The numbers are in and the news for the NFL is even worse than anyone thought

The bad news continues to pour in for the NFL.

This past weekend saw the league stage its conference championship games to determine the participants in Super Bowl LII.

And the ratings were worse than anyone thought.

If the league hoped the AFC and NFC title games would cure their ratings woes they were sadly mistaken.

Fans continued to tune out of the league after they supported the anti-American national anthem protests.

The AFC championship game – which featured a classic comeback by the New England Patriots – was the lowest rated early game since 2013.

And the Philadelphia Eagles blowout of the Minnesota Vikings saw a nearly three percent decline in viewership from last year.

Breitbart reports:

“If you’re the NFL this morning, looking at the ratings from Sunday’s conference championship games, chances are you’re mixing something extra strong into that morning coffee.

A regular season trend of declining ratings which then turned into a postseason trend of declining ratings, has culminated into a championship weekend of, you guessed it, declining ratings.

The early game on CBS, between the Patriots and the Jaguars, drew a 27.3 rating. While that’s only down a tenth of a point from the 27.4 rating that the Packers and Falcons drew in that time-slot last year, it’s also the lowest rated early game in the last five years. Bested only by a woeful 2013 early game between the Falcons and 49ers, which drew a 26.1 rating.

The late game numbers from the Vikings and Eagles, did not improve the situation for the NFL. Vikings-Eagles drew a 24.7 rating, a 2.9 percent drop from the 27.6 rating that the Steelers and Patriots drew last year.

It’s also the second lowest rating for a late game since 2009, surpassed only by the “Deflategate” between the Patriots and Colts in 2015.”

The NFL severely miscalculated when they wrapped their arms around a bunch of America hating players because they believed there would be no fan backlash.

But as it turns out, Americans love their country more than football.

Millions gave up on a league that embraced anti-Americanism and they are never coming back to the game.