One Democrat immediately regretted this threat to Trump’s children

The midterm election unleashed the Democrat Party’s attack dogs.

Liberals in Congress are frothing at the mouth to investigate Donald Trump until they can conjure up something they can use for impeachment.

But one Democrat crossed the line and immediately regretted this threat to Trump’s children.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is one of the rising stars in the Democrat Party.

The 28-year-old self described Democrat Socialist beat a 20 year incumbent in a primary, and is one of the left’s biggest personalities on social media where she has more twitter followers than every other elected freshman Democrat combined.

But her prolific social media use now has her in hot water.

That’s because she threatened Donald Trump, Jr. with the full investigative power of the United States government over a meme.

It all started when Trump, Jr. mocked her insane socialist beliefs by posting a meme about how Venezuela’s commitment to socialism rendered the country impoverished to the point where people are eating dogs.

Ocasio-Cortez fired back with a threat to subpoena Trump, Jr. and investigate him over social media trolling.

This is exactly what dictators do in third world banana republics.

They use their power as government officials to create kangaroo courts to investigate and jail their opponents.

The backlash against Ocasio-Cortez was swift and severe.

And she quickly backtracked and tried to pass it off as a joke.

But her threat to Trump Jr. made it clear she was just as much of a thug as despotic leaders are in the socialist countries she worships.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Betty, I will pray for you…Your mouth,your hatred of others, and you extremely liberal/communist views.

  2. Hey Betty, I cannot imagine your able to sleep at night with the hate, anger , bitterness, and animosity you carry around in your mind. All that hate only hurts you, not anyone else

  3. philip you should be a little more must be pretty horny to say she is sexy,her teeth makes her look like mr.ed ohh wilbur ,hee haw !!

  4. You sir are absolutely correct. My oath of service is just as strong today as it was when I spoke it.
    I would bet the 2.5 million veterans in this country feel the same. A big part of We the People. Go Trump…over due for that WALL.

  5. Betty, I suggest you learn the definition of all the descriptive adjectives you just used and apply them appropriately.

  6. Little girl you do not have big enough britches to take on the President or his family. This shows just how immature you and just because you took out a 20 yrs man you are showing just how much of a one term you are.

  7. If it’s war they want, this old Marine can take the battle to them. Give me liberty, or I will die fighting for it, and take a lot of those who would take it from us with me. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.

  8. Poor, poor BETTY: I see you still haven’t entered mental health therapy have you? The longer you go on this way, the more you firm up your distorted belief system, and make it more difficult to recover from. And firming up beliefs on mental quicksand is really very unhealthy.

  9. Just like the American people are finally waking up & finding out just how Lame-Brained & Stupid are mr. White House WORTHLESS WORM & mrs. White House WORTHLESS WHORE.

  10. What about the Brain Dead, Insane Verbal, Drivel that that Oval Office Blond Orangutan Ape has been spewing out for over the past two years

  11. Right on, canam884. In your above post, you just described d. trump so perfectly. No Intellect & Certainly No Intelligence.

  12. Hey, Dianne, let’s also band together & buy the latest fashion in Straight Jackets as a gift for CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump.

  13. The above “trump” comment about American VS Venezuela canine dogs is just what be expected from the Fat, Stupid Mouth of that Oval Office INSANE IDIOT, mr. White House WORTHLESS WORM Himself.

  14. BOB: You got it 1/2 right. It’s “free fire zone” is declared. Anything that moves is a target. Much more effective to have “Mad Minute” first. That’ll either bring the scum to their feet or running.

  15. That’s the sort of mouthing-off that let’s your mouth overload your ass. And some might see it as having more substance than just a stupid off the cuff remark. AND THAT MAY BRING THE Federal Investigative Services in to do a full run down on her, if they haven’t already. It’s very disconcerting to be rained-out on your construction job, go home, visit the bathroom, and then hear a knock-knock-knock on your door, only to find the FBI standing there wanting to ask a lot about your history and why you were arrested in the July 86 Chicago riots. That’s how close they were watching me – a rainstorm sends me home and there they are. So , to quote Michael Jackson (wretched homosexual pedophile that he was), he got one thing right in his life: “Remember to always think twice.” It’s kept my buns out of trouble more than once through the years

  16. Sodium pentothol…. Can’t lie out of that. Lie detector can be tricked:-)????

  17. Actually she’s a decent looking young lady until she opens her mouth, then those lips seem to take on a life on their own just going every which a way.

  18. She is nothing but a ruly dog that needs training, like the ones that need to be trained NOT to bite so you muzzle them until they learn. I think its time that we ban together and buy her a muzzle for the New Year.

  19. Sexy?? To be sexy, a bit of intelligence and intellect is needed along with good looks. So far, she has failed all three.

  20. Its our problem because we continue to allow it to happen. I bet that if anyone did a vote check you may find another seat stolen by none other than georgie schorros. Wake up America. Dont worry too much the world is at the edge of no return.Jesus is coming for His people, are u one of them? If not you need to desperately claim Jesus as your Savior before its too late.

  21. Betsey, I am telling you Betty does not believe what she writes, she does not care what you say, this is her job and this “pen name” is only one this PAID TROLL is writing comments using! Do you want to be a part of this idiot getting paid?
    If you must respond to Betty, start a “new” comment and call out by name. She does not get paid for that as she is only paid when you use the “reply” button under “her” comment.

  22. Your points are well taken. Because my wife is from Upstate (Plattsburgh) NY and I spent 4 years at West Point, I know the situation there. If 90% of conservatives turned out to vote and ousted the Lib-Dems, a lot would change around the country. The poor are just as poor as they were 50 years ago in NY, CA,and IL–because of the Dem monopoly of power there!

  23. Betsey, Betty is a demon spawned by the devil and is a PAID TROLL. She insults us so we will “reply” and she gets paid. You want to finance that crazy beast so she will stay here and insult us?

  24. Your points are well taken. Because my wife is from Upstate (Plattsburgh) NY and I spent 4 years at West Point, I know the situation there. If 90% of conservatives turned out to vote and ousted the Lib-Dems, a lot would change around the country. The poor are just as poor as they were 50 years ago in NY, CA,and IL–because of the Dem monopoly of power there!

  25. Z: I guess you the old saying “It takes one to know one”! You sound like nothing but a ‘hater…only difference you’re one of hillary & obumja haters!

  26. Betty: lunatic??? What in the world do you think hillary is? She is an accident going somewhere to happen! She’s pro-abortion, which is against GOD! She’s going to have such a number of charges against her & probably you too, if you approve of abortion, when she stands before GOD on Judgement Day! Think about that! And there will be a Judgement Day be4 too long!

  27. Betty: Are you without fault? I’m sure you would think of yourself as “lily-white clean’. No one is perfect! At least he wasn’t born in Africa & lied about his birth place as did your favorite ‘piece of scum’ obama! I guess when you were a baby your mama dropped you on your head & damaged your brain, & you haven’t had a clean thought in your mind since!

  28. Betty: Sounds like you are a real ocassio-cortez fan! Maybe you need to go soak your head in axle grease! Not that it would do you any good! You sound like someone who is muttering (what you’ve heard) the ”liber-rats” vocabulary! You need to realize when this all blows up, you will be accountable to GOD for what you promote, when you stand before HIM on Judgement DAY!

  29. She is definitely a real POS. If she thinks that the threat is credible then the President should let loose the dogs of war and have every government agency climb up her ass with a microscope……..

  30. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is a sexy Puerto Rican. Who would get in bed with her, would you sniff her, she is a sexy lady. Here is a great Ticket in 2020, Kamala and Alexandria. would not win, but plenty of Liberal air time.

  31. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seems to have roughly the intellect of a banana. That she is hostile to Trump is simply Party sycophancy. I doubt she has ever had a legitimate original thought. Fortunately, she is only one of 435. She can caucus with Hank (Guam is tipping) Johnson and Maxine (Low IQ) Waters. The dummy caucus!

  32. NYC and a few upstate metro areas voted in Andy, his opponent won more counties, but unfortunately not the big population areas.
    Please don’t lump us Upstaters with the downstaters, they are a whole different breed. Mostly pinko by the way they vote down there.

  33. M, You pseudo human, your DNA is in perfect alignment with a member of the “great ape” family. You would
    qualify only as a low IQ ape. No human is as dumb as you and you are unteachable! You are not even potty trainable! You are a joke and an insult to apes!

  34. THE nut case is right, but HE got elected in 2014 even with all his personality disorders and con man scams because America has a lot of under-educated and simplistic people who make little sense.

  35. Alexandria Ocasional-Cortex truly is woman with HUYASS syndrome. So don’t expect any changes from her HUYASS syndrome is incurable.

  36. Trumpons are clearly a right wing hate group who cannot even stand other Republicans. When you vilify and attack people in your own party, you are a radical hate group like neo-Nazis and KKK. These two groups think Trump is one of them.

  37. Even Trump admits that Kenya story is not true. I guess conspiracy BS grew a fungus in your brain that is not easy to eradicate.

  38. We vote for these tardy fools because the Council on Foreign Relations makes them look good on television while the American British freemasons controlling both parties hold them up with strings attached. Real strings.

  39. Not yet but AMERICANS are still praying that the Kenyan communist fraud will be publicly executed along with the rest of the communist vermin

  40. I believe BETTY is a Communist Alex. O C. Her Communist Daddy is Bernie Sanders.
    She is so Angry with Amazon moved into her territory. Because those who just want to have everything without working hard are also Commiunists just like her will be driven away for not able to pay rent anymore, then this poor woman would not have VOTES.

  41. I don’t thing incest was involved………..more than likely a guy who lives in the lower levels of the subway in Brooklyn

  42. She acts like she’s the Lone Ranger. Did anybody tell her she’d be 1 of 435? Don’t tell her, let it be a surprise….lol

  43. you know there is a simple way to end all this bs if anyone has the guts to do is a simple polygraph with direct relating to the issue only so nothing else can be compromised but issue and answers to publicly release and the only way to loose is to lie and thats it, so to me which side has the guts to stand up to the challenge or do you all want the lies to continue? my solution works fair to both sides the questions can be made so nothing but the issue not anything classified just the truth. There is to much damage that needs to heel and this way the only person to be afraid is the coward who can;t face the light and wants to hide and stirrup trouble which this will end all questions and bring out the true enemies so who wants to go first if you have nothing to hide or fear

  44. It’s getting close to time to have a civil war to show people like her they are not civil. We don’t need trash like her in the government of the United States.

  45. To many of tbem afe so dar left that they are blind and death to the truth so don’t hold your breath waiting to see the results you and others want. Sorry.

  46. Very true, One only has to go back in hx when they created kkk. They have never changed since. Hillary was trained by one but no one addresses that.

  47. Go visit 3rd world places in asia and learn what they eat. He’s pretty focused on reality. Just like all of Trump’s offspring. You would be thrilled if any of yours did half as well.

  48. Please get out….I am trying to figure how anyone old enough to vote could be so stupid to vote for this whacko!!! God help us all!!

  49. How about the past two years of putting up a Lunatic as president, Mr. White House WORTHLESS WORM, Himself! Finally, the Sins Of his Past Actions are catching up with him, Thank God!

  50. The Ethics committee is going to be so busy with Ocasio-Cortez in the House. Maybe she is the perfect stimulus to get Congress considering our state of the educational system, K-12 and University.

  51. Yes Betty, it’s a Delicacy in China and Korea (it’s called Kagogie). Get out and see the world and learn about what you talk about! If you’re out on the street as it changes over from sales items to eateries you might be able to witness them slaughter and cook some up for you. Of Course one country is Communist and the other Democratic, so you decide what’s crazy, you’ve obviously got the brain for it!

  52. I say, once again, Ocasio-Cortez is only the first, to be elected to a high office, of what our liberal school system is turning out. Students are graduating with less real education and far too much indoctrination into liberalism! Everyone should be very concerned with this! If we balanced the playing field at colleges today, think of how many liberal students have already graduated into our society! College is graduating very few conservatives because they have no education in conservatism!
    If this continues, conservatism is dying and will not have enough votes to elect anybody to any office!
    Is anybody listening besides liberals who are salivating over it?


  54. That remark about eating dogs is just what might be expected from CRAZY donald & every one of his stinking spawn!

  55. Look at her name and tell me that their is any way that she is not a dictatorship plant in our government. Her so called idea’s for the people is every thing for free. But she leaves out the part about who will foot the bill. And she also leaves out the part that a group of government people will be in charge of who will get food, who will get housing, who will get medical care, and who will be left to die because they feel you are not of any use any more, Oh, did I forget the part that those same officials will tell you what you have to do to get those freebees, that are really not free. She made a sales pitch to the poor people of New York that are grasping at straws to survive or to druged out to even be able to hold down a job. We need more good people, that are strong and believe in a free America. And we heed to stop supporting all of the Corteze’s and quite giving them free collage, they do not use the education to make the country better, they only use it to tear our country apart. Mr. President, the invasion is at our border and also in our country. We do not need these people up here trying to turn our country into another dictator ship.

  56. How could any serious person take this DUMB AS A ROCK excuse for a representative.It will be fun to watch her not only cause friction among her party cohorts but get embarrassed by Donald Trump Jr. Get your popcorn ready and fasten your seat belt.It is going to be an exciting new year.

  57. HEIL HITLARY!!! Why don’t the Democrats run her and “DER FUHRER WANNABE” on the same ticket in 2020? Csn’t you just see the two of them STRANGLING EACH OTHER TO BE THE TOP DOG??? HEE, HEE!!!

  58. You are an idiot, we don’t kill people because we disagree with their viewpoints.
    That said, yeah, she is an idiot also.

  59. ocasio-cortez and “Beetle Bailey (TX)” are the great white hopes of the Demented Dems in 2024 and on, unless the Dems amend our Constitution before that,to enable an IDIOT to run for President. Hopefully, Republicans will be smart enough to stand in their way . . . . but, so far, too many Republicans have been spineless.

    The 2020 gaggle of Demented-Dems will look like a police lineup, with “the witch” in her tailored Orange Jump Suit, handcuffed to her wheelchair, Spartacus, BiteMe and 20+ other weird and unhappy Dems.

    Stand by for SAD humor in 2020.

  60. She even embarrasses Demon Rats!! I hope SHE IS the face of that COMMIE PARTY! Her “IDEAS” will die in the cave of her EMPTY HEAD from obvious lack of oxygen!!!

  61. Exactly right and I have been saying she is dangerous since she was elected and started shooting off her stupid remarks. She doesn’t have a clue as to the world works let alone our government. She needs to be recalled immediately. She is dangerous as she can rile up a riot nationwide.

  62. What she really needs is a dose of reality. We should fly her to Venezuela and leave her there for a year. No special treatment for her. She needs to taste the truth of Venezuelan bitterness.

    She is so idiotic. Her constituents are obviously brainwashed. She is their cult leader. “You believe what you WANT to believe.”

    Clearly our educational system are leaning left with the leftist trash that leaves out the basic knowledge of constitutional blessings.

    MAGA. And keep the national sovereignty!

  63. More and more of these super nitwits are destined to be voted into office because that is all our uber liberal government schools produce! So it’s a situation where a vast horde of liberal idiots vote one of their own into office. Maybe Venuzuela will take pity on us an annex our country into theirs.

  64. AOC may be a nit-wit but she is dangerous. She spouts off things that her followers like to hear and she is likely to get backing from those with money and power to help her tear down this republic.

  65. New York has become so left wing they are challenging California for the Title of Craziest State. After all, they re-elected Gov. Cuomo who said the United States “never was great.”

  66. That AOC clown is really avery funny comedienne but she has no business being in politics. NY needs to recall her and this plan to use the Fed. Gov’t. to silence someone for comments she doesn’t like is enough of a reason in my book to recall her. Unfortunately I don’t live in NY.

  67. That idiot child is going to choke on her horse teeth. She just needs to sit down & shut up! Hope the idiots that elected her are happy with their choice, but then, what would anyone expect from a liberal, they are all brain dead!

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