One Democrat just delivered a crushing setback that could be the final nail in Joe Biden’s coffin

Joe Biden continues to receive bad news.

Biden’s mounting problems are coming from within his own party.

And now one Democrat just delivered a crushing setback that could be the final nail in Joe Biden’s coffin.

Joe Biden’s $3.5 trillion socialist welfare and Green New Deal bill stalled in Congress.

Moderates want to bring down the price tag fearing they will lose their seats in 2022.

Socialists like the members of the “Squad” contend if Joe Biden doesn’t go all-in on transforming America into a socialist nation, then Democrat voters will not turn out in 2022.

The conflict does not appear to be getting resolved anytime soon as Democrat Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema will not agree to the Left’s demands to make the bill as expansive as possible.

And Biden regime officials admitted to POLITICO that Manchin and Sinema will not get enough votes from the socialists in the House to pass since every Republican will unite in opposition.

“Manchin and Sinema want very different things, both in terms of revenue and programs,” a Biden administration source told POLITICO. “If you just took their currently presented red lines you wouldn’t have enough left to get this past progressives in the House and Senate. It wouldn’t raise enough money and it wouldn’t do enough big programs.”

Leftists are losing their minds over Sinema, who they claim will not make her position clear on what she will or will not support.

That led to a mob of illegal aliens chasing Sinema into a bathroom at Arizona State University.

Left-wing protestors hounded Sinema when she ran the Boston Marathon.

But Sinema remains unfazed.

POLITICO reported that Sinema made it clear to the Biden regime her red lines as well as what she will support and Sinema told a fellow Democrat Senator that the Biden regime did not like her answers.

“I’m not going to share with you or with Schumer or with Pelosi,” POLITICO reports Sinema telling another Democrat Senator. “I have already told the White House what I am willing to do and what I’m not willing to do. I’m not mysterious. It’s not that I can’t make up my mind. I communicated it to them in detail. They just don’t like what they’re hearing.”

If Biden cannot get Democrats all on the same page and this bill dies in Congress, it would be the final straw for the Biden administration.

If Biden cannot deliver on his socialist agenda it would signify that his presidency is a failure.

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