Obama’s huge lie about the Texas shooting turned into his biggest embarrassment

When news broke that a deranged gunman murdered 26 innocents at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland, Texas liberals jumped at the chance to push gun control.

Barack Obama led the parade of Democrats yapping about the need to take people’s guns away.

But he told a lie about the shooting that turned into the biggest embarrassment of his life.

Obama sprinted to social media to mark the tragic shooting by demanding gun grabs and a restriction of Americans Second Amendment rights.

But there already was gun control on the books.

And the laws failed.

The shooter was court-martialed by the Air Force in 2012 for violence against his wife and child.

He was discharged with bad conduct which should have made him fail any background check.

When he purchased firearm in 2016, he checked a box on the background check form indicating he did not have any disqualifying criminal offenses on his record.

His rampage was only stopped when a Good Samaritan with gun confronted him and shot him.

Under the gun grabs proposed by liberals, the murderer who committed the shooting would not have been stopped from illegally obtaining a weapon while the hero who ended the massacre would have been unarmed and defenseless.

Do you agree with Obama that we need more gun control? Let us know in the comment section.


  1. Agreed,and what’s sad is people have been asleep they have not payed attention to what these people have been up to.so glad he is gone, quite a few still needs to be culled out of office let’s see if people open eyes and get to work on stopping these idiots in office from messing with the constitution or trying to take people’s rights.do we still not realize these jokers work for us we furnish their pay checks out of our pockets, we hired them to do a job we can fire and replace them lazy, crooked, no count bums.thats right they moreless getting welfare to set on their a…. to. Getting rich off our hard earned dollar. They all need to be replaced…

  2. That man was from Oregon, our home state. It made me sick.They were trying to hold onto their lands and grazing rights that the Feds were determined to seize. I saw the video. Why was nothing ever done? Oregon is now the most liberal state, except for maybe California. Oh yeah! That’s because Oregon is now 90% Californians who moved in and took over!

  3. I always think of the line Archie Bunker (Carroll O’Connor) spoke on the old show, “All in the Family”. His Liberal daughter asked him if he knew how many gun deaths there were in the USA in the previous year. He said, “Well, little girl, would it make ya feel any better if they was pushed outta windas?”
    I rest my case…

  4. OMG! Funny, I thought I was the only person who ever said his head looked like a coconut! LMAO! He has just a big enough brain to be a “puppet”, with room left over for his ego and his huge sense of entitlement to squeeze in.
    Great comments here today, people! ????

  5. The “saying’ you quoted was from Scottish Poet Laureate, Robert Burns, and says, ” O wad some Power the giftie gie us, to see oursels as ithers see us!” Or, in more modern language, “Oh would that God would give us the gift to see ourselves as others see us,” or Oh, if only God would help us see our own faults as clearly as others see them, and realize we are no better than anyone else. Maybe you should think about the meaning of this as it pertains to your gun-less country, which is NO better than America. When people in other countries “throw up their eyes to heaven (sic) and say ‘crazy, crazy, crazy’, they are probably referring to the huge amounts of foreign aid the generous taxpayers of America continue to give to your Third World Country so you can survive to ridicule us. There’s another old saying: Never bite the hand that feeds you. Think about that one too.

  6. Now really, do you think Obama was by any means embarrassed??? Not a chance, I am so glad he is gone out of the White House.

  7. Truthfully speaking, regarding your reference to Obama’s embarrassment, do you honestly believe that anything actually embarrass him?

  8. I my honest opinion… the best gun control is hitting the target you are aiming at. Perhaps the anti-gunners need shooting lessons on what really constitutes real gun control.

  9. Well put!! In my messed up state our f-up govenor and the illegals (who can vote because we have the no ID to vote) passed a law where all non violent criminals are released back into society. Sadly this has has cost us at least 5 murders of our Police Officers. What also is so beyond political stupidity is we are not allowed to make it known to the media!! Why is that? These murders should have never been allowed to have weapons due to early release probation guidelines. Oh crap I completely forgot that only law abiding citizens are forbidden to have guns. The criminals are entitled and the citizens have sit back and watch!!

  10. Is a shame that you dare to give an opinion not leaving here, but don’t have the balls to say where you are living?
    What happen, are you ashamed of your country to mane it?
    You are a troll… GTFOH…

  11. Do a check in your country of how many are killed by other ways. Like knifes,ropes, bats, or trucks/ cars and many more ways to kill are they also outlawed? For our sake stay where you are.

  12. No, he has been inside a church. The one in Chicago and he went to the Washington Cathedral on occasion to get his picture taken. As far as being a Christian he is not.

  13. Jazz:

    May you have a long, happy and healthy life wherever it is that you live. That said re your closing question, “Can the rest of the world be wrong?”, the answer is, as history clearly shows, YES!

  14. What Planet do you come from? your statement that “we have very little gun crime or atrocities.” leaves out what crime you have, do people get run over by cars? has a bomb been set off to cause harm and chaos? Are you aware that a knife or Bat can cause harm? and don’t call me friend we are not.

  15. My friends. I don’t live in America but live in a country where guns are not available – either to our citizens or our police – and we have very little gun crime or atrocities. Some famous philosopher said ” See yourselves as others see you!”

    My friends, the rest of the civilised world have an increasingly skewed opinion of Americans and the main reason for this is your attitude to ….guns!

    As atrocity after atrocity happens the rest of the world just throw their eyes up to heaven and say “Crazy, crazy, crazy!” Can the rest of the world be wrong?

  16. He is a skunk in sheep’s clothing. Trying to make everyone think he has Christian values and prays to a Christian God. He’s probably never n
    been inside a church in his life. (mosques don’t count)

  17. Obama is making statements on Twitter??? Oh my! How UN- presidential!
    Oh…wait. That’s right, he’s NOT the prez anymore, so his opinion means ZERO!

  18. I’ll give up my gun when the Hollywood elites and the Politicians give up their Body guards and their guns first, and not before.

  19. What can anybody expect from the Obama’s and the liberals, once they eat one cookie and like it they consider themselves entitled to be GIVEN that cookie company. They all have this entitlement belief remember Obama saying that business didn’t belong to the owner that spend his money building his business, but it belong to someone else if they wanted it. Liberal are taker but never contribute to anything that will help others. Yes Welfare for anybody that doesn’t want to work or feel the injustice of having to work for a living.

  20. Lacy, most people are too busy looking down at their phones to pay attention. I call them Dumb Down phones not smart phones. I don’t own one.

  21. Miss Mellie no genuine American would ever agree with Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, on anything. He is simply a useful idiot of the tyrranical , communist left presided over by George Soros, High Priest of Adolf Hitler and of Satan.

  22. joe you are NOT paranoid. You are a realist with your eyes open and head on correctly. Your type enabled us to disconnect from the tyranny of George III in the 18th. Century. Today we have a faction of ignoramuses who support Unamerican activities and want to take away our firearms so tyrants can resume what we rejected in 1776 and the Russians rejected in 1990. That faction of useful idiots wants us to adopt what we see today in North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela. Those were obviously sleeping in history classes if they were in school at all. It’s all about the dumbing down
    of American youth so the tyrannical fecaliths can take over as did Vladimir Lenin in Russia, Fidel Castro in Cuba, Hugo Chavez in Venezuela and Kim’s dynasty in North Korea. Low life predators are ever present to take over. One of them born in Africa in the 1960’s recently tried in the USA and failed.
    Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty. God Bless our great nation and let’s MAGA!

  23. Obama and celebraties can whine all they want about gun control.why not they’re surrounded with body guards with guns.

  24. Obama is like a psychotic ex girlfriend or spouse. He just won’t go away. Past presidents moved on with their lives. Obama, and Michelle, can’t seem to wrap their heads around the fact that they are no longer in the White House. 8 years of their dribble was plenty. Get a clue Obama, and move on!

  25. Gun control is not the answer, if somebody wants to kill a lot of people it would be done just like in New York or in Europe, use a vehicle. So what, we would outlaw all vehicles, especially rental trucks or any big truck? It does seem sort of strange that now all of a sudden Mr. Obama is calling upon God? I don’t recall him doing much of that before.

  26. obummer was the worst president this country ever had. he talks about God the man is a muslim what does he know about God. he was a pompous, worthless, useless, muslim loving american hating piece of crap. he thought he was an actor. he had a head like a coconut with ears and eyes. that thing needs to go back to his roots wherever that maybe.

  27. All a part of the plan for the ultimate “take over” of America: mis-inform ( the big lie ) and DISARM. LIBERTY should not be sacrificed for Security and for those that do so ; they deserve neither.

  28. Rules for Radicals was read by all these Communist in Our midst and They will never admit fault as the rules say SIMPLY DEFLECT YOUR SINS on Those Whom might expose You.

  29. America cannot be made to SUBMIT as long as the ordinary citizen is both informed and armed against a despotic gang of overlords and that is why both party heads despise all the Americans that elected a NON-PUPPET President; Donald John Trump.

  30. Throughout recorded history all despotic regimes have required Two things: uninformed, or illiterate subjects that are unable to defend ( have guns ) themselves. Some things never seem to change. Obama/ Barry Sotero, or whomever He really is was just a tool used by the New World Order elite.

  31. Twitter is what allows the President to speak to us without his comments being “Interpreted” for us by the so-called media. They are not able to twist his words as they have in the past. We get to read what he wrote, not what someone said he wrote. I personally approve of his Twitter usage.

  32. Obama lied about being born in America and should have been disqualified from running for predident. Thus he should have never been elected or hold office. He also lied about his name. His true name is Barry Soterro, and his lover’s name Mike Robinson, a man. But lied and said her name was Michelle.


  34. COLD BLOODED Murder is MURDER! Killing in self defense or in a war is NOT Murder, it is just killing in a given situation such as I mentioned! Laws on the books testify to these situations! There is a “TIME to KILL, and a Time for war” you KNOW, as said in Ecclesiastes 3:3 and 8 KJV Now how about that!

  35. Re the rest of the world and how it supposedly might think of us, the following might be appropriate to consider. How many times have the terribly undisciplined Americans come to the aid of “the rest of the world” , both in the military sense and in other ways? Seems that the rest of the world, our mistakes aside, might be getting a pretty good deal, and by the way, those noble Europeans, with their history of “Gun Control” and a disarmed citizenry, or might disarmed subjects be a more apt term, do not seem to luxuriate in domestic peace and tranquility when last one looked.

    In conclusion, the rest of the world is politely directed to the following. Before pointing to the mess in a neighbor’s yard, make sure that your yard isn’t just as messy or messier.

  36. Actually, the first thing Hitler did was for gun registration, this way he knew where they all were then he sent his Brown shirts out to collect them, something like what our government did after the Louisianan hurricane disaster. when the government claimed it was for the safety of the citizens.
    You see the government is after your guns and your ability to stop tyranny. Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean it’s not real.

  37. One of the first things Hitler ordered when he took over was that everybody had to give up their guns. Anybody caught with a gun would be shot. Kinda ironic, isn’t it? Is there a message there America?

  38. The second amendment to the Constitution is not there so that citizens have the right to shoot quail if they’ve a mind to, but to protect themselves agaist a government gone rogue, as are the other nine amendments of the “Bill of Rights”. The founding fathers were well aware of the anti-citizenry acts committed by the autocratic governments from which they had fled. That is why the Articles of Confederation failed: the was NO executive branch of government in it, nor any judicial branch, just the Congress. They reluctantly formed a government with THREE branches with the hope that if any branch went rogue the others would stifle them. But they didn’t think that was enough, hence the first ten amendments to the Constitution, laying out what the government could never, ever do to its citizenry. History has shown a number of examples of governments that disarmed their populace and then murdered millions of their defenseless citizens whom they suspected, rightly or wrongly, of objecting to their rulership.

    If you want to decrease the number of mass shootings in this country, work on a way to identify and thwart these potential killers, instead of disarming EVERYBODY This should be the desire of every citizen unless, of course, you are a member of the “ruling class”.

  39. Amen. Now if we can get OUR President to get off Twitter , and get him to FIRE and replace everyone that obamy put in the positions of power in the military.

  40. Perhaps , it is the old adage , one cannot correct stupid. This post potus , is oblivious to intelligent thought , non-communist ideas , and last , it is not coming from a lowlife scumbag Oman.

  41. Really?… You are worried about other countries think about us?
    Well. I don’t give a rat ass what others countries think… They better fix they own problems…
    in the meantime…
    As long as the rich and famous maintain their armed bodyguards, while criminals get weapons the same way they get drugs, I’m going to keep my guns with me …
    “From my cold, dead hands …” …
    Thank you Mr. Charlton Heston… you words are historical, like many of your movies….

  42. We cannot even prove that he is a citizen. There never has been anything released after he was adopted that shows he was a US citizen. He traveled to places forbidden to US citizens, so how did that happen. Did he used a different passport? Or was it like his college days where he said he was an exchange student? Or when he failed to tell the truth on his IL Bar application? Which is a felony which would have prevented him from ever running for President. Just too many unanswered questions to him that need vetted properly and made public.

  43. I live on Social Security that I worked to be able to receive but I will gladly chip in to send Obama and his entire family out of my beloved
    America. God bless America

  44. why don’t this low life still in America this pos traitor should be deported to a muslim country of his choise don’t want his hear his views loser

  45. Tumbler… you know who is the happiest man in the country this days?…
    Former President Carter !!!…. He is so happy, that declared that he and President Trump agree on many points…

  46. No Country wants him. If they are a republic/democracy, they fear he would ruin their country. If a dictatorship, they fear he would take over the place and make it even worse.

  47. If those countries are so freaking great, why are you still here? I Tell all of the people like you.! ” If you don’t like America get the hell out.” I will gladly pay your one-way airfare out of here.

  48. I want obama, polosi, fienstien, etc. To explain to a simple person like me .If a gun law restricting the right to have a gun will stop these murders than Why IS THE LAW AGAINST MURDER NOT STOPPING MURDERS. Stupids criminals DO NOT OBEY LAWS, ONLY LAW ABIDING PEOPLE DO. If you IDIOTS believe any law you write will stop this THAN YOU MUST BELIEVE I SAW A COW JUMP OVER THE MOON.

  49. He might be getting sarcastic, or perhaps attempting to bait someone into a furious argument? There are trolls out there, you know… just wanting to sow discord. However, NOBODY could be that stupid and still remember how to breathe in and out.

  50. SHAME on obama, he doesn’t even know Who GOD is? Why more gun control? The government can’t even manage the gun laws on the Books, why should we give the government more laws to mismanage?

  51. Oh, yes… and keep it that way! I like that part about “thank God and greyhound…” That’s pretty good! (Can I use it?) LOL

    I remember the feeling very well that night when I heard the news that Donald Trump had won the election. It was a mixture of relief, happiness and hope for our country! Mostly, it wa a huge sigh of relief, because I knew how well we dodged a bullet when the Hilldabeast lost!

  52. Those who give up their guns will fall to all the liberal sick Demorats gun control don’t work look at the glorious city of Chicago
    the strictest gun laws in the country and the city with the most murders, and furthermore if these idiots would take the time to check FBI reports there are more killings with knives than guns.
    The criminal and the mentally unstable don’t give a rats butt about laws, but the liberal Demorats will continue to chop on the law-abiding citizens.

  53. Yep, all of the criminals will oblige to your heroic and futuristic vision of Utopian love, peace, and harmony, just with your heartfelt feeling and wishes.
    And, all will be as it should be….
    You must be OUT OF YOUR MIND! When will feel- gooders,like yourself,realize WHY THE 2ND AMENDMENT that is listed in the heart of our CONSTITUTION? FREEDOM CAN NEVER SLEEP, if it ever does, there will be no need to try to save it…and, you will be one of the murderers was complicit.

  54. THe rest of the civilised world are increasingly judging Americans by the increasing number of gun-related atrocities. How can an alleged civilised society, like America, allow such antiquated constitutional legislation to stymie progress in protecting its citizens? The evidence is now irrefutable that guns need to be taken out of the equation. Americans, set aside your red vs blue partisanship and do the obvious like those countries which have grasped the nettle i.e. impose an Amnesty incentivising private citizens to complusively hand up their guns and, if they don’t do so, penalise them heavily!

  55. Re the pro life/anti abortion commentary that in my view has unfortunately appeared in this discussion, there being a place for such comment just not here, I wonder as to why some people feel duty bound to mix apples and oranges.

  56. I wholeheartedly agree Gentlemen. Why is his Phony Birth Certificate NOT an Issue ?? Every American should be outraged that an IMPOSTER who was NOT qualified to run in the first place was allowed to do so for 8 long years and during that time did EVERYTHING he could to undermine American Traditions,and Values, and Blatantly ignore our Constitution like it was nothing. Then he Creates and Ignites the Race issue to divide this country into the mess it is now and after he leaves office he has the gall to Shadow President Trump and his agenda attacking him like NO OTHER President has EVER been attacked in History while prodding his Blind Following to stage nation wide riots and mayhem. This Idiot Obama is a TRUE Communist and a Criminal by every definition and last but not least he floods America with the ENEMY that hates our guts,rapes our Women and Children,and Beats their own Women on a regular basis while Demanding we let them Take Over OUR Country or they will KILL US. Then he tries to STEAL our Guns away from us so we cannot Defend ourselves against the DICTATORSHIP that the U.N.’s New World Order is forcibly trying to ram down our throats against our will to finalize their efforts all along to complete their Silent Coup taking OVER our Government that all of us Veterans served and died to protect over the last 231 years. What is wrong with the people that don’t see this and support this Idiocy ??? OBAMA WILL GO DOWN IN HISTORY AS THE ” WORST PRESIDENT ” OF THE UNITED STATES EVER !! THAT IS IF WE STILL HAVE A HISTORY AFTER ALL THE DAMAGE HE HAS DONE TO THE NATIONAL SECURITY OF THE UNITED STATES DURING HIS ILLEGAL TENURE HERE. He is the Superbly Well Placed Presidential Imposter !! Thank God for President Trump Indeed !

  57. or maybe Obama appointees just failed to do their jobs and do the notifications when it was brought to their desks as they were to busy with transgender issues and anti-Muslim conformity and pc social justice bs and bowing to the care dictates.

  58. Amen James!!! It’s a disgrace all of the talent and souls that are murdered every day. All of the doctors and scientists, plumbers and electricians, mothers and fathers….

  59. Obama was opposed to Second Amendment rights as a state legislator, as a U.S. Senator and as President. Now as a private citizen, though one with a big loudspeaker, nothing has changed, nor with respect to this guy, is there a realistic expectation of change.

  60. It’s why we have a 2nd ammendment. To keep us safe against a tyrant or dictator. No more King George’s. Our forefathers saw all of this coming. They knew how fragile freedom was.

  61. Obviously OBAMA DIDN’T HEAR that it was an armed citizen neighbor that shot back at the suspect that stopped his rampage from continuing outside the church after he had fired a few rounds at the neighbors!!!!!

    We are not GIVING UP our RIGHT to DEFEND ourselves from the TERRORIST that you the LIBERAL DEMOCRATS support and USE to DISARM AMERICA!!!!!
    It is the CRIMINALS & TERRORIST who DO NOT OBEY LAWS and they will get ANY WEAPON to commit their crimes. . . CRIMINALS & TERRORIST who FLEE from their victims when CONFRONTED by ARMED LAW ABIDING CITIZENS!!!!!

    Of course OBAMA knows this thats why he wants to DISARM LAW ABIDING CITIZENS to clear the way for the TERRORIST HE BROUGHT IN AS REFUGEES to commit their TERRORIST CRIMES against UNITED STATES CITIZEN without FEAR of finding ARMED RESISTANCE BLOCKING their attacks!!!!!

  62. Liberalism has brought the decline. They have idols in the entertainment and sports world And communists in our schools. They spit on Christianity and support pornography. They damn God and idolize scum like Snoop dawg. We have a decaying immoral society and the left has its handprints all over it

  63. Just remember the communist a.k.a. Democrats have a mantra that says the ends justify the means, and they have been involved in many of the shootings using these Manchurian candidate style people, as there and is always the same they killed her self, those illuminating any possibility of them , Leading the law back to those who brainwashed him to commit this crime and then we have the agencies who is been involved in motors as we know their corrupt and in vested with not the smartest like Obama in the CIA the BATF and the FBI who would’ve committed these crimes and that better than , Leading the law back to those who brainwashed him to commit this crime and then we have the agencies who is been involved in motors as we know their corrupt and in vested with not the smartest like Obama in the CIA the BATF and the FBI who would’ve committed these crimes and that better than eye! Just year before the last in the spring when Obama was in power Obama had the FBI ambush and bullet riddle a car and killed one of the man who had his hands in the air shot him nine times he was a militia member who was not alarmed, and again the FBI ambushed and I say ambushed. You wonder why they want your guns America the communist left wants to put you on a reservation like they did the American Indians, that is after they disarm and kill those who they don’t want their way just like they did back in the 1800s.

  64. I cannot believe that monkey is still running around loose causing trouble! He should have been locked up by now or sent back to Africa!

  65. Saw a tee shirt . Buy a gun. Piss off a liberal. Couldn’t agree more. Every time these liberals make a political statement on gun control, more guns are purchased. I guess they just don’t get it. Dumber than a bag of rocks.

  66. Not really. The left, like yourself I presume wants to have government stop murders by guns. Then those same lefties like yourself should also demand government to eliminate abortion on demand. I have never seen a gun lying on a table , pick itself up and go to a church or anywhere and shot down innocent people. It takes an evil person to perpetrate such a heinous act. The left paints a broad stroke over gun owners across this country and the only thing which will reduce these occurrences would be to nationalize the right of legal gun owners to defend themself. If life is a constitutional tenet. As was the last time I looked. Then I should have a right to protect myself and my family and anyone who faces such an evil force. Now Abortion on the other hand is murder in the first degree of innocent life. What makes it even more heinous is that these babies cannot protect themselves. They have no chance at life and the left wing doesn’t care. This is about millions dying a year.so who is more barbaric! This deranged evil shooter or Planned parenthood? I say there is no difference. So bringing up abortion to prove hypocrisy once again from the left is more than fair game. So in short I Say, arm every legal citizen who wants a firearm and allow carry in all 50 states. I say unfund Planned parenthood and strike down Roe vs. Wade. That way we will save thousands from these shootings and millions from the inhuman and unGodly act of murder called abortion.

  67. They cannot have MY guns. They are my property. Besides that, if obama wants my gun then let him personally come and try to take it. I would love nothing better.

  68. When the Libturds give up their ARMED body guards I might consider maybe allowing a few gon controls to be put in place, but they will NEVER get me to give up my guns, PERIOD!!

  69. Funny how the Liberals want to take our guns away yet they are surrounded by body guards, Secret Service, & police all carrying guns. I say do away with your protection & live how you want all of us to live! No thank you! I’m a granny with a ccp!

  70. AMEN! I loved this, get him out of here, we don’t want him and certainly need him here! He thinks he is still our President! HA!

  71. Shirley: You are 100% correct! I’m 84, and we grew in hard times, but they were good, people were good honest working people. We had a gun in our home, but they were put up, and we kids never saw any guns. We had good parents that knew where we were at all times, my how times have changed (for the worse), I’m sorry to say.

  72. Let’s keep pro life/pro choice discussions where they belong, that being in an entirely different venu, far removed from any discussions of or involving firearms and o gun control.

  73. Well stated. Obama is a disgrace,pure and simple. I cannot help but wonder what his future would have been had he dwelled on the white side of his bloodship. Alarmingly, I cannot understand why the American public reelected the guy after observing his first 4 years of doing nothing accept playing golf. For a fellow that never had a job in his life, today he rests well once again at the tax payer’s expense. Frankly, I would prefer that he just fade away into the sunset and keep his unsolicited opinions to himself.

  74. it pales to the millions of babies executed every year by the barbaric Planned Parenthood; And other abortion programs around the world.

  75. Thomas: I agree with you 100%! I always said he was not born in the USA! I believe that with all my heart and still do! He started this racism, and I’m sick of him and his party, wish they would all leave the USA! Even his own brother said he wasn’t born in the USA!

  76. As tragic as the shooting in the Texas church was/is, it pales to the millions of babies executed every year by the barbaric Planned Parenthood; and those who support it! WE NEED MORE RESTRICTIONS ON ABORTION UNITS!!!

  77. no one agrees with corrupt lying, homosexual muslim illegal president obama, his crimes of child trafficking child rapes are by far worst than the man who shot all of these people

  78. It is true… You know when all started?….
    When we started saying Merry Christmas again. Without fear and without shame … Merry Christmas was the beginning … today we are in the process of eliminating him and the bunch of delicuentes like him, from the memory of our country…hard work, but can be done… it will be done…

  79. Obama was the worst President in history and he tryed many times to disarm the Americans and wants us to be One World Order so we can all becontrolled by people like him,Thank God we have a decent President now.TRUMP 8 yrs.

  80. HIS “god” is Allah, one of the legion of names that Lucifer and Satan have taken. He worships none other than the Father of Lies,Satan.

  81. NO LAW stops or impedes a criminal. They disobey them ALL. Laws only affect the behavior of those citizens who abide within them, NOT the criminals who already showed they do NOT. ALL that gun control laws do is cause the law abiding public to be defenseless before the ALWAYS armed criminals!

  82. Of course not. He knows it is “right” to lie to all infidels, a right given by Islam called Taqiiyah. He is nothing but a satanist, as Allah is one of HIS legion of names, the Arabic word for “god”.

  83. Obama lied about Benghazi he’s not a citizen and he is nothing now but a regular citizen plus he was a bad president giving away all kind of stuff to our enemies and bowing down to our enemies

  84. So true. We have to start closely inspecting what these teachers are teaching our young and return to the basics. No more touchy-feely crap

  85. The gun never kills anyone, it’s the psycho behind it and we have laws for that shoved down our throats by the progressive liberal democrats. No law will prevent a psycho from doing anything.

  86. obama should be in jail because he lied about being an american . he was not born here in any of the united states of america . he was born in aferica and should not have been our president at all

  87. Laws and the use of them would still not have kept the nut case from getting a gun. Friends who see things his way, would have supplied him with a gun. As for obominator, that fruitcake would do well to just wander off into the night and let people forget him.

  88. I do not believe that the Kenyan Muslim could be embarrassed if he was caught on nationwide TV with his hands in the church collection plate, grasping handfuls of dollars. If he is not already embarrassed into silence with all the crookedness that is coming to light that occurred under his administration then a bit of allowing his alligator mouth to overload his canary behind will be viewed by him as “minor”.

  89. We need to have his body guards taken away and have him take a walk through a neighborhood on the Southeast side of Chicago, where his “library” will be built. Maybe after his gets murdered then they can actually put his carcuss in the library for a special treat for those who still love him.

  90. “But he told a lie about the shooting that turned into the biggest embarrassment of his life.”

    Obama is not capable of embarrassment.

  91. Do NOT be fooled by his simple rhetoric. He, like slick Willy, knows how to throw a supposed comment that makes him appear civil

  92. Well said and I have stated pretty much the same thing in the past. I am so tired of looking at this anal orifice.


  94. There has been a murder committed by a Black criminal – gun control!
    There has been a murder committed by an insane – gun control!
    There has been a murder committed by a Mexican drug runner – gun control!
    There has been a murderous criminal gunned down by a policeman – gun control!
    There is an unseasonal cold wave – gun control!
    Etc, etc…In Cuba, North Korea, Vietnam, Russia – there only state police have guns!

  95. I remember when I was in high school and we had to pass the constitution exam in order to graduate. But teachers now are pushing their agenda of being a liberal and a lot of crap AGAINST the United States. Forget about learning to read, write, science, history, math, English grammar, spelling, etc. Then there are all the immigrants who keep coming here without being vetted, who are going out and shooting people simply because we are Americans. They do not speak English, do not follow any laws because the police are accused of discrimination when they show up and arrest Americans instead, because we are being controlled by these illegal immigrants. Let us not forget they take jobs from Americans, who are now having trouble in getting a job. Giving a good job to an American over an immigrant is discrimination and/or racist. Yet Obama is still going the country spreading his vial Liberal speech and having the news media keep him in the limelight. After eight years of Obama we already became a country like Nazi Germany. This is why President Donald John Trump was elected to Make America Great Again! All we can do is to continue to pray for our President and Country.

  96. I do not agree with Oboma. The Air Force failed to report the shooters prior issues that would have prevented him from ever owning a gun. Then other agencies failed too by not properly reporting his domestic issues again which would have stopped him from purchasing.
    Then we read about his texting threatening message to his in-laws. The system has once again failed in preventing these tragic events.
    My prayers are with the families and friends involved.

  97. If the Libtards insist on gun control, then They FIRST MUST GIVE UP THEIR GUNS, AMMUNITION, CCW PERMITS, AND ALL RIGHT TO HIRE OR BE ASSIGNED ARMED SECURITY. Anyone who establishes a gun free zone should be held criminally and civilly responsible for all injuries and/or deaths in their gun free zone!

  98. well by the looks of his eyes he must be on drugs again, i hate to say it but devorces make people do crazy things, maybe we should ban marriage , i see the kenyan clown still ain’t learned to keep his mouth shut , like a bad rash , he refuses to go away ,why can’t he do like the bush’s and go hide out

  99. It is NOT about GUNS it is all about CONTROL. I do not need a phony lying muslim tranny banger controlling anything that I do or do not do.

  100. we better take a lesson from Adolph Hitler, who confiscated civilian guns, left them w/ NO defense and we know how that turned out.
    Those who want guns, (criminals, etc.) WILL get them regardless of laws.

  101. What law indeed! The thing about Obama when it comes to guns, HE is the only one whose life is worth protecting with a gun… so, he hires a bunch of armed bodyguards. (Speaking of which, I wonder if that interview with an anonymous bodyguard is still online. It’s very telling. The same with Hillary.)

  102. The reason for the 2nd, is to stop a tyrannical government, not for hunting. Our schools don’t teach civics or the Constitution and those 2 should be a required course for graduation! This is the reason for Ignorant liberals to push their power grab,dumb down the electorate to remain in power and control the people, when you can’t protect yourself from our government, we become countries like Nazi Germany or any communist country over the last 100+ years?

  103. Two questions; two questions only …
    (1): How many laws did he violate already?
    (2): What NEW laws would have stopped him?

  104. Obama needs to shut the hell up. Take your crap and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. We Americans don’t care what you have to say. Take the money money you stole from hard working Americans and just go away. We have a real president now and he does love this country and its flag. I am trilled and happy that our president is dismantling everything you created. Obamacare will fall believe me.


  106. I am 73 years old, always had guns around us. A gun was propped in the corner of the living room, and we had them in the rear window of our trucks, (unlocked trucks). Nobody ever took them or even thought of using them to harm anyone. Our morals are gone, and it all starts at home. Parents are to busy to teach their kids, some are on drugs, or alcohol, and want to stop for a cocktail rather than being home with their children. Conservative values are gone.

  107. Obama only cares that he is no longer President for he thinks he still is. IF he truly had these feelings he would have shown them back when American’s were killed thanks to Hillary and him when he was President.

  108. This tragedy is a perfect example of justification for law abiding citizens to keep and bear arms. Who knows how many more targets were on this guys radar and the good guy with a gun prevented him from further acts of murder.

  109. ~ If You have a Brain ….You know “Guns Don’t Kill People Sick or Criminally inclined People Kill People ~ But if Your a Liberal or Loony like Obama you don’t have a brain to reason with. ~


  111. HELL NO! We already have more than enough law’s on the books. We need to make it easier for people with no record of any kind to get a Carry Permit! We could help protect ourselves and if necessary protect someone who is in need just like these people were able to do. It would be GREAT if our President could make it legal to carry without having to get a Carry Permit. People would be and feel safer knowing that they are able to protect themselves from those who would bring harm.

  112. I only agree with Obama on the grieving with victims post, not with the part implying gun control. Out of line, and irrelevant if not detrimental to that situation.

  113. Obama is a pompous bast**d whose only agenda is the overthrow of the United States of America. His Great White Throne judgement is coming where Jesus will tell him “depart from me ye worker of iniquity, I never knew you”.

  114. If there were no violent incidences, if the threat of them didn’t exist, the Progressives could at least argue that the right to arm oneself was not necessary. Instead, they pick incidents which highlight the advisability of being armed for personal protection in order to advocate taking citizen’s guns away. There has to be a psychological term for this madness more specific than Liberalism.

  115. Seems to me that this former president and his maudlin ramblings get a whole lot more band width than they were ever worth. How Come or Why remains an unanswered question.

  116. We need more MOUTH CONTROL from fukn idiots like Dumbama and the loose lipped Democrud.
    Dumbama’s unhinged mouth is just as dangerous as some person who is mentally unstable.
    Speaking of unhinged and unstable I hope Dumbama isn’t allowed to own a gun.

  117. Obama is an orator, he was told what to think,say and do. Anyone can train a dog, Obama even easier. Bribes and a stage where he feels important.

  118. And Obama had the galls, to say ‘God’…He doesn’t believe in God…And he should keep his mouth shut, he is not that important anymore…

  119. It has been much more than a sponge job. Massive misdirection of taxpayer funds to our enemies at home and abroad, kick-backs (if HRC got $140M can you image what the top of the hill got under the same table), bribes and special interest contributions.

  120. In order for George Soros and the democrats to succeed in their take over of the USA they first have to disarm the citizens. I’m 62 years old and growing up I was always around guns just like many others and I never heard or even thought about mass shootings. So why now? In my opinion its movies, the internet, and video games along with parents not do their job. This is not a gun control issue it a culture issue.
    Take a good look at the news media and how they glorify groups like ANTIFA. BLM, BAMN and the Islamic terrorism that we are expected to tolerate. The schools don’t help, in fact the schools and colleges preach division of the races by teaching that it is all whites fault.
    We need to look at the reason behind all this hate and control it not guns.

  121. Obama always blames inanimate objects like guns for criminal behavior. He never considers the moral condition of our nation at this time in its history. He promised change and change he created. He weakened the family by reducing the sanctity of marriage, by promoting economic policies forcing families to survive on government benefits, and by increasing racial conflict. Now, I don’t blame him for the Texas shooting, but I do blame him for always offering simple political cliches to explain evil tragedies in our society without offering ideas to improve our moral condition.

  122. Ok ex president, you set the example, take all the guns from your body guards, all the guns from you wife & children body guards and I will turn all my guns into the local sheriff.

  123. Dumvet,
    . . . . I’m going to assume that you are a Vet. Thank you for your service. barrackie the muslim is guilty of High Treason and Sedition during Wartime. These are Capital Offenses. He is also guilty of murder, fraud, theft, and other Felonies and high Misdemeanors.
    . . . . He was in the WH illegally and he was never the legitimate President of the US. He has only kept his word on one thing. That was the promise to change the country in a fundamental way.
    America: Love It or Leave It!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  124. Why are we even listening to Obama? He’s not the POTUS anymore! Ignore his comments like he doesn’t exist and hopefully he’ll get the point; we don’t care about what you have to say!

  125. The only reasonable way to help protect sane, normal people from the ever increasing population of nut jobs is for more decent people to be armed themselves. Some churches have taken to making certain some members are armed and prepared for violent intruders. Should even more be doing so in light of church shootings in recent years?

  126. Dear ex president obama (thank God),

    I will pay for 4 one-way economy class tickets for you and your family members to Kenya, your birthplace. You and your three other family members must agree to NEVER come back to America, the land that you hate. We don’t want you here, we don’t need you here. If you hate America as your wife says then get the hell out. Leave us alone.

  127. We are all sick of that clown. His no good opinion amounts to just that; no good. Go back to Kenya and take your family with you. You have sponged off the American people enough and we’re sick of it, and sick of you Obama.

  128. Go away you traitorous liar! We had 8 years of your dictatorship you lied to us the whole time you were in office from Clinton scandals to money laundering to the uranium deal the Benghazi deal where 4 Americans lost their lives there was fast and furious need I go on?! Get lost we have a real president now who will not be apologetic for our country and will not lie to us and does not create scandal after scandal! The media does enough of that you know where you have them brain washed!

  129. Why are we even listening to Obama? He is NOT the POTUS! We need to ignore his comments from this point forward.

  130. B.O. is no longer of consequence to anything happening in this country. He and all of his haters are all a flutter because the gravy train is over and it is not pretty. Please report something of interest. I am sick to death of this thief and America Hater.

  131. Obama wouldn’t be happy unless he further ruined our country. This is, and has been his mission for the last eight and one half years. He won’t stop unless he is taken down. I say, let’s take him down, BIGLY!!!

  132. Obozo is full of el toro poo poo. He just can’t stay out of the spotlight. He is too much of a narcissist.

  133. WE had 8 years of his CRAP. Get the Hell out of politics
    and let Trump and the Republicans Run the country. Obama
    Had his chance and screwed the country up

  134. Maybe the government should take away the guns from all who protect the Obamas.
    What do you think? No bodyguards, no policemen, no security personal around the Obamas should be allowed to carry a gun.

  135. Love that – “like a mosquito crap in the skyscraper of History…totally invisible…”. I am going to have to write that one down!

  136. He needs his body guards taken away, and no protection and let us see how long he will last. He is not a American and hates america. It would save the a lot of tax money if he lost hie body guards not counting him and ?????????

  137. When you have a false agenda…sooner or later you get caught because what you say is based on emotion, ignorant emotion and not facts. Regardless of how glib one might be…Doofus Barry included…one doesn’t get away with fabrication. All the comments have made my day. Still can’t believe he was elected for a double term. Doesn’t say much for voters.

  138. Something that I haven’t heard mentioned along with this article is the fact that he is a devout Muslim, and in every Muslim’s dream, the U.S. citizens are easy targets. You betcha he’ll throw his weight around as much as possible in the best interest of Muzzies!!

  139. He can’t control himself…. He is already disappearing….Everything he did it with a phone and a pen has been erased from History… President Trump took care off it… 8 years of illegalities are going out of the window in only 10 months…
    Imagine then what 8 years of President Trump will do to him…
    His legacy will be like a mosquito crap in the skyscraper of History… totally invisible…
    He did something good lately. He went to help Democrat Ralph Northam in Virginia…. Great…
    With this action, the Gillespie triumph in the election tomorrow, is secured…

  140. The Obamas should both shut their mouths and go away. Nobody but the liberal sheep give a damn about what they have to say. After everything that is coming out about the Dems. you would think he would keep a low profile, but his ego just wont let him. I’m waiting for the shoe to drop on his ass. Hope it will be soon.

  141. We’ve suffered eight years under this dolt, we don’t need any more of his forked tongue pronouncements. Historically, confiscating ALL the guns in a country has been a prelude to the “government” going full authoritarian and murdering any of its citizenry who object, even in the slightist and no matter how many need murdering to ensure compliance. The USA is already far more like any of the autocratic “governments” that our founding fathers fled from and desired to keep us safe from becoming.

  142. Obama is NOT the President of the United States. He and other former presidents should shut the F__ up and go away. Those losers exploit tragedies to try to make President Trump look bad. Not going to happen!!!! Obama had his chance and blew it by doing NOTHING positive for the people in this country. We do not want his library, unless it contains his birth certificate, college records, proof of ownership to the property on the South Side of Chicago, which has 6 separate pin number, when only one pin is legal, proof of ownership to the residence in Chicago, etc. This “Library” will NOT tell us who he REALLY is! So, he should stop his crap against President Trump to spread dishonest and vindictive vial against our TRUE PRESIDENT and disappear.

  143. We need to ban guns and all weapons from liberals and islamist extremists since they are the ones doing all these mass murders..

  144. No more gun control.Only fools who advocate this. Gun controls only allow criminals to get guns because they don’t follow the laws to start with.

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