One backstage secret just exposed a massive scandal at CNN

CNN is fighting off accusations that they are fake news.

But the anti-Trump network just got some bad news.

That’s because one former CNN guest revealed a secret about the network that CNN may never recover from.

Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz used to be a regular guest on CNN.

CNN – as well as Fox and MSNBC – used to have the esteemed professor on the air to discuss important constitutional issues.

But in recent months, his appearances on CNN have dried up.

And Dershowitz told CSPAN’s Washington Journal it is because he refuses to tow the liberal line and demand Donald Trump’s impeachment.

Breitbart reports Dershowitz saying:

More and more I’m getting called on only by people who misunderstand and think I’m pro-Trump. I’m not pro-Trump, but it’s been harder for me to get on anti-Trump networks – not that I’m craving to be on television all the time. I have a good life, but it has had an impact on which channels seek my services more often, and that’s changed. I used to be, for example, on CNN more often than on Fox. I was a regular — not paid — but just a person who was on all the time debating with [Jeffrey Toobin]; debating with others.

I haven’t been on CNN, now, since the summer, and Fox calls me all the time. I’d love to be available to people who watch all channels and I try to write op-eds widely for different newspapers and different media.

If I had written a case against impeaching Hillary Clinton — if Hillary Clinton had been president — they’d have built a statue to me on Martha’s Vineyard, but instead, my friends on Martha’s Vineyard need trigger warnings. They don’t want to be seen in the same room as me, because my book has been The Case Against Impeaching Donald Trump. There are many reasons I wish Hillary Clinton had been elected president, one of which is, I would’ve kept many more friends if I had written the book The Case Against Impeaching Hillary Clinton, but I want to emphasize, it would’ve been essentially the same book.

CNN tries to pretend it is a real news network that puts “facts first.”

But the reality is they tailor their programming to feed the anti-Trump appetites of their liberal audience.

Do you believe CNN is fake news? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section


  1. Yes not only dr offices, airports,but there are elementary schools that have CNN on for the children to watch daily.

  2. It’s hard for me to watch any news. Can’t stand them talking about President Trump & his family. I’m able to watch some local channels. CNN lies all the time as far as I know. Haven’t watched it for several years.

  3. Cable is now a promotional organization for perversion. Its amazing how God has been slapped in the face. However, heads up, folks! He knows every one of them and his greeting to them will be: “Depart from me, I know you not!” The last laugh will be His.

  4. I completely agree with you. I used to trust CNN. But, my trust now has disappeared because CNN is the champion of FAKE news. CNN can regain the trust of American and people in the world only when fake- news reporters and foolish Management are fired and CNN is reorganized. Jim Acosto is a bad news as CNN.

  5. S.M. Goode. Stalin said that and you are right on. the communist mantra is just that start chaos. obstruct then destruction will follow all by itself. It is happening not only here but also in Europe and even other places. Fox is even going down that road just listen to Sep Smith and Cavuto. They can stand the President. Megan Kelley is another one not to be trusted. We’re going to a messy period. I do feel sorry for Trump. He is fighting hard to get this boat on even keel. But it is a bit to late. Morals are gone out of the window and the door is of its hinges. Honor is complete Awall.

  6. Anna, with the communist in the house having the front seat it is not God Bless America but God save America.


  8. It’s very easy to see why CNN went from #1 to the bottom of the pile in very short order. I believe their fall coincides with the rise of Fox to the top. It’s also readily apparent as to why the liberals talk down to anyone who might get a fact from Fox News. “Rules for Radicals” is their play book whether some are aware, or not. Discredit the messenger, discredit the source, resort to name calling, and so on going down hill. CNN’s has become, “If you can’ dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with BS”

  9. Well, at least Fox news doesn’t just make stuff up out of thin air. News should be about facts, not fiction, and should include the good and bad about Trump. They report 90% about the bed, and mostly made up, and then cover the 10% with mostly snide remarks, and hatred for our President.

  10. Glad to hear FOX is becoming more available at such places. CNN and Acosto need to be gone from America, period.

  11. Yes Marlene, no more fake news cnn for me either. Its awful that everywhere you find yourself, doctor office etc., you find that horrible news channe on. Just awful, I have asked for a neutral channel several times, only to be glared at and the receptionist tell me they do not have the authority to change any channels.

  12. rufus, I was in a hospital waiting room around November 2017 and CNN was on so, I walked to another area. I was in the same hospital about 8 months ago and they had “the game show network” on and it made me laugh and glad…

  13. I haven’t watched CNN since I can’t remember. Blitzer and Cooper both made me sick when I watched. Now, Lemon also makes me sick, that cowardly pos!

  14. Kevun Houke you are a sad joke. This is my Testament to you. God is real. I have had experiences with spiritual forces and Jesus. Unknown to me during the first half of experience was a witness to it. I believed before then. Jesus, therefore God are real. I hope one day you believe. Otherwise one day you will be sorry. God will remind you of this Testament I’m sure, on your judgement day. Hopefully He won’t have too because you’ll be believing by then. True Christians will pray for you because you need it.

  15. Dershowitz just wants to strike a neutral position on the networks so he can have more exposure and sell more books!

  16. I used to only watch CNN now that they lie all the time I quit watching several years ago. Want no part of then and Jim Acosto needs to hit the road.

  17. AAAAAAAAH another cut and paste of fake news media items by dildo Dianne! This person is just a plant from the commie dems who probably has others feeding him/her/it information. It can’t be coming him/her/it because this person does not have a thought of his/her/it own.

  18. Ok Dianne if these things you say are true where is your proof. Give dates, sources,(reliable citations). Other wise, what you’re offering is just your opinion not facts.

  19. Dershowitz says that if he had written his book about the fat old lady he would have kept more friends. Is that the kind of friends you have? Stab you in the back if they don’t like something you said or wrote? That’s what a democrat friend is and that’s why democrats are no damned good.

  20. Why would anyone watch NBC, MSNBC OR CNN? I for the life of myself am simply confused at why any person wouldn’t and doesn’t have the common sense to see right through these horrible network’s they need to be shut down and held accountable for misleading American citizens and trying to unseat our elected President as much as I hate to admit it I have a brother in law that truly believe’s everything MSNBC says then wants to fight and argue with people believing he knows the truth.

  21. CNN would be a joke if they weren’t so scary and hateful. They twist all things “Trump” to fit their unhinged narrative. Imagine what our President could achieve if he were covered fairly.
    BUILD THE WALL and save our Country!

  22. Do I “believe” CNN is “fake news” because of this Dershowitz thing??


    I know its a fake news network because of the news items they focus on and the way they focus on them.

    Even the Liberals and Democrats know they’re a fake news outlet.

  23. Never in our history had there been such an orchestrated conspiracy to depose a US president and to shutdown his supporters and the truth. It’s disgusting to see a corrupt unconstitutional “special counsel” given such a wide avenue to commit such a crime against a duly elected ‘legitimate’ president and the Americans who elected him to office.

  24. I haven’t watched cnn since the Peter Arnett interviews with Sadam Hussein. That’s when they fell off of the perverbial cliff.

  25. If people can’t see past CNN, MSNBC, are NBC they never will. I call it the ” DRAMA NEWs”. And if you watch them and pay real good attention to their smerks on their pathetic faces when they sit there and lie right out of their forked touged mouths, you can see it. They are in competition with each other on who can lie the best with a straight face! It’s actually comical to say the least! I turn them on just for laughs from time to time, just to hear the new made up lies of the day! Honestly they are like the Jerry Springer show, where the more drama you can create the more money they get! Lmdao

  26. Robert, I don’t know how old you are but, they’re not a comedy network. For a real comedy network you have to go back to the mid to late 80’s and the HBO show “Not Necessarily the News”. That show was comical news. CNN is just sad…

  27. I agree with ginger. I made a comment that maybe , we the people, should all stop watching all the fake news shows like cnnn and cbs etc. no ratings no money right? Make journalists print true facts not just what they’re told to write. CNN is the worst though. Doom and gloom is what my investment officer calls it and it’s true. Fox News is where the true reports are. Any one agree we should all stop watching and reading fake

  28. NOTHING is going to happen to the DEMONocrats because THEY ARE UNTOUCHABLE!!! All they have to do is act like they are innocent and then nothing happens. Wouldn’t Al Capone be jealous?

  29. The problem with 95% of the News Media is they only talk to each other & sometimes their talking points are so identical its like 1 writer has written all their stories. & they hate President Trump so much they do not triple check their facts so they get 98% of their stories wrong either on purpose or by accident & then refuse to apologize or do retractions hence they earned the name “Fake News”.

  30. Not according to some, I have heard people criticizing Fox news because they often interview people like United States Representative Trey Gowdy of SC accusing Trey of being a Rat, I myself have yet to hear any expressed viewpoints by Trey to paint him as one of those who is guilty of betraying the principles of which our Constitutional Republic is built.

  31. Of Course CNN is fake news. This story is evidence of that, as well as CNN’s fake president Zucker who use to work for Al Gore, and has stated that he is considering running for president as a Democrat. What more do you need to see their bias. That’s why I don’t watch that fake channel. Many others don’t watch either, which is why they have low ratings.

  32. They should change their acronym to CCNN which stands for the (C)ommical (C)ommunist (N)ews (N)etwork, nothing but a bunch of purveyors of propaganda, complete lie spewing commentators.

  33. They all get their news from the Associated Press which claims to be a nonprofit “news” organization. Owned by its contributing newspapers and radio and television stations in the United States, all of which contribute stories to the AP and use material written by its staff journalists. This explains why they all parrot the same messages. We all know who owns and controls the majority of papers, radio, and television media, leftist globalist.

  34. Let’s face it, that’s how COMMUNISTS take over a country. If they spew enough PROPAGANDA long enough that the people will start to believe it. That is their total goal. A Russian dictator once said that they will dominate the US one day without firing a shot. CNN and MSNBC are doing their part.

  35. Nicely constructed reply to Diane and I agree with ALL you claim, right down to “Happy New Year sweetie”…

  36. CNN News it’s as about as fake as you get. I wouldn’t waste my time on them. CNN MSNBC and a few others.

  37. Not trying to be longer suffering, but I quit watching movies AND quit reading newspapers in 1980. I never watch ordinary TV. I am fed up to the gills with the leftist traitors trying to overthrow our nation so that THEY become THE OWNERS of the USA and it will be a dictatorial nation.

  38. I don’t watch any of the Main Stream Media because it’s all scripted, everyone of them says the same thing. Some of them will change a word or two but the message is the same! If you don’t believe it just go on the internet and type in ” is the news scripted” and see what comes up!

  39. That is the exact reason why people should do their own research and not depend upon the Main Stream Media! Every news media is going to put their own spin on what they report in order to make you believe what they want you to believe, therefore like the President says they are Fake News?

  40. Yes and CNN is not the only one.
    If these people fought as hard to help protect and build up this country as they do to tear it down what a beautiful place this would be.

  41. The Republican Party has been infiltrated with Democrats who couldn’t win running as a Democrat so they registered as a Republican, but their agenda didn’t change to the Republican agenda, that is why people are leaving the Republican Party and becoming Independent!

  42. Despicable news outlets; CNN, CNBC,CBS,NBC,ABC, NPR etc. Quit watching/listening to them 15 years ago. I was raised to ‘think for myself’. I do not need these networks who are nothing but political arms of the Democrat party to tell me how to think! They certanly do not vet anything they spew at their listeners. At least I know FOX tries to get both sides and vet their reporting. God Bless America and our President Trump!

  43. Today’s modern liberal Democrat Party: SCREW the laws, SCREW legal immigrants,and SCREW Americans. It’s too bad Americans HAVE to DIE, but HEY! You HAVE to break eggs to make an omelet! They do NOT care about LAWS, and the DEAD American blood dripping from their hands! Screw everyone EXCEPT the illegal alien murderers and gang members! Take a hike…we just DO NOT CARE what YOU think!

  44. CNN runs on whispers and gossip. They are so far Left that soon they will be running into their miniscule right who consists of their custodian and clean up crew who work a hundred times harder at what they do than any commentator because of all the hyperbole that fills that building. If CNN took as much time to actually report facts and not lies, maybe even their own custodians would remove their earphones and listen. But they won’t because they are caught in a whirlpool of lies that just keeps spinning them around, and around, and around. No wonder they all act so dizzy, ditsy, and dumb!

  45. Mueller has investigated Trump for 2 years now and has found NO connection to Russia, so why do the ignorant keep saying it is so? Oh, I forgot….FAKE NEWS brainwashing the idiots.

  46. For years I was a regular CNN watcher from the time I first saw them on a small town cable system in west Texas (I lived in Houston then and they were not on any of our local systems until much lateer.)

    I can no longer stand to watch their so very biased views, and am quickly becoming he same way with MSNBC. Soon I will only be left with Fox, ad folks, that ain’t all bad, at least not for me.

  47. it seems to me every time a politician stands up for america all the left wingers crawl of their sewers & try by any means to bring that person down.Have the commies in filtrated into our system that much?

  48. True, and POTUS TRUMP is the first President ever, that gives his salary to Charity…he said it, he did it. You don’t hear that on cnn, abc, msnbc, no capital letters for lying loser so called news networks here!

  49. Diane, Oh yes, please do go on if you can tell the truth…killary Clinton was the Russian colluder, selling our uranium. Rigging an election, pay to play, and obummer of Kenya..Muslim brotherhood, Anti-American. POTUS TRUMP, is the greatest President we have had in a very long time! You really should stop watching the Clinton new network, all they do is lie, lie, lie, you can tell when they open their mouths they are LIAR’S.

  50. Oh yes, please do go on if you can tell the truth…killary Clinton was the Russian colluder, selling our uranium. Rigging an election, pay to play, and obummer of Kenya..Muslim brotherhood, Anti-American. POTUS TRUMP, is the greatest President we have had in a very long time! You really should stop watching the Clinton new network, all they do is lie, lie, lie, you can tell when they open their mouths they are LIAR’S.

  51. It’s surprising how much damage Jeffrey Toobin has done to his reputation. I used to think his comments made sense. Now he’s just a laughingstock.

  52. It is a left leaning liberal “news” channel. If you listen long enough to Mr. Lemmon it is quite clear that this CNN is FAKE NEWS>

  53. I’m 56 and remember when every news channel pretty much spun the same news and it was blah blah blah. But it was the truth! Now a days with a gazillion stations fighting for an audience we have this crap to deal with. I dont see it getting any better considering how our country is still the place that encourages diverse immigrants by the millions to move hear and vote and protest in ways that no other place on earth will allow. We are the biggest melting pot and crazier today than ever. It’s only going to get worse

  54. I wonder if Alan Dershowitz and Doug Schoen, who I consider decent Democrats, are very worried about the direction of their Democrat Party? Notice that I did not use the term DEMOCRATIC because the Democrats are not Democratic. I am a former Republican turned Independent because I refuse to be called a Republicrat. It’s hard to tell who the Republicans really are sometimes

  55. It’s never about truth for them and never will, so as my grandma used to say, just follow the money… The DNC has no better avenue to raise monies than spewing hatred and vitriol 24/7.

  56. Lol Diane! Your OPINIONS are not facts. Let’s clear this up.
    1. There’s been no proof he’s done anything “corrupt”.
    2. Mueller has already stated that there was no collusion and the ballots were NOT affected, therefore he won fair & square. He is absolutely legitimate. That comment alone shows your ignorance.
    3. Quite obviously, he is not mentally challenged and your comparison shows how desperate you are to come up with any legitimate facts to back up your bullish!t.
    4. He followed the law with the emoluments clause when first elected. This was cleared up early into his presidency. He’s LOST many millions as president.
    5. Money laundering??? You definitely pulled that one right out of your ass.
    Lady, all of you Trump haters need to just admit that you’re mentally unstable and just can’t get over the fact that your corrupt queen Hillary sucked sooooooo bad as a candidate that she lost to an outsider. Maybe, instead of spouting regurgitated biased fake news and being a government dupe, you should step back and realize that BECAUSE Mr Trump is a DC outsider, the career politicians are going to do and say anything they can to make him look bad, even when his ideas will truly help all of us! Problem is, all you looney lefties think with your emotions and not with your brains.
    I hope you get some counseling because if he wins again in 2020, you’re going to need some extra help, lol.
    Serves you right though for being such an easily lead dem puppet. Happy New Year sweetie:)

  57. So True. I care for an elderly lady who has watched CNN all her life and it’s so sad that she truly believes our nation is doomed for destruction if our 45th President is not impeached. It’s hard to listen as she has the channel on. Honestly, every possible negative spin is promoted almost constantly. It’s honestly despicable. This physically ill lady is all the more stressed out at her news channel of choice but fully trusts the spin they are pushing.

  58. Richard:
    We have been truly helped ! We need to be thankful for it !
    And as my wife used to say, be careful about how you speak of God.
    You wouldn’t want to piss her off !

  59. Diane – all fabricated nonsense brought to you by the above mentioned networks. This is why you need to quit watching them – they are flat out LYING to you! Do you like being lied to?

  60. Joan:
    Right ! The little polls that ask for your reply don’t go far enough with their choices for answers. Like the ones that ask
    “Do you believe that CNN is biased in their reporting ?”
    They need an additional answer block that says,”Hell Yes”, not just simply yes.

  61. Diane,
    Instead of spreading the unfounded narrative, why don’t you follow Judicial Watch. Get the real true facts, facts that are founded through FOIA. That’s FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT, incase you never heard of it. Watching CNN (& other fake MSM) is not educating you on the FACTS!

  62. I believe CNN, ABC, NSMBC, are all anti-Trump, they have disgraced their own TV airtime, and say whatever negative things about our dully elected President. They stretch their stories so much that all they report on are twisted lies in the effort of trying to get you to believe Trump has committed crimes. This is all BS, as the Muller witch hunt is exactly that BS at its best!

  63. Fake News is the enemy of Free People

    People make decisions based on information presented to them, if that information is distorted or fabricated they can NOT make sound decisions.

  64. CNN from my perspective has lost sight of the purpose of news reporting. It merely is a “gossip’ rag, and at the bottom of the pile.

  65. Diane,
    Your making lots of serious claims yet not one shred of evidence.
    Can I ask you a question? Are you a parent? How would you like to be accused of crimes your not guilty of or better yet how would you feel if that was your child being accused of such horrible crimes just because someone doesn’t like you or your child?
    This horrible campaign of hatred against our President is disgusting and to think these demon rats continue pushing narrativea that are untrue and baseless because they have people like you brainwashed and believing non sense. I by no means think our President is perfect but facts are we as the people of our country stop the BS after an election and support our President is success or failure is ours as well not just the Presidents end of story. If your going to make accusationa like this bring evidence not lip service keyboard warriors always run their hateful mouths without ANY EVIDENCE EVER PLEASE STOP THIS HORRIBLE STUFF.
    We have absolute proof Hillary has broken many many laws and has committed many treasonous acts yet NOT one of you ever raised or ask when Hillary will be held accountable not one!
    Do you also believe our country should just have open borders where our border agents are being attacked, stoned,suffer severe injuries even get murdered yet you said NOTHING ABOUT THESE REAL ISSUES. How about you start talking about these real problems the demon rats want to claim isn’t needed or ineffective join the police or military and learn just how serious these REAL PROBLEMS ARE OR IS IT YOU DON’T BELIEVE OUR OWN MEN AND WOMEN SERVING OUR COUNTRIES NEEDS DESERVE PROTECTION? Grow up use solid research NOT AN IDIOT BOX AKA TELEVISION

  66. Man From Grey – Let me counts the ways……1) The most corrupt president to ever serve; 2) He conspired with a foreign adversary to win an election, which makes him illegitimate; 3) He’s an incompetent moron and mentally challenged, which puts the country at risk; 4) he’s invalidation of the emoluments clause; 5) Money laundering………shall I go on?

  67. Gee, as I read all the comments here I haven’t read even One (1), that says something positive about CNN, ABC, or NBC. Could it be that all these comments are wrong?? Or are the good comments being held back?? I seriously doubt it, so that leads me to believe like the rest of these honest people. If one of these stations had just put some positive news of Mr. Trumps many accomplishments in their broadcasts, it may have shown that they look at both sides of the administrations business doings. But, never ever a good word is said and that should tell the people that are watching these news (if that’s what we can call then) networks that something is wrong. And it’s my knowledge that something is wrong. When one looks at the ratings of these networks and those of Fox news. BIG, BIG, BIG DIFFERENCE with Fox leading by far. These networks have done this too themselves and have basically become irrelevant too the public listening

  68. Are liberal media responsible for fueling Trump Derangement Syndrome?

    The answer is absolutely YES! It is no secret that many liberals are foaming out of mouth at Trump.

    Name one thing why you think Trump should be impeached? Just one thing … (silence)

    Zero answer. That’s it. Absolutely ZEROOOO!

    Hollywood stars/producers are truly sick people. Many Hollywood comedians are no longer seen as funny people anymore. We will never see them as beloved. Their reputation is all but gone. History.

    How can you sit down to have a good laugh at the comedy show if Kathy Griffin walk on the stage? You just can’t.

  69. Even being a democrat, Dershowitz is pure class. He does not play politics with the truth like fake news MSM and the DNC. He is about rule of law!

  70. Corrupt Neo-Nazis (CNN) is the real meaning of CNN. As George Soros’ propaganda machine, CNN tries to do the same as Herr Goebbel’s program did to the German people. Fortunately it is not working on the patriotic citizens of this country. Most of us are just waited with unabated breath for it to fold its operation.


  72. Greetings! This is Just like leftist state tv or other propaganda networks worldwide.the CNN hate for trump is evident and erases all credibility as a reliable news source.its analysis of every statement tweet or live comment that the president speaks at every turn is like sociopathy.every speaker guest or commentator skews the narratives to fit some twisted agenda. The entire operation of CNN is disgusting and will be berated and analyzed at every turn.Go To Hell CNN you are an embarrassment to Journalism.#CNNSucks

  73. CNN has been putting fake news out for so long that they wouldn’t know real news if it hit them in the face or bit them on the ass…

  74. CNN is a cancer to the USA. All those reporters at CNN are anti-God and truth hating individuals. I am so glad, as those around me agree, that we do not have to live with the hatred, anger, bitterness, jealousy, and other ugly negatives those CNN people rise from bed with each day.

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