One close ally just broke some bad news to Joe Biden that will make Democrats sick

The November elections will be here sooner than anyone thinks.

Democrats are looking at huge warning signs about their political prospects.

And one close ally just broke some bad news to Joe Biden that will make Democrats sick.

Meet the Press host Chuck Todd is one of the most stridently leftist members of the corporate-controlled press.

But not even Chuck Todd could sugar coat the network’s latest polling, which showed disaster for Joe Biden and the Democrats.

Todd reported that NBC’s polling showed Americans viewed Joe Biden as an incompetent and failed President.

“Our new NBC News poll suggests Mr. Biden does need a reset, because he’s lost his identity a bit,” Todd told viewers. “He’s no longer seen as competent and effective, no longer seen as a good Commander-in-Chief, or — perhaps most damaging — as easy-going and likable.”

Todd added that the NBC poll showed just 43 percent of Americans approved of Biden’s job as President, 72 percent said the country was going in the wrong direction, and Democrats and Republicans were locked in a statistical tie over which Party Americans preferred to run Congress.

Todd focused on that last number as a bright blinking red light that Democrats are headed for – in Todd’s words – a “shellacking” in November.

“Most analysts will tell you, Democrats have to be up about four or five due to redistricting in order to actually hold the House here,” Todd noted.

“But as you can see, two of our three most important indexes are sitting in shellacking territory right now for the Democrats,” Todd stated. “This is a dangerous place for the Party and the President to be at the one-year mark of this Presidency.”

Todd also noted that 72 percent of Americans thinking the country was on the wrong track was a historical high.

“Second poll in a row that we’ve been over 70 percent,” Todd explained. “This is only the third time in our poll’s history in over 30 years where we’ve had two tracks that off. That again, would put you in shellacking territory for the Party in power.”

No Presidency ever collapsed quicker into unpopularity than Joe Biden’s.

And that implosion has the media worried that Democrats will lose power in November.

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