One Deep State leak just blew up in Adam Schiff’s face

Adam Schiff spent years manipulating illegal leaks of classified information to hurt Donald Trump.

But if you play with fire you eventually get burned.

And one Deep State leak just blew up in Adam Schiff’s face.

Adam Schiff – along with every other Democrat – made hay out of an illegal leak to The New York Times of unverified intelligence that the Russians allegedly paid bounties to the Taliban to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan.

Top intelligence officials say they never briefed President Trump on this matter because it was not corroborated or actionable intelligence.

But as it turns out, Adam Schiff’s staff was briefed on the matter back in February.

Mollie Hemmingway of The Federalist reported that, “Top committee staff for Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), the chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, were briefed in February on intelligence about Russia offering the Taliban bounties in Afghanistan, but he took no action in response to the briefing, multiple intelligence sources familiar with the briefing told The Federalist. The intelligence was briefed to Schiff’s staff during a congressional delegation, or CODEL, trip to Afghanistan in February.”

Schiff knew of this information and did nothing.

Intelligence officials have said they have no idea if this information is true.

They also said the leak makes it nearly impossible to ever prove one way or the other what the real story is.

But at a very minimum Adam Schiff knew of the allegations.

And he never raised an alarm or demanded action.

The logical conclusion from that is Schiff and staff were briefed on the matter and decided – like the President’s team did – that it was a murky allegation that required further investigation before action was taken.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Why is it that this man is not in prison for life with all his other cohorts. This is very disheartening that he and his dumb leftist politicians can still get away with all their lying to the American people and under the path of their office non the less.

  2. My hats off to Congressman Schiff
    Tried to give his ol’ party a lift
    But came time for proof
    The facts were aloof
    And he’d marched them right off of a cliff

  3. Schiff makes Benedict Arnold , Booth , Clinton’s, Obama and Nixon look like Two year old criminals in a candy store trading military grade plutonium for sexual favors ; All Amateurs !
    His Treason shall go down in history as naming him the sweaty left testicular cancer of the devil!

  4. BLM is a money-laundering terrorist organization. They put the mafia to shame when they extort business owners to pay them for protection against rioting, looting, arson, etc. Whoever funds these thugs are guilty as well.

  5. Obviously Schiff did nothing because he wanted to pin this on the president.
    Schiff, and all the rest of the democrats are just about politics and power.
    Democrats don’t care about people just like BLM doesn’t care about black lives.
    They are all Marxists and liars.

  6. Whether these allegations were “Murky” or is no longer the question. This whole thing is all about Democrat dishonesty and hypocrisy. We’ve got Schiff in the background s**t stirring and Pelosi howling about Trump in collusion with Russia handing out contracts on American soldiers, and all the other Democrats saying, yeah, see what he’s doing? I am sick to death of these do nothing Democrats tossing out B.S. for public consumption and no one is doing anything to call them on it.

  7. Well let’s see, Chairman of the Intelligence Committee, so his answers are such as vis-a-vis so he can only cheat off of someone else’s work. Where’s the actual leadership? Legal Americans want to know.

  8. BLM Black Lying Marxist!! The Majority of Black Americans do not support this organizations evil plans for America!! God Bless America! God Bless All Americans Of Every Color!!!

  9. Come on California, show the rest of the USA that our state is not spelled Kaifornia. We are proud Americans who are disgusted by the lying faggot Schiff…vote the peep smoker out in Nov….

  10. well T, both the past ACTING DNI, Grennell and Ratcliffe the DNI say that Trump wasn’t, But schifferbrains WAS, and did NOTHING…. and schiff lies so damn much and so Often, who In their Right Mind would Believe Adum Shifferbrains ?

  11. I was a M-60 machine gunner in Vietnam back in 1969. Our mission, as I understood it was to fight communism. Going on 72 years old, I am still cocked and locked, to continue and complete that mission. Wherever it may be in the world. I believe that there are many if nat all veterans fell the same way as I do. God Bless America, on this 4th of July weekend. Respectfully, to all who have served, Bob

  12. So let’s get this straight. You people believe that schiff was briefed and did nothing but not that trump was briefed and did nothing…. Oook then.

  13. Nutty Nancy put a pud knocking bay blade named Adum schifferbrains in charge of the House intelligence committee ?… A limp wristed Boi, who Unsucessfully runs around Tilting at windmills, When he should be dealing with Actual National security issues… these demonRATs give Citizens a warm fuzzy feeling of security, NOT !… Just fire Him and send him back to the shaky-flaky state, before he gets Hurt or worse yet gets Citizens hurt, while he chases non-existent Crimes.

  14. Schiff, if true since he lies so much, should be removed immediately. The only job he is doing is to nail the President. He has no purpose in the government only to take up space.I wouldn’t be surprised that Schiffs secret leaker is one of his imaginary friends that moved into his head just like the secret witness he said that he had. The witness never appeared.

  15. Adam ” S ” for brains is special, A Liar and a pussie , that’s old bug eyes for you . Just turn your back , when people are in need of help .Its shameful , he’s the head of intelligence . He puts our troops and our country at risk 24/ 7 without a douht . Now how would you like to be on the battlefield , knowning this prick . is the head of intelligence . haha , that’s a big negatory ” Ghost Rider !!

  16. Adam Schiff should be hung by the neck until Dead for treason and for being a traitor to the United States of America and the citizens of the United States of America!

  17. Adam SCHIFF should be removed from his position. He is a disgrace to the United States when politics for him is more important than what is good for the United States.

  18. If Adam Schiff, chairman of the House’s Standing Intelligence Committee, was informed in February that Putin was paying the Taliban for the killing of American soldiers, and Schiff hid this information from the CIA, this means that he is a traitor to America and possibly ,- an paid assistant to criminal Putin.

  19. Shifty Schiff was so depressed when they couldn’t impeach POTUS. He felt like a kid when he can’t go out and play. He crossed his arms and decided not to listen to anyone. Spoiled brat.

  20. Adam Schitt is a disgrace and being part of the Soros family he has unlimited cash. The only reason this weasel is not in prison is he is getting his ass covered by the idiots posing as media in America. Treasonous POS needs his little pink a$$ beat

  21. Lock him up as soon as he leaves office or stop him at the border. Traitors must be tried and convicted.

  22. Adam Schiff is still hanging around!!! After the impeachment fiasco I thought he would soon disappear!!!! Apparently not!!! These are not human beings…. they are the minions of the Chinese….they are in cahoots with Obama, Newsome and China…. all planning to take the country down…. that!/‘s something to think about!!!!$
    something to thing about…….

  23. Julio has claimed to be an Atheist before on this site, if true he is a lost soul who should be ignored.

  24. Abigail Grace, Sean Misko and Adam Schiff are treasonous Deep State spy’s with ties to the queen corrupt lawyer for the Deep State…Mary McCord. She’s the one that laid out the documents for Impeachment and should be the first to drop through the gallows.

  25. Hey Julio when are you pulling your head out of the donkey butt? Seems like you don’t want to tell the truth about your corruption president Obama! Why? What have you got to hide? Some money?

  26. Adams SCHIFF in the leader of the House permanent select committee! You got to be kidding! A man who can’t even tell the truth! But rather kiss the butt of SATAN!

  27. If Schifferbrains and his Staff were all that were Briefed then Schifferbrains would without doubt be the leaker…. other than that I do NOT believe anything That Schifferbrains has/had to say, the guy has LIED too much and come through with NOTHING Except wasted taxpayer money and Time.. ( Irrefutable Proof, Collusion Delusion, Impeachment, All Smacktalk, No Proof, No actionable Anything)

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