One CNN correspondent was visibly nervous when she found herself praising Trump

CNN has spent the past year relentlessly bashing Trump in hopes of higher ratings.

Their executives have even been caught on camera saying the Russia story was “mostly bullsh*t.”

So when Trump brought Congressional leaders to the table for a negotiation over immigration reform, one correspondent was visibly nervous praising the president.

Many of our readers rightly believe that CNN is fake news.

They employ hack correspondents like Jim Acosta to bash the president for viral clips.

That’s what makes this moment from CNN’s Dana Bash offering up some praise for Trump’s recorded meeting with Congressional leaders so great to watch.

RealClearPolitics reports:

However, [Bash] was nervous what the reaction would be when she delivered commentary on the transparent meeting.

“I’m sure I will get hit for this and I don’t really care,” Bash made sure to qualify her remarks. “The bottom line is that this is, a year ago, this is the presidency that many people thought Donald Trump was capable of.”

“This really was a negotiation,” she said. “We really got to be the fly on the wall in this room listening to the way they talk. I’m really not convinced that it would have been any different had the cameras not been in there. I was just communicating with now two Republicans who were in that meeting who said that they had no idea that the cameras were going to stay in there as long as they did. The president before the cameras came on said we will just do a typical thing. They’re going to come in, I’m going to make a remark and you guys can too. And so on and so forth.”

“We don’t know if this is a results-driven debate, but just the notion of him being in command,” the CNNer said. “Of him wanting the cameras in there and wanting the cameras to see him sitting at a table with Democrats and Republicans, playing the role of a deal maker. Whether it sees fruition or not, this is what people who had high hopes for the Trump presidency thought it would be. Meeting after meeting like this.”

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What are your thoughts on Dana Bash’s comments?

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