One deadly disease from Africa may be about to spread across America

Americans have a new worry at the Southern Border.

In addition to crime and drugs, a plague could make its way into America across the Southern Border.

That’s because this one deadly disease from Africa may be about to spread across America.

Recently, Customs and Border Patrol stopped over 100 migrants from Angola at the Southern Border.

This was followed by illegal aliens from the Congo, which is currently being ravaged by one of the deadliest outbreaks of the Ebola virus that anyone has ever seen, being dropped off in San Antonio.

Currently, there are over 2,000 cases of the Ebola virus in the Congo.

But that does not tell the full story.

The World Health Organization estimates that one in four cases go undetected.

The mortality rate for this disease is about 50 percent on average, but it can rise up to 90 percent.

That means migrants could be making their way to America’s shores carrying this deadly disease.

This latest development is ramping up the pressure on Congress to work with President Trump to secure meaningful immigration reforms that turn off the magnets that are now attracting illegal aliens from disease-ravaged countries to the United States.

Many Americans fear that unless dramatic action is taken, it is only a matter of time until an Ebola outbreak occurs.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. the three examples I’ve been told are all mosquito born. and I doubt mosquitoes care about checkpoints.

  2. dengue has been in the united states for a very long time: at least since the 1890s. a relation from my mom’s side of the family had it in Arkansas. which he caught in Arkansas. last I heard, Arkansas if north of the border.

  3. so, Robert, my mom had Parkinson’s. and my stroke affected about 3/4s of my body so I simply can’t work and am uninsurable. you’ll be happy to know that Squib took their tax refund and invested in stock buybacks, closed their Parkinson/Alzheimer division and gave their ceo a multi million dollar bonus. ain’t that great (sarcasm)

    • Ebola isn’t the only deadly disease that could be crossing our southern border. South America also has Yellow fever, Dengue fever and Arena fever, all hemoragic fevers like Ebola, tho not as fierce.

  4. If we put signs up along the southern boarder, in several languages, indicating how to get to “sanctuary” cities and states, would that solve a large percentage of our problems?

  5. It had been reported that twenty-six mega financiers are involved with the recent mass migration thru the US border. We need to find them and put these rich people to prison for twenty years. Obviously it is illegal to break the US immigration laws.

    Ebola … whew. We don’t have sufficient medical resources to meet all the infected people should this virus break out here.

    • If they can verify one of these illegals positively has ebola , then that is the one that needs to have a personal visit with Pelosi and Schumer.

    • If you read my posts Julio, you’d see I have Parkinson’s disease, sometimes hitting the tiny buttons on the phone is difficult. Since the I and the o are next to each other, there are times I don’t catch the typo in the reread and edit. I’m guessing it was much the same as your misspelling of the word chamber earlier. Sorry to hear about your stroke, they can be bad news. My grandfather had 3 before he passed away and was left paralyzed on the right side , blind ,and unable to speak, so I can understand your delema. I do wonder how you can hold to the Democrat view though, do you really believe socialized medicine is going to be any help to you? Longer wait times to be seen by a Doctor, if you get to see one at all, right now, the VA is about as close to socialized medicine as we have here in the US, and I’ve personally watched friends die waiting to be seen. Folks with conditions like yours and mine, will be the first to die, and you still think they care about you? I hate to say it Julio, but that stroke affected your mind and not in a good way.
      I was put out of work a few years before your stroke, in 2009, and let me tell you, Obama care didn’t do me any favors. I don’t know how much stroke meds are, but the meds I have to have fir the Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis eat up close to half my disability check, which makes getting to the next check a real bitch. So tell me, how much were you able to keep when you filed for disability? The only way I qualified was to basically be destitute. Couldn’t have more than a hundred dollars in the bank, couldn’t own any property, and could have a car as long as it’s value was low enough to nit be sold to pay living expenses I was still barrowing to make. So how did you manage to keep a computer? That’s why I use my phone on here, it served a purpose in communicating with the doctors, so it was allowed. Everything else had to be gone already fir me to qualify. So, I’m curious to hear how you managed it.

  6. This is another dream of the leftist bring as many diseases into this nation overwhelm the health departments cause chaos and destruction as they bring illegals anywhere no matter what condition or how evil they may be

    • Ok, and what chamber would you be referring to ? The House chamber, I haven’t seen a Republican avoid that chamber yet, I have on the other hand seen the demwits avoid the House chamber when your girlfriend’s vote came up for her green new deal. Not a single one if them showed up for that vote. Talk about cowards.

  7. Watch a video on YouTube , = Asymmetrical War by Zack Taylor , I read some of the comments and they are absurd and Ridiculous , This has been going on for years now ,Many think that President Trump will somehow be able to put a stop to it ,Yes He may be trying ,But this is a well organized ,Well funded concerted effort by the United Nations of Global Communism and others to wage Asymmetrical War against the Sovereignty of the United States of America and our Communist Party formerly known as The Demonic Rats are right in the middle of it and have been for years

  8. not an expert, colleen, but my understanding is that cows burp more than fart. and they don’t do either once you eat them.

          • Well according to his jibberish comments he’s already 66 years old, I don’t think he’s ever gonna learn that age old saying: “it’s better to keep your mouth shut,& be thought a fool then to open it & remove all doubt”😰

          • Colleen I’m sorry about having to reply to my own comments to get to yours. The site has removed the reply button from your comments.
            I’m not sure if I believe his age comment, nobody who’s been around that long could be so inept. Unless if course he’s been living off the welfare system for those 66 years. Anyone who worked their whole life would know better. He must be an anchor baby waiting with a long list of relaitives to bring in.

    • No Julie-o, Republicans aren’t immune, just smart enough to know nit to tap dance in the mine field. And btw, my name is Robert. Bobby is my father’s name. You guys want to import the mines, you dance in the mine field, I’m smart enough to find away around it.

      • We seem to have the same problem with the reply button…
        It’s really hard to believe someone that age would be so ignorant of the ways of the world. But just the fact that he obviously has this site Sent to his e-mail just so he can make comments that are guaranteed to get a response shows there’s something wrong/or missing in his life. He probably was an anchor baby…..before that was a “thing”. I think he & other stooges that come to sites like this, do so just to see who can out-stupid the others the most.

        • You could be right, it, he could he one of those paid demwit trolls that make a living coming to conservative sites to stir up trouble. I’ve seen suggestions of anywhere from a quarter to a dollar for each reply they generate. Unfortunately this site doesn’t have a block button . Those that do must get it used too often and the trolls complain about nit being able to get paid.

          • You maght have a point there, so with the welfare, s.s checks, food stamps he gets, he’s raking in the $$

          • I can’t say much about that, I live on a disability check these days myself. The insurance companies put me out of work 11years ago. Seems having Parkinson’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis, while working in the construction business made me a liability they refused to cover. I try not to let that fact out very often, I’ve had plenty if folks jam me up for being a welfare rat. I paid into the system for 40 years, and it hurts a but to have some tell me I’m one if those who sponge off the system.
            Believe me, I would much rather be back on the job working for a living. But there are folks who’ve never been locked out of a job, so they don’t understand, which is ok by me, I just tell them I hope they never have to go thru it themselves.

  9. FAKE NEWS! Very shameful that anyone would write such BS, let alone that so many Americans prove out to be totally ignorant or just plain stupid if they believe this crap and especially if they spread it.

    • Considering it’s the demwits who have made it clear to all those people, your assertion that Republicans catch it is stupid. If your party wants to bring them here so badly, then it should be your party who receives the benefits you demand. Bring going them here to infect the other side, is biological warfare. Be very careful what you wish for, even in midevil times, the diseased bodies of plague victims where used as weapons. Hurled over the walls to infect those elites in their own homes. Your walls aren’t that high.

      • You know Robert, I am sure you would much rather be working then going thru the hardships you are & have been going thru. You unlike the many many real sponges that siphon the government just so they can stay home do nothing but are very capable of going out & working, are deserving & GOD bless you for your tribulations you endure. I know alot of people that are just plain lazy, & are very capable of working but think they are “owed” something for nothing.
        Ok, it’s time for AGT, so I gotta go for an hour. I wish you the best Robert.


  10. do you explain how the southern border is the same as the eastern border and every international air terminal?

  11. just explain how the southern border is the same as the eastern border and every international air terminal.

  12. We could only hope that Nancy Pelosi comes down with it this would be her justice. Of course we could never be so lucky because she has a Wall.

  13. Every problem in the world can be attributed to overpopulation. War, disease, and famine brings these refugees to the US mostly by illegal entry. These donating countries are happy to be rid of these people. They contribute nothing to the country from which they are leaving, but cost this country. They produce offspring, only. Over population nations such as China have seen the need to slow this produce down, but other nations ignore the need.i.e. India, Africa, Haiti, etc., etc., etc., The US has enough people now.

  14. just prove how the southern borer is the same as the eastern border and every international air terminal.

  15. Ebola from Africa via illegals. Doomsday virus from Mexico via illegals. Typhoid epidemic in City Hall in Los Angeles via illegals. …and the list goes on…

    Leftist demented Democrats are responsible for our immigration laws. They also rule the areas where disease is rampant. When will America wake up?

  16. AOC latest comment about the Ebola scare is: That it is nothing to worry about, these people are hungry and carry with them ebolas to hold to their soup! ICE needs to properly feed these people with good chicken soup and make sure they fill their ebolas to the top!!!

    We only have 12 years so let’s make it good!!!

    • Maybe I’m missing something…is the dimwitted aoc saying ebola is an ingredient to add to soup? Does she not know ebola is a deadly disease? Now for once, this dem has me confussed

        • OMG! That is both hilarious and sad….what is this woman doing being in a position where she can try to demand reasonable intelligent leaders have to answer to her. I say we should give her a e-Bola soup 😅

  17. Drop them in Pelosi’s yard so her family will end up with this deadly desease maybe that will talk Some Sense in her!And of course Some should be dropped of in Omar and Khalid ‘s front yards too !

  18. One thing after another, when we deal with the
    dysfunctional dimwits, and the rats get to go
    home at night, and rest in a mansion.
    Apparently they don’t worry about American
    citizens that got them there.
    It’s like they are daring America to take matters
    Into our own hands.
    Do they really think the majority of Americans
    agree with them?……
    We need to limit terms in congress, and send a
    message. They can’t function as a whole, and they
    are illiterate to the basic American way.

    • Unfortunately, Del Rio is here in Texas. Which is kinda strange, these new sections of the wall that are going up all seem to be going west from El Paso. Being that Texas has the southern most section of the border, as well the most support for the wall, I have to wonder why it’s not being built along our part of the border. Are they trying to funnel this crap into my backyard?

      • I couldn’t reply on the comment I wanted to. You have a great idea…at least she won’t have to eat them pesky farting cows.😂😂

        • Lol, I can almost see her driving thru the McDonalds drive thru asking to super-size her e-bola chicken soup.
          To be honest, I think she’s been huffing too many of those pesky cow farts, methane on the brain.

          • That probably explains why the dimwit didn’t know that noisy thing in her sink is a trash compacter. OMG, that was too funny!

          • Hmm, I guess there’s a limit to the number of replies you can make in a string on here. Sorry about that Colleen, the site cut off the reply link to your last comment. But I think it was the garbage disposal that she goofed on. Lol either way, it just goes to show the level of incompetence required to get a job in Congress. It’s a wonder the nation is still around looking at what we have running the circus as of late.

      • Given the incubation period they would be showing profound symptoms. Their counties are known to have, A the present time, horrid wars where being a civilian offers no protection. They only want to live. What would you do if you found yourself in their situation?

        • Henry
          I’m not sure I know what point you are trying to make here. Yes where these illegals are coming from is horrid. But why should America support them with tax payers dollars? Maybe they should concentrate on over throwing their criminal regime rather then putting their money & energy coming to America then not even showing up to court for their hearing to make their complaints valid here. Do you know 90% of these asylum seekers don’t even go to court when they are supposed to?

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