Obama got caught in a criminal conspiracy against Donald Trump

Where have all the leaks of classified intelligence that have damaged the Trump administration come from?

Donald Trump says he knows the answer.

And he’s pointing the finger at none other than Barack Obama.

Donald Trump sent out a series of tweets claiming Obama ordered wiretaps of Trump Tower during the campaign.

Obama put out a carefully worded statement through his spokesmen using to push back against Trump’s allegations.

But one of Obama’s speechwriters noted that Obama’s statement didn’t deny Trump’s claims of wiretaps, but just denied that the White House ordered the illegal spying.

Trump’s explosive allegations could implicate Obama in criminal conduct.

FISA warrants can only be obtained against agents of a foreign power engaging in war-like sabotage or hostile acts or against American citizens if they are knowingly part of a criminal conspiracy.

Robert Barnes wrote on LawNewz that Obama and his associates could face legal jeopardy on three fronts:

“This bring us to Watergate-on-Steroids, or #ObamaGate. Here are the problematic aspects of the Obama surveillance on Trump’s team, and on Trump himself. First, it is not apparent FISA could ever be invoked. Second, it is possible Obama’s team may have perjured themselves before the FISA court by withholding material information essential to the FISA court’s willingness to permit the government surveillance. Third, it could be that Obama’s team illegally disseminated and disclosed FISA information in direct violation of the statute precisely prohibiting such dissemination and disclosure. FISA prohibits, under criminal penalty, Obama’s team from doing any of the three.”

Trump isn’t the only one who believes Obama spied on his campaign.

Former Attorney General Mike Mukasey also stated his belief Obama was spying on Trump.

The Hill reports:

Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey on Sunday said that President Trump is likely correct that there was surveillance on Trump Tower for intelligence purposes, but incorrect in accusing former President Barack Obama of ordering the wiretapping.

“I think he’s right in that there was surveillance and that it was conducted at the behest of the attorney general — at the Justice Department,” Mukasey told ABC’s “This Week.”

If this is true, then Obama and his associates could be facing serious criminal penalties.