One Congressman discovered a secret about Obama that just changed everything

Donald Trump has said from day one that the Russia collusion investigation is a hoax.

But it’s even worse than that.

One Congressman is pressing to release a secret report that will expose Barack Obama’s worst secrets.

Congressman Ron DeSantis of Florida shocked Americans when he fired off two tweets about a top secret report compiled by the House Intelligence Committee.

He hinted that it was a game changer that would show the collusion investigation was a political farce invented by the Obama administration and its cronies in the intelligence community.

What could be in this report that is so damaging to the Obama administration?

The Intelligence Committee’s report will show that the collusion investigation was infested with partisan politics.

In over 18 months of investigations, not a single shred of evidence of collusion has been discovered.

It was a witch hunt designed to bog down the Trump administration in a made up scandal to muck up their ability to pass the agenda that won the election.

Do you agree? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. Mainly because they have a clothespin on their noses so that they can’t smell the crap. Any one with a brain knows that in order to be an exchange student from a foreign Country you can’t be an American citizen. He claimed to have come here on an exchange student visa. Big lie. That can not be true because he is supposed to e an American citizen.

  2. Hey, Jo and John: I’m with you. Anyone who has an IQ above 90 should know that Barry Sorento or whatever his name is was behind this whole charade and needs to be held accountable to We the People, not just the Washington elite.

    You called it what “it” is & you called it our former…
    Resident in chief…Barry Soetoro!
    It’s about time someone was “ONTIME”

  4. Barry Sotero is a crook, if there is evidence to show that he is the crook many suspectand did misuse our WH for his own political means as he did the IRS and the FIB, then it should be publicly exhibited and the DOJ needs to act on this allegation….

  5. Have you forgotten that obama was a member of Rev. Wright’s church for over twenty years? You know, the “Not God bless America, God DAMN America!” Rev. Wright?
    You are right about the money sent to Iran did not belong to the U.S. It didn’t belong to the present regime, either. It was being held in trust for the people who obama abandoned when they tried to overthrow the corrupt and evil Ayatollah regime in an attempt to bolster his legacy.
    He pretended to be hard on illegal immigration, while holding the door open for them. He did nothing about them collecting all the public benefits denied to many citizens on one pretext or another.(I once had to hitch-hike 3000 miles to get a copy of my birth certificate so I could replace my lost (or stolen?) driver’s licence. At another window at the DMV a Hispanic male was provided an interpreter and produced no proof of identity or residency. He walked out with his licence.)
    At every point in his presidency he weighed in against law enforcement, and when proved wrong, never apologized.
    He used national law enforcement to punish those who had the AUDACITY to disagree with him.

  6. You guys are seriously, seriously deluded and so far out of touch with reality. I will pray for you. I hope you can rejoin the real world, instead of the heated, conspiracy theories that you keep madly spinning.

  7. Did you know that Obama is the same as Osama bin Laden. He thinks he can do what wants, because he not an American, born in Kenya, not in Hawaii He
    killed hi Grandmother in Hawaii so she would not tell who he was. He poisoned
    her with mercury, he had her cremated so no autosy He had Justis Scalia killed
    He did not have a heart attack,he was shot in the heart Obama should be in
    prison. PERIOD!!!

  8. You nailed it and couldn’t have said it better myself. Worst and most corrupt president EVER. Talk about disgracing the Whitehouse

  9. Treason is the one crime mentioned in the Constitution with the penalty.
    “The Congress shall have power to declare the punishment of treason, but no attainder of treason shall work corruption of blood, or forfeiture except during the life of the person attainted.” In the past, that meant forfeiture of life and property.

  10. Please, are you serious??? McSally is McCain/Flake all over again! The ONLY thing she’s “conservative” about is the MILITARY! Get involved with your local gov’t not the Repub party! FIND out what’s really going on. And please take a closer look at Kelli Ward, and both their records in the state legislature.

  11. We do not need immigrants coming into our country who are going to burn our flag, disrespect our laws and continuously put our country down. You don’t assimilate and you want us Americans to capitulate. Americans care about everyone in this world, but we cannot afford to accept the dummies from other countries who hate us. Stay home immigrants, and cause trouble in your own country. Come here when you have something to offer our great country, we do not need your hate. Martin Korab

  12. obama, being exposed daily, is proving that he was the worst of cancers to this country. When the Left wakes, it will be too late, they are in the same pathway to Hell as the NFL and that is cleansing for America.

  13. You must sit on your brain. Whatever the Muslim gave Iran, it was negotiable currency and Bessie Sam, was correct in that it was sent in bulk form made up of pallets. The maggot, performed this act under the cover of his presidency and he bypassed the Congress, which in its self is a felony act with a terrorist country. The bleeders, will bleat out that ti pursue this against the maggot, will be a racist move against his race.

  14. What else would you expect from A non citizen fake president . His grandmother said he was born in Kenya and his brother shod his birth record from Kenya with footprint and doctors name and Kenya stamp.Since they are not confermed liars and he is guess who is telling the truth. cofermed

  15. Why do you think they managed to get a resolution passed so fast that reopened gov’t this morning? THEY weren’t going to be paid while it was shut down as well! That was made clear on Friday evening before the deadline. Guess Schumer thought that was okay too, but some of the others disagreed, and got with the program over the weekend.

  16. I totally agree with Nancy Miller! ALL the Clintons should be in jail already. Obama too…and let’s send Pelosi and Schumer with them. they lie and wouldn’t know the truth for anything. They’ve become VERY rich and don’t want to give up their shush funds but are more than willing to NOT PAY OUR MILITARY. ALL of Congress should lose their pay while all this crap is going on. stupid democrats!!!

  17. YES….it would be wonderful. Even more so if we were assured that they would not ever be released from prison. We have enough bad apples out on the streets, we don’t need them to be let out of prison.

  18. I know I would be very interested in seeing the report. People have been left behind to much in this country because in order to keep their crimes secret they put a “Top Secret” label on it so hardly anyone can see it. This is crime at it’s worst. I can not think of anything much more despicable than this to avoid any prosecution. Let’s all read it and put the perpetrators in jail if they are found guilty instead of look the other way. We demand justice for the travesties that the higher officials, including Obama, put us through as voters and taxpayers!

  19. Volunteer with your State GOP and work the campaigns for your State GOP candidates! Already threw in MY hat to elect Congresswoman Martha McSally (R-AZ) who is running to replace flakey Flake from Snowflake in the Senate! Tucker Carlson…January 17…she ‘had’ me with being sick&tired with all the “DICKIN’ AROUND”!…HER words on national fair&balanced Fox News! She is shoulder2shoulder with Trump…what we NEED…and a former FIGHTER PILOT! Giddy????AP!!!

  20. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if every one of the conspirators and co-conspirators within bathhouse barry’s administration who were part and parcel to election rigging go to prison?

  21. You are well informed. It would be so nice if all of these truths were told, and BELIEVED by the American people. Of course we know that the snowflakes either won’t believe it, or they simply won’t care.

  22. I would love to make both my senators vote to release the memo–unfortunately, my senators Tammy Duckworthless and Tricky Dicky Dirtbag, are both D. FAT CHANCE!!!

  23. I smelled a RAT a long time ago and now it is rotten to the core. We should stand for our PRESIDENT TRUMP to be able to shut these crooks down.

  24. Barry Soetoro records all “Sealed” at college. Then with no money takes a 3 month vacation to the Middle East, comes back “Barrack Obama”! Michael gets sex change operation, becomes “Michele Obama”! Still with no $ they fly to Africa and adopt two girls, no problem just fly them back to Chicago. Barack goes from failed “Community Organizer” to “Senator Obama”. Next is run for POTUS by the Chicago Dems! Even his BC is not available in Hawaii. His copy of his BC is examined and fount to be a fraud. Still, “Nothing to see here folks, move on”! The Unions give $1.7 Billion to liberals to get Hillary elected, do a Google search on that, and see what you get! Kasich gets about $700,000 from George Soros, is now a “Trump enemy”. Comey’s wife gets around $750,000 from Soros, how can anyone with a nose not smell a “Rat”?

  25. Addendum: Prison, the federal penitentary kind, like Leavenworrh or better yet, Pelican bay on California’s far north coast, where it’s cold, damp and there’re no niceties to lessen the burden. No ‘camp cupcake’ like the one Martha Stewart was sentenced to and did her stint in. So sick and tired of these obvious traitors to America skirting justice. As for the lying thieving POS and his entourage, go away, we, the American people had 8 years of your lies, treason and BULLS**T, enough!

  26. Prison, the feseral penitentary kind. no ‘camp cupcake’ like the one martha Stewart was sentenced to and did her stint in. So sick and tired of these obvious traitors to America skirting justice. As for the lying thieving POS and his entourage, go away, we, the American people had 8 years of your lies, treason and BULLS**T, enough!

  27. It is time for reality to come to pass and to stop “protecting” those who violate not just the laws, the Constitution (as it was written using the correct definition of the words at the time it was written), the Bill of Rights (as written and using the correct definitions of the words used in it at the time it was written)and all moral (or ethical) practices. Just because you are elected to represent the citizens does not mean you should not be held accountable or should not have to obey the same laws the working class citizens have to obey. If anything they should be held to a higher standard of behavior. We, the legal voters, have a right to know what and how they are “doing their job” in order to make rational, logical, and responsible choices and cannot do so when they hide their underhanded, immoral, and often shady if not just outright illegal behavior to protect each other from Justice which by the way does in fact seem to be blind when it comes to into play for them.

  28. Osama the Islamic dictator was a filthy corrupt muslime pig who had put the fix in so that Kilary would win, but it backfired on them. He is the Most corrupt dictator to ever exist in American history. The demonrats knew all about this and didn’t want anyone to find out because they would all go to prison. They are guilty as sin and need to be put in prison for treason and dereliction of duty as well.

  29. Most all of us never paid much attention to what was really going on in Washington. You are totally right about O, he is a monster, put a go-tee and horns on him and who do you have? One place the brain-washing is happening is school, and college science classes are the worst.

  30. Sure would be my thoughts too. I hope, no pray, that this memo is released to the Americans so everyone, including those Obama lovers, see the REAL truth about the corrupt Obama Administration.

  31. It’s not Right that only some thing’s can be released and other things go unreported;WHY IS THAT? Release the FIXA memo report and let the chips fall where they may!

  32. If this is all true, then Obama should go to prison stripped of all his wealth, Durbin, Chuck Schumer Nancy Polosi , Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson, and a host of others should go to prison with Obama and Hillary Clinton for aiding in abetting this crime as we all know that they were in on it and they knew all about what was going on. They go to a real present no country club and stripped of all the wealth and after the prison term is up they get deported. This would be true justice,In the eyes of all who died for freedom and this great nation!

  33. this is everyday Chicago Politics run by SDS and the radical left. For decades people in graves have voted, young girls caught with judges. Senators with fake BC. killing young black men everyday. What happen to Trump sending the feds in to help little Rob reduce violence? Chicago sent their state into the poor house No ethics there Thanks Ayers, Alinsky , Obama. Maybe MS 13 will stop killing and go skiing at the Obama playground?

  34. No, Titus…it was not American greenbacks. It was, in FACT, a cargo plane loaded to the gills with pallets in UNTRACE-ABLE foreign currency from at LEAST 3 different countries! But WHY so covert?…under cover of darkness? What was he REALLY trying to hide from the American public and do it on the sly? Obama may have returned frozen Iranian assets to avoid the U.S. paying interest, per international banking laws; HOWEVER, those monies were actually USED in a prisoner swap! Obama IS reprehensible on so MANY levels! And this IS one of those times!

  35. Yep , and obammys plans will wipe out a big city park used by thousands in good weather . They ain’t crazy about this at all . Ask them .

  36. Thank you. Works perfectly! Every Patriotic American needs to go to the link and sign and send. Let your voice be heard!

  37. As a Veteran of the USAF (SAC) with a secret clearance, I highly recommend each and every one of these traitors are held fully accountable for their action and are convicted for the crimes that were committed.

  38. It’s about time the real true comes out. On all the TRADER’S in this Government & the one’s no longer in OFFICES. The sun should start to shine bright on all of them. Sun light is the only thing that will kill it all.

  39. Also pay for play investigation , obama role in guns sold to terrorist groups and a plethora of illegal activities too numerous to mention here not to mention all the slaps in the face to our most trusted allies , in the Great Jewish nation

  40. Just who designated this memo as top secret? Barack Hussein to cover his ass? Have Trump nullify and publish.

  41. Undercover investigation of how obama is really not a citizen , so every single thing he did in the last 8 years can be nullified and can we find out what happed to that 8 Trillion dollars that disappeared right into obama’s pocket

  42. Obama and his administration and all of Obama’s cronies are the scum of the earth and everyone of them need to be executed and sent to HELL!!!

  43. I agree with you so much…..what can we do about it !?!?!?
    Ever since they got rid of Kennedy it’s been horrible !

  44. This is no news, but an old truth that the American people choose to ignore and therefore being accomplice to the destruction of America. One have to be pretty stupid to not to see what was happening for decades!!! Bushes included! And yes, Obama is Kenyan, Muslim jihadist and scumbag as a person. And so are Clintons, Bushes and 98% politicians that are enslaving and sad but true. easily brainwashing Americans. What is sad is how easily its done.

  45. Put all of them in prison…..starting at the top with b.o. and everyone he was in involved with !!!! This all came from the top !!!

  46. The Democrat Party puts American priorities last. If you belong to this anti-American organization, ask yourself why? Does putting illegal aliens like DACA foreigners before paying our brave military men and women, make sense to you. If not, than leave that Party by the millions and vote against their candidates before it’s too late for our Constitutional Republic.

  47. Obama in spite of his faults did NOT give Iran American money. He freed up Iranian money that was being held by America. He did enough reprehensible things but this is not one of them.

  48. So true are they going to build a library for Obama the worst traitor in history? Dems better not try will cause riot thru our land.

  49. Well of course the Obama Administration did this or something very similar. No doubt if the situation had been reversed the outgoing administration would have done the same thing. Both Democrats and Republicans lie through their teeth about almost everything. Bush lied us into a tragic war. Obama promised one thing and delivered another….Now Trump promises one thing and he’s following suit in changing what he said he would do…..especially in regard to this country’s involvement in war. They are all a pack of liars and should be removed from office asap.

  50. “the collusion investigation was infested with partisan politics” – Oh, really? Did anyone ever think otherwise? Or that it even had any other purpose? A few readers will remember the serials that accompanied feature films at the cinema. Flash Gordon comes to mind. Each episode approaching a dramatic crisis of inescapable doom – to be resolved in the next episode when Flash escapes once again – only to face another terminal crisis. Like today’s politics, only the Progressives have taken the place of Ming the Merciless defying our efforts to escape from the last eight years of Mungo politics. And Ming is getting desperate.

  51. We all know that Obama hated the American people he not only gave Iran Billions of American money he turned on Israel because his 1/2 brother is a Terrorist and is against Israel. Obama brought in MS-13 Ganges to help run America he brought in Millions of Illegals to help Drain the American Economy all this was done under the Democrats and the GOP and the Clinton Foundation as well as out Corrupt FBI Heads. But we do have some corrupt Republicans like McCain Fake the Flake and Graham. America heeds to see what our Congressman have seen and EXCUTE these TRAITORS and make America FEARED again like we were in the 1950’s when we Executed people for Treason and Espionage. Obama is a Muslim Terrorist and needs to be tried as such as he committed TREASON and ESPIONAGE

  52. What he Barry did was /is treasonable and Bush W knew it and so did others he should be tried in a military tribunal because he is / was a traitor too the American Constuition !!!
    But the previous three presidents Clinton Bushs both are just as corrupt cartels !!!
    Josrph St.Clair

  53. Obama has been the most criminal President in history. The sad thing is because he was the first black president no one had the guts to bring him before the bar of justice. That all may change with this new Inspector General’s report. So many Congressmen have been deeply shaken by what they have seen and so deeply angered this maybe the turning point D.C. and the nation’s people need to clean a large number of the criminals out of our government. Maybe Bath House Barry needs to see if Kenya or Sri Lanka will take him back.

  54. The WH liberals bragged that Obama’s administration is scandal-free. Is that true? No … liberal major media never reported it.

    End of story.

    It’s time to expose Obama’s hypocrisy.

  55. Barack Hussein will get his, too. Black men may jump higher and run faster but THIS Black man cannot hide his audacious hubris. The truth will out…always does. In the meantime, our illustrious POTUS has made great strides in hitting ‘DELETE’ to his legacy.

  56. Right you are, and whatever citizenship he had prior to becoming an Indonesian citizen with that adoption, was forfeit as Indonesia didn’t and doesn’t allow holding dual citizenship. Mario Apuzzo, lead attorney for the Kretchner challenge to O’s eligibility to hold the office of POTUS, was unable to find a single record that O had naturalized after returning here, and attending college on Fulbright scholarships, which are for foreign nationals ONLY! Further, he filed for his Bar registration under Barack Obama, and the IL Bar got peeved when they learned he’d lied about other names under which he was known; he forfeit his registration to avoid legal prosecution on that. I’ve never seen any such documentation either, beyond the Indonesian citizenship. In other words, he was also an illegal invader, who overstayed his visa to be here by some 25 or so years!

  57. I wonder why they even still call him Obama. The Real Obama’s in Kenya would like to see a DNA/paternity test to prove relationship. They feel they were never related by blood and were used for political fodder and then tossed aside. I have been looking into Barry for the past 9 years. We went through all the birth certificate arguments and the truth to where he was actually born. But – irregardless of where he was born – the last legal documents I have been able to find as far as his name goes – come from when he was legally adopted by Lolo Soetoro. When his mother Stanley Ann Dunham became an Indonesian citizen – Barry as a minor by default became an Indonesian citizen. When Barry was legally adopted by Lolo Soetoro – in the eyes of the world he LEGALLY became Barack Soetoro and again an Indonesian citizen. There is no legal documentation I have found to legally change his name or nationality. I doubt very seriously there is anything in those records he was so desperate to seal away either. The only conclusion seems to me is that we have been duped by an impostor that sold us out. It was Barry Soetoro who provided Iran with the nuclear capabilities they now have. And it is Israel that may well suffer the consequences of that action.

  58. I do agree; I think ALL Americans should know JUST HOW corrupt and evil the previous regime was and why they need to be informed and aware of those for whom they vote.

  59. Sad but true we have known for a long time about previous administration being so corrupt and they played the American people like a harp out of hell. And still trying to do so. Where is the justice??? In the dem party they have so much dirt on each other & playing one another…

  60. They are all guilty of several crimes against the American citizens, only one of which was to start up these “sanctuary cities” and usher in a multitude of Muslims. That alone condemns him in my opinion. Don’t even get me started on things like “Black Lives Matter,” the siding with homosexuals and transgenders to be allowed into public restrooms once reserved for “men” and “women” etc., because the list would go on and on and on.

  61. The obama administration and the clinton administration should have to pay the taxpayers back for wasting our money, and deported to Iran never to return..

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