One Democrat Senator’s career is in danger after this video surfaced

The Democrats are facing a difficult closing two weeks of the campaign.

Scandal after scandal continues to plague candidates up and down the ballot.

Now one Democrat Senator’s career is in danger after this video surfaced.

Liberals were furious when video surfaced of Senate Judiciary Committee ranking member Dianne Feinstein hugging committee chairman Lindsey Graham after Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearings wrapped up.

Many on the Left wanted a scorched earth takedown of Barrett and instead Barrett got more popular as the hearings went on and Republicans are posed to easily confirm her.

Democrat leaders in the Senate appear ready to cut Feinstein loose as the top Democrat on the Judiciary Committee in the next Congress.

When asked if Feinstein would keep that position, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer would not commit and made it known that he lectured Feinstein about her behavior in a private discussion.

Feinstein is a radical pro-abortion leftist that wants to ban and confiscate firearms.

But in a sign of where the Democrat Party is heading Feinstein is being thrown overboard because she dared to be polite to a Republican.

This is an early warning sign that if the Democrats win a Senate Majority and control of the White House, the socialist wing of the party led by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders will be the ones calling the shots.

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