One court just handed Donald Trump a defeat that left jaws on the ground

Democrats have turned to the courts in their attempt to impeach Donald Trump.

Nothing less than the ability of Americans to freely and fairly choose their leaders is at stake.

And now one court just handed Donald Trump a defeat that left jaws on the ground.

After the Mueller investigation turned out to be a bust, Democrats quickly pivoted to Donald Trump’s finances.

Even though Donald Trump is under no obligation to make his tax returns public, Democrats and their allies in the Fake News Media are convinced that Trump is hiding something.

So Democrats on the House Oversight Committee subpoenaed Mazars USA – an accounting firm that does business with Trump – to get their hands on eight years worth of the President’s financial records.

Trump and his lawyers sued to block the subpoena on the grounds that there was no legitimate legislative purpose behind it.

But Obama-donor and judge Amit Mehta ruled in the Democrats’ favor.

Breitbart reports:

A federal judge in Washington ruled on Monday that President Donald Trump cannot block a House subpoena of his financial records.

The decision comes amid a widespread effort by the White House and the president’s lawyers to refuse to cooperate with congressional requests for information and records.

President Trump and his business organization had sued to block the subpoena issued in April to Mazars USA, an accountant for the president and Trump Organization.

Mehta, a U.S. District judge, was nominated to his position by President Barack Obama.

Trump promised to appeal the decision to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.

That sets up a landmark legal battle that has massive repercussions for not just the 2020 election, but the Presidency as an institution.

One day Donald Trump will no longer be President.

But the appeals court judges will have to decide if Congress has the unchecked power to initiate witch hunts against the President with no balance on this authority.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. You might want to be a leader to the DEMONRATS and explain we are a REPUBLIC not a DEMOCRACY. They can NEVER get that right. Of course, DEMONRATS don’t get much right about AMERICA, the FLAG, and the REPUBLIC FOR WHICH IT STANDS.

  2. I’ve always thought this Tyree (socalled) was an idiot. I never read his posts anymore. I see them and delete them.

  3. Anybody in their right mine, know that no one is being audit ,does not take four years, to complete the audit.

  4. You need to start with the basics. The other party, moronic or otherwise, is called “Democratic” — with an “ic” at the end. It’s surprising how few Republicans can get that right. An inability to pronounce all four syllables makes one sound “moronic.” See the difference? It’s like saying someone sounds moron, when you probably mean “sounds moronic.” Perhaps you’d like to be known as one of your party’s leaders on that issue.

  5. It’s no use trying to talk to these democrat morons! Even with proof that the russian thing was a hoax, these dumbasses still chose to believe these dirty MSM fools and their lies! I wish we could run everyone of these leftwing fools out of our country and put them in countries that are run by dictators with all their rights taken away!

  6. What’s that POS Cummings hiding?! Him and his wife have been found to steal millions of dollars from the american people! Guess what Schifty is hiding at the Standard hotel? I could go on and on about these dirty sleezy cons!

  7. Keep drinking the pedophile illuminai koolaid moron! These devils are vile criminals! They didn’t get their wealth from working for it, they got it from human sex and drug trafficking! So don’t you dare talk about our POTUS as being a con! Use what brains you have and check out all the evil plans those nazis have for you and us! Their plans are for your destruction!

  8. The Democrats have done nothing in the last 30 years to improve my life and most of American citizens life’s. What the Democrats have done is improve the life’s of many illegal invaders at the cost of American life’s. All illegals should be deported.

  9. I agree. Why did Obama seal all his records? What does he have to hide? My guess
    is PLENTY.

  10. On a personal, I for one, would not like my taxes made public, but we seem to thnk the president loses his rights to privacy, his rights to be innocent unless proven guilt in a court of law. However, the congressmen and senators could have a conflict of interest like they are suggesting the president might have. Many of them became rich in congress. Let them all show their tax returns. They’d change their tune then.

  11. Precisely… and would anyone care to bet that, should this precedent be set, any political bas%ard wanting to dig into the records of anyone opposing or critical of it will be able to. Terrible precedent for any individual financial privacy.

  12. Why should they have to reveal their PRIVATE financial information? While they are public servants, they are still private citizens!

  13. OMG! STFU… anyone who has a Constitutional Bone in their Body understands this is NOT about him having something to hide. It is his RIGHT to keep his financial affairs private. It is NOT the Congress’ right to subpoena his financials without a legitimate reason! There is no legitimate reason! Period! This is simply a which hunt directed at the President who they cannot stand because he was not their pick.

  14. Bella, you are an evil racist thuglet. I wish I knew where you worked so I could get your ass fired.

  15. I don’t know why Pres. Trump listens to these district court judges. They have no jurisdiction over the President. Only the Supreme Court is a co equal branch of government.

  16. I reserve the right to be wrong but here is how I see the witch hunt. Mueller was given an impossible task. I think he did everything to please the people that put him there. He could not, in all honesty, find Trump guilty of collusion and he knew the left would be unhappy with his findings. He did the best he could to satisfy the hounds and keep his reputation in tact. He left enough doubt in his decision to allow the left a glimmer of hope.
    In doing so he gave Barr enough to investigate the whole charade.
    It’s going to be fun times watching the hunters being hunted.

  17. Bill, Trump doesn’t want to release them because he has LOTS to hide. Maybe a few of his followers might change there tune knowing YOU are paying his freight on taxes. Remember this quote from one of Trumpty’s good friends (Leona Hemsley) “only little people pay taxes” The individual is a “scary” person.

  18. He made a lot of money, he had billions of losses (write offs)
    He put you down as a dependent. Why the hell do you want to see his tax returns? You couldn’t understand them if you did see them. He lied , he cheated, he is a Russian agent,I just read where he is like a cult leader. Trump is everything bad and nothing good, and his enemies are spending every waking moment demonizing him.
    I see him as the only chance America has to rid itself of the corrupt democratic party. They have done nothing but attack Trump from day one, they have invested a lot of capital trying to convince the average American of how bad he is. Perfect he ain’t but he is 100 times better than those who are trying, with all their might, to depose him. Ask yourselves, has Trump been good for America?, is he leading it backwards or forwards? are the lives of Americans better or worse than they were before Trump came along? What have the Democrats done to improve your life?

  19. Presidents are not required to give up their personal businesses. But the ongoings of the businesses are kept in
    what is called a “blind trust” in which the President is not allowed to indulge. The same might apply to the Governors of the several states.

  20. Herbert Lubitz tell voters to NOT vote for Muslims and see how far that goes. The Constitution does not prohibit Muslims being elected or on the federal payroll–unfortunately. Muslims would prefer that nobody vote for Jews. Some voters might not vote for people of a different race.

  21. The US Constitution defines “treason”. No one has yet submitted evidence that Donald John Trump has given aid and comfort to enemies of the USA– treasonous activity. But, Barack Obama sent $150 million US dollars in cash to Iran. Why has there not been any screaming for investigation of that act?

  22. Gregory Sullivan it’s time for a Congressional investigation of Barack Obama’s qualifications/credentials to have held the Office of President of the United States of America. HIs sealing of his school records is prima facia evidence of an attempt of a coverup. He was a FOREIGN STUDENT at Columbia University in New York City. His school ID was posted on the internet. Subpoena his records, open them and let facts be submitted to a candid world.

  23. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha,Common Sense????????? I do not see noneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee whatsoeverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrha Ha Ha Ha Ha HAAAAAAAA

  24. yup,I agree if he was able to be manipulated by a CULT then he is not to be believed on anything he spew among others,his brain is so small he cant think for himself let alone make a decision for all mankind,and Robert Ronson from what this useless pile of bile was saying,they have no god they idolized a Muslim Predator,Traitor who cant seem to understand how treasonous he is and all that he committed and still walking around like he is God or untouchable,cannot wait for him to be hanged in the Gallows of DC for all to see..

  25. He showed his tax returns. Anyone with “any” common sense knows Trump has “LOTS” to hide. The man has been a “con” his entire life. Keep drinking the kool aid Cadet Bone Spurs is selling!!!!!

  26. There is absolutely no grounds for impeachment and the dems are treasonous criminals supporting bo’s 8 years of treason that have to be stopped ! There is nothing good for the U.S.A. coming from democrats for the past 10 yeas !

  27. All of bo’s appointed cronies that support bo’s high treason have to be eliminated from U.S. Government ! The treason is obvious for execution !

  28. Carol, Steve and Saved: At least TRUMP is not a member of the godless party!! Remember, the last democratic party’s presidential caucus, by voice vote, the party REMOVED GOD from their core platform of beliefs. Or would you rather forget that fact that the whole world saw as the caucus did their dastardly deed.

  29. Obama had many requests for all his records and he gave us the middle finger. Obama first, than Clinton’s, then every congress member who has supported this witch hunt including Maxine Waters, Nancy and Chuck, the Bush’s, and all and I mean all the Moslims in government. We want to see their records at once, Moslims can not be on our government.

  30. Joe F, I do agree that we have to vote them out. But we have to know who we are voting for. The DEMonCrats are putting DEMonCrat Progressives on the Republican Ticket. They say that the Republicans are to lazy to check them out. They said that the Republicans will vote for anyone with a R by there name. They are starting with the District Attorneys office and going up. Google: The Brains Behind AOC Part II. This video will show this and much more.

  31. I’m evil Carol? You might be supporting a racist, sexual assaulter like Trump. Shame on you for saying those words.

  32. Saved- you have a severe case of TDS – seek help immediately !!
    But with your history I doubt it would help!
    Trump,2020. Our only hope to save America and protect our sovereignty!????????????????????????????????????????

  33. This impeachment B.S. will eventually end up in the Supreme Court in which Donald Trump will win. There should be a law also that makes anyone who runs for any office to submit their tax returns and I bet the Demoncrook party would be the first party to fight against it.

  34. Tom, I live in Texas. Where we vote in our county, we are expected to show our ID. And, I show it gladly. It should be that way in every state. Plus, voting under a dead person’s name should be indictable. They need to be thrown in jail and throw away the key.

  35. That’s because he was a plant. He was elected and did his best to tear our great country up. If it wasn’t for our great President Trump, we wouldn’t be doing so good now. He has done a fantastic job. Lower taxes, the money grabbing mandate is gone, he’s doing his best to get a wall built so we can keep all the illegal trespassers out of our country. I and my family love him and plan to vote for him again.

  36. Defy this Marxist myrmidon while telling him to go Sandra Fluke himself. Then send in the Federal Marshall’s to arrest and deport this pervert.

  37. The many candidates who released their tax returns were politicians who were trying to convince voters to elect them. Not a one was a businessman when he ran for the office. Trump had no obligation to release his private financial information and he was elected to office without doing so. That this liberal judge sided with Democrats on the basis that the committee was not required to have a legitimate reason to require his accounting firm to release his private financial information is outrageous and blatantly partisan. The judge should be impeached and removed from office.

  38. No, Saved, you’re the true face of evil. You suck and you need to quit putting posts on here cause we don’t want to read them. Go back to your cult. That’s where you belong.

  39. Joe, you are so right, for the Democrats are the most corrupt party of them all, they cheat, lie, bribe their voters, and use every trick in the book to get their way and it all has been proven to be true!!!! I can only say that we all better be ready in the 2020 elections for you can bet that they are going to rig the elections again and it is up to us the citizens to point out fraud of any kind at the polls, and laws should be passed that all voters have voter IDs shown before they can vote, and if they don’t get voter ID laws passed then it is up to all of us to come out and vote!!! We can find fraud and if we do find it that politician that got a great deal of the fraudulent votes should be disqualified from the race!!! I can only hope that are president and the Senate get ID laws passed and are going to do something to stop the fraud even if it means getting agents put at every voting station across the nation!!! We also should get laws passed on mail in voting that no votes from mail in voters will be counted if they are not mailed in on time, other words these votes maild in should all be received on the date the polls open and they should all be counted before the polls close and any mailed in votes received after the polls close will not be accepted!!!

  40. Well, Saved, it sounds as though you are still brainwashed. Cause, you aren’t living in reality. You need more help.

  41. That’s absolutely right, Diana. They should turn over all their tax info. I wonder how many of them cheated on their taxes. Wouldn’t that be a laugh if we found out that some of them

  42. He can afford that Phyllis because the Russians are given him hundreds of millions. There is not enough money for a corrupt billionaire.

  43. Yasu, you’re a complete idiot. Trump isn’t hiding anything, dumbass. Now, as far as the dumbocrats are concerned, they’re the ones who lie and hide things. Look at Obumbo and Hillary… there’s your liars.

  44. I think all those dumocrats need to show all their tax returns. They’re after our President and demanding he show all his tax papers because they hate him and want him out of the White House. They list out on the Mueller report and there was no obstruction of justice, so, they’re trying to say he’s hiding stuff about his tax returns. If, in turn, he is being audited, he couldn’t turn anything over till the audit is through. Anybody in their right mind should know that.

  45. Judicial over reach should be an excellent reason remove these judges from office. Liberals pull this stunt every time they don’t get their way. IT’S WRONG!

  46. The highest court in the land should remove all these liberal judges that don’t adhere to the Constitution as written when making a ruling!!! These are judges that make their own rules that try to undermine are Constitution and harm are Republic and are democracy!!!

  47. Screw ’em!! Go after their tax returns because anybody that vociferous about getting those of another must have something to hide.

  48. Apparently the intervention didn’t work. If you believe the Dems care about US citizens, You may be delusional too. Nobody is more power hungry than a liberal. I haven’t seen any of them give their salary away, but President Trump does.

  49. No you’re evil, just like the serial sexual assaulter, liar, thief, braggart, whiner, money launderer, Trump, the man you love Stevieo

  50. For the past forty years, it’s tradition that presidential nominees of both major parties release multiple years of their tax returns. They do this in part to guarantee to the public that there are no conflicts of interest.

    Donald Trump is refusing to, hiding behind a phony excuse that he can’t until the IRS finishes auditing him, a claim directly refuted by the IRS. What’s worse, in 2012, Trump was leading a call for the Republican presidential candidate that year, Mitt Romney, to release his own tax returns. As usual, Trump doesn’t want to be held to the unforgiving standards by which he judges other people.

    Trump’s refusal to divest from his businesses represents a real conflict of interest!

  51. At least I have common sense and could write a paragraph or two without mistakes. Yours are: Your should be you’re god should be God you needed to put periods in a few places it should be through and through.

  52. Mr. Ed, Sir, You Are Correct, All Of Those US Law Breakers Need To Be In The Very Same Solitary Confinement Cell, To Boot!!!

  53. Say Aren’t All Of Those PLCSID Party And Their FAKE Republican Party Federal Supreme Court Justices, Appeals Court Judges, State Judges, County Judges, District Judges, City Judges, Town Judges, Hamlet Judges Supposed To Follow The US Constitution And All Of Those US Government Documents To The Letter And All Of The Time And NOT Using Any Of Their Feelings? They Truly Should Know That Every Single Legal Citizen/People And Legal Immigrants Of The United States Of American, Income Records Are, I Mean Private/Confidential/Super Super Secret! It Is ILLEGAL TO BE THT TRANSPARENT!!!

  54. just tell them to say the computers lost all the data…. worked for Hillary and the Obama IRS.

  55. agree, he should have excused himself from this suit because of his appointment history as well as donor history.

  56. You need to go back to your cult because you haven’t changed one bit Your still a sick idiot and You should just shut the hell up and go away, Of all the stupid posts this one is it.. I don’t know how much the dems paid you for posting this nonsense but god be with you because your not smart enough to see Our President for what he is truly trying to do and if you think the Dems are on your side Your a bigger nut than what your post suggests Shame on you I am not sure from your posts what your parents are but they should have left you right where you were because your rotten threw and threw..

  57. There is really something wrong with you, you’re very easily told what to think. Being a liberal is just like you’re back in the cult. Have you ever had a thought of your own? I seriously doubt it.

  58. I expect just what happen it not over i see thing about too turn around for the good GOD said it and i believe it and all of you that believe keep the faith remember GOD always turn thing around always remember don’t lesson too that goes against our President remember what the prpohic was he in there two turn and the Devil hell can’t stop it but mine on Jesus and stay in prayer because GOD got this

  59. I think the presidents have some Constitution offers some protection for a sitting President. ( read that somewhere) Otherwise, the swamp-suckers would already have all they need!!

  60. This is another attempt to put our legally elected president out of office! The evil satanic demonRATS will never stop unless we the people do not go into their chambers and make them stop doing this to our president! We the people are who pay their salaries, they work for us and it’s time they learn who are their TRUE BOSSES!! And order them to produce their taxes since we have the legal right to boss them!!

  61. Of course there was foul play, didn’t you follow the mid-term election where they counted tons of illegal votes, tons of illegal “cadaver” votes something like 85,000 by a college student, confirmed, no investigation, fake news ignored, and same for most states and ignored, this is the Liberal Democrat scam that I just can’t understand why they can’t or won’t investigate! We need to get a handle on this before the 2020 games!!


  63. I was in a cult in my early 20’s, the Brother Julius cult here in New England. He died some years ago but still has a following. His spiel and appeal was that he was the bad person who turned perfect, and was Christ in a different era and manner. I was in the cult for two years, totally brainwashed, the people were nice, kind of overly enraptured with Julius’s words. After awhile my family was aware that I had changed. I had devoted my life to Brother Julius, whose real name was Schachtnow. My family rescued methrough taking me hostage in a sense, and they hired an interventionist to help the deprogramming. It took a few months to see that I had changed for the worst. Brother Julius condemned the relatives, the news, the institutions, meanwhile the men who were married had to submit their labor to his business County Wide, where I worked. After I left the cult I learned Brother Julius was sleeping with the men’s wives and daughters. It was subtle brainwashing, so you people who have idolized Trump as your savior don’t realize he has seduced you with his lies, promises, attacks against the FBI and CIA, and against all Democrats. He is like Brother Julius as he also led us in various chants against enemies and to him, as our supposed God. I hope this note means something to people who don’t believe the real news, don’t listen to friends and relatives anymore and idolize a man who has been about greed his entire life, it’s like you are worshipping the golden calf in the Bible.

  64. All of our ranting here, will not resolve the issue. It will not stop the witch hunts. It will not stop the corrupt Democratic machine. If you really want to stop this ridiculous behavior, then get all of your friends and family to turn out for the next elections. Only by out-voting the corrupt Democratic machine, can we get anything done. Turn out for the next election. Or, if you have any “provable” incriminating evidence, make that evidence known to the proper authorities. We either get the corrupt politicians and officials removed, with due cause, or we vote them out. There is no other way.

  65. People shoud spend their time in Constructive THINGS! Trying to dig up other people’s dirt as accupations are the SADEST ways to make a living! We are all made of the Good, the Bad and the UGLY! “Do not doonto others as you do not wish to have them done onto you!” What goes about comes aboauat! Be weawr of that “MOVING FINGER..!”

  66. Agree. I still can not believe that the Democrats won the House legitimately. I fully believe that there was a LOT of foul play there.

  67. Well this is as good of reason as any to start the Revolution and remove Every DemonRat from the face of the earth

  68. I would think Muellar would have scrutinized every aspect of Trumps finanial statements, IRS, Everything he could legally obtain same as Manaforts, Cohens, and everyone else they could. I think since Muellar or a member of his IS in contact with Nadler regarding the investigation, all they would need to do is ask Muellar if they obtained “TRUMPS FINANCES DURING THE INVESTIGATION”. i WOULD BET HE DID. He was searching for any reason to find anything illegal with trumps family, campaign or personal.

  69. Only the SUPREME COURT CAN OVER RULE existing law. Or CONGRESS may pass new law. But as for the TAX RETURNS OF ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS…only under legal investigation can the records become property of the government. The IRS has started no criminal actionagainst the president…WHAT CONGRESS WANTS IS ILLEGAL. Searching for crime is not an option.

  70. We should start a huge rally protesting these democracts and judges they work for us not each other and we want them fired

  71. No more games Trump have these democracts and the judges who continue to help the democracts to show they their taxes. These judges have no say over someone else’s taxes it’s not their business. These liberal judges are so weak and soft they do anything to keep their jobs even if they know it is wrong what they are doing. Useless judges they need to but out of politics they suck at it

  72. The President should sue for their records. Tell them,”You First. You show the people yours then I’ll show the people mine. Turn about is fair play.”

  73. SO
    WHAT! //// WE
    (leave our President alone)

    Signed ////
    Stockton, California

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