This company’s decision to cut ties with the NRA blew up in their face

Liberals are pressuring corporations to boycott the NRA.

While a number of the NRA’s corporate sponsors have folded, the ones that have don’t primarily rely on outdoorsmen for their consumer base.

But one company’s decision to bizarrely cut ties with the NRA backfired and their competitors are wisely taking advantage.

A cooler war broke out when YETI unexpectedly cut ties with the NRA.

When the NRA-ILA announced that YETI “will no longer sell products to The NRA Foundation,” calls for a boycott of the expensive cooler maker roared from gun owners.

And now consumers will have the chance to decide who’s on the right side of this fight.

RTIC was the first to respond by posting a picture of the Second Amendment to remind gun owners they support the right to keep and bear arms.

Pelican Coolers announced they will donate $10 to the NRA for every cooler sold by the end of April.

A number of proud gun owners have taken to blowing up their YETI coolers with tannerite and posting the videos on YouTube and Facebook.

Other videos show owners destroying their tumblers and other YETI gear.

After three days of radio silence, YETI responded on its Facebook page by claiming it’s all a misunderstanding.

But as the comment section shows, the damage may have already been done, and YETI’s “too little, too late” attempt at damage control may not be enough to stop the bleeding.

What do you think, do you buy YETI’s explanation?

Should gun owners boycott companies like YETI and others that boy to liberal pressure and cut ties with the NRA?

Let us know in the comments below!



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  4. Larry, You should please pay attention to detail. From my previous responses to your posts, it is “very” clear (stated) I am a Norway citizen, born and raised. So no need for me to move there. Maybe you should take a trip here and see what a great, peaceful loving country it is. Not the divisisness that exists in America!!

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