These Obama administration officials are in hot water over unmasking

Yesterday, the House Intelligence Committee served subpoenas to the FBI, the CIA, and the NSA regarding unmasking of US persons by the Obama administration.


  1. Obama said he was born in Kenya on video which means he’s not a citizen of USA ????????. He said if you set your mine to it you can do anything. They should take away with everything pay, clearance, insurance. He has been after get President Trump out of office.

  2. First of all Obama is innocent until proven guilty however when something has occured evidence points to someone then eventually arrested and tried. Well evidence is starting to pile up. If Obama is guilty I am a strong believer that the word PRESIDENT be taken away from him. No person that is found guilty and has done what he has does not DESERVE the name President. Same goes with Hilary no longer should be considered Secretary.

  3. I do believe that some king pin deep stste members and the upper eschelon are going to be endicted and charged with treason and sedition related activities ,dir. homelend security can do this on his very own get sessions off his duff get trump to sign arrest documents for as many as 37 of these dubious lineral idiot asswipes.

  4. For all the voters “Who Voted for Mr. Obama” to be “Our Leader in 2008 and 2012 ! I would hope that most of you would now realize that “You were Brained-washed” by the Socialistic Professors and Teachers we were blessed with for the past 50 years! As the Ole Saying Goes,”People would rather believe a Lie, than listen to the Truth! Thank Our God in Heaven for sending someone who “seems” to actually want America to be as Our Forefathers and God Intended! Another 4 yrs. of the past President’s Administration, we would be under the Muslim Law,Slaves or Dead ! Wake up Americans, we’re pushing towards Armageddon! God Bless

  5. Obama duped America his grandmother died on the night of the election she knew where he was born he divided this nation racially and put us back further than the 1960s I resent the division he did to America! he is a phony I call him The great divider he divided my country and for that I cannot forgive him

  6. They need to drop hammer ASAP on Rice, Brennan and whomever else thats involved in this. Its a peculiar set of law breakers who need a firm and abrupt form of punishment laid to them. In the mind of Susan Rice, like Obama and Clinton, rules and laws don’t apply to her, she thinks she can say she’s done no “wrongdoing” while violating any law or anybody’s rights to get what she wants. She is as corrupt at heart as many of the enemy political figures our nation has waged war against. Obama tried for treason – yes – military tribunal with General Mathis presiding.

  7. Communist Muslim Obama needs to be tried for treason against our country. He is guilty up to his huge ears in it!
    I for one would like to see after all these investigations, justice done by the people serving time, including Obama. They are not above the law!

  8. The Autrocities of the Barack Hussein Administration are becoming more and more GREATLY documented and reported! The NAILS are being carefully placed; and one by one slowly hammered into that illegal fraud’s political CASKET! Comrade Hussein TUTTI FINITE!!

  9. Interesting it is the former U.N. adviser. Obama has aspirations of running the U.N. That’s why he has been running all over Europe – he’s trying to garner support to put him in. I wonder how long it will take the Europeans to realize they have been duped by Obama. Just like everyone else who has ever helped him get what he wants they will be kicked to the curb once he gets it.

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