One Democrat went on Fox News and blew the whistle on the secret role Barack Obama plays behind the scenes

Many Americans do not believe Joe Biden is really in charge of his administration.

That leads to the next question of who is really calling the shots.

And now one Democrat went on Fox News and blew the whistle on the secret role Barack Obama plays behind the scenes.

Joe Biden announcing the creation of a Disinformation Governance Board operating out of the Department of Homeland Security represented one of the gravest threats to the First Amendment and freedom of speech in American history.

The Biden administration announced the creation of what critics slammed as the “Ministry of Truth” ahead of the Midterm elections, leading to charges that Democrats would try and hang on to power by censoring the internet.

“Is Joe Biden that radical that he’s relying on Orwellian tactics to hold on to control?”

Fox News Primetime fill-in host Will Cain asked former Democrat Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard.

Cain then wondered if Biden – who many believe suffers from severe cognitive decline – is actually in charge.

“So, if Joe’s not really in charge, who is?” Cain asked Gabbard.

Gabbard then slammed Obama – and Hillary Clinton – for secretly pulling the strings behind the scenes, saying that Joe Biden was indeed just a figurehead to rubber stamp their wishes.

“I think it’s no surprise to know that it’s not just Obama, but it’s the whole Obama-Clinton machine that has been in power for a long time and continues to pull the strings behind the curtain in the Biden administration,” Gabbard declared. “But when we’re talking about their Ministry of Truth, Will, what’s even more disturbing than the fact that you have all these Democrats that are supporting it, is that there are powerful Republicans supporting it as well.”

Gabbard ripped the members of the Disinformation Board as political hacks “who do not believe in the Constitution and freedom of speech, and have no faith in the American people.”

Speaking of the Disinformation Board, Gabbard declared that “It’s something that belongs in a dictatorship.”

To Gabbard’s original point, both Obama and Hillary Clinton made it clear that the Democrat Party would pursue online censorship as one of its key priorities before Biden announced the creation of the Disinformation Board.

Clinton tweeted her support for a regulatory scheme enacted in Europe that criminalized so-called “hate speech.”

Obama also delivered an address at Stanford University where he declared his new political mission was to pressure Congress to codify online censorship to suppress the spread of so-called “misinformation.”

Of course, all of the examples he provided were of conservative speech.

Democrats clearly do not think they can win the Midterm elections on a level playing field.

Obama and Clinton delivered the rallying cry that a strict regime of online censorship to control the flow of information to the public is the Democrats’ best chance to win in November.

And Joe Biden dutifully carried out their orders.

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