Obama’s huge lie about the Texas shooting turned into his biggest embarrassment

When news broke that a deranged gunman murdered 26 innocents at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland, Texas liberals jumped at the chance to push gun control.

Barack Obama led the parade of Democrats yapping about the need to take people’s guns away.

But he told a lie about the shooting that turned into the biggest embarrassment of his life.

Obama sprinted to social media to mark the tragic shooting by demanding gun grabs and a restriction of Americans Second Amendment rights.

But there already was gun control on the books.

And the laws failed.

The shooter was court-martialed by the Air Force in 2012 for violence against his wife and child.

He was discharged with bad conduct which should have made him fail any background check.

When he purchased firearm in 2016, he checked a box on the background check form indicating he did not have any disqualifying criminal offenses on his record.

His rampage was only stopped when a Good Samaritan with gun confronted him and shot him.

Under the gun grabs proposed by liberals, the murderer who committed the shooting would not have been stopped from illegally obtaining a weapon while the hero who ended the massacre would have been unarmed and defenseless.

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