Obama’s lawyer made this giant mistake that he will live to regret

The corruption in Barack Obama’s Deep State runs deep.

Associates of the former President are still being rolled up by law enforcement.

And Obama’s lawyer just made a mistake that he will live to regret.

Greg Craig served a general counsel for President Obama.

And he was also neck deep in the criminal investigation into former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

Manafort worked with the Podesta Group – run by Tony Podesta who is the brother of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta – on a lobbying job in the Ukraine in 2012.

Craig worked at the high powered law firm of Skadden Arps on political work in the Ukraine and allegedly made false statements to investigators about his involvement in this project.

The Daily Caller reports:

The former general counsel for President Obama made “false and misleading statements” to the Justice Department regarding work he did for the Ukrainian government that has come under scrutiny in the special counsel’s probe.

Greg Craig’s allegedly false statements were revealed in a settlement announced Thursday by the Justice Department. The agency announced it was settling with Craig’s former firm, Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, which worked with former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort on behalf of Ukraine beginning in 2012.

Skadden Arps agreed to register retroactively with the Justice Department as a foreign agent of Ukraine and to pay a $4.6 million fine, the same amount that the firm was paid for its consulting work.

Craig, who left Skadden Arps in April 2018, is not identified by name in the Justice Department announcement, but he has previously been identified as the lead Skadden Arps partner who worked on its Ukraine account. Other clues from the Justice Department settlement point to Craig as the lead partner referenced in case.

This false statement charge is the same charge brought against Trump associates George Papadopoulos, Michael Flynn, and Michael Cohen.

Trump supporters will eagerly be monitoring this case to see if federal prosecutors apply the law equally to a prominent Obama ally.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Lockup all of them no one above the law. This is a big joke what there did. Unbelievable. Take care of it Trump. We love you. God bless you.

  2. Jack Handy
    FEBRUARY 11, 2019 AT 5:58 PM
    To Geo Kehl/ EV’RY 0NE. TURN VOLUME UP. View Several x. Rite 0ut of
    ‘o’ husseins MOUTH. POST EV’RY TIME, this
    ‘subject’ comes up.
    > this is the True person in his words the dem party and libs stood behind for 8 years and still.

  3. To Geo Kehl/ EV’RY 0NE. TURN VOLUME UP. View Several x. Rite 0ut of
    ‘o’ husseins MOUTH. POST EV’RY TIME, this
    ‘subject’ comes up.
    > this is the True person in his words the dem party and libs stood behind for 8 years and still.

  4. Obama Bin Lying is and always will be a criminal in my book.If he was not a criminal then why oh why is his records all sealed???? He is a Kenyan and belongs in prison for TREASON. TREASON of sorts does bring on the DEATH PENALTY, dealings with IRAN to me is, and with Obama Bin LYINGs dealings with IRAN this is a DEATH PENALTY CRIME and as such Obama Bin Lying should face the death penalty

  5. See, the first black president, he and his gang of crooks, etc get off because of his skin color. No one wants to be labeled as being against a black potus. Doesn’t matter if they are green, as long as they are demorats no consequences. Will never vote for a demo as long as I live. I hope all conservatives wake up soon

  6. OH Sooo = ‘register retro/ Pay fine’ (muller $$$) &&& Ev’ry thing is ok & settled. What a LOAD of ‘supreme’ KrAAP. wow __
    “Skadden Arps agreed to register retroactively with the Justice Department as a foreign agent of Ukraine and to pay a $4.6 million fine, the same amount that the firm was paid for its consulting work.” >>> &&& PODESTA(S) STILL WALK.

  7. Just one more vert unfunny joke about the former so called ‘president’. With all the crimes committed by barry obamulatto so far that CAN be proven but nothing has yet to be done by the DOJ what can wereally expect to be done about one more?

  8. you probably are I hate them things. However you are right about the calculations of obummers financial. God bless the USA & God bless President Trump.

  9. Same here, often my comments never get posted, it appears the administrators for Renewed Right are people who practice a combination of the Communist islamic/sharia ideology and betray true patriots by denouncing the principles of which our Constitutional Republic are built.

  10. This site, Renewed Right” is censored (by Google, I have reason to believe) and therefore bogus. After 2 hours, and 20 attempts, in total they rejected my original statement, published separately only 2 of 5 paragraphs, and rejected the rest. And all of it factual, and none of it inflammatory, hate-speech, or redundant! That’s not freedom of speech Google!

  11. I bet nothing happens to this man given who he worked for. Mueller is only out for one person namely Trump who exposed Mueller as a political hack who made the FBI an attack arm for the DNC.

  12. //// GO ////

    Signed ////
    Stockton, California

  13. But “The Annointed One” (Obama), lying Hillary (the uranium-peddeling (quid-pro-quo), heartless Bengazi-butcher, and her philandering, sexist, ultra over-paid
    speech-making spouse (Bill), along with deep-state swamp-thing plotters (Comey, Rosenstein, ol’ smirking Strzok & cheating Lisa,and the rest)? A few firings, and
    slaps-on-the-wrist (for PR purposes), but nothing substitive. And now Craig … Oh,.. ok then … a fine … of the company … he’s no longer with ?

    “Equal Justice Under The Law” ?????

  14. “Equal Treatment Under The Law” Yeah, Right!!!

    They bankrupt and ruined a retired 3-Star (Flynn), sent Manifort to prison, turned the creep Cohen into their
    jailhouse stooge informant who no reasonable person should believe, and there will probably be more to come,
    while screaming daily for our President to be impeached!

  15. Several of my post get deleted, as well. Then, there are other times when I post, they flash a screen that says, “you have already said that.” When in fact, I had not. I believe this only happens to me on this revewedright.com site.
    Can we please get the Podesta Brothers prosecuted for something. Has any body seen Tony’s art collection. Utterly disgusting. Then, there’s his pervert brother, John, with his ‘spirit cooking” which is more disgusting.

  16. He got kick backs from iran… the millions ..billions if money given to them in the middle of the night unmarked money in crares

  17. Where’s my reply I posted in re: to the retired Marine?? I noticed it didn’t get posted for some reason or other! But, it was a congradulatory post to: USMC 88-94

  18. Bama Bill, Just to help you out a little, The salary for president is around $400,000, times 8 =$3,200,000, Still not enough to buy what he did. The rest is from George Sorrya$$, for sure. His money, which is also progressive insurance and Hitler payoff money from turning in his jewish people including some of his own family to Adolf and the gang for what ever money or property he could get.

  19. Where’s my reply I posted in re: to the retired Marine?? I noticed it didn’t get posted for some reason or other! But, it was a congradulatory post to: USMC 88-94

  20. When will the right wake up and start hitting back? These left leaning POS are doing exactly the same if not worse stuff that the Mueller witch hunt has dug up. Why are they facing prison time and the Democrats either waltz free or skate free? Justice for all? Bull. Otherwise we’d see Obama, Holder, Clinton (both), Lynch, Comey, Watters, McCabe, Mueller and the list goes on, all wearing an orange jump suit.

  21. I would like them, Obama administration to explain, how the spend the 10.5 Trillion US Dollars National Debts for the period of 8 years in office.

  22. Because that is what Mr. George Soros told him to do. Obama didn’t earn enough as POTUS to buy an $8+ Million dollar estate in Hawaii, plus a home in Chicago worth a few million, and the one in D.C. Dome on, $175,000 salary for 8 years isn’t even one million. Am I the last surviving person that can do math without a calculator?

  23. I replied to you before (about 25 min ago), but it seems to have disappeared the moment thar I posted it. In “the last days,” as you had mentioned, many hidden words and deeds of evil and wicked intent will indeed be exposed. Jesus promised that would be the case: “Beware of the leaven of … hypocrisy. For there is nothing covered that will not be revealed, nor hidden that will not be made known. Therefore whatever you have spoken in thedark will be heard in the light, and whatever you have spoken in the ear in inner rooms [aka, behind closed doors] will be proclaimed [aka, “broadcast”] over the housetops.” [Luke 12 v 1-3].

    Jesus said it would happen, He just did not say HOW it would happen. Today, we can know how, if we will see things as they are: We have radio, TV, internet, smart phones that record movie clips with sound, hidden security cameras, and etc. Thus were the indiscressions of congressman Anthony Wiener made known to an otherwise unaware public — to his disgrace and shame and loss of position and power.

    In a similar manner did the formerly sterling reputation of golfer Tiger Woods disolve nearky a decade ago, in a fiasco of embarrassing revelations of multiple adulteries with multiple mistresses. So too, the indiscressions of former governor and president Clinton have come “to the light of day” for the public to know.

    The violations of public trust by DeepState actors will in like manner be revealed over time. As Abe Lincoln once famously said, “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.”

  24. This may all be a setup by the Obama/Killary corrupt group and because Manafort did not lie or get any dirt on Trump that is why they decide to throw Manafort under the bus. These people are so corrupt it would take many years to unfold. Obama gold from day one is to rule this country from the WH or have a Liberal who he can control. Why would he still hanging around Washington and very much involved with what’s going on. He doesn’t give a rat’s ASS about the people and America.

  25. This nation continues to live in disbelief that Obama and his associates are protected from prosecution till this day. This lawyer will not be prosecute, nothing will change except if there is a political civil war you know who will be on the most wanted list for treason.

  26. Bye bye Ginsberg. Can’t say it’s sad you’re on your death bed. Pneumonia at your age is practically a death sentence. Glad to see you go. Now Mr PRESIDENT TRUMP, bring on the nxt scotus. Yee haw. As for this obumnutzs lawyer, he should be strung up on the white house lawn with that daesch n his man wife. Progressive Demoncrat liberals are a disease, there is a cure. Just aim n squeeze.

    Combat vet
    We are watching
    We are waiting
    Semper fi

  27. Judicial Watch just received a favorable ruling in a Federal District Court in which the judge ordered that key persons involved in the Clinton Email Scandal and the Benghazi debacle be questioned under oath in court pertaining to those issues. JW and Fox News had reported on it on Friday, but the MSM “News” networks doubled down on the Buzzfeed speculation item on president Trump, so as to divert public attention from the real “blockbuster” news item which actually poses a very real and serious threat to the Obama/Clinton/DeepState cabal.

  28. The powers that be will never stand for any playing let alone telling the truth in any form or fashion. The democratic machine can never die or be held accountable for anything they have done or will do. They will stoop to any level to get their way no matter who gets hurt. It is really sad what America has come to.

  29. another example of the Obama corruption and are simply fined when you or I would be put in jail. This ”lawyer” who lied again is being protected by the same deep state cronmies that really colluded with the Russians. How, pray tell is that fair?

  30. Preident Trump didn’t have a deep friendship with Manafort when he was taken on as campaign manager. This tells me that “advisers” were involved. Flush out the rats that were scheming to sabotage the Trump campaign, from the start, and you’ll certainly uncover the left in the middle of the mix.

  31. Haven’t you people figured out yet, that nothing never happens to the Deep State? They are protected by currupt Judges, currupt FBI. Their cancer runs deep! They all seem to get by with murder, and never any consequences.But they go after Trump and spend millions in search of something! And they will keep this lie alive untill 2020, to lure people away from voting for Trump!And unfortunately there are alot of stupid people that believe their lies!

  32. Anyone notice how quiet it has been on the Obama, Clinton, Holder, etc.. fronts? Makes one wonder why. Not like them to remain silent when so many issues are front and center of the American people. Not that I object mind you. Just seems quite curious.

  33. If Greg Craig was a Republican he would have been prosecuted by now.And any of the Democrats will be prosecuted when hell freezes over.

  34. Been pretty quiet on the Huber front. Could it be that timing is everything here? Could the US attorney and the IG be waiting for just the proper timing to reveal the indictments, think AG confirmation and just before the 2020 elections? We know that there are many sealed indictments as well as Gitmo and other facilities being readied. What a glorious day that will be. Glory to our heavenly father. Amen Amen

  35. It just amazes me that these so called intelligent people in the political world have not figured out that their lies and false accusations ALWAYS catch up to them. Unbelieable how STUPID these people really are. How so full of themselves that they think they can lie and steal and get by with it. One after the other in politics do this and ALWAYS get caught. UNBELIEABLE stupid people.

  36. “What’s good for the Goose is also good for the Gander” is not lost in matters of legal importance! A new AG will not need to add to the huge overload of nothing but Mueller generated smoke fanned by the media. However, the political fallout-out will be huge especially to the Clinton Cabal.

  37. Why does it have to be MUELLER all the time???..can’t we find ANOTHER special Prosecutor??..Mueller has his hands tied trying to find something on trump..he will give this one a pass because it involves Obama

  38. I would not hold my breath that Mueller does anything to an Obozo man. Nor would I hold it if a friend of Hitlery’s or one of her people were in this mess getting taken down either.

  39. There are good FBI agents but there are bad FBI agents. Likewise with the DOJ agents. I admit I’m a bit little leery of what’s going in several federal investigations. We have Mueller investigation team going after Trump. We have another investigation team going to a different direction at many corrupted officials such as Comey, McCabe, Strozk, Lynch, Brennan, Hillary, Obama, and others.

    Strozk’s text messages had been erased. Hillary’s 33,000 emails are missing. Yeah, a few dead ones.

    Not one of them have been prosecuted yet.

    Only Mueller had a few already prosecuted.

  40. With all the corruption going on inWashington, DC How did Trump ever win>. A higher source was making this happen. “HE” is giving us, America, , a last chance deal. We R fighting a nasty fight with fellow Americans to see who wins. The Dems have gone so far left that I don’t know if we can ever climb the HILL to get it back. “He” is the one with the final say! It is going to be nasty and people will die, impossible to try all of the Obama-Clinton criminals. They all need to go down, if we are getting to those final days.

  41. Prosecution would require integrity and non-partisanship from DOJ and prosecutors. i.e. will NOT happen.

  42. I’m on a fixed income, but I’d bet some money that the scrutiny on this joker will be next to non-existant!

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