Oklahoma High School Teacher: “To be White is to be Racist”


A Norman, Oklahoma High School student was stunned by a recent lecture given by her teacher.

The student pulled her phone out and began recording the audio of the lecture, which began with a youtube video on the “mistreatment of Native Americans.”

At one point the North Norman High School teacher stated, “To be white is to be racist. Period.”

This comes as the growing Black Lives Matter movement takes on an even more radical tilt.

And on college campuses across the country, leftists are going as far as to call for “re-segregation.”

In fact, last week, the University of Michigan held “diversity” forums in which students were separated by race. When a white student reporter from the school newspaper tried to attend the forum for “people of color,” he was asked to leave.

Of course, the mainstream media covers up Black Lives Matter violence at every turn – labeling rioters and looters “peaceful protestors.” And if you simply disagree with their radical opinions – they think your First Amendment rights no longer apply.

The good news is, the American people see through the national media’s propaganda.

Read the full story from Oklahoma here.


  1. I’m NOT ashamed of myself, but if you’re bowing down to anyone other than JESUS CHRIST, you should be ashamed.

  2. To be ashamed of your color, you must also be angry with God for making you that color. I didn’t choose my color, God did, and I’m NOT ashamed to be white, and I’m not ashamed of God!

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