One court just gave Donald Trump a win that left him smiling from ear-to-ear

Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and the rest of the Democrats have used Clinton and Obama judges to block the Trump agenda.

They thought they were set up for another big win.

But this court just gave Donald Trump a win that left him smiling from ear-to-ear.

The Attorneys General of Washington, D.C. and Maryland filed a far-fetched lawsuit claiming President Trump violated the emoluments clause of the Constitution by virtue of foreign governments booking rooms at the Trump hotel in Washington, D.C.

A panel of Judges on the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously agreed to throw out the case citing the fact that the Attorneys General of Maryland and Washington, D.C. lacked the standing to sue.

CNBC reports:

A federal appeals court on Wednesday dismissed a lawsuit challenging the legality of payments to President Donald Trump’s hotels by foreigners during his tenure in the White House.

A three-judge panel of the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit unanimously ruled that the state of Maryland and the District of Columbia do not have legal standing to sue under a claim that Trump violated the so-called emoluments clause of the U.S. Constitution.

That clause, contained in Article 1 of the Constitution, bars government officeholders from accepting gifts from foreign officials.

President Trump celebrated the victory on social media.

This lawsuit was always garbage.

The emoluments clause prevents the government from granting titles of nobility as well as government officials from receiving titles of nobility or other similar gifts from foreign governments.

A foreign government being patrons of Trump’s D.C. hotel doesn’t fit either of those categories.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Cr-all back under your rock and put you head back in the sand we don’t need stupid idiots like you stating things you so blatantly know nothing about.

  2. The only demon is Trump! He’s the one that obstructive justice 10 times and had connections to Russia during the election! Mueller’s report proved it, even though he keeps lying all the time! That’s nothing new with this President! And I pray you and the rest of his supporters will realize before it’s too late for us to bring the United States back and all it stands for! For with this dumb President there is no United States! It’s only Trump United States!

  3. Trump makes money off of his many properties. When he goes to mar-a-lago he makes us, the government, pay for the whole entourage..

  4. Trump makes money off of his many properties. When he goes to mar-a-lago he makes us, the government, pay for the whole entourage.

  5. Does this trash just sit around thinking of ways to abuse their power? Who brought it up? How is there such a difference in courts in America? What the hell is going on? Why should the ninth circuit worry about the Supreme Court, they will just change a word and refile. United is gone from our title now we have all of these little groups trying to get some attention. What’s next in this place?

  6. Its time to wake up, your hatred towards Trump has put you to sleep and will only bring you remorse, I guess you dont live in the US or are so blind cant read, hear and make any type of common decision, you will die of this hatred just like some have. your only 1% of all the woman haters that want respect but cant get it

  7. Trump is not helping the country, he’s tearing it a part with all his lies, being a racist, a bully and turning families, friends and Christians against each other with his actions and words! And this president only cares for himself and what he can get! He’s not looking out for our country or us!


  9. Whoopie! The courts just gave Trump a win! Let me ask you, why the hell are the courts being allowed to make all the decisions about how this country operates? I know the answer. When the Democrats can win at the ballot box or through normal procedures, they turn to the courts. An old time (late 40’s, early 50’s) radio and TV character named Chester Riley had a saying for this, “what a revolten development!”

  10. Alaska “woman”…Are your really that STUPID??? Of course you are. Pres. Trump makes NOTHING off his presidency. He does not accept a salary. And he stays at Trump properties??? So what??? Since he owns them, he is saving us millions. It is your ignorance that is an embarrassment.

  11. AW…What Frank said is the truth. But you have no clue of what truth is. You just blindly believe the lies of your lib leaders without question.

  12. Alaska “woman”?…Have you read his books??? If you have, you would know that he hates everything this country stands for. He is a MUSLIM TRAITOR who sides with our enemy, islam. He is very racist and hates whites. His goal was to have everyone dependent on government for everything. Thank God he did not succeed!!!

  13. His books isn’t good bathroom reading. The only use is if someone is out of toilet paper. Why would anyone want to read communism 101?

  14. Why are the demons still giving Trump a hard time. When are they going to do what they are hired to do. Are they so above and beyond the laws that they need to break the laws daily. The worst part is for some reason they are getting away with breaking the laws. Lets start seeing jail time for most of the Demons. For some crazy reason they are still getting a paycheck. Why????

  15. Another democrat failure. A little common sense would tell you that if you own a hotel/motel at some point the chances are pretty good you will rent to a foreigner/illegal during the process of doing business so what is the big deal?

  16. These Democrats all should be removed from office they are traitors to this country and the People

  17. You have not got the brains to in out of the shower of rain. Typical. You just can’t fix stupid. He does not even accept pay for being president. It is all donated to charity you moron

  18. Alaska Woman….Before you make such outrageous comments you need to do your homework first making sure that its true! You should be ashamed making such false accusations against this president! Its not the president that’s embarrassing America, its idiots like you and the democrat party that cannot accept losing an election! In case you’re not aware President Trump doesn’t even receive a salary, in fact, he donates his entire salary to charities! Stop with the hate!

  19. And you know this how?? Let me guess either you are a staff member or the information is being beamed through your tinfoil hat?

  20. mary brumley: As I have stated before, as far as the Democratic party and their totally brain washed followers, too many cockroaches and not enough bug spray…Let’s hope Trump will succeed in draining the swamp……

  21. I still just just just figure out how Obama spent 19 trillion dollars on America and nothing and I sat nothing for it. Alaska lady, your not too smart but go and figure and study a few days how much money that is and then in a half day write down his accomplishes were.

  22. Everyone is seeing what these Democrats are doing and all the criminal activity on a man that is helping this country and how he is being severely harassed. Thank you, President Trump!

  23. That is another lib lie. The turnover, handled by lawyers as required by law, was televised Nationally prior to his inauguration. Didn’t CNN tell you mushrooms?

  24. Wow! That is terrible. Since he is not taking a salary could you provide some proof your claims or are you just another $1.98 no info lib parrot?

  25. We need to use this clause to get all the Lawyers out of the government! They have a title of nobility, ESQUIRE! Get them all out!

  26. Obama has not worked a day in his life everything has been giving to him , he was not a good pres. In fact the worst.

  27. Wow, you have been taken in, hook, line and sinker.
    Oh, and by the way, he was in office over one year before he gave up any control of his business. By the way, it may be a “corporation” but it has only one owner and is not governed by a board of directors.

  28. Obama wrote three books which sold over one million copies each.
    He earned every penny in his bank account, the old fashioned way :working.

  29. Trump embarrasses America every day he is in office.
    He is making $millions off of the Presidency.
    When he travels, he insists on staying at Trump properties.
    He insists his entourage also stay there.

  30. 4OPip, in a sane world, what you say would happen. However corruption and insanity reigns in both parties and our courts. I believe that our POTUS and the Patriots will best the insane ones in time. Keep the faith!

  31. Franz,
    You are evidently too biased to know the law. Trump does not benefit one cent from his Corporation which is run by his sons and daughter. Trump gives away his salary as President each Month to the U.S. Government. He lives off his interest earned from investments from his salary from his 8 year T.V. Apprentice Show. Frank J. Stangel, J.D.

  32. Dan Tyree, personally, I think they have already done that. They are so afraid of The Donald that they are scurrying around like insane cockroaches. Folk are picking up on their abject fear.

  33. Question….? If a President cannot profit from being in the office, why did Clinton and Obama come out MILLIONS richer than when they went in? And don’t tell me investments!

  34. The court ruled the parties suing did not have standing in federal court. That just means the litigants choose the wrong venue. It also means the court did not consider the merits of the case, so the ruling does not mean the President is not violating the emoluments clause, only that the parties involved choose the wrong courts to argue their case.
    I doubt we’ve seen the last of this.

  35. From these posts patriots are taking notice and getting fired up. The commiecrats are going to bite off more than they can chew.

  36. I am so mad at what else the Left is doing now,just more to harm our Pres. All those in Congress that are telling the illegals to break more laws because they say it’s a right they have. No,one that is here illegally has any rights as does a citizen,the Constitution only applies to citizens not any others. Those in Congress should be fined and face jail time for going against our country as they are supposed to be better than what they are right now.

  37. Do you actually believe this mess you get from the mainstream media? You must be mighty ‘thick’ in the head!!!

  38. When will we Americans who love our country get justice for the wrongdoing by the coup who attempted to take down President Trump, and who continue to disrupt his presidency? The democrats act as if this criminality never happened!!! When, when will we see justice? I’m a patient person, but getting tired of waiting!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Another insane attempt of the Deathocrats to cause trouble and division among the population of this wonderful country. Their failed venture should be the first of many. Can’t wait until their elections are held, so that they can be voted out of office. Shame on them. Definitely not roll models for the youth. Gruess Gott

  40. Will there ever be an end of this evil? How can a human be like these people. Do they not know how they must seem to be? God help their lost souls.

  41. Just keep wasting our tax payer dollars, plugging up the courts from actual cases and making the president and the country look weak in the eyes of our enemies. Good job libs!

  42. Just another trick by the Dem’s to try to obstruct the President from his duly elected duties.

  43. Another frivolous lawsuit after another. Another subpoena after another. Another investigation after another.

    The Demonrat leaders and liberal media will pursue more negative stories for their news. Good for the votes. Yeah, RINO attacking Trump is a bonus for liberal media.

    Unfortunately, many independents @ liberal liberals universities and workplaces are afraid to express their thought that could reflect Trump positively. Let the courts end the PC, liberal tech oppression, etc.

    Let MAGA!

  44. dems are sick and deranged and will do anything they can to gain power. Maybe satan will give them some when they get to hell

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