One announcement about the coronavirus vaccine left jaws on the ground

The Trump administration began distributing the two approved coronavirus vaccines to states across the country.

Many Americans have questions about the vaccine.

And now one announcement about the coronavirus vaccine left jaws on the ground.

Operation Warp Speed accomplished its goals of developing effective coronavirus vaccines and distributing it to the states.

Now the media is complaining that vaccinations are not occurring quickly enough.

But many Americans are hesitant to take an experimental vaccine given the prevalence of adverse effects from those who receive it.

The latest controversy comes from a hospital in Milwaukee where police are investigating someone intentionally spoiling 500 doses of the vaccine.

The Daily Caller reports:

A Grafton, Wisconsin, hospital worker admitted to purposefully leaving more than 500 COVID-19 vaccines outside of the appropriate container overnight, according to a press release.

Advocate Aurora Health, the company that runs Aurora Medical Center, said in a press release that it initially believed that the vaccines were left outside a refrigerator due to human error. However, the responsible hospital employee later “acknowledged that they intentionally removed the vaccine from refrigeration.”

The FBI and FDA are investigating the destruction, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Aurora Medical Center was able to offer a few of the vaccines to its employees, but most had to be discarded.

There are some – older Americans who have pre-existing conditions who should absolutely take the vaccine right off the bat.

And someone should not deny others the choice to take the vaccine by sabotaging the product.

The vaccine rollout will be one of the most complicated issues of 2021 and questions about its safety are going to linger.

But intentional sabotage should not occur.

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