Obama just smugly revealed his secret ties to Black Lives Matter riots

For months, Black Lives Matter has been wreaking havoc across America.

Throughout that time, Barack Obama stayed under the radar.

That is until now, when he smugly revealed his secret ties to Black Lives Matter riots.

The Fake News Media claims that the “protests” that rocked American cities after the death of George Floyd were peaceful.

But anybody with two eyeballs could clearly see that they were far from it, and brought about death and destruction across the country.

Their claims that the “protests” were peaceful were clearly ideologically driven, considering that the Fake News Media supports Black Lives Matter’s narrative.

The Obama family initially stayed rather silent.

It wasn’t until months into the riots that they spoke out.

Michelle Obama attacked anybody who called the protests violent, stating they were “overwhelmingly peaceful,” even implying that the violence was committed by right-wingers, and not Black Lives Matter.

She added that “it is racist” and “morally wrong” to challenge that point.

These statements are absolutely insane.

But it turns out that she may have made these statements for a different reason than many thought.

In a new interview, former President Obama reveals that some of the protests in question were actually organized by his daughters.

He says that his college-aged daughters, Sasha and Malia helped organize protests over the summer, and participated in them while masked to hide their identities.

“I didn’t have to give them a lot of advice because they had a very clear sense of what was right and what was wrong and [of] their own agency and the power of their voice and the need to participate,” the former President said. “Malia and Sasha found their own ways to get involved with the demonstrations and activism that you saw with young people this summer, without any prompting from Michelle and myself, on their own initiative.”

It is unclear which protests they attended, and organized, or if their protests turned violent.

But if they did get violent, it wouldn’t be the first time somebody in their orbit’s child got into trouble at protests.

Sen. Tim Kaine’s son Woody participated in Antifa riots, and was arrested after causing violence outside a Trump rally in Minnesota.

Kaine was Hillary Clinton’s Vice President pick, and was close to being Obama’s Vice President pick in 2008, according to some reports.