Obama’s CIA Director sent one tweet that turned Washington, D.C. upside down

John Brennan served as CIA Director under Barack Obama.

Critics believe Brennan is one of the point men in the plot against Donald Trump.

And Brennan sent out one tweet that turned Washington, D.C. upside down.

Brennan responded to a tweet by Donald Trump where the President exercised his Constitutional authority to instruct an agency that reports to him –the Department of Justice – to comply with Congress’ lawful oversight requests regarding FBI misconduct during the 2016 election.

Brennan – as the nation’s former chief spy – issued a chilling threat to Republican leadership.

Is Brennan speaking as a private citizen or as America’s former keeper of secrets?

Was he threatening to unleash damaging leaks about House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell should they cave to media and Deep State pressure?

Brennan’s tweet was another twist on a day filled with them.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray met with the President at the White House and they agreed to a proposal to have the DOJ Inspector General investigate the FBI spying on the Trump campaign.

Wray and Rosenstein also yielded to Trump’s orders to allow Congressional leaders to review relevant documents.

In that light, Brennan’s tweet looks like the ravings of a desperate man who realizes his illicit schemes are about to be dragged into the sunlight.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this story.


  1. Well Said 🙂 he Brennan is creep , and Anunnaki reptilian creep ugly as sin like clintons both and obama with bush family , he graduated from Fordam then drop his Catholic upbringing too become a obama Muslim that’s going backwards maybe he is a back door cross dresser he certainly never had America’s best interest in mind !!!!!
    Joseph St.Clair

  2. I agree. Brennan seems like he is guilty as sin, and he along with so many others from the Obama Administration should be investigated and charged with criminal behavior. The spying on the Trump campaign was strictly done by Obama and his cohorts in order to see what Trump was doing, and to try to help Hillary win the election. This is bigger than Watergate, and I hope President Trump will declassify the documents from the FBI and DOJ after the IG issues his report so we can finally get to the bottom of this.

  3. John Brennan is a disgraced former bureaucrat whose advise and opinion is worth nothing. He presided over a failed agency and used his office for criminal activity. It is time to charge him for his criminal activity and fit him for an orange suit!

  4. Silent: >totally Believe (w.out personal proof) that Brennan IS
    PEDO/HOMO. Muslim part IS Factoid. ‘i’ know the ‘real deal’ In the ‘uppers?’
    V. V. Baaad ‘stufff’ folks. Well Silent, IF Mueller(another crony w/ Brennan et al) Would do his ‘far out’ witch hunt jobbee, of which he Is Not Totally Capable, 0bviously)) then, Brennan
    et al ARE All ‘gonesville’. Perhaps Mueller ‘partakes’ in their
    ranks. Ahem. ___

  5. Is it just me, or did anyone notice in Brennan’s tweet, he only referred to the President of the United States as ‘Mr.’ Trump. What disrespect. That man has cut his own throat, and he’s still surrepticiously trying to blame President Trump.

  6. Hey Little Johnny, get fitted now for the new orange jumpsuit, with the drop down seat, Bubba is having a hard time just waiting for you.
    What comes around, goes around, if you get my meaning.

  7. Lets hear it Brennan NO one is exempted from our Laws, If Ryan & McConnell are involved in something bad. We have the right to know.
    Corruption does not stop at the Democrats, I’m sure some Republicans R NO better.

    “Drain The Swamp”

  8. Corruption is at every level of Government. Check out S.S. 1. It was to be completely. 2. ONLY HAVE TO PAY 1% OF THE FIRST $1,400 OF Their annual income. 3.That the money put into the Program would be deductible from their income for tax purposes each year. 4. The money would go into a Independent “Trust Fund” and would ONLY be used fund the SS Retirement Program.. NO other Government program. 5. The annuity payment would never be taxed as income. In 1958 CONGRESS not IKE, voted to remove funds from SS and putinto the General Fund for Congress to SPEND A democratically controlled congress!!!Which party took SS from Trust Fund so it could be spent by Congress? LBJ (11-22-1963 to 1-20-1969 ,a Democratically Controlled house and Senate. Who eliminated tax deduction for SS ? Democrats !! Which Party started taxing SS annunities ? Democrats !! Who started giving SS Annuity to Immigrants ? However they never paid a dime into it, but they got the SS at 65 ! Democrats did it, Carter and Senate and House, all dems. Then the democrats say Republicans want to take S away. Who has the record of screwing with SS ?

  9. I so agree ! We must NOT allow dems to rule. VOTE republican and keep out the DEMS who are trying to give our America away !! Please !

  10. People!!! Wake up!!! Round up your friends all around you and get them to vote in every Republican they can at the midterms so we can vote out the evil and corrupt staus quo far-left Democrats, who are rallying young people everywhere to vote blue. We can not allow them to continue to pursue the destructive and harmful agenda they have pursued which is tearing our nation apart. If you haven’t registered to vote do so, and encourage all your friends to do the same. This is your chance to make a difference, as your vote counts and can make the difference on who controls Congress. We need to continue to expose the corrupt status quo , and that won,t happen if we allow the Democrats to regain majority power and control.

  11. YOU are delusional..These TREASONOUS TRAITORS are attempting to undermine the “government” and are nothing but COMMUNISTS and should be HANGED for their CRIMES.

  12. It has been long known ie FBI vs CIA.
    Well Madam Gina CIA = D0 Your New Jobbee ie
    Investigate/Indict ‘certain’ FBI etc.
    Thank you.

  13. Brennan, Clapper, Obama, Clinton, and many others need to be imprisoned for their crimes against the Constitution and the American people.

  14. Get off the NAZI Demoncrat Communist slave plantation and on the Trump train to success!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Ronnie, save your breath,these two are corrupted and don’t trust what they say, think the opposite. They should force Ryan out and not let him fill his term, Ryan is intent on trying to get Immigration Amnesty before he leaves and McConnell is devious enough to push it through the Senate…thats why those two RINO’s have to go.

  16. I firmly believe Clapper is a traitor. I believe he is undermining the Constitution and is assisting with the overthrow of our government.

  17. Yes! You know it’s so corrupt when fellow white people in and out of corrupt government are their own worse enemy!

  18. That is all so true. She should never see the light of day again. May she rot in hell for what she did. And she can take that scumbag husband with her.

  19. Have any of you wrote your congressman about this stuff? Do you have a make America great again bummer sticker on your car? Do you talk to your friends and colleagues about it? Only people that agree with you read this site. You need to spread the word out there were the people are.

  20. He already lied about ?????, Clapper lied to Congress, why have these guys not received warrants for lying? Is it because the swamp rats are protecting other swamp rats, yes it is all part of the double standard for law enforcement, between them an us! Their actions are mistakes, ours are against the law. Prove me wrong!

  21. Someone needs to tell him that we are a REPUBLIC not a democracy. In a REPUBLIC every man has a voice, not just the majority!!!!!

  22. I wish I still had the list that was posted a long day ago as my grandson says. It had all the connections between high ranking politicians and highly positioned people in the all of the communications sectors such as newspapers, tv, radio, etc. It was amazing all the wives and/or husbands of these deep staters/swampers and news media moguls. I mean seriously, there were everywhere. If somebody has that list or post please try to get it put back up again somewhere.

  23. Nothing new here. J. Edgar remained in power for so long because he had so many files on the people that had the power to remove him. Why would today’s “situation” he any different than it was then?

  24. Once again with the treats from yet another enemy of democracy i wonder what Mr Brenner’s net worth is? I’ve no doubt it’s ridiculous like Water’s or Pelosi for example…. Brenner is undoubtedly part of the swamp!Doesn’t want his or his fellow swamp thing’s deeds brought to light! But it’s happening just not near fast enough!

  25. Maybe when they show the list of US Presidents they should do with O what they did with the home run leaders from the steroids era…

    43 – Bush
    44 – Obama**
    45 – TRUMP

  26. I read someone mention in a post that the woman commentator on CBS, Sunday Morning News named Brennan, is the daughter of this snake former CIA Director. That reminded me of rapist President Clinton, getting George Stepalloverit, a job on ABC Sunday Morning News. These maggots have taken over the Fake News Media. Say it isn’t so.

  27. There all crying now,truth will come out, especially when you pin one against the other,lol

  28. When the female wasp lays an egg into a live caterpillar, the egg hatches and consumes the Caterpillar from the inside out. This is the “egg” of HATE inside Brennan. Interestingly, this also applies to Palestinians. It is ironic that Brennan is also a Muslim. (I believe that is correct.)

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  29. Brennan is trying his best to distance himself from the coming investigation, but, there’s a paper trail that will sink him . . . I doubt that Vlad, the Impaler will even let him into Russia.

    Vlad like success, not failures and liars.

  30. The damage has been done. Attempting to hide it will not change that. Bringing it out into the open is the best thing that can be done. The perpetrators of the damage will not like that. But it is the only way to ensure that it will not happen again.

  31. A HOMOSEXUAL, pedophile convert, to be exact. Muslim Islamists allow him to BE Muslim because he is USEFUL to them, and they OWN him. After he is indicted, tried in Military Tribunal and found GUILTY of Sedition and Abuse of his official powers against an American Citizen, he will be assassinated, because Iran doesn’t want him to spill his guts about them. So, watch for it….it’s coming. (And good riddance.)

  32. A Muslim convert. That explained Obama pick. Had Bernie Sanders won the election, he would keep this communist.

    Glad that a MAGA leader stepped into the national spotlight.

    We must indict all the traitorous conspirators that have no respect for our Constitution. We are still in the dangerous times. They dare to violate the Logan Act. The US Attorney General is too slow. Why is that Hillary still untouchable? Unbelievable!

    Trump 2020!

  33. This rotten Communist is a traitor to our country. Obama had him in his administration and the whole previous administration was dirty. They never expected Trump to win so they were very careless in what they did. Now we know why they all acted like it was the end of the world when Trump won. We would have never known any of this if the Hag had won.

  34. It is simple. They can eat all they like after sunset and pre-dawn. You just adjust your meal-times.

  35. Totally agree!!! From the top down, these people are rotten to the core. But, I don’t know that they would be prosecuted under Rod Rosenstein’s “reign”. You know he wouldn’t prosecute himself, and he is part of the corruption. And, for sure, Jeff Sessions is just a figure-head. Information about this corruption is “crawling” to being unraveled. Let’s hope for another Special “Outside” Counsel who will be able to convene a Grand Jury and prosecute! I’m praying for this!

  36. Brennan speaks of democracy…. You should have thought of that word before you bent to the will of Obama…. You are nothing but TRASH….. Jail time for you is too good!!!!

  37. I wonder if Brennen still has his security clearance, in fact, I wonder if all the Obama tribe still have there’s.

  38. The harm has already been done to our democratic republic. The whole matter must be brought to the light of public scrutiny and addressed. Measures must be taken to ensure that it never happens again.

  39. The plot of the (formerly) ruling junta to fix the election in the style of the soviets is unravelling. Comey is running around the country telling anyone who will listen about trumps hair, skin color, tie length and hand size (he never got a chance to measure anything else) and brennan and clapper squealing in a desperate attempt to redirect attention away from the real crime against the American people which is rapidly unraveling. Coordination between Obama and Hillary to throw the election by digging up dirt on trump through illegal espionage and leaking to the press is likely what was going on. She may have hatched the plan while secretary of state. The bleach bit-ed emails, the bleachbit-ed emails (and the dementocrap server they claimed was “hacked” but refused to allow the compliant FBI to examine). A criminal conspiracy against the United States of America and its people.

  40. Ryan and McConnell are afraid of someone or something, neither one of them are doing their job as they are supposed to do it. RINO Ryan was hand picked by Boehner when left. McConnell refuses to do what he has to do to get OUR Presidents appointments through the Senate, the sewer creatures must have some dirt on them and are blackmailing them into stonewalling everything we want done. It could also be that all of these Republicans who are quitting are being blackmailed into retirement to open up chances for the Dems. to take the house and Senate

  41. Brennan and Obama just won’t go away! I guess they want George Soros to keep them on his payroll and that greed will do them very wrong as time goes on and on. Both continue to get rich and also expose themselves for what they really are..crooks and traitors.

  42. I believe that Mr. Brennan doesn’t realize they lost the election because all of O’s Cabal, continue to act as if O still in office. It is past time to take them down. Way past time.

    Also appears Mr. Brennan doesn’t know we are a Republic and NOT a Democracy. Obama, Kerry, Brennan, Hillary, Jarrett, Rice, Holder all need a shot of reality, literally.

  43. When will the Republican leadership realize their is more at stake than how the media reports on them.

    Wake up Ryan & McConnell you both have spent decades in Washington D.C. and now it’s time to come clean with the voters DON’T be cowards and cave to corruption like Brennan has.

    Be strong show some backbone.

  44. I think it should be firing squad for sure,, hell if we get ’em all we may run out of ammo

  45. What a shame Nixon was forced out of office and for doing far less than Hillary and Obama. With the support of the three stooges, Comey, Clapper and Brennan, they got away with crime and corruption, including murder. Then there’s Mueller, McCabe, Strzok and Page all trying to pull off a coup d’etat against a duly elected president. Why are they still standing?

  46. Whoa, that ought to stop Trump and his two defenders in Washington D.C. I thought al-Brennan could be suffering from hunger, after all, it is Ramadan for him and the rest of the Muslims. Maybe after the sun goes down he’ll have some rice and dates and feel better.
    I don’t know how obama did it, he never complained about hunger during his Ramadan fasts.

  47. John Brennan and the other obama adm traitors seem to forget they are no longer in office.
    Who is he to make threats against the Trump Adm. ? He is as unAmerican as they come.
    He is a communist Muslim and hopefully will be prosecuted fir his crimes along with a obama, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett, etc etc

  48. This guy is soooo afraid of what will come out during the investigation that he is making idle threats. If you can’t see that this guy is corrupt and dirty it is only because you don’t want to admit.
    We need to uncover all these idiots and clean out our Departments NOW!!!!

  49. Only a person with something to hide takes to threats!!!! If you have done nothing illegal (fat chance of that) then I would stand up and invite ANYONE to do whatever they needed too do to clear my name…. Dems/libtards are the biggest crooks, liars, haters, ect…. on the face of the earth. They all will burn in HELL for their choices…. THAT BRINGS A SMILE TO MY FACE ???????????????????? but….. I do hope they wake up & change courses for their soul sake…..
    Ps: Your wealth & power won’t help you were your going ????
    Tick tock time tock ….your time on earth is short & grows shorter everyday there is still time to fix what you have F’ED UP….

  50. BS”D

    He’s running scared! When the DEMONcRATS are backed into a corner they ALWAYS try to fear monger to try to throw the scent off their dirty behinds!

  51. Citizens of the United States should be very afraid of Brennan and the like. They think they have absolute power and are above the law. Gitmo for sure!

  52. President Trump needs to Keep draining the Swamp of these DEMORAT/RINO Swamp dwelling pieces of human Garbage and start PROSECUTING, up to ole barr/Crookilary!!!

  53. The DumboRAT cover ups of the past decade make President Nixon’s “cover up”(note: cover upS compared to one cover up)look like a three year old lying about taking a cookie. Yet President Nixon was forced out of office.

  54. This A-hole Communist Brennan must be prosecuted and sent to jail for his crimes against America and his abuse of power when he was the CIA Director!

  55. if any american cannot see that these officials are obviously corrupt then wait till they go after you. so pathetic. nothing done to crooked hillary but cover ups for the crooked previous administration. wake up liberals.

  56. This is a reprise of Dumb and Dumber the movie, but this time it’s real life, and the players of this travesty are truly corrupt enough to think they can state anything and get away with their crimes…..Not so fast! In today’s electronic age, your crimes are captured in the media and they will be exosed….GITMO awaits! DOL,

  57. It seems this is a desperate attempt to cover their OWN behinds and ANYONE that has been “caught”, should be PROSECUTED to the fullest extent of the LAW.
    BUT anyone with half a brain should realize that NOTHING is going to be done to these CRIMINALS, because they have the FULL “protection” of the “demoRAT” party (COMMUNIST)In my opinion, sessions HIMSELF is also part of the whole cabal and also needs to be “investigated” as he has done NOTHING but stonewall and OBSTRUCT just like the “demoRATS”.

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