This company’s decision to cut ties with the NRA blew up in their face

Liberals are pressuring corporations to boycott the NRA.

While a number of the NRA’s corporate sponsors have folded, the ones that have don’t primarily rely on outdoorsmen for their consumer base.

But one company’s decision to bizarrely cut ties with the NRA backfired and their competitors are wisely taking advantage.

A cooler war broke out when YETI unexpectedly cut ties with the NRA.

When the NRA-ILA announced that YETI “will no longer sell products to The NRA Foundation,” calls for a boycott of the expensive cooler maker roared from gun owners.

And now consumers will have the chance to decide who’s on the right side of this fight.

RTIC was the first to respond by posting a picture of the Second Amendment to remind gun owners they support the right to keep and bear arms.

Pelican Coolers announced they will donate $10 to the NRA for every cooler sold by the end of April.

A number of proud gun owners have taken to blowing up their YETI coolers with tannerite and posting the videos on YouTube and Facebook.

Other videos show owners destroying their tumblers and other YETI gear.

After three days of radio silence, YETI responded on its Facebook page by claiming it’s all a misunderstanding.

But as the comment section shows, the damage may have already been done, and YETI’s “too little, too late” attempt at damage control may not be enough to stop the bleeding.

What do you think, do you buy YETI’s explanation?

Should gun owners boycott companies like YETI and others that boy to liberal pressure and cut ties with the NRA?

Let us know in the comments below!


  1. And slinky nikki would be right at home in commiefornia. She loves them illegals, especially the muslims. I just cant wait until they do what they always do, and force the religion of piss on all of them, as they’re being raped and beaten to death. I will just walk right on by and mind my own business.

  2. Typical piece of schitt liberal. No it all. That is why Republicans and libturds dont get along. We just want to go to work, pay our fair share of taxes, ie, not feed the losers that refuse to work. The libs hate anyone that doesn’t agree with every little thing. Look at any lefty that has ever, even 30 years ago, wore blackface for Halloween. Really? Gonna go that far back to judge a person? Why am I wasting my time? Theres no negotiation with you people. I either agree with you, or I’m scum, right? That’s real noble of you. Come off your high horse, because one of these days you will keep pushing, and we are going to push back.

  3. Yes. President Trump should be king of the entire world, as idiots like you guys and your climate change bull, are off your rocker. Go play with your little rubberband guns, and we will keep our real ones.

  4. Larry, You should please pay attention to detail. From my previous responses to your posts, it is “very” clear (stated) I am a Norway citizen, born and raised. So no need for me to move there. Maybe you should take a trip here and see what a great, peaceful loving country it is. Not the divisisness that exists in America!!

  5. Gary, you comment on the decisiveness in your country being unethical, unsavory and immoral people sounds like that is a perfect definition of your President. The individual is a bigot, racist and most of all probably one of the biggest LIAR’S walking the face of the earth!!! A quick question to answer,give some examples of his morals, his ethics, etc??? Would you really want your children, grandchildren or great grandchildren to grow up to look at this person as a role model to follow. If so, I feel very sorry for you….

  6. Your description of President Trump is an exact of his critics. In his critics view, the only point is theirs, and no one has the right to question them. What Trump is returning to them is what they seek to impose on America. Their point is to demand the protection of the Constitution, while denying it to those who have a different view. So… Ok, let’s play that game, but understand there a millions of Americans (generational), which have sacrificed to defend and protect against tyranny and those fringes which seek to impose it. The decisiveness today, is the result of unsavory, unethical, immoral individuals, who seek only their own success at the expense of others, and desire two classes of people- masters and slaves. Incredibly, the world has no stomach to stand up to that evil, anywhere. If there was, it would not exist.

  7. Apparently you must have selective hearing. Here’s an interesting question. Why is American politics so “divisive” Republicans hate Democrats, Democrats hate Republicans (instead of doing what’s best for your country)and Trump hates everyone that has a different view than his. He’s like a grade school playground BULLY. His wife’s mission is anti-bullying???? She should start at home…..

  8. A fact check. Norway’s immigration law is based on quality, not quantity. Immigrants are required to be vetted on behavior. Quite the opposite in the US, where politics of cheap, exploitable labor, and votes, by illegals, are the rule. Open border policies promote destabilizing violence. This is not rocket science, just plain, twisted perversion of law for political gain. If anyone is stupid enough to believe this kind of government activity is in the best interest of citizens, that/those individuals are indeed delusional. The founders recognized the potential, hence the ability of US citizens to be able to protect ourselves. The government damn sure won’t. Additionally, if you don’t like America, stay home. It’s in your best interest.

  9. I never heard the president say that but regardless Stay in norway because we sure don t want you in this country

  10. Pedro….It’s a statistic. Obviously your math skills aren’t the best. The statistic is based per 100k people. If you need further guidance on how to figure tis out, go back to your grammar school math!!!

  11. Wow the depths of her ignorance is amazing. I have never killed anyone. When you take guns away from the people believe me I did time in prison all ex-felons know how to get guns. So she wants us to give up the fight to bare hands while the criminals have the guns! What an ignorant B@#itch!

  12. The sad part is the workers will suffer the most. The management will keep drawing their fat salaries. The managers that made this decision should be fired! When all the companies fire all management that does NOT have a degree, and replace them with a college grad that has never worked a day in their life, what happens?
    This happened at a company I worked for. All the people that built the company were fired, and the replacements had no idea what to do.

  13. When the company is managed by college grads, what else do you expect. Wynn Dixie no longer sells “Filet Mignon”! Why? The college grad heading up the meat dept. changed it to “Sliced Beef Tenderloin Steak”! And it is now just that, a slice of a beef tenderloin. No more removal of membrane and being wrapped in thick sliced bacon. Ya know that they know everything? Even more about meat cutting than a butcher!

  14. Hi George! According to statistics East Saint Louis in now #1, and Chicago 16th?
    Even thought Chicago has most shootings. Statistics can be reformulated to get whatever answer you want. heyjackass dot com shows the actual numbers.

  15. You need to go on heyjackass . com and see who does 90% of the shootings. Why isn’t blm ever shouting about this? Over 3,500 shootings last year. Of course with statistics Chicago is ranked about number 15, with most shootings in the USA.

  16. Nikki, I am a Vietnam veteran and did 3 tours in Vietnam and I killed VC and NVA on so many occasions I lost track. Since my war years I have been diagnosed with an extreme case of PTSD and I own lots of gun’s. I have not killed anybody since the war and the liberal Democrat’s want to take my gun’s away because

  17. Chet….Need to read your previous response. You stated NO killings ever by NRA members. Now you change your approach. No mass killings. Sounds like a contradiction. Similar to your leader. Tell so many lies, he thinks there “truths”

  18. There have been NO MASS shooters that have been NRA members- anyone, with ANY weapon can kill someone- true since Cain slew Abel.

  19. JPJ….You need to read once again. The data didn’t say 43% of the population would be raped nor 76% of population would be murdered!!! What it stated was those are the percentages of a greater chance of this happening in America. To put it simple terms would be, in America 6 people are murdered per 100,000 and in Norway 0.5 people are murdered per 100,000. Obviously you misinterpreted or just jumped to a conclusion.

  20. I have yet to see white supremists in this country, although, i know they exsist, i have seen any in my lifetime. So where they are coming up with this 43% is absolut nonsence. Most white men are genlemen. Im a white woman and im going to stick up for my men.

  21. Dang Nikki, by your numbers, that would mean that just under half of all our females will be raped by tomorrow and over 3/4 s of our population will be dead by tomorrow. Not sure where you got your facts from but maybe you really should stay in Norway and learn some math.

  22. George, so I guess by your mind set, not even ONE NRA member has EVER, EVER killed another person. WOW, you are really brainwashed!!!!!

  23. Chet, that’s an amazing comment, with a country that has 17+ thousand homicides a year. WOW, not even one was committed by an NRA member?? Really think YOU need to do some research. Or your smoking some exceptional stuff.

  24. Ah yes, great gun-control cities- where only criminals have guns! ILLEGAL invaders (NOT true immigrants- they follow the rules & the law)are a large part of our criminal & killer element. (Killers are many illegals, I didn’t say illegals were all killers- NONE of these killers are NRA members!)

  25. He NEVER said ALL Muslims are killers- he said Muslim extremists are killers- you deny this? If so, take your head out of the sand. Murder rate high, in part, because of ILLEGAL invaders (NOT true immigrants- they follow the rules & the law)

  26. George, your leader claims all muslims are “killers”, yet your America murder rate is so much greater and yet your population is 1% arab. Maybe LOTS of ‘white supremicists” are responsible for a portion of Americas murders. Or is it just some other minority you “righties” despise??? Gladly stay safe and happy in Norway!!!!

  27. George, been to NY, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, Miami….not impressed either!!!

  28. The First 10 Amendments to the Constitution are called the Bill of Rights, and are Unalienable Rights, which means that they cannot be Legislated away. Anyone trying to do so needs to be stripped of their position, prosecuted for, among so many things, violating their Oath to the Constitution, and after found guilty should look forward to the next 20 years in Prison. They certainly would not be able to sell books about their case, and never be able to hold any Public Office, including Notary Public, and Town Dog Catcher. Let’s see if these anti-Constitutionalists would still like to play fast and loose with our rights.

  29. Lawrence, I’ll gladly stay in Norway. Do some research, people have a 43% greater chance of being raped in America and a 76% greater chance of being murdered in America. Your country is so divided, seems like it’s gone back to the 1950’s. As your leader would say SO SAD!!!!!

  30. Makes no sense for any company to take sides in such a political issue and thus offend half their market. But then, since when do looneyeffin liberals make sense?

  31. Screw yeti and all the liberals who believe a mechanical object causes death and destruction!!
    The need to start realizing it is the INSANE people who they QUIT locking up around 1980 to “save money”. So NOW…. you turn the NUT loose, and he kills and maims somebody and then get LIFE in prison. TELL ME AGAIN, where were all those “savings”??
    Next up, you allow ILLEGALS into our country, many of them repeat offenders like the one who KILLED Kate Steinle. SO, I guess you “progressives” believe a criminal who is a doper and convicted felon had more rights then Kate Stenle….RIGHT?????
    and then you allow MUSLIM extremists into our country UNVETTED. Well how did that one work out in once beautiful Santa Barbara, CA???
    WAKE UP and SMELL the coffee!!

  32. I’m pleased to find out I’m not the only one thinking – there for a while I was going to give up on this country now I see people on here that feel the same way I do the liberals can go to hell as far as I’m concerned just saying


  34. I will never purchase any item from “Yeti” – even if they decided to change their stance on gun owners! Our forefathers were brilliant to put the 1st and 2nd ammendment in our Constitution – too bad, the ones trying to deny us those basic rights as Americans are “anti-American” – take them from us and send them to our enemies, or disarm us so we can’t defend ourselves??? I DON’T THINK SO!!!!!

  35. Devil Take Yeti any like minded others too. Go and seek patronage from those dear, sweet Anti Gun/Anti Civil Rights Types.

  36. Glen Trail. Here is some interesting data. Arabs are 1% of America’s population and 16% of Norway’s BUT you have a 43% greater chance of being raped in America. All stats based on equal population. Must be a lot of “white supremeicists” raping American women, or may it be some other minority group? Please remember, I would think “white supremeicists” are a minority in your country (but with your President, (maybe not) So all in all rape is far more prevelant in America.


  38. Nikki, you conveniently seem to forget about the peaceful Norwegian who killed over 80 innocent students on that little island outside of Oslo just a few years ago. That massacre topped about anything that ever happened in the good old USA.
    I hope you live ever happy in “safe” Norway.

  39. Hey Nikki, Keep thinking that way. Let me know your feelings when the Arabs creep into your country as they have in most of Europe. You may have to use your gun to defend your daughter when some Arab tries to rape her. Think about it for a while.

  40. I don’t think they CARE! As far as they are concerned, anyone who does not agree with their viewpoints, is beneath contempt. Even if YOU fought for them to have the freedom to have those viewpoints.
    They are NOT about FREEDOM- They are about tearing down this country, & forcing US to conform to their ideas of how this nation should be run.
    They certainly are NOT big advocates of “law & order” when it comes to illegal aliens. They are only in favor of “law & order”, when it comes to legislating the END of the Second Amendment.
    They’ve also started in on the First Amendment, with PC language rampant, and anything they don’t like being labeled as “hate speech”.

  41. I really wonder at times what other parts of the Constitution these anti second amendment people want to do away with. As one who once swore an oath “… to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic…” and carried a rifle in service to my country for over 20 years, one wonders if these people realize what they are asking for?

  42. Once you get use to total government control you would not fit in here anyway. Stay in Norway or No Way.
    Unlike your country we are free to choose these things, no totals here except the democrats, or so they think. That means your voice is nothing more than a echo here, stay in your leftist lane and stay out of our country.

  43. Not sure but I believe that most Ace Hardware Stores are independent owned. BUT, I will not support any business that bends to the anti gun liberal left.

  44. post cut. I Said: ‘Personal’ political beliefs Should Not Interfere w/biz. & Could take you Down__. that was the ‘gist’ of post.

  45. I refuse to buy from any company that opposes the 2nd Amendment. Nor will I support any TV station, entertainer(sic) that opposes gun ownership.

  46. ps. Yeti: ‘Personal'<< Biz IS Biz, rite??? Too Late. Should have STAYED NEUTRAL__.
    > &&& THNX for ‘telling ALL’ who you really Are. ‘WE’ Need to ‘Know’.

  47. Companies run by liberals are too stupid to survive long anyway. Moves like this just hasten their demise. Good riddance. Check all publicly traded companies CEO’s and board of directors politics before investing a dime in them.

  48. I had to sign a anti gun petition to comment on the gun grabbers, told them I’ll bet non of the gun grabbers spent a couple of years defending our freedom and Yeti was overpriced garbage !!! They deleted my comment !!!

  49. I’m not a gun owner, but I support every American’s right to own one, and I support the 2nd Amendment…it is our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to own guns. If Yeti wants to drop the NRA, then gun owners shouldn’t support Yeti, esp. when they can get coolers that are more reasonably priced and are sold by companies WHO SUPPORT THE 2ND AMENDMENT!!

  50. I am a X Marine, Past instructor on the Rifle Range and a Silver Metal Winner on the Marine Rifle Team. don’t even talk about the NRA. My YETI is going to the Landfill

  51. I don’t even own a gun but I support the NRA so screw the liberals and those that fold like a cheap suit…YETI doesn’t need my business..

  52. I am not a hunter or sportsman but I support our Constitution. I will not purchase or use service of those think by supporting the crazy libs they are making the right choice for America. I also no longer watch tv shows or movies by celebrities that hate America and our President.

  53. You’re criticizing the USA is like my criticizing your country. I don’t know, and quite frankly don’t care, that much about Norway to give a hoot, let alone form an opinion. Like so may people out there, those who don’t know, opine.

  54. Yeti is history. some people/companies are just plain stupid. Been drinking the wrong cool aid to long…Who do they think uses their coolers more, hunters of course

  55. I can say that I could never justify their merchandise at those outrageous prices, don’t tread on my rights and that’s all I have to say on their business decisions.

  56. I will beycot yeti and anything to do with them, had it with these damn libtards and anyone who backs these dangerous people

  57. i don’t own a yeti but i will buy a pelican!proud member of the NRA!make America great AGAIN.Vietnam 1968-1969,God bless President Donald Trump and The United States Of America!

  58. i agree with you all don’t want to play with the big people than go out of busness ,we do not need you ,you need us . good buy .OLD VET

  59. I didn’t realize that Ace was a standing member of the anti-gun brigade. Sorry to read that. They’ve always been one of my favorite sources for parts and supplies. No more. they’ve been added to my ever growing black list.

  60. Their response was pure CYA after they succombed to the mob mentality of the left. When will they learn no to F’ with the people who actually buy their stuff. I bet few if any of the “mob” have ever bought one of their coolers versus the number of NRA members who have. And I would also bet that none of the “mob” will buy one even though they dropped the NRA… that wasn’t the point.

  61. I don’t own anything by Yeti….I guess that makes me DEPLORABLE…maybe if Nancy Pelosi would give me some of her “Crumbs” I could afford more….nah, I’d still buy a Coleman

  62. I say that if all the liberal swampflakes want us to give up our guns, they should start the ball rolling by taking the guns away from their heavily armed Secret Service people(that we pay for by the way)and give up their bodyguards…want to take away guns?? YOU FIRST

  63. Yeti ended a program with a lot of vendors.

    AT the same time, they announced NEW PROGRAMS.

    It’s about as FAKE a story as anything the leftist media has come up with.

  64. Can buy the same style and quality coolers from Cabela’s. They support sportsmen, gun owners and the NRA!

  65. I LOVE AMERICA!!! Especially those who think for themselves. Or should I say, “Especially those who think…”

  66. Any companies who are stupid enough to listen to the HOGG idiot get what they deserve.
    Act stupid and pay the price.

  67. Always seemed more like a yuppie or “me-lennial” brand to me. The folks they call “All Hat and No Cattle”.

  68. Probably the best thing to come out of this for consumers is that due to drops in sales and income Yeti will be forced to lower their prices. As for me I don’t go hunting in a Brooks Brothers suit and i don’t need over priced coolers either. The Old Colemans still work good too.

  69. No they are a STUPID piece of crap once it started to hit the bottom line they want to claim it’s a misunderstanding. They must think we were all born yesterday. Well I was not and they will never see any of my business and the items I had just went into the bulk trash last night.

  70. I won’t buy Yeti and have stopped buying from Ace Hardware. Businesses make a choice when they make advertising decisions based on politics. That is their right. I also can make my purchasing decisions and will continue to do so. There are plenty of competitors for me to choose

  71. Business should avoid politics- for their own benefit- & would, if they were SMART! Unfortunately liberals think they are the smart ones & anyone else is dumb. (You must be, if you don’t agree with them- thats why you are deplorable!) Liberals are anything but liberal- The 1st ammend for them is protection for ME speech.

  72. I have a Yeti thermos which has gone into the trash. Won’t buy from a company that does not support the 2nd Amendment.

  73. I find it interesting, the differences in America. I live in Norway. There are guns in Norway but one surely does not see the violence that exist in America. The NRA back in the 1950’s and 60’s were an educational group with no party politics. I can see both sides of the argument. The “righties” say GUNS don’t kill PEOPLE, PEOPLE kill PEOPLE. The lefties say GUNS kill PEOPLE. I think in America it would be safe to say PEOPLE with GUNS kill PEOPLE (common sense) Your president says he would like more people from Norway in America. No thank you, I prefer living in a part of the world that is a much safer place than America

  74. I think that the new ruling should be that if you are a democrat you cannot own a gun. To purchase a weapon, you have to give a copy of your voter’s registration. That would eliminate, not all of course, weapons in the hands of idiots.

  75. We must dump YETI for good. Have nothing to do with their business anymore.

    Let all the major corporations know that half population of the nation can counter-strike against those that choose to appease the liberal whiners.

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