One Democrat was caught telling a career killing lie

When Democrats run for office they camouflage their true intentions.

On no issue is that more true than with regards to the Second Amendment.

But the game is up after one Democrat was caught on video telling a career killing lie.

Tedra Cobb is the Democrat nominee for Congress in New York’s 21st Congressional District.

Cobb was caught on video telling a group of teenage supporters she is hiding her real position on the Second Amendment.

Cobb stated she is in favor of banning whole classifications of firearms, but won’t say so publicly because it will lose her the election.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

“When I was at this thing today, it was the first table I was at, a woman said, ‘How do you feel about assault rifles?’ And I said they should be banned,” Cobb can be heard saying in the video recorded by one of the attendees. “And I said, you know, people were getting up to go, to go get their lunch because it was a buffet, and I just said to her, I want you to know Cindy, I cannot say that.”

When the woman pushed back on Cobb keeping quiet on how she feels about banning certain firearms, Cobb said coming out in favor of a gun ban would lead to her losing her bid against Republican incumbent Elise Stefanik.

“And she said, ‘Well, I want you to’ and I said, ‘I won’t win,'” Cobb said. “I said Moms Demand [Action] says, and Tricia Pleau said, ‘Do not say that you want an assault rifle ban because you will not win.'”

Cobb’s statement is not a gaffe.

It’s shared by many Democrats.

While running for office Democrats – especially those in red states – pay lip service to the Second Amendment.

But once in office they vote the Schumer/Pelosi line guns.

That happened to the Democrats in 2014 after Barack Obama tried to ram through a national gun registration database scheme after the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut.

Are voters wise to the Democrats ways?

The reaction to the Cobb video and results of the 2018 election will tell that tale.



  1. I know her..I am an adopted sibling..She is a big liar and I have proof.. She tricked one of our brothers many years ago into going to a movie and afterwards her and her commie college pals then took him to a protest vs. Reagan..I have a really juicy story that my sister told me too about her biological brother..I I have proof in the form of a cell call little over 2 yrs. ago about this..Involves one brother molesting an adopted sister…Tedra is a nut job, and a drama queen.

  2. Yes they are. How long will it take for the majority of the voters to realize that? The results of a wrong vote can last 4 years at a minimum. That’s too long and can cause too much damage.

  3. It’s time to strip the communists of their American Citizenship…. or try them all for treason…. a hanging offense.

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