing to berate the President are appeasers and apologists, desiring dialogue, sanctions or whatever their leftist semi-comatose minds can muster.
    This little tu** will rue the day he threatened this nation. Obama would have capitulated to this Commie weasel. Admittedly, Obama, an aspirant despot, had more in common with his Islamist allies than Jong-un; nevertheless, that would not stop him from kissing his hiny.

  48. Hopefully we will not have to take to the “warpath”, but if lard bucket continues on this path, I do believe President Trump will fire back- – that would be sad, for NK’s population of peasants do not deserve what will happen. If we can just “tailor” any strike to take out lard bucket’s palace and military complex, but I fear that would take a miracle. If worse comes to worse, lard bucket has simply pronounced a death sentence for his own people! It has to be done, if the world is to remain safe for anyone.

  49. Trump is doing a great job as President….I support him 1000% in anything he does. He has America’s best interest in everything he tries to do regardless of all the “bull” everyone is trying…

  50. James and Ann You are dead wrong. It was the Diplonmacy of Clinton and Yomama that allowed kim to get were he is now. He knew those jerks were not going to do anything and hopes Trump won’t do anything either. But he’ll be DEAD wrong. Go with God Pres. Trump

  51. It’s about time we have a President that stands firm and doesn’t permit the U.S. to be held hostage by a fat little nobody kid! If NK crosses the line, they SHOULD PAY DEARLY!!!!?

  52. President Trump is the people’s friend- at last! I believe he’s doing a fine job! If this problem with North Korea isn’t resolved , all future Presidents will have to deal with it! I am horrified at the behavior my President has had to deal with! God Bless America ! God Bless our wonderful President!!???????

  53. Trump’s thrust should be diplomacy, diplomacy, diplomacy towards getting the rest of the world to see that (i) Kim Jong does NOT care about his people – he just wants his power to be acknowledged, and (ii) world unity, like never before, is now necessary to get this guy to see sense!

  54. When a threat is made it must be tken seriously.
    Kim Jung and associates have been warned.
    Make another threat and receive the consequence.
    The record has been documented on Twitter.
    Very clear, no media deception.

  55. Jimmy J. is right on about the ahole Obumer ” the greatest president ever” . That efin scum bag Screwed up this country so bad,it will take PRESIDENT DONALD J> TRUMP < WITH GODS help at least a year to clean the swamp of the jokers in congress that have their heds up their but for the last seven years. GOD BLESS PRESIDENT DONALD J.TRUMP.

  56. He is doing what earlier Presidents should have done over the last 30 or 40 yrs. Now it must be dealt with Period. We will be hit unless something is doe now. Iran poses the exact same threat. Bet me they are working on nukes, ICBMs and small war heads. So nay Sayers, what shall we do wait til we see the mushroom cloud over a US city? Then react???

  57. Mr President you are doing quite well. The pacifist on both sides are showing their cowardliness and their failure of the past by letting NOKO get to the place where they are now.They know they have been stupid. Do not let them influence you to tone down your rhetoric not one bit. Neither the foreign pacifists either

  58. I don’t think Kim Jong Un takes President Trump serious. Time will tell if that is true. I believe the President drew a line in the sand and he warned not to cross it. Unfortunately, if he crosses it, it may be the end on NK. China could have and should have intervened and maybe we would not be in this situation. Trump played a strong hand and I agree with how he handled it.

  59. Jimmy is right on about the ahole OBUMER the ” greatest president ever”That efin scum bag ruined the USA. Now Trump the savior is trying to make USA great again without any help from those jokers in congress. HOD BLESS DONALD J> TRUMP.

  60. I think that the statement that the US would not tolerate a nuclear armed N Korea and would be prepared to strike militarily should that nation launch a missile calculated to be aimed at the US or one of its allies is long overdue. This wishy-washy diplo-speak about strongly worded messages has obviously had no effect. Russia and China should be put on notice that if Kim launches they should expect to see a bright flash around Pyongyang and this is their only warning.

  61. Trump is doing the right think . He needs to expose the 64 Democrats that signed a letter critisizing that strategy. Can’t wait for 2018 and 2020. Goodbye Democratic party.

  62. I know many disagree with Trump’s aggressive approach, but you can’t let these fruit cake dictators just run over us like we’re nothing. Obama was a chump,he hates America anyway and did nothing to stop anything anyone did. He sold us out. He lied to America,doubled a deficit that took over 200 years to accumulate and stole our money!!

  63. I think that Trump is handling things fine, so far It’s a war of words, but Kim Jong Un won’t down scale his weapons unless full force is applied. We’ll have to see what happens.

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