Obama was asked one question about Russia that ruined him

Ever since the media began salivating over the Russia story, there are some important questions that have yet to be asked.

That all changed.


  1. There are only two reasonable ways to look at any outcome of the Russian investigations- Obama’s incompetence,naivety or falsehood.

  2. Even the President of the United States is not above the law, let’s get the rascal in court on his way to prison along with Hillary and the rest of the crew!

    • He was a fake president and should have been indicted on numerous charges but it appears no one had the guts to bring forth charges. The fear must be the race card when in fact it has nothing to do with race but fraud and treasonous behavior.

  3. Obama is so crooked and slimey he even used a stolen social security card
    042-68-4425 in March of 1978 Card originally issued to Jean Paul Ludwig
    in Conn Amazing what the FBI knows Obama should go back to Kenya

    • The fraudulent use of someone else’s SS number is enough to be tried as a felony. Why is he exempt from this criminal act alone. Since when does retiring and leaving office exonerate one from any criminal act?

  4. You have to remember Obama did campaign for HC several times and did not help. He is history and people do not trust him on any issue. He should go back to Hawaii and shut up before he gets into real trouble. As well he should be. The unmasking Rice did was at his instruction is my thought. Both should have to pay.

    • WBack to Hawaii? To Kenya where he and his family have said he was born. The doctored birth certificate alone should’ve been enough to be charged with fraud. People called president Reagan, the teflon President. Barry should be the untouchable fraud.

  5. If you are a Republican, like me, seeing Obuma out the stumping for the Dems would be wonderful. He can only hurt,
    Destroy or ruin anything he gets close to. If the Dems think they are in bad shape now, and they are, if Obuma gets involved, the end of the Democrtic party will be in plain view!!! Semper Fi!!!

  6. It would be nice if Obama would go back to Kenya or Indonesia or Russia , We do not want or need him !Take George Soros and Hillary with you plus your Communist advisor,Valerie Jarrot

  7. Trump and Putin are correct in saying that Russia did not hack or influence the election. Seth Rich did and got Fostered for it. Obama and his intelligence bureaus worked together to make it appear that it was the Russians who hacked into the damaging emails of John Pederesta. They are though, getting weary of supporting the lies.
    They will be hoist by their own petard.

  8. I just read in another article that Obama – or whatever his real name is – is going back out on the campaign trail to “save” the Democrats. Many Democrats believe that it was the Russian hacking that cost Hillary the election. It has been reported that Obama knew for months about the hacking and did nothing about it. If that is true then it could be said that he cost Hillary the election and the Democrats will be pissed at him. He also must have missed the memo that said he did cost Hillary the election because people were sick of his brand of BS and knew that Hillary was just more of the the same. If that is true i doubt very much he will be “saving” anyone in fact he will do more harm than good.

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