The numbers are in and the news for the NFL is even worse than anyone thought

The bad news continues to pour in for the NFL.

This past weekend saw the league stage its conference championship games to determine the participants in Super Bowl LII.

And the ratings were worse than anyone thought.

If the league hoped the AFC and NFC title games would cure their ratings woes they were sadly mistaken.

Fans continued to tune out of the league after they supported the anti-American national anthem protests.

The AFC championship game – which featured a classic comeback by the New England Patriots – was the lowest rated early game since 2013.

And the Philadelphia Eagles blowout of the Minnesota Vikings saw a nearly three percent decline in viewership from last year.

Breitbart reports:

“If you’re the NFL this morning, looking at the ratings from Sunday’s conference championship games, chances are you’re mixing something extra strong into that morning coffee.

A regular season trend of declining ratings which then turned into a postseason trend of declining ratings, has culminated into a championship weekend of, you guessed it, declining ratings.

The early game on CBS, between the Patriots and the Jaguars, drew a 27.3 rating. While that’s only down a tenth of a point from the 27.4 rating that the Packers and Falcons drew in that time-slot last year, it’s also the lowest rated early game in the last five years. Bested only by a woeful 2013 early game between the Falcons and 49ers, which drew a 26.1 rating.

The late game numbers from the Vikings and Eagles, did not improve the situation for the NFL. Vikings-Eagles drew a 24.7 rating, a 2.9 percent drop from the 27.6 rating that the Steelers and Patriots drew last year.

It’s also the second lowest rating for a late game since 2009, surpassed only by the “Deflategate” between the Patriots and Colts in 2015.”

The NFL severely miscalculated when they wrapped their arms around a bunch of America hating players because they believed there would be no fan backlash.

But as it turns out, Americans love their country more than football.

Millions gave up on a league that embraced anti-Americanism and they are never coming back to the game.



  1. These adamant and disrespectful clowns are about to learn how much public kneeling is worth per hour. The NFL took a hit of 17% for allowing the inmates to run the sanatorium.

    • ie: mega drugs/hormones/tatooes/ Sexual abuse/ Animal Abuse/ Human trafficking /$$$ Laundering/ 1/2x show= Total ‘KNOWN’ Luciferian particpants *& w/Pride>>’Participating in'<<< 'by ' Innocent? osmosis'… 0u.
      ~ Too much too 'handle'??? Better get w/it, folks … "Eyes Wide Shut" (movie)

      • > post edited- will try again…

        ie: mega drugs/hormones/tatooes/ Sexual abuse/ Animal Abuse/ Human trafficking /$$$ Laundering/ 1/2x show= Total ‘KNOWN’ Luciferian particpants *& w/Pride>>’Participating in'<<< 'by ' Innocent? osmosis'… 0u.
        ~ Too much too 'handle'??? Better get w/it, folks … "Eyes Wide Shut" (movie)

        • 3x – ie: new Tacobell Logo . try again.
          > post edited- will try again…

          ie: mega drugs/hormones/tatooes/ Sexual abuse/ Animal Abuse/ Human trafficking /$$$ Laundering/ 1/2x show= Total ‘KNOWN’ Luciferian particpants *& w/Pride>>’Participating in'<<< 'by ' Innocent? osmosis'… 0u.
          ~ Too much too 'handle'??? Better get w/it, folks … "Eyes Wide Shut" (movie)


  3. There it is,Leslie,another nice little anti American liberal lefty like deebag that’s gonna straighten us out with the liberal crap talk…Go meet with of these animals in a bar you will get bitch slapped or worse real quick..Only good this is maybe the liberal nonsense will get smacked right out of your soft skull

  4. This story is about 🏈??!
    I thought they went out of business !!!
    Isn’t that the group that DISRESPECTED the people that paid their MILLION $ very over paid salary ???
    No wounded no one watched them I know I don’t and could care less I have better things to do , like salute and hang MY FLAG !!!

  5. GoodAiles,now owns the No Where League, which our group now calls it the Foolsball Teams. Roger must have been good on two knees, to get a raise and the single destructor with the help of one-knee jerks, bye NFL, you saved me money.

    • You’re paid to play football. We’re not interested in your views or politics.
      I you don’t respect the country that gave you such an amazing opportunity I will continue to be one of the growing number that no longer watches American football.

  6. For what it’s worth to everyone, but I for one am very ashamed to have been associated with the NFL, especially in the last 20 Years with all the Drugs, Corruption, Shady Dealing, etc….. that all goes on within the NFL and the Orgabisation….
    The latest that has taken place is the NFL refusing the VETERANS of AMERICA to have an ADVERTISEMENT shown during the GAMES. . This tells you that the NFL does NOT CARE anything at all for Our Veterans, they only put up a front to make you think they do, when really they care less about them….. Well, time will be showing the NFL, Goodell, etc…. there place in the GRAVE waiting for them, as they are slowly, but assuredly making there way to this……

    • Hey friend – don’t be ‘feel ashamed’ BE GLAD U W0KE -^UP !!! &
      Now you SEE __ NFL etc. Really IS Baaad to the Bone …

  7. The NFL is counting on the short attention span of most Americans to get them pass this issue. We shall see. My cynical side says, in the long run, the ‘deep pocket’ NFL cabal wins. Remember, Goodall makes $40,000,000.00 per year and the owners just inked a contract extension.

    • And their latest insult to patriotic Americans is the refusal of the AD from a veterans group featuring the American Flag with the words STAND UP. Perhaps we should all bow down and worship Kapernick?

    • > “short attention span” – yah. “Eyes WIDE SHUT” (movie). E’thing
      IS in Plain View, once you realize what you are looking at __ AN
      ATROCITY to say the least …

  8. NFL? I have never watched a football game in my life. I don’t even know the rules of football. I have no idea what a person “down” is. I could not care less.

    “Sports” are activities people DO, not sit on a chair and stuff your face. Instead, I go to the gym, swim laps, play racket sports, pickle ball, walk 3 Miles, etc.

    I know people who have not watched a baseball game since the player’s strike.

    Get out of the house. Forget the NFL and the stupid, useless players who cannot complete a sentence with subject/word agreement.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  9. Haven’t watched a football game since the first week of the season as I gave them a chance to get their BS straight and now I don’t miss watching and I will not buy from any sponsor who advertises with the nfl. Godell you can stick the sb where the sun don’t shine and I will never purchase any nfl merchandise.

      • The College game is more honest. They play hard 100% of the time, but the Not Fully Live football league only plays seriously for about 6 out of 60 minutes.

  10. I guess we won’t be drinking bud light or eating taco bell or dominoes pizza this super bowl Sunday. They can share the nfl demise.

  11. I have not watched or gone to one game this season. I have written companies that sponsor the nfl and told them I would not buy from them as long as they sponsor the nfl. Those idiot players have no idea what they have done. They do not even know why they are protesting. The blacks make up just over thirteen percent of the population. Of that thirteen percent, three percent commit FIFTY percent of the murder, rape and other violent crime in this country. No wonder some of them get shot or handled roughly! Department of Justice stats. I think the whites are tired of everything being called racist when it has nothing to do with race. I think whites are over the hand outs. I think the blacks need to stand up and shoulder the responsibility of taking care of themselves and stop blaming everything that happens to them on someone else. Race is NOT the issue. The idiots that commit crimes then do not listen to police officers when they tell them to stop, get down and put their hands up just might get shot. I assure you that blacks kill 95+ % more blacks than all others combined. Protest against that not your country. If you do not love this country, give me a call, I will help you pack for free!

  12. ps. Days gone by re Really Good Football – was it Joe Montana/Jerry Rice w/the 49’ers =Now that was ‘magic superb football’ i forget
    the ‘guru’ coach’s name … After that ‘era’- football died for me…
    > Waaaaaay tooooo many drugs now, among other thangs … too bad.
    an aside: Rugby IS a Real MAN’s Game haha haaa … tatooed footieball guys Wear E’thing from Tack Shop, Head to Toe = haha haaa – take a Lesson from Rugby MEN.

    • Regarding the ratings drop for the Patriots, I think most viewers are sick of watching Tom Brady win all the time.
      Regarding the ratings of the second game that evening, it was probably because the Eagles were just killing the Vikings, and all the Vikings fans just couldn’t bear to watch it, considering how close they were to getting into the Super Bowl.
      You’re either fans of the game or not. It’s been around for eons and some amazing games have been played. But then, maybe you all don’t care to watch exceptional athletes. Each athlete has a Foundation set up for the good of their community.
      Trump had no business getting involved in the NFL games, when he should have been creating that “Big, beautiful health plan that he had promised,” which, of course, we haven’t seen yet, in his 2nd hundred days.

      • Leslie
        Sorry you feel so badly about the President. Last time I checked we still have free speech in this country and that even applies to presidents. As far as medical care I don’t recall that being in the constitution and Mr Trump would have it done by now except he was blocked by the Dems and RINO Republicans. As for the NFL they have sealed their fate.

      • This is the 3rd attempt trying to post my comment..very fishy…what is going on here..but will start again..President Trump did the right thing when he called out the NFL Traitors who disrespected our flag…Look how many fans you all lost…this is no place to bring up racism…we pay good money to see you all play..You must show respect for our American Flag, our Veterans and Our President Trump..You don’t like it than leave the country, but then you wouldn’t would’ll never make the kind of money anywhere else but in America…so remember that and apologize for being so damn unrespectful…Our Veterans sacrifice their lives everyday for my FREEDOM and YOUR FREEDOM..NEVER FORGET THAT..

      • Leslie, I forgot this part..Obuma promised that we could keep our own Doctor with obamacare…well you know what happened…BIG FAT LIE..Also the Demorats and some Republicans like McCain etc.are the one who is always hinderng the healthcare..Surely by now you know that in less than 12 months, President Trump did more for our country than Obuma did in his 8 yrs. in office..what did Obuma do to help the black race, not a thing..look at Chicago..blacks kill more blacks there???? Obuma lived in Chicago…????what the hell did he do to help..nothing..He is the worst President we ever had.a WEAKLING..always bowing down to our enemies..I cringed everytime I saw that..what the hell? Under him we are trillions in debt…like never before..closing our military bases..why..cause he is a TRAITOR to America…I can go on and on..the uranium deal, cahoots with the clintons etc CORRUPT..

    • Yes it is real men play Rugby and it isn’t boring in any way, would love to have it televised here on sundays in Dallas and I would be a follower from day one.

      • RUGBY !!! RUGBY yes, Get it in the States!!! Let’s take NFL D0WN !

        > 0k – am a Real Winter 0lympic fan – Big Time …& yes, i know of the ‘probs’& think they are trying to clean it up … My Sports ‘buzz’ comes every what – 4 yrs??? L0L . This year = 0u. we’ll see, won’t we …

  13. 0H G_D, don’t get me started on ‘Stewpid Bowl… in short =
    1/2x shows are Highly Satanic Ritual IF u ‘know’ the ‘symbology’
    & what you are Looking at/0r hearing … High level NFL ‘knows’ …
    > Human trafficking ‘event’ + more …
    ~ FYI: INFO travels ‘wireless’ these days,& subliminal, not to mention telepathy…Capish,no? MY tv = UNPLUGGED from ‘electrical current’ at ‘that time’ haha /lol … tooo many ‘suckers’… i know this may sound ‘wild’ to some – Buttt, the NW0/Luciferian Agenda IS Alive… this Agenda is undercurrent for all politics to date… Save Potus in Strength …

  14. Goodell has followed the lead of a FEW owners for several years. He should have been gone years ago. The owners having ANY sense should have banned together long ago.

    • Goodell is a real scumbag,What the hell does he do to earn the money he gets.
      now with a big raise he wants his own plane.
      Give him a Tri Pacer and a Pilot trained by Diana’s Chauffer, Guide him to the Tunnel.

  15. It is looking more and more like the multi billionaire NFL owners who are probably ultra liberal, do not give a rats ass about this country that gave them the opportunity to become multi billionaires. If they gave a crap they would have already ended it.

  16. Amazing isn’t it, but it seems that the patience of the American public with sporting types, and the foolishness displayed by many of the bunch is not inexhaustible. The offending parties might vent learn something, who knows.

    • Will NEVER watch the knuckle draggers
      EVER again!! Those primates have shown their true colors!! Ever go to the zoo and watch the primates sling feces at one and other?? Same mentality on NFL Sunday!! Only difference is they sling their s_it at their paying CUSTOMER’S 8!!

      • Dear Illiterate Speller,

        I’m assuming you’re speaking of the black athletes, to whom you’re comparing to animals.
        Shame on you.
        This is one reason why they’re protesting.

  17. The National Felony League couldn’t go out of business fast enough to suit me. I will never watch another football game if they started to stand tomorrow. The damage has already been done for me and it’s insult to America and our Vets is Unforgivable!!
    If it wasn’t for football 80% of these POS players would be in jail or dead! And that % is being kind!!!

  18. when the network starts showing the players standing for the anthem then i will start watching again .I think they though if the commenters talked while the anthem was sung no one would notice the players not standing.The fault is all with the owners and the commissioner.Look at it like this on your job do you get to make policy,NO YOU DON’T if you want a paycheck you do what you are told within reason, and these players are no different than anyone else who works.It is their job,they would not pay and not get paid and neither would you!

  19. Are they racists? seems so. do they hate the country that allows them to play a game they love and get paid something like 2 million a year? Maybe they need to sit down and think for an hour or so…

    • Keep your eyes on the referee’s when the Patriots and eagles play think the game is fixed for the Patriots to win. The national felony league needs to die not just cause of this buy the violent thugs on it. One jets players threatened a police officer if he gave him a ticket he hurt his wife. Seems the NFL cares more about these negative thugs than the positive.

  20. These football players never had it so good…I blame themselves for following suit with that ignorant player who knelt down..Don’t you guys get it..why do you think the American people feel betrayed by is a slap in the face for our American Flag..Our Veterans who sacrifice their lives for our FREEDOM, YOUR FREEDOM,..We pay big money to watch you guys play. It’s not easy…and here are you fools who make so much money and turn your backs to our flag..SO DISRESPECTFUL..We come to relax and watch the game with family n friends..and YOU FOOLS DO THIS..Leave our country then, you think you are going to make this kind of money in a different country..You are a DREAMER..STUPID.

    • Absolutely. I have not watched a game all season, no withdrawals. I also have not wore any pro jersey’s of any sport, feels so good.

    • HI – i am an NFL etc football pigskin player – For Millions $ at peeps X-pense, ‘they’ told me i could Bang my Head Seriously & then File Law Suit for damages … haha.
      > G0 Elsewhere for your ‘sport’? Entertainment … hmm.

  21. If NBC shows the protesters kneeling during the National Anthem,(which is what they are telling everyone they will do) The people who were going to watch will turn off the game and move onto something else and the sponsors spending millions of dollars for ads will lose out too! Then next year they keep their money for real sports and tell Gdell and his Not For Long idiots to go find a job!

  22. These guys don’t even know why they hate America, it’s just the current fad for athletes.
    They are stupid. Life could be so much better for them if they played in Cuba, Venezuela or Haiti. Social justice and income equality and no racism or fear of the police.

  23. the nfl is nothing to our family and friends here. We will play with our kids and eat and have fun while the games are on. we would rather play horse shoes or cards then watch the an-american nfl.

  24. Most NFL Players have “participation diploma’s” whether from a high school or a college. Meaning yes they attended but their diploma’s and 6 bucks will only qualify them to buy a cup of coffee at Starbucks. When they start to see the pay-cuts next year they will go on strike – it’s simple economics pinheads – when the company you work for loses money cuts are made. In this case the financial losses are your own damned fault so many of you should expect to be let go.

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