One close ally just hit Joe Biden with a devastating reality check that proved one big truth

It’s every man for themselves in the Democrat Party.

Joe Biden is learning that lesson the hard way.

And one close ally just hit Joe Biden with a devastating reality check that proved one big truth.

Rising gas prices are one of the biggest drags on Joe Biden’s sinking approval numbers.

Joe Biden and his allies in the corporate-controlled media claim his agenda has no bearing on the fact that gas prices are now $3.40 per gallon, which is more than a dollar higher than when Donald Trump was in office.

But Democrats in swing districts are not buying this corporate-controlled media propaganda.

For example, Virginia Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger (D-VA) is one of the most endangered Democrats running for re-election in 2022.

In 2020, Spanberger barely defeated Republican Nick Freitas 50.8 – 49.0 percent.

Right now, there are seven Republican candidates running for the opportunity to take on Spanberger in November 2022.

Spanberger knows she’s in trouble.

And during a recent interview with Richmond ABC affiliate WRIC, Spanberger placed the blame for high gas prices at the feet of Joe Biden.

“There [are] a variety of contributing impacts, but certainly, I think the buck stops with the President,” declared Spanberger. “And I’m proud to be among those legislators on Capitol Hill that continue to ring the alarm bells about how serious this is,” she added.

Of course, high gas prices are the goal of Joe Biden’s socialist “global warming” agenda.

After all, Joe Biden canceled new fracking leases on federal lands, ended construction on the Keystone XL pipeline, canceled oil drilling in ANWR, and wants to impose hundreds of millions of dollars in new energy regulations and taxes as part of a multi-trillion-dollar socialist spending bill.

Joe Biden doesn’t want to tell Americans that high gas prices are a policy choice his administration is pursuing.

But Democrats like Abigail Spanberger – who have to run in the type of swing districts that determine which Party controls Congress – want to put as much distance between Joe Biden’s anti-American energy policies as possible before they have to face the voters next year.

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