Obama executed this sickening betrayal of Trump

The backstabbing and the campaign to undermine Donald Trump never ends.

The left refuses to accept the results of the November election and is looking for any way to ruin Trump’s Presidency.



  1. I wish Georgie would go visit the Kremlin. I heard Putin put a hit out on him. Did anyone else hear that? He might just disappear ???? or get really sick from thallium or polonium in his tea.????

  2. Obuma’s Iran nuclear deal of giving our taxpayer money of $150,000,000,000.00 to a country that says, “Death to America!” is an example of how he was the worst president in US history. Not to mention leaving us with 95,000,000 Americans out of the labor force is another. Raising our taxes and getting his name on a bill, Obamacare, was another example of why he was the worst president spending TRILLIONS! Obuma should’ve simply expanded Medicaid for low income Americans. His administration with Hellary sold 20% of our uranium to Russia. This is a fact. Then the media talk about President Trump Russian collusion?? Many of us black people and Latinos are waking up to realize the horrors of the Obuma administration.

  3. barrack obama is george soros’ s puppet , what people do not realize is the soros is much more dangerous , than that (baby huey) in North Korea

  4. No your ass is gonna wish you were shot to spare you the sin of voting for an inept and incompetent thing called Yrp the chump. Maybe you guys can exit the planet together! I hope it is soon.

  5. We can all talk and suggest, but isn’t there something definite we can get moving. This
    anti-American traitor should be brought down from his “assumed post” to where he belongs
    …in jail after a multi-million dollar fine. He definitely needs to be put where he can
    do no more damage. His eight years of trying to kill us all is sufficient evidence to put him away for a thousand years (at least). Can’t our Reps and Senators do something?

  6. Totally agree Mikey Avelli. Obama is that “hair ball” that is plugging the drain. It’s a disgusting job to get into the drain and pull that putrid thing out. But when dealing with so many years of Liberal/Marxist/Communist worldly and socialtal influences, one has to get dirty to wade into that murky black smelly swamp to undo the plug. And that is exactly what Trump is doing. He is one that knows how to be on the initiative and being PRO-active, instead of reactive like the dem(wits) are doing. Dem(wits) are like little children. Diapers have to be changed. Formula mixed and heated. Bottles sterilized, on and on. Quite frankly I have this feeling of being so tired of changing diapers.

  7. He violated the Logan Act. Upon re-entering the USA, he should immediately be arrested and held for arraignment. Tried, convicted and sent to jail.

  8. Obama has scammed enough off the poor to allow him to flit about the world, continuing to spread his poison. He needs to emulate his predecessor:. Go sit quietly in a corner and take up painting (if it’s within his skills level)

  9. What should we expect from an Anti-AMERICAN, muslim? Obama is making lowlifes look good!
    He isn’t even up to low class yet!

  10. Does this poor excuse of a human being think he is accomplishing something constructive??? All he is doing is running around the world and contaminating every thing around him every time he opens his mouth.

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