One closed door meeting just drove the final nail in the coffin of this scheme to impeach Trump

The June 2016 Trump Tower meeting has taken on mythic importance in the minds of the anti-Trump media.

Journalists and Democrats contend it is evidence of collusion.

But the real story just drove the final nail in the collusion story’s coffin.

When it was revealed that Donald Trump, Jr. agreed to a meeting with a Russian lawyer who promised dirt on Hillary Clinton, the press celebrated it as evidence their collusion conspiracy theory was true.

But Trump, Jr. claimed the meeting was a giant waste of time where the Russian lawyer begged the Trump campaign to support repealing the Magnitsky Act, a law which banned Russian adoptions in retaliation for alleged human rights violations.

The press questioned this story, but today the Senate Judiciary Committee released the transcripts of the interviews with all the meetings participants – including the Russians – and they all backed up Trump, Jr’s story that the meeting was a colossal waste of time and it centered on Russian adoption.

The transcripts also showed that everyone testified that no dirt on Clinton was exchanged and no collusion took place.

Pundits panned the Democrats and media for hyping this story only to have it blow up in their faces.

Today’s revelations left Trump supporters wondering when the media – who claim to only deal in truth and facts – will accept the reality there was no collusion with Russia and drop this conspiracy theory.