One court just handed Donald Trump the win he waited his whole Presidency for

Donald Trump spent nearly three years fighting off frivolous legal challenges by the Left to his agenda.

The President finally got some good news on that front.

And that’s because this one court just handed Donald Trump the win he waited his whole Presidency for.

A District Court judge in Texas slapped an injunction on the President’s ability to transfer $3.6 billion in military construction funds to build a wall along the southern border.

The Democrat judge handed down this decision despite the Supreme Court lifting an earlier order blocking the President’s authority to unlock the money through the 1976 National Emergency Act.

But the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals just stepped in and lifted the order.

POLITICO reports:

A divided federal appeals court has lifted a lower court’s order blocking $3.6 billion in military construction funds that President Donald Trump planned to use to finance an expanded and improved border wall.

The New Orleans-based 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals issued a brief order on Wednesday granting the Trump administration’s request to stay the injunction that U.S. District Court Judge David Briones, based in El Paso, Texas, issued last month.

The three-judge appeals court panel split along ideological lines, with two Republican appointees voting to temporarily set aside the injunction and the sole Democratic appointee dissenting.

The 5th Circuit panel’s majority did not provide a detailed explanation for its action, but noted that last July the Supreme Court stayed a similar injunction issued by a federal judge in Oakland, Calif.

This order clears the final legal hurdle that gets the President back on track toward building hundreds of miles of new border wall before the 2020 election.

Building the wall was the President’s signature campaign promise and Donald Trump being able to tell the voters he fulfilled his pledge will be a centerpiece message of his 2020 re-election campaign.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Reply to Rose: i certainly agree with you. He hD a lot of things to fix after the last so-called president
    He has h kept all his promises, but the dems won’t acknowledge them . How disgusting they are.


  3. Come 0n Will Penny, get your ‘grammar ‘ Straight ! LOL…
    ( just kidding) Har har.
    Re Joseph comm : Popey Frank’s Resignation Is being called for…
    ‘frank’ is one bad diablo hombre’…
    > Have a nice Monday & Ev’ry Day !!!

  4. Yes, it is Christian to be compassionate and extend welcome to strangers and those in need, but the Lord God also wants us to use the common sense he gave us. There are walls in the Bible stories which protect the cities and countries illustrated there. And there is a difference between LEGAL immigrants and ILLEGAL! Jesus doesn’t expect us to welcome terrorists and murderers, or people who want to do us harm, nor would God want us to deliberately do things that were against our laws, as illegal immigration is! God helped our founding fathers form this country and its laws and Constitution! Breaking the law is not godly!

  5. Well aren’t you special IndependentVoter , I guess you never make mistakes .BTW , I’m not a liberal , I voted for Trump in 2016 and will do so again come 2020 . If I want to bash Joseph for being a communist liberal , I will do so any time I please . I don’t give a rats rear end about your Grammer policing , but thank you any way . Have a nice day IndependentVoter , relax and have cocktail , it’s just another Monday .

  6. Don’t you mean “Too funny”, not To, Will Penny? Maybe your “common sense” could include some correct grammar and spelling? But then in my experience you arrogant democraps don’t know as much as you think you do.

  7. joseph, you are truly an idiot. You have NO CLUE!!! Obama is evil and hates everything this country stands for. He is muslim and sides with our enemy islam against our freedom. There is no freedom in islam. It is Obama who brought in hundreds of thousands of muslims, knowing full well that the goal of islam in the U.S. is to replace our Constitution with sharia law. He is a TRAITOR!!!!! You are very foolish. The Pacific and Atlantic Oceans are close to the U.S.?? REALLY???? Uh, they are more than close. They are here. What does that have to do with anything?? But you are right about a wall. No wall needed. All we have to do is STOP giving illegals jobs and freebies and they will self-deport. We need to stop treating them like they belong here, which they DO NOT!!!!! God supports borders. EVERY other country has borders. Try going into Mexico illegally and see what happens to you, fool

  8. joseph, were you aware that islam is our enemy??? The goal of islam is total world control…either serve Allah or die. The dem party has thrown God out and satan controls their party. There is a war going on between God and His people and satan and his people. God wins. satan has the dems, atheists, communists, muslims, and all others who have denied God. I am on the winning side. Which side are you on?

  9. joseph, you are truly brainwashed. You believe the sick lies of your dem party without question. ILLEGALS have no business coming here. So it is fine with you to break our laws. That is against what Jesus teaches!! And Uncle Hoppy said NOTHING at all that is racist. And you attack Pres. Trump, but I’m sure that you are just fine with extremely corrupt vile Hillary and muslim traitor Obama. God gave us Pres. Trump, as He knows Hillary’s evil heart. She would have finished the destruction that Obama started. Pres. Trump loves this country and has done only good for us. You are a very sad creature

  10. joseph, look in your mirror to see hate. You come here and attack us with your hate and lies. No one posted hate and racism except you. The truth is not hate and you have no concept of the truth

  11. joseph, what part of illegal do you not understand???? We have nothing against LEGAL immigration, but coming here illegally is breaking our laws!!!!! And God does not support breaking laws. You are a fool. God supports BORDERS. And Pope Francis does not follow the Bible, as it is obvious that neither do you. No one has the right to come here illegally. They need to be deported and we need to stop acting like they belong here, because they do not.

  12. joseph….NOTHING you said about Pres. Trump is true!!! That makes you a LIAR!!! The Bible I read forbids your sick lies and hatred. And Jesus loves EVERYONE and forgives ALL who come to Him. Pres. Trump is very fortunate that Jesus will be his judge and not you. You need a lot of help with your sick hate. Please get it

  13. This Court Ruling ‘Proves the Effectiveness’ of 0VER
    180 New Conservative Judges Appointed by 0ur President.
    > Thnx ‘bomba’ For NOT doing your jobbee as Pres / Leaving
    MANY vacancies…

  14. Just because more crimes might been committed by other ethnic groups, like blacks for example, that doesn’t mean we should just let the country be flooded with illegal immigrants. So what if Americans commit more crimes than illegal aliens? Even if the percentage is lower that’s not a reason to just open the gates.
    If you knew anything of the bible, you would know Christ told us to obey the laws of the land. What you’re advocating is deliberately breaking laws because you don’t like them. That’s not Christ like. You are certainly not a Christian and shouldn’t be lecturing others on Christian behavior.

  15. Again you know not what you speck. In order for that to be true the ones accusing would have to not be lying and would not need to be paid to do so. Your fact are all mess up. The New World Order is that of Satan and that is the Democratic Party. That was the order of Hitler your idol.

  16. Wm yes a safe can be opened but it is better than no safe at all and will turn those way that can not open it.

  17. National Security is part of our constitution but the Democrats time and time again refuse to up hold the constitution all the time saying that they are the ones up holding the constitution give Americans a break make the Democrats take a class in constitution. For that matter make them revisit their oath of office because they the Democrats are not even up holding that.

  18. To funny Joseph, hell , your the damn Nazi you communist liberal reject . HeeHaw , that Jackass mascot of the Demonrat party , has way more common sense than you’ll ever have , with you at zero % and donkey at 100 % . It’s a insult to the Old Donkey , to be associated with all of you simpletons !!

  19. To funny Joseph, hell , your the damn Nazi you communist liberal reject . HeeHaw , that Jackass mascot of the Demonrat party , has way more common sense than you’ll ever have , with you at zero % and donkey at 100 % . It’s a insult to the Old Donkey , to be associated with all of you simpletons !!

  20. You are mis informed. You r believing a lie. God has anointed this man for such a time as this. You are not represented the one true God. Read what the prophets are saying. Be encouraged!! God is in control even if they seem like their not in the natural. DO not grow weary

  21. Pollution is what she is. Everything (it) does is polluted. IT thinks her crap Don’t stink. WHEN SHE STANDS BEFORE GOD SHE WILL BOW AN ACKNOWLEDGE GOD. ROMANS 14:11. THEN WILL SEE AND IT WILL BE TOO LATE. REPENT P.

  22. Killing baby After ‘birth’ Then ‘Harvesting 0rgans.Tissue. Blood.
    For Vacc’s. Meds . Foods etc Just Makes me ‘sick to my Stomach, Butchy.
    >>> HOW Could ANY0NE support 0r Be a Dem ???
    >>> HOW Can Any0ne NOT KNOW what they stand for, Especially when they (Dems)
    0PENLY PROCLAIM What they Do … ‘G’ Dam it All, Butchy…

  23. JS–calm down-you act like your father is satan,he is called the accuser of the brethern. better do a morals check ,just remember when you point a finger there are three pointing back at you!

  24. JS do you imply that we should welcome all strangers with out exception ? for instance-we should embrace satan because he was expelled from his country and you and i should bring him into our homes to live with our loved ones with no laws pertaining to him, free home,food,right to rape, rob,or kill them,i dont see how we can protect our loved ones just as our LORD commands us to–i will continue to follow the GOD of the bible and seek his face to guide my life.

  25. President Trump hasn’t done nothing wrong. You all voted for the four women that is in our Congress that has caused the destruction in our country and to our American people. You all were warned that these women wasn’t for America or our American people. They TRAITORS and they are working with the terrorist organization. They all need to immediately removed from our Congress and banned them forever not to be allowed in our Congress ,all government office in Washington DC.

  26. Trump didn’t stir up anything. It is you MORONS that voted for the four women in our congress that are working with the terrorist organization that caused all of this destruction in our country and to our American people and other countries.

  27. if anyone acts like satan and is not of Christ it is trump – adulterer, racist, liar, polluter of our world, Nazi sympathizer, wants to deny health care for the poor, wants to reduce food stamps for the poor, attacks the press Hitler, Stalin, Kim, and other dictators killed those journalists who opposed them. Trump stirs up fear, anger, hatred, violence and racism – Hitler did the same and 6 million Jews were exterminated. If these behaviors of his are of Christ, then I think you are reading the wrong Bible. One cannot reason with a person who is prejudiced.

  28. so should trump and the right which is closer to Nazism – a wall is ridiculous because all you need is a ladder, the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans are close to the US, most of those seeking asylum are doing so because of the violence in their countries – parents do not want their daughters to be raped and their sons to be forced into gangs, drug cartels or murdered. Any caring parent would want the same. The money he is talking about will be taken from the Defense Dept. some of which would be used to construct new housing for military families who live in housing with termites, mold, etc. I would think we could do better for them than a wall. Obama wanted to reform immigration laws but was stymied by the Republicans – ain’t that special.

  29. I doubt you know what communism is all about – have you read Marx’s Das Kapital, do you know the historical context in which it was written and do you know the philosophical theories that he used. If you have not then stop calling others communist. The Catholic Bishops of the US supports the immigration of others into our country. The Bible mandates that we welcome the stranger in our midst. Pope Francis stated that as followers of Jesus we welcome the stranger and not to do so is not of Christ. Your hate is also not of Christ as well as your racism – Hitler would love you and you follow your god who is a false one.

  30. Regarding sanctuary cities: I watched an old episode of Miami Vice last night, w/ Don Johnson & Cheech Marin. I was surprised to hear them state, in the movie, that Los Angeles was a sanctuary city. That was a long time ago, so even then they were ignoring crimes committed by illegals or just criminals, in general.

  31. They already see the light, “their” light. They are giving them driver’s licenses, which then they use to vote, illegally, for the Demorats. AOC has refused to pay her yearly Dem dues, but instead is giving the money as donations to other far left people just like her to even unseat incumbent Dems not only in NY, but in other states. She is also helping to fund re-election if “the squad”. Bernie’s Sanders says if he wins, she will be his VP. Obama, while President, moved almost 100,000 Somali immigrants to Minnesota & that’s how Ilhan Omar got elected. He also moved more thousands of immigrants to other states in order to achieve the same goal.

  32. I think we should let them move to the Mexico side, THEN built the 30 foot wall so that they can’t get back!
    And you know that they’ll want to. 🙂

  33. Den, all that needs to be done is DON’T give them jobs or freebies and they will self-deport. No wall needed if we wake up and stop treating them like they belong here

  34. james, that is very sad. I have been to Nuevo Laredo and totally understand what you mean. And we are having the same problem here in the Upper Midwest. The Mexicans are bringing down property values. They are truly the new rednecks. It is so disgusting to see their yards!!!!! They have no sense of decency. Mexicans bought the house that I used to live in and it’s very sad to see what they have done to it. I’m sure that it will have to be demolished like the one across the street from me. I was in that one once and it was horrible. Unfathomable to understand how anyone could live like that

  35. Think of the Wall as a safe in a bank. ANY safe can be opened…but it will slow down the robbers until the police show up!
    So, yes we need a wall, but the real fix it to change ALL the laws on immigration to better address the reasons and methods people are being directed here in the first place.

  36. Uncle Hoppy we true Americans who support free enterprise and the Constitution have been saying that all along but idiots want to make this great nation into another Venezuela so they can live in “palaces” as did King George III. My modest proposal is to build the wall then shove the leftists over to the “outside” of it.

  37. The non-contributing faction is already a financial burden to American taxpayers thanks to the leftists who want to build another Venezuela.

  38. I live in Texas and the small town that I came from originally has been taken over by the Hispanic people, and I’m using Hispanic to try to be polite for one day. But at the same time,no white people left and it looks just like Laredo on the Mexican side of the border. There’s junk, old tore apart cars, nothing left of original buildings, goats, chickens running up and down the streets. And these idiots can’t drive, always drunk driving on the wrong side of the road killing people, I’m scare to let my daughter drive anywhere…

  39. That is exactly what it’s gonna take and I hope it happens soon.but they are so sick for votes they will put votes over their and our family members!very very sick people

  40. Of course, the idiot local judge had absolutely no jurisdiction. No district judge can make immigration policy or anything which affects national security. They know they will be overturned, but want to aggravate and have their 15 minutes of leftist fame.

    Trump has been able to put enough sound-minded constitutionalists-conservatives on the 10th Circus (Curcuit) that it now sides with Trump on the Wall and Immigration.

    Trump 2020

  41. IF the next election is close to honest, the (r) types should control both houses and the IMPEACHMENT OF ROGUE JUDGES can begin in earnest.

  42. catapults work nicely.

    Parachutes will be available at an additional cost.

    Or, they can show up at a SOUTHBOUND GATE and ask for safe passage.

  43. Your right Mary. They sit behind their gated homes with guards to protect them and say we shouldn’t build the wall. I think that’s called a double standard. Why is it ok for them to be safe but not the rest of America

  44. All of you communist liberals can move over to the other side of the wall , any time soon would be best . Trump 2020

  45. Just remember a wall is a barrier. To prevent entrance. Well it also prevents exiting! Talking about is one thing living without a good plan for those illegally here will cause another financial burden.

  46. What’s is going to take for Liberals in Congress and the Courts to see the light. Does it have to take a crime committed by an illegal alien to a member of their own families for them to wake up. Sorry to be so blunt, but that’s is where it’s at.

  47. Hurry with building the wall, spring and warm weather will be here soon bringing with it more caravans of invaders! Lordy, I hope Mexico continues to help stop them! We need all the help we can get!

  48. OK let’s get that wall built and stop the caravans of illegal aliens, drugs, MS-13 gang members, and terrorists from getting into this country.

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