Numbers out of these key swing states are keeping Joe Biden up at night

The Fake News Media is claiming the 2020 election is over.

Election forecasters are predicting a Democrat landslide.

But numbers out this key swing state are keeping Joe Biden up at night.

Joe Biden put his campaign in the deep freeze during the coronavirus pandemic.

Not only did Biden refuse to leave his basement, but his campaign halted door knocking and other voter registration efforts.

Republicans continued to campaign.

And the results show that despite polls finding Joe Biden leading in swing states, the voter registration data paints a picture of a Trump campaign ground game that could be growing the President’s core support with new voters who may not be picked up in the polling data.

Left-wing election analyst Dave Wasserman of the Cook Report found that in four key swing states – Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina and Arizona – that the voter registration trends favored Republicans and sometimes lopsidedly so.

Wassrerman wrote that “In Florida, Republicans added a net 195,652 registered voters between this March’s presidential primary and the end of August, while Democrats added 98,362 and other voters increased 69,848. During the same period in 2016, Republicans added a net 182,983 registrants, Democrats 163,571 and others 71,982. In 2016, Trump prevailed in Florida by just 112,911 votes.”

There was a similar story in the key state of Pennsylvania – which will likely decide the election.

“In Pennsylvania, Republicans added a net 135,619 voters between this June’s primary and the final week of September, while Democrats added 57,985 and other voters increased 49,995. Between the April 2016 primary and the November 2016 general election, Republicans added 175,016 registrants, Democrats added 155,269 and others 118,989. That fall, Trump won the state by just 44,292 votes,” Wasserman also wrote.

No Republican can win the Presidency without North Carolina and Republicans are registering more new voters there than Democrats.

Wassrerman noted that “In North Carolina, Republicans added a net 83,785 voters between this March’s presidential primary and the final week of September, while Democrats added 38,137 and other voters jumped 100,256. During the same period in 2016, Republicans added 54,157 registrants, Democrats added 38,931 and others 140,868. In 2016, Trump carried North Carolina by 173,315 votes.”

Finally, Arizona is an emerging swing state.

Demographics have the state trending blue, but Republicans did cut into the Democrats voter registration advantage.

“In Arizona, Democrats out-registered Republicans 31,139 to 29,667 on a net basis between the March presidential primary and the August state primary, compared to Democrats topping Republicans 66,523 to 53,185 over the same period in 2016. This data doesn’t include new registrations from late August or September, and Arizona’s registration deadline is Oct. 5,” Wasserman wrote.

Polls that show Biden holding large leads may not be picking up these newly registered voters.

If the polls are wrong, then the Trump campaign’s ability to find new voters and turn them out to vote could prove to be the difference.

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