Obama’s latest shot against Trump backfired badly

This week former President Obama fired another shot at President Trump.

Obama said that his signature legislation, Obamacare, is more popular than President Trump.


  1. Obamacare’s “popularity” can be seen in the 40+ to 1 preference to seeing it repealed in a poll on this site.

  2. Back in the 80’s we had Reagan, Johnniy Cash and Bob Hope. When Obama was in office, we had no Reagan, Hope or cash.

  3. Right E.Art Thomas!! Fuking Obongoloid and all of the ‘Snowflake’ fuking ‘Elites’ taking that 2 week vacation with David ‘Hollywood Homo’ Geffen in the Tahitian Isles…Oprah, Snoop Dog, Carol King, et.al….a boat full of ‘ni**ers the French should have blown out of the ocean…all the French had to say was the thought it was a boat full of ni**er Somolians….end of story!! HA HA HA HA

  4. Barry and his shadow gov’t (Alinsky Alliance…aka radical, liberal, socialistic, progressive demos)need to crawl back into their complete failure failed legacy and SHUT-UP. I can’t imagine a program that is so popular that is in a death spiral to complete failure and collapse…maybe only Alinsky Alliance members is all that voted. The vote is like his getting Obamacare passed “the fix is in”. He is such a phony, right?

  5. Some of Obamas professors have said he is so smart, obviously smart does not connect to his mouth! Go away Obama!

  6. Why, oh WHY didn’t I stay with psychology instead of going int geology in college? I could have made a CAREER out of the former HOMOSEXUAL COMMUNIST MUSSIE IN CHIEF alone!

  7. Obahama is dillisiona and he is history !
    He has no grasp on reality! There is nothing
    Popular about being fined , for not being able to afford
    Premiums that have deductions tripled & If his plan
    Is popular why are insurance companies pulling
    Out !

  8. Yes John!!! This fuking ;Negroid’ BIG eared fuking wussy has LIED to the American people since January 20th, 2009 and continues to try and pull the wool’ over our eyes! “F” this LIAR of a ‘knee-gro’ and may he suffer in hell, along with Killery, Kerry, Podesta, et.al.!!

  9. The feckless Repub’s can’t even agree on what pizza to order. Why oh why did we allow children to get elected?

  10. Mr. Obama is a citizen again (of somewhere) and should go back where he came from before he gets arrested for treason against the American people. He has no business in the Trump Presidency.

  11. He never was and never will be an American citizen. Yet through liying fraud and corruption was voted in two terms as president. What a disgrace to our country. We need to erase all traces of him in this country.

  12. Obama is a “LIAR!” He lied to the American people time and time again, and here he is LYING once again! I’m waiting for these COWARDS in this Congress to actually do their jobs, which they should be indicting Obama and Clinton, instead of ignoring the lawlessness of these two CORRUPT morons! They, the CORRUPT Congress, “the SWAMP”, are hell bent on destroying President Trump, instead of doing their jobs, the people put them in office to do!

  13. As usual, obama doesn’t know what he is talking about!
    Nothing new here, let’s move on! He needs to SHUT UP and
    do us all a big favor: crawl back under his rock and stay there!

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